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4.8 | 959 customer reviews
922 of the 959 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm very pleased with this oil! I have been using it as a face moisturizer (with a few drops of essential oils mixed in) for about 3 weeks now, and my skin has significantly improved (I noticed improvements less than a week in). I was a bit nervous to rub pure oil on my face, as I have been prone to blemishes and hormonal jawline acne, and my skin is that oily/dry combo. But it has not caused any breakouts, and actually, I don't even think I've had a zit since I started using it. That could be coincidence of course, ha. My skin is softer, more dewy and way less blotchy, dull and stressed looking. My mineral powder foundation goes on so much nicer now! I've also been using it in my hair, just a couple drops on the ends before or
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By Angela W
This is my first time buying Jojoba oil. I bought it after my hair started to thin and my husband was helping me with some research and people recommended using Jojoba oil.
I've actually just started using it for a few other things instead. Mainly I use it as a make up remover and my skin has never looked better (all the little dry spots I suffered from around my mouth and the sides of my nose are gone). I also would mix it with essential oils to apply topically.
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By Brandi M.
At first I have doubts about putting oils on my body but since winter times are extremely dry in Winnipeg, I just had to try this... And oh boy, did it work for me! I apply a small amount after I shower and it dries fast and no icky oily residue left. I also add Vaseline Intensive care lotion on top and it works wonders! My extremely dry skin is gone and what comes is soft and replenished skin!
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4.9 | 490 customer reviews
478 of the 490 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have ordered so far three bags from them (will order more). I make eco wax wrap to give away as gifts to friends ir when we are invited somewhere. In a pinch I had to use the beeswax bar that I purchased locally. It ended up being the same price, however I found that Mary Tylor's product is thinner and spread by far more easily on the fabric. So you end up being able to do more, all of this without the hassle of dealing with a bar. As I said I have ordered several times, at this times it would be nice if it comes in bigger size to limit like 2 or 3 lb. This would limit the packaging. I can't recommend this product enough.

Thanks again
Johanne-Pascale, Victoria BC
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By Johanne-Pascale Audet
This beeswax pellets are of great quality. I already used them to make solid lotion bars and they came out great. I like that this beeswax pellets are odorless ( in my opinion ), the bag they come in does have a smell like most plastic things but not the actual eeswax pellets. Also, you get a good amount for the price. I'll continue to buy from this seller from now on.
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By LunaBeatriz
Not sure what I ended up with but I'm not convinced this is 100% beeswax, let alone organic. First, the product has a plastic smell instead of the natural beeswax smell (this is coming from someone with a strong sense of smell). Second, the wax took forever to melt, and not all of it actually melted! I was making lotion and even my hard as a rock cacao butter melted before this so-called beeswax. I tried microwaving it, which I hated doing and that did not work. I did double boiler style and that did not work either. Never buying from this brand again.
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By Rama
4.7 | 1,122 customer reviews
1,061 of the 1,122 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really like these blades. I'm using it in a WEISHI Long Handle 9306CL. The only other DE blades I've tried are the Feather Hi Stainless which are known for their sharpness and Derby Extras know for being less sharp but smooth. I found that the Astras compared favorably to the Feathers being nearly as sharp while feeling smoother/less aggressive in use. The price is definitely right for these blades and will suit anyone looking to save money over disposable or cartridge razors. Additionally, at such a low price, a person could choose to use a new blade each time, although I find I happily get three shaves out of each blade. Your mileage may vary depending on the razor, your skin, your beard type, etc... For me, these get the job done and I'd definitely consider buying more next year when I run out.

Update: September 21, 2016
I've had the
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By Amazon Customer
•• How I Achieved The Best Shave Of My Life ••

I have sensitive skin, prone to razor burn and irritation. I had given up on a baby smooth shave until I bought a Parker double-edged safety razor. After considerable research, I decided on some accompanying accessories: shaving soap, brush, blades, and aftershave. I'm happy to say, I've not only found the best shave of my life... but now I realize now important those accessories are.

•• How Do The Astras' Compare To The Competition? ••

Frankly, they're awesome. When I got my Parker Variant Safety Razor, it came with some Gillette Platinum and Shark Blades. The Platinum's are excellent. They're sharp and smooth, and you'll get a great shave out of them. However... they're practically twice the price of the Astra on Amazon.

Shark, I liked the least. While a minor complaint, they tugged a little more than either.

Astra are the best of
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By The Eloquent Savage
I feel like I've been robbed by Gelette for buying their overpriced garbage most of my life. I remember my grandfather using this method of shaving eons ago when I was a little squirt. Sadly, as time moved on I completely forgot about this option. Or maybe pree conditioned from years of advertising while growing up sucked me into the overpriced garbage scam.
Anyway I'm glad to say I rediscovered this, and look forward to teaching my children about it. I've been waiting to give my son his first kit :)

Side note.
I even discovered you can actually sharpen blades using a leather strap.
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By Jay
4.8 | 459 customer reviews
447 of the 459 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LOVE this! I order a lot of shea because I use it raw as moisturizer and this is THE BEST one I’ve ever tried. Smells great (not rancid) smooth white no tiny hard bits, light and fluffy. I will defiantly order this again! Fast shipping! Thank you
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By Amazon Customer
This is my first time using raw shea butter. I already use Mary Tylor Naturals African Black Soap and love their product so thought I'd give their shea butter a try.
I am not a fan of the smell of shea butter but since it has many benefits for your skin, I decided to give it a chance.
It absorbs into the skin quickly so I'm not left feeling greasy and the nutty kind of smell dissipates also. Another wonderful product by this company. Thank you!
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By Amazon Customer
If i could give it 10 stars I would. For years I have been buying various creams for my ultra dry cracked feet. None of them work for more than a hour. I would have to keep reapplying throughout the day. This Shea butter is thick! I applied some on my feet about 20 hours ago and I can still feel it working. I had a painful crack on top of my toe and it no longer hurts! I will never buy another lotion again. This stuff is amazing!!!
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By Kyle
4.7 | 570 customer reviews
537 of the 570 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Use this to shave my head (I'm a bald guy). I use it exclusively for my head. Blade cartridges last on average a year with proper cleaning and maintenance. Use an old toothbrush and alcohol and warm water and really keep it clean, get the gunk out of the 4 springs inside, and it will last a while. I don't have to press hard, it shaves very well with minimal pressure, so I get zero irritation. No spotty neck/scalp, never had an ingrown hair. Really good quality, the Braun 7. I prefer it over the Philishave for my head. This lets you shave in strips, in straight lines, so you don't miss areas or have to go in circles etc. This allows for a very methodical and complete approach to shaving the head. This design helps minimize irritation in my opinion. This is why I prefer it over the Philishave,
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By Rocket Robin Hood
Being that i already know how well these replacement parts work, i wanted to focus on the service provided by this seller. I ordered late Friday the 23rd. It was at my door by the following Monday morning. AMAZING!!!!

As for the blade and shaver, I personally find them to be the best solution for razor bumps and ingrowns. Being a black male usually means that this issue will surely surface at some point and after trying bic's (single, twin, triple etc) and safety razors (Merkur and others) and other electric shavers, this one is hands down the best. Smooth shave, that gets close enough to the point where you'll feel a little touch of friction only when brushing your hand against the grain. If you're skin can handle it, you could probably get rid of that as well with a few passes.

The one that this is replacing has been in
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By Pottertons
I find these last much longer than the 100 dollar rotary blades that only lasted three months with my grey beard. I replace these every 6 months as it does take me longer to shave at about that time. I tried the series 5 shaver and blades but they struggled too much with my beard and did not last.

Tips to make keep them sharp and cutting on tougher grey beards.

A. Frequent cleaning and oiling.
B. Wet beard and wait a minute or two to allow hair to soften up.
C. If you go more than a couple of days, use a cheap set of hair trimmers to knock down the length before shaving. I very carefully adjusted the blades on my hair trimmer to almost zero clearance to get extra close with them.
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By Joe Consumer
4.5 | 3,115 customer reviews
2,706 of the 3,115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have seen reviews about this from many different sources and decided to give it a try and wasn't disappointed. I've used both water and apple cider vinegar as a part of the mixture and I've found the apple cider vinegar mixes a lot better then the water. It comes out smooth when the water just makes it super clumpy. I use it once a week during my nightly bath and put it on my face, chest, shoulders and armpits. I saw a review about putting this under the arms to pull out built up aluminum from deodorant and it really works. You just have to let it dry all way (which requires keeping your arms up). One of the things on the container says "feel your face pulsate" and you really can. My smooth feels a lot smoother after using it. I pair it with a nightly routine of
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By Amber Evans
Amazing cleansing! Added to it gelatin powder and warm water and made peel-off mask that removed all black head with it :)
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By Amazon Customer
I used it tonight after taking a shower and cleansing my face with my regular cleanser. I mixed two tablespoons of the clay with two tablespoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. This mixture was plenty for covering my entire face and under my chin. I may have even been able to just use 1 - 1 1/2 tablespoons of each so I will try that next time. I left the mask on for about 20 minutes then washed off with warm water. It worked amazingly well.. My pores look a lot better after just one use. Not as much gunk in them and face feels very clean. It does dry out the face pretty well so you may have to use a moisturizer afterwards. I think this will be a really great weekly treatment especially because I have very acne-prone skin (10 years and still battling acne) and lots of
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By Nic45
4.5 | 1,529 customer reviews
1,367 of the 1,529 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for the wife to have in a "travel bag" just to make sure she has one everywhere we go. She much prefers 2" straighteners but this was something we compromised on. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, this wasn't a hard choice to make.

My wife and I bought used this. Being a long haired male, I don't normally use anything on my hair. Shampoo and conditioner - Done. But the wife likes to straighten my hair every once in a while, and she used this the last time we went out while we were on vacation and it worked. I have fairly thin hair and my hair was just as straight and looked the same as if she had used her $300 straightener on my hair, albeit it took a bit longer. My wife has long, thick hair and it seems to work a bit better on her. Her
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By Ronald J Cox
I purchased this flat iron over 2 years ago. When I first bought it, I thought it was a steal, in terms of price and style. I really liked it, and it worked great on my hair. Mind you, I have kinky afro hair, so that says a lot. However, rapidly over time, the ceramic plates quickly became burnt and started damaging my hair, even on low temperatures. The effectiveness of this straightener began to diminish about a year into me owning this. I figured the main reason for this was because this straightener was cheaply made. Of course, upon opening it for the first time, you think the best of it. However it began to wear out a lot faster than I thought it would. For the price, I would say it's a huge steal, as straighteners can get very expensive... However if you are looking for something to
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By Andrea
Hi I have been using this a couple of months at 370F. No problems until this morning. Plugged it in as usual, picked it up as usual at the bottom on the outside where you are supposed to pick it up. I BURNED my finger and thumb where I picked it up! After dealing with the burn, I went back to use it with mittens on (I need it to look presentable for work), and it still burned right through.

Not sure what happened but please BEWARE and know that this may one day suddenly get hot on the OUTSIDE. Obviously the product is toast after 2 months only but worse is so are my fingers.
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By operafan
product price
4.6 | 512 customer reviews
468 of the 512 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this clay I just ordered two more because I wanted to be stocked up on it.
I use it for clay facials (so calming) once a week or if I'm stressed.
I use 2 tbsp of apple cider vinager,
1 tbsp filtered water and
1 or 2 tbsp of the clay to create a loose paste and leave on for 20 minutes whipe off then use a little of the coconut oil and vitamin E moisturizer to it for added benefits to counter the dry sensation the facial leaves. Left over I add to the detox bath only use 1 or 2 cups of the mixture
1 cup of sea salt, clay and epsom salt
2 cups baking soda
this bath soak I cant praise it enough its so calming my daughter just gets one a week it helps her focus and it calms down her sensory over loads and makes her sleep
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By Warrior Yoga
This will probably change your life. I have sensitive acne prone skin and this really changes my face. My boyfriend says I'm always glowing after I use it, so much so that even he uses it even though his skin is flawless. I've noticed a huge difference and reduction in breakouts and even the size of my pimples that do come up are so much smaller than they used to be. I used to have massive pimples under the skin on my chin almost resembling a boil and I havent had one since I started using this mask. I use this with bragg's apple cider vinegar and it's so good. My face is hella red after and I can't leave the house after but that's okay because I do this at night 30 mins before i shower. After my shower I pat my face dry and use a witchhazel toner
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By Deanna Gallant
Works great, only issue is having to be careful when washing it down the sink. It is clay after all and can gum up the pipes over time if not careful.
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By Marcus
4.6 | 509 customer reviews
468 of the 509 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this product, its small and mighty and super cute. The led colour changing works perfect with a lot of different options for colours. You can have them change or you can pick your favourite colour and leave it on that! Its not loud and the mist works very well. You can even use it without the mist if u just want a colour or colour-changing night light. Or use it without colours if you’d like
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By Paris
I use this in a VERY small office (8 ft by 6 ft). It does a great job of humidifying the air, and the colors are soft and pleasant. Small footprint on my desk: it's only slightly bigger than one of those gel cone air freshener things. Plugs into an electrical outlet. Small reservoir of water, but generally lasts about 4 hours-ish. Shuts off on its own when water is empty: great safety feature.

For the price, this is an excellent buy, especially for small spaces. NOTE: if you are using this in a small, enclosed space: go easy on the essential oils! I have a strong tolerance for scent, so I added 6 drops of lemongrass oil the first time. Whoa, that was way too much. I find 2 drops max. is just right for my tiny space.
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By Shannon J.
I just received it today and tried it immediately. I’m pretty impressed with how it’s working so far, worked nicely right away and didn’t take a few minutes for the mist to start. It is pretty small so I hope customers keep that in mind. It is the perfect size for my room as I don’t want anything that takes up a huge space. I left one star because I have yet to test the durability of how long it will last me. But for the price, I think it’s worth it! Has a beautiful relaxing light too!
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By Joyce Carlos
4.7 | 326 customer reviews
305 of the 326 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pros: Charge lasts forever. Shaves very well. Waterproof. Cuts like new every time.
Cons: None

I've owned this shaver for more than a year and I've charged this shaver once, because I thought I needed to, not because I needed to. I'm worried that I could have misplaced the charger - when it runs out of battery, I'll report back.

Anyways, this is not supposed to be a review about the shaver, but rather the replacement blades. It shaves like a new razor every time and I keep it in the shower rack at all times. The only reason I'm buying a replacement blade is because I dropped my other one and it broke.
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By Someone impressive
Maybe its good fortune or murphy's law. Only a day after they arrived my wonderful OneBlade fell off the counter and broke the blade that was currently attached so I opened it up and put one on and it works like new. Wait it is new... hahaha Its a genuine blade and has replaced my straight razor. As long as this is being produced I will be buying it. A side note: My facial hair grows faster than bamboo and is just as strong so for this little blade to give me a clean shave its a wonder
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By matthew leigh
They don't last four months unless u shave once a week. Wouldnt bother getting the one blade it's too costly with these replacements they aren't built well, very fragile and pivots break too easy and even said to be wet dry wet shaving causes the blade film to peel very quickly and another blade needs to bought. Blades are way too expensive quality wise they should be 5$ each not 20$.
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By Andrew Blanche
product price
4.7 | 325 customer reviews
314 of the 325 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is clipper oil. You place a couple drops on the blades of your clippers and then use. I think it helps keep them cool by minimizing friction?

Whatever the reason this is great value and easy to apply. It will last a really long time. Can be used on whatever brand of clippers you use. I have a whal peanut I use on my husband and some random generic from China brand of pet clippers for my cat and dog. I use it on both.
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By AJ jos
Fantastic value. I do roughly 1 hair cut a month -- this should last me nearly forever.
The bottle comes with a nice high-precision tip to let you oil your clippers without getting oil everywhere.

I use this with my Philips Multi-Groom and it works great
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I purchased this for Panasonic Clippers and it works very well with a third brand as well. Easy tip design ensures that I only place what is required. Will surely buy again.
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By AmazonCustomer
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4.6 | 430 customer reviews
380 of the 430 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am blessed with a really really sensitive dry skin and this is the ONLY hand wash that doesn’t leave my skin dry after a wash. It’s so good that I don’t find myself rushing to apply moisturizer right after! And considering I’m one of those girls that has to have a moisturizer in my purse or I’m pretty much paralyzed after soaping my hands in a public bathroom, this is a heaven sent product for me.
I’ve purchased much all each and every one of their scents and the oatemeal one is my favourite.
If you have a dry skin, had a history of eczema, or just want to use a more natural product at home, definitely give this a try!

Hope this helps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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By LegallyBrunette
Great! I was looking for something to replace my bath and body works soaps, mainly because they finished quickly and had a lot of chemicals in them. This was a great alternative, you get double the amount for cheaper and the ingredients are better. Also love that it is made in canada!

The soap texture feels nice and milky on your hands, I love the scent and it does not dry out my hands. The bottle is aesthetically pleasing and love that you can get refill bottles so you do not have to change it every time.
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By Elle
This is a very nice hand soap product. Recently I am more leaning towards plant based, natural, organic beauty and house cleaning products. (I know what the hype, right?. LOL) When you have a toddler and have to wash your hands too many times each day, a more natural product is really appreciated.

The hand soap has a nice light smell and does not dry my hands. The bottle design is good too - easy-to-use pump and heavy bottom so it won't tip. It is an add on item so the price is really affordable for such a large bottle.

I will order it again in the future.
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By Suxiaoma
4.5 | 754 customer reviews
671 of the 754 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered this before and i love it. I have horrible acne with huge dark spots on my cheeks, chin and forehead. i have always used harsh astringents which never worked so i decided to try something mild and alcohol free. Now with an empty bottle (more on the way) my skin is clearing up so well. The spots are almost gone and i leave the house without make-up (never liked make-up even with my acne). I was at the store in the cosmetic isle over the weekend just browsing and a lady asked my what i use on my face. I have never had someone ask me that, due to bad acne people normally look away really fast lmao. I felt over the moon and coming from someone who used to cancel outings with friends this is magic in a bottle. Even my husband use it now after he saw
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By lee
I was hesitant to try this, as I have sensitive skin and had seen other reviews that said it caused acne. It sat in my cart “saved for later” for a good 6 months. I finally ordered it and I started using it last Tuesday. By Thursday I had a HUGE flare up in an area where I have a persistent cystic acne pimple. I’ve never had a bump on my face that large. I was going to discontinue use, but did some research and read “Witch hazel contains catechol tannins that help constrict skin pores and push out the dirt clogging them.” I stuck with it and by Friday evening, a hard ball of what I assume had been clogged in my pore for years surfaced. It is now Sunday and the spot is pretty much gone and there have been no other flare ups.
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By Mal
I was a skeptic— how could something that smells like roeses cure all my skin woes?! Well it did. I’ve been using this for a month now and I’ve had one acne (hormonal).... ONE. My skin tone has become more even and clear—I’m wearing less foundation 🤗 Moral of this story is, throw out whatever you’re using and buy this!
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By Deandra
4.5 | 741 customer reviews
674 of the 741 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
astonished by how good this is. Been using it for my hair as a mask , once or twice a week, let it sit 2hrs , and my hair litteraly went from meh, greasy, damaged and dandruffed to LEGIT baby hair. it's softer than it has ever been, shiny as hell and I have not ONE dandruff there. Seriously this is such a great surprise and almost a freaking miracle
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By Miki
I have suffered from adult for years after my pregnancies. I have acne scars on top of new acne occurring in a vicious cycle. After only a few days, my new acne seems to have slowed down and the acne scars are fading. The oil absorbs completely into my skin. My lips used to be cracked and painful. My scalp was dry and flaky. The oil has helped with that. Note I am 48 with oily skin. I look forward to seeing what happens in the coming weeks!
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By Amazon Customer
The shipment arrived quickly. There is a generous amount of product in the bottle. I use it mainly to try growing out my lashes and brows. I've been using it nightly for a couple of weeks and it does seem like my lashes are a bit longer. I'm not sure if the thickness has changed though. So far it hasn't caused any irratation to my eyes and mine are usually pretty sensitive. I will keep using it for longer period of time to see if it will make a big difference. I have been meaning to try this on my scalp as well.
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By Connie
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4.6 | 406 customer reviews
364 of the 406 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's rosy and contains no alcohol. I use it and I am a man, so if you are a man and like a clean face, then buy it. You can hide it behind the toilet paper when your manly friends come over.
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By Josh from Canada
Sorry for the caplocks, but it is the truth! This toner is the best thing that has happened to me, it didn’t just get rid of impurities in the skin, it also got rid of ALL of my blackheads, which I didn’t expect to happen. I’ve been living my whole life with blackheads on my nose without knowing the cure was in this amazing toner. 100% recommend.
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By Paulina Galindo
I've heard about this brand before and I was curious what the reviews were on this bad boy. I read a lot of comments claiming it helps with clearing up acne so I decided to give it the good ole' college try. Fortunately for me (or rather unfortunately) I had a small outbreak on my forehead, I slapped that puppy on and voila! The pimple went down the next day and was practically gone by day 2. Tried it on my nose too and it really helped reduce the redness. Adding it to my daily skin care routine. I'll be honest I'm not very acne prone. I only get a couple here or there so, if you're more prone to outbreaks I don't know how it would work for ya. Good luck amigos.
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By Christina B
4.6 | 398 customer reviews
362 of the 398 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
What a Fabulous product...want a fuller richer beard, Want a beard that stands out from croud, Want a beard that does not itch and is dandruff free, Then look no further, I dare you to try prophetandtool beard oil and balm. Once you try it, you don't want any other brand.

Whats GOOD :- Oil really condition your beard to your skin. It makes your beard look fuller and darker. Balm hold your beard in its place and it has aroma of citrus but not too strong. Oil has no smell, almost unscented. It comes with Comb which really helps tame your beard in place.

Whats Bad:- They dont sell their incredible horse hair beard brush in Canada.

And seriously, you can't beat the price and Best thing is its all NATURAL and 0% alcohol. Trust me you do not want to put chemical based stuff on your beard unless you want your
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By Mohamad N
When they advertised no scent they were correct on that note. Everything in the package is pictured above. The wooden comb is not some cheap product from Bath and Body Works actually sick especially with the engraving. I got the Panther engraved on my comb. Oil is as advertised and not sticky like most. It rubs in gently making your beard shine nicely. Ingredients aren't too much and I am happy that it's all natural. Would 100% recommend, wouldn't go try another product because there's nothing wrong with my first purchase. Packaging was tight wrapped so there's no way your oil can leak and you can assume no one has tampered with it.
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By Umer A.
It's the first time my boyfriend used a beard oil so that's his only reference. Regardless, he has noticed his beard is much softer than before. And I noticed it as well. We like the results so far and the great thing is that this beard oil is vegan. I am hoping for a vegan beard oil with wooden fragrance soon, and some other vegan friendly products as well.
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By Mônica Klein
4.5 | 685 customer reviews
604 of the 685 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm an asian woman with such short eye lashes to begin with. Since last year I have been getting the eyelash extensions and my natural eyelashes got eventually ruined and my eyelash technician admitted that she no longer could perform her mad skills to my eyes unless my natural eyelashes come back within a year.
I was devastated. so I did A LOT of research and bought this castor oil. First, I only applied at night, so about 8-9 hours a day. I did NOT notice any difference for a while (about 2 months).

so I decided to increase the time of applying, and plus adding 'Organic Coconut oil' (Google said so). so I applied the castor oil + coconut oil in the morning 7am, and 6 pm and 11 pm before bed. 3 times a day 24/7.
A month passed. (I suspect this period varies per different person)
GOOD GOD, the magic
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By Amazon Customer
Since Écla skin care uses 100% natural Canadian ingredients, this product is very gentle on skin and doesn’t burn my eyes at all compared to other similar product that I’ve tried. It’s an oil so it’s thicker but I find it easier to apply. My hairs and lashes look healthier than before. The package came as described, including 2 eyelash and 2 eyebrow brushes.

Puisque Écla Skin care utilise des ingrédients Canadiens 100% naturel, ce produit est très doux pour la peau et ne brûle pas les yeux comparativement à d’autres produits similaires que j’ai pu essayer. Il s’agit d’une huile, donc c’est un liquide plus épais, mais je trouve l’application plus facile pour cette raison. Mes cheveux et cils sont beaucoup plus brillants paraissent en meilleure santé qu’avant. Les description de l’item est juste, j’ai bien reçu la bouteille ainsi que les 2 brosses pour les cils et 2
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By Burn
I purchased this for my boyfriend who virtually had no eyebrow hair. I kept telling him he'd have to apply it EVERY night for at least a few months before we would even see results, so not to get too excited. I was completely wrong because it's only been a couple weeks and there is already a massive improvement! I'm very impressed with this product, and the brushes it comes with are super convenient.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.5 | 581 customer reviews
517 of the 581 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used to hate lip balm, as all the lip balm that I had used previously had left a pretty awful taste on my lips. This winter has been particularly rough on my lips, and has left them cracking and even bleeding, so I decided to give this a shot. Within two days of applying the lip balm twice a day, my lips were totally fixed. No more painful cracking, no more flaking skin. These two tubes of lip balm will last me a good long while, and have been a huge quality of life improvement. The flavour is not good, but completely acceptable. The only issue I have is that if I apply the lip balm before going to sleep, my mouth has a bad taste lingering in it in the morning.
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By Will D.
I've only been using this for about a week, so will update if necessary. I carefully read all the reviews and for the price, it appeared to be an excellent value. Easy to use and appears to work very well. It took about 5 minutes to figure out usage and how to transition from one mode to the next, but I was able to figure out the first time I used it. It's light and easy to transport, but it doesn't seem like it would endure drops well. I gained good relief in a 20 minute session (left knee and right thigh) Just make sure you have the unit turned OFF before you remove the pads from your skin!
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By Iggyon
The chapstick worked well at the start., however it began to get waxy and less effective after the first week. Some people may enjoy the texture it provides, however it doesn't seem to do much. Personally, not my cup of tea.
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By Michael K
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4.6 | 349 customer reviews
321 of the 349 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's been about 5 years that I have been using this soap on my face. Since using this soap my acne has stopped and my face feels so much better. There is no fragrance but it does have a smell that my girlfriend doesn't like but I do apply a moisturizer after which hides the smell. To be honest I don't think the smell is bad. It just smells like soap without the extra fragrance that other soaps have. You might need to apply a moisturizer after washing your face with this soap because it doesn't have any moisturizing properties or at least not for me. But it has helped tremendously with my acne and I rarely get a pimple anymore.
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By A.F
Emballés chacun dans une petite boîte de carton, les savons se rangent facilement.
Savon versatile et parfait pour toute la famille, maman, papa et bébé. Fonctionne bien avec tous les types de peau et ne l'assèche pas.
Nous l'utilisons autant pour laver le corps sous la douche que pour laver les mains à la cuisine.
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By P Nadeau
This soap is INSANELY fragrant. Just taking the plastic wrap off the box sends a wall of scent radiating outward. The fragrance seems to permeate everything. It got to the point where I had to store the second bar in it's box in a freezer bag because it was making all my towels and linen smell.

I didn't find the scent stayed on my skin too much when using it, but the smell coming off the bar was so powerful it was borderline unusable, especially if you leave it open in a soap dish or the shower.

I don't mind the smell, but it's crazy intense. If you have any sensitivity to smells you're gonna wanna avoid this.
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By Jlboergers
4.6 | 348 customer reviews
311 of the 348 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I work in a hot factory and i swear by this stuff but not your conventional way. I use this product on my....... "undercarriage". It prevents skin chafing from where you don't want skin chafing. Hopefully its not TMI but hey, it works!
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By Jonathan S.
Same old spice deodorants I use all the time. I like the smell, feel, longevity, etc. Usually buy em at Walmart. Added them to an order to reach the minimum for free shipping and it's like maybe a dollar cheaper than in store. And I got free shipping so...worth it I guess. Not really life altering stuff here. I mean if you have terrible BO and this works for you it might be...idk your life
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By Amazon Customer
Unfortunately, I didn't get around to using these until recently. I've been using only Old Spice for my armpit needs for a few years. Shortly after using this specific Old Spice deodorant, I started to get an itchy, red skin irritations on both of my armpits. I stopped using it for a couple weeks and it went away. Just to be sure, I tried using the other stick from this two pack and within days, had the same skin irritation. Went back to using my regular Old Spice High antiperspirant/deodorant and have been fine since. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for your armpit needs.
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By Amazon Customer