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4.7 | 1,536 customer reviews
1,430 of the 1,536 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I almost never write reviews simply because I don't have the time but this one I feel like it deserve my honest review. For many years I suffered leg cramps, burning feet and feeling like there is an extra 10 pounds on my legs every morning. I have seen many doctors and no answers since i am not diabetic. I always always told could be poor circulation. my pain was always worst during my periods. the first day I put them on for 1 hour and I was stunned unbelievably, my legs feel lighter and painless. the burning is gone. the only thing I feel now is tingling which is a pleasant feeling, I guess it's my blood circulation. overall I am very happy and already recommended for my family members. I am also impressed by how this company stands behind their
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By Yasmin
I like the socks.
Care: Usually I wash by hand in the sink before bed and by morning they are ready to go. But if pressed for time and washing in a machine then put them in a mesh laundry bag to keep the material from pilling and they last longer.
Use: I am recovering from stroke and learning to walk again is a challenge but the compression socks help reduce swelling and muscle pain from calves and feet that are not accustomed to taking weight.
Compression: Also, the compression strength varies so it is a bit lighter in the ankles where I don't want too much squeeze - this really makes a difference. Too much pressure on the ankle and my feet hurt a lot more after exercising.

Another unique thing about these socks is that the weave of the compression spirals around the sock in an upward-diagonal pattern rather
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By Acorn
On my feet the majority of my day working as an Emerg Nurse! These compression socks were a lifesaver for helping ease the aches and pains in my feet and legs! Easy to put on but feel durable and give just the right amount of squeeze! I am short (5’3) with wide calves (16 inches) and small feet (size 7) and was nervous how these might fit because of it! I had nothing to worry about! They fit great and for a compression sock they are surprisingly comfortable! The nice bright colour adds even more to them! Easy to wash and have maintained their elasticity for several months now!
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By CourtneyAnn
4.7 | 519 customer reviews
487 of the 519 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a FitBit Alta HR and I absolutely love having a variety of bands to choose from, but I'm not looking to spend a lot of money. I purchased this 10-pack so that I would have some variety in my band choices and so that I could match my FitBit to my clothing as much as possible.

I am very impressed with these bands. They certainly offered me a variety of colours to choose from and the large- sized bands offered me enough holes on the bands that I could tighten them in to comfortably fit my smaller wrist. These snap in easily, and snap out just as easily.

As for colours, this pack offers a variety, from black all the way to a pale violet/pinkish colour that I'm already in love with. I can definitely recommend these. They are a great value and work exactly as I would expect them
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By TheBookChick
For the price this is probably the best replacement band you can get in terms of look, feel, and compatibility with the device. Also, unlike another brand I tried that was similar in those criteria, the little band that holds the straps together is not loose, and stays put all day. Only con is that the band feels a tiny bit more plasticky than the original Fitbit band, which is a bit more rubbery, but the difference is not too apparent. After trying a number of different replacement bands for the Fitbit Alta HR this is the one that I've decided to keep.
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By Christina Song
Bands look nice for about 2 hours until they begin to discolour. I thought it might have been some colour transfer on the pink band but none of it has washed off. I've worn the white band for less than 12 hours and it is now discoloured. They also sent the wrong size when I bought a size small, I received large.
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By Chrissy
4.6 | 914 customer reviews
836 of the 914 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the Canon ink but it's so expensive and that packaging is ridiculous - a huge box for a small ink is silly enough but then you get to that lovely hard plastic that is a challenge to open without cutting yourself. Come on Canon, get into the recycle state of mind!
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By Paulette Stoltz
I printed 250 sheets and used 2 black and 2 color cartridges in XL. Very few pictures. I don't know how they could have gotten 300 prints per cartidge, even if they were all printed in black. Very good quality of printing no smudging.
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By edith
Couldnt wait to get these inks, but am somewhat disappointed. Used in a new printer, hardly used the ink, yet already ink is very light colored and almost out. These are suppose to be XL...I assumed there would be more ink in them then the reg size. I don't know...maybe they are old?
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By Kim Rayko
4.7 | 337 customer reviews
318 of the 337 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The rim is long which is perfect to keep my glasses dry in the rain. The adjustable strap is well designed as it tucks inside the rim of the hat, so nothing dangling. If i want, to i can pull the hat over the top of my ears but I don't have to. I had tried a Nike hat (quick dry ) and it did not fit as well as this one. I have a smaller head so the strap is at the tightest. GADIEMENSS Quick Dry Sports Hat Lightweight Breathable Soft Outdoor Running Cap (Classic UP, Black)
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By Trepa
Just what I needed. Light weight & comfortable. For a reason beyond me I have signed up to do the Honolulu Marathon in December and need to do a great number of miles getting ready. This is a perfect hat to keep my head cooler! Now if only they had something for my feet!
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By Julian Ripley
Yes, like the other guy said, you get a free hat if you are willing to give a five star review. Well, keep the second hat then because I am giving an honest review. Ok, you don’t pay much. But you sure don’t get much. Generally I buy Nike or under armour, so to compare it to those, you will definitely be disappointed. At best, for me, I will use it as a grass cutting hat. So if your broke, and need a hat in a hurry, then yea buy one of these. Otherwise, save up a bit more and get a decent name brand one.
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By JasonE
4.6 | 643 customer reviews
576 of the 643 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My feet ache all the time. They're always hot and itchy and even with loads of lotions and creams I can't seem to make them feel better. When I saw these socks I thought they'd be worth a try and since they're so affordable if they didn't work I wouldn't feel too bad about them money I spent.

They arrived quickly and I've worn and washed them quite a few times now. And wow! My feet feel great! They take my size 10w feet down to about a 9 regular when I'm wearing them which means I've had to go out and buy new shoes, but it is worth it. At the end of the day when I take them off my feet feel great!

I took off 1 star because I wish the packs came in all-black instead of a black pair and a white
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By Doug K. Wilson
I wear a size 9 US (42 euro) shoe. I went for the L/XL size as it said men's 8 to 14 and I don't want the socks crazy tight. I believe another reviewer indicated a similar shoe size and said the socks were too big. I agree. If you are a size 9 shoe get the S/M ones. The L/XL - Men's 8-14 are too long for a compression sock.
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advertised size is too low. no way can thse handle all sizes from 11 to 14 as advertize. I barely pulled these on once, being 11.5 and couldn't last longer than two hours. IT was such a pleasure eventually taking them off. Otherwise the quality is different, but figure out the sizes guys., please
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By Anna
product price
4.6 | 588 customer reviews
530 of the 588 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is exactly as described. It is a heavy, good quality material. There is very little give in this hat, and it keeps it's shape well. It is very easy to clean, and seems to not hold odors like other materials do. I have owned several of these hats in the past and will continue to purchase these in the future.

Overall: It is an awesome, warm hat and a great value too! I would definitely recommend these to anyone, and can't wait to give these out as gifts this holiday season.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought three different colours. There was a slight difference in fit between the three. I have a very large head were my wife has normal size. Her fit is fine, mine is a teeny bit smug. Pull the turned up flap down and there is a very relaxed fit. When I pull the brim up as shown in pics mine is snug. But as I said, I have a large Mellon. Overall the are perfectly fine and a decent product. No buyers remorse. The cobalt blue or whatever it's called is a bright vibrant blue.
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By Amazon Customer
Bought three touques, and two of them seem real. Black one is made in Canada, blue one in the USA. The Coal Heather is made in China. It also doesn’t have a genuine label inside. On it says all touques with exception of Brite orange, Brite Lime, Black, and Dark Green is made in USA. The black one is made in Canada, and is of very good quality, but the Coal Heather is supposed to be made in USA, but the tag doesn’t say that. It is also of poor quality. It. Has loose stitching, its too tight, the fabric is rough, too small, and the outside label is noticeably shinier than the other two. The other two are not the same as each other either, but they seem higher quality though.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 183 customer reviews
175 of the 183 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LOVE this hat. It is made with great quality UV protection material, has a gorgeous print and repels water as described. I love the dual adjustable pull cords that allow me to ensure a good fit that actually stays on my child's head and that it has a break away clasp, just in case. The brim is wide enough to allow full face and neck sun protection but also sturdy enough to not flop down and block your child's vision while playing. They literally thought of everything when designing this hat! To top it off, it arrived even sooner than expected. I loved it so much I bought another one for my son! Best sun hat for kids ever!
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By Sara Mathieu
When looking for a good sun hat for our trip to Florida, I came across these hats from Jan & Jul.
• I purchased one in pink, and one in white for both of our girls.
• These hats protected my girls heads, faces and necks from the sun tremendously.
•The adjustable toggle under the neck is perfect, as you don't have to worry about it blowing away while on rides, boating, swimming, and on windy days.
• This is definitely a hat that will last for a couple of years, as their is an adjustable toggle for the head span as well.
• Washes up very well.
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By ClearlyCanadian
I bought this hat for my 2.5 year old. He’s about aberage size for his age and it fits him great with lots of room to grow. Considering that it is meant to grow with them it’s well worth the money. It had really good coverage od his neck and face without being cumbersome or blocking his vision. The chin strap is perfect and pretty necessary in order to keep the hat on in any bit of wind. Our little guy doesn’t mind wearing it at all and I’m quite happy with the quality and I believe it’ll do us at least a year or more.
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By Smicken
4.7 | 260 customer reviews
242 of the 260 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent and very smart little things. Women's bodies change all the time - for a variety of reasons - and buying new undergarments is typically the required solution to this "problem." I decided to give these extenders a try on some of my favourite bras to see if I can continue to wear them comfortably even though my rib cage changed a bit this year due to a medication-related change in my hormones. Honestly, I was so pleasantly surprised by how well these work. If your cup size stays more or less the same, these extenders can make a tighter bra feel comfortable and still supportive. No more pain trying to squeeze your body into something that may no longer fit so well; no more piling bras high for "when I can fit these again". These extenders can help you seize the day with your favourite brassiere. I consider this
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Just what I needed! Really opens a lot of doors for me when bra shopping especially! It seems nobody makes larger bands with smaller cups, but with these I can easily just buy a smaller band with a smaller cup and it fits perfect! Quality feels nice and after daily wear there are no signs of the hooks or loops coming out, bending or breaking! These band extenders have lasted a few bras even with daily use!!!
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By Madelyn O'Connor
Bought a few underwire free bras from Penningtons the last time they were on sale. Sadly, I misremembered my size, so I had several lovely new bras that didn't fit. Boo. I've looked all over for bra extenders with four hooks so I was really happy to find these. Price is right, the quality seems good. They feel well made without any sharp, rough, or pokey bits. I'm very pleased, and I'm going to order some more.

If they don't hold up I'll come back and update this posting but so far so good!

Edit December 30 2015: These are still holding up great to frequent washings, and I've order some more to have a few spares. Highly recommended!
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By M. Lee
4.5 | 438 customer reviews
390 of the 438 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is cool and firs me so well i love it so much
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By Jo jo
These are great sunglasses. Very reflective - like aviators and they look flattering on any face. Sturdy and good quality, especially for the price!
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By Kimberly Luu
I really like these glasses. I've never been complimented on anything by complete strangers, but people like to ask me where I bought them.

They also do a great job at blocking the sun - go figure. They have a nice weight to them too, not too heavy, but enough to make them not feel cheap.

The only issue it that you should remember to bring the soft bag they came with, or buy a case for them, as even keeping them in a coat pocket will cause some cosmetic scratches on the mirror finish.
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4.5 | 423 customer reviews
374 of the 423 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have put these through a beating and despite scratching and bending the frames they're still holding up strong! The hinges are great, not flimsy like most sunglasses, the nose pads are comfortable, and they are the most durable non-safety sunglasses I've ever owned. Way better than some of my $200-$300 sunglasses! Big scratch in the picture is from hitting my head on a metal bar. I'm sure any other glasses would have broke or bent beyond repair. Love these glasses!
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By Troy
Holy cow! I've previously and still currently have a few pairs of Oakley glasses and to me, those were worth the price as I'll wear them all year long and want something quality that can stand up to weather, impact and so on, but I wanted a pair of glasses that were cost effective and I wouldn't care if I lost them at work or travelling. I've browsed dollar stores which were quite cheap but so was the quality, drug stores that had glasses in this price range, but none were comfortable or particularly stylish. The frame is definitely metal, the carbon fibre I thought was fake, but you can kind of see the woven pattern on the side so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and they definitely polarized. One downside, when the arms are folding in, the first arm will smack and rest on the lens
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By Handsomeness
I hate and i mean hate car head lights. Especially where I walk in a rural part where everybody
feels the need to blast their high-beams. These glasses help me walk at 8 pm instead
of the 1 am I used to wait for. They darken everything much like sunglasses
so i'm unsure if they're wise to drive with, but they help me walk and that's great.
To any driver reading this. For the love of god stop using your high beams and
remember oncoming traffic has to deal with your lights tone them down!
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By lilknight
4.5 | 418 customer reviews
373 of the 418 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought a new purse and the wallet I had was too large and bulky to fit so i decided to try this one. I have been using it for about a few weeks now and It is absolutely perfect! It is a great slim design, and stays nice and compact even with all my cards in it as well as when I have change in the coin pocket. It is sturdy and with the suede look and feel, it is quite feminine and attractive. managed to fit all of my cards in the slots with no problems and I actually have a couple of slots still open. I also love the fact that there are two pockets with clear fronts for my driver's license and my health card. I would definitely recommend and purchase again!
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By Tracy Campbell
I bought this because of the good reviews and the one review that said it's light weight and doesn't get bulky when you add your cards.. Absolutely correct!! I love it so much I ended up buying a second one so when this one wares in the future I'll have another. (Ya never know when Amazon will stop selling your fav products.)
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By Kindle Customer
Arrived quick. The leather is very soft and smooth to touch.
There are several card slots...more than enough.
The driver's license pocket is actually very easy to remove your driver's license from. First wallet I've ever had that it is.
This is a great purchase recommend this wallet.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 354 customer reviews
312 of the 354 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm not related to the seller or manufacturer in any way. Just an honest opinion. This is a good, quality wallet with nice stitching and evenly cut corners. It comes in a felt bag and presentation box. Readers should check out similar wallets advertised for sunstantially less, in some cases half the price. I found uneven stitching, sharp corners and even less leather bordering the photo, ID window. This is a nice wallet for the money. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.
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By Rollingstone
I've been using the same wallet for years but recently a family member's credit card info was stolen, this and the fact that my wallet resembled George Constanza's overstuffed wallet prompted me to look for a new one. This wallet is really nice. It feels really well made and offers more than enough room for all my cards. The cards slide out easily, even when more than one card occupy a slot.
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By Casey
I was hoping the ID flap would be removable. You open it and put money in. It works. Extra feature: you can fold it and put it in pants pocket. Or even purse. Maybe even those tiny purses that cost a fortune...what are they called again? a clutch purse? There isnt even a handle on that, what's the point? But yes it can probably fit in those too. The leather smells like real leather but I cant really tell. I havent smelled a cow in a long time so I'm no expert.

10/10, would wallet again.
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By Thebloc
4.4 | 653 customer reviews
563 of the 653 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Duco offers incredible value (and quality) for the money!

If Luxottica (the company that owns Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut, Oakley, Ray-Ban among many others and manufactures and distributes most other brand names to their retail stores) these glasses would likely cost you over $200 if purchased from a Luxottica controlled retail outlet. (If you are interested, look up on You-Tube why do 'sunglasses cost so much Luxottica'.

Duco are Italian designer glasses and don't have a 1000% markup. Frankly these are better than the Prada I purchased in my ignorance years ago and they are polarized!

As I've come to appreciate with Duco, they also provide other quality add-ons such as a hard protective case and even included is a micro screw driver set should you need to adjust your glasses.

Only down side is you can try these on before you purchase to see how they look on your face but you can not
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By Juggernaut
These are probably the best sunglasses I ever used. Fit well, look good. I will never buy those "expensive" sunglasses in regular stores from cheaper brands. Duco builds high quality glasses. My only concern is that I can see some light from behind reflected from the inside surface of the glasses. I hope this will be fixed buy Duco in the next generation of glasses. I give 5 stars although I hesitate between 4 and 5.
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By unsu
Excellent sunglasses. Well made and come with a hardshell case, tie slip cover, screwdriver/screws (if you need them). Wore them the first time outside on a sunny day yesterday. You could look directly at the sun (briefly) without squinting. Adjustable nose pads and would fit most people's heads. The outside surface colors are fashion and really don't change how the polarized glasses work. Chose a color you like and order.
Received them in 2 days with express post. I am considering dumping all my other cheap ones and getting a second pair. Don't bother getting yours at the drug stores. Highly recommended
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By Satisfied
4.6 | 169 customer reviews
151 of the 169 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They work great in the summer, i have used them on +30c days and they have felt great. They are light enough to not make you feel hotter. Keeps the sun off my face well, other people have said i look bad a** wearing them. I used them in Bakers lake Nunavut to help keep the black flies and mosquitoes off.
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By Darvik
I bought this for my dad for Father's day. I also bought him a brand name Buff. He and my mom can not tell a difference. They love these things and use them for cleaning and gardening.
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By Christina
I liked these bands, but I would say overall I would give 3.5 stars.
Reason: the inner side of the bands is white. It looks not so good with darker bandanas, as the outer colored side still could be seen through the white inside. Because of that, you need to turn them inside out to roll out. I was also not able to find any information on how to wash them, only pictures with how to use.
The bandanas are single-layered, thin and feel synthetic, although comfy. They are quite stretchy. Need to test them a bit in order to see how good they are with sweat/head/cold.
Will still keep them, I think. As the price for 6 pieces is good.
Note: skull one has two skulls printed - on the back and on the front.
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By Lucky 8
4.6 | 159 customer reviews
141 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this for my wife. Though she doesn’t look as well rested and pampered as the person in the picture. Picture should be adjusted to someone with spit up on them, bags under their eyes and some crazy hair tha hasn’t been washed in days. Other than that product is fantastic.
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By Court
I was pleasantly surprised when I received this in the mail. This bra is made very well for its price point, I could easily pay more somewhere else for it. I was going to get the brand name one and decided to give this one a try first. I'm glad I did! I wasn't sure about ordering this in M since I'm normally a S in most sizes. I'm a 34B (fluctuates since I'm nursing) and this fits me well on the smallest "setting" without the insert. It seems very versatile and can adapt to a body fairly bigger than me since there's also velcro on the back. The straps are removable and I don't need to wear them since the bra stays up on its own (so I can put the bra on and take it off while keeping my shirt on). The straps are quite wide and aren't
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By Megan
Very happy purchase! It is super functional and frees up my hands when I pump breast milk for our newborn. It also gives my wife a good laugh when she sees me wearing it (some cow jokes ensue). It’s good value for the money and surprisingly comfortable. The only wacky thing is the way I have to put the bra on - it is not symmetrical like a regular bra, and I have to wear it by first fitting it through one arm and over my head, then snap on the Velcro on my side.
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By Di Yuan
4.5 | 221 customer reviews
200 of the 221 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived early and fit just as expected. I'm about 5'5, 147lbs (average build) and the Small fits me perfectly. I wouldn't say it's overly slim-fitting, as I'm able to comfortably wear a hoodie underneath, but it's definitely not loose.

Water/wind resistance is great!
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By Darrin Daniel
Haven't worn it outside yet but ran water on the sleeves and water just beads off instantly.

Size is true to the chart. I'm on the higher end of of the chest measurements and it's not too tight. Perfect fit. I'd prefer a more tapered fit in the waist area but as described this jacket is a regular fit which is also fine. Length is good. I'm 5'10 and got a size small and the length is fine. The arms length are more than enough. Hope covers the head completely. Jacket is nice and light.

Four stars until I am able to test it out in the elements.

Oh ya. I'm 5'10 165 lbs. 39" chest. 32" waist. 39" hips. And I got a small.
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By Amazon Customer
I literally took this jacket out of Amazon box, happily tried it on and was quite pleased with my purchase. I then hung it on a coat rack using the jacket's hanging loop. The stitching immediately broke, opening a seam on the mesh inner liner. For some reason the hanging loop is only attached to the mesh liner, and very poorly at that. I could easily fix this myself but having seen this, am no longer interested in owning it.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.8 | 89 customer reviews
87 of the 89 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These came right on time and fast ! I am so happy with them, they are a perfect size for swaddling, soft and th designs are sooo adorable !
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By LoveAmazon
Pros : value for money, beautiful colours and prints, soft on baby's skin
Cons : few blankets turn full after many wash
Use : used it for swaddling, as nursing cover, lining carseat, as a bath towel
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By Amazon Customer
I was very very pleased when I received my blankets...I do a lot of research before I purchase anything and this definitely was a super value...I make diaper cakes and the cheaper I can buy my stock the cheaper I sell my products for...I will be ordering more...
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 372 customer reviews
313 of the 372 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was a bit skeptical about purchasing sunglasses online, especially from a brand I've never heard of. Sojos have such great prices so I wasn't sure whether they would be good quality or the right size since my nose is sorta on the flatter side. However, I still took the risk and bought two pairs. Oh my! Greatest decision ever. They were expected to arrive within 4-10 days but they surprisingly came in within 48 hours! The sunglasses turned out to be excellent quality. Sturdy, perfect size, mirrored just the way I wanted, great shading, and comfortable. So glad I bought these and I'm off to go buy a third pair in black now.. Yas Sojos, slay me.
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By Abigail Y
The frame feels quite sturdy and the mirror finish looks really good. They sit well on my face and they won't fall off. They are quite dark which I'm not used to, but it's definitely growing on me. The only thing is that the lenses are very glossy on the inside and they tend to reflect whats behind me which can be distracting. It's my first day wearing these so take it for what its worth.
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By Matt
These frames and arms were wide on my head, for context im 5'2" 105lbs. Worse though is that the insides are extremely reflective, if the sun is on the side of your head you will see your own face reflected in the glasses better than the world in front of you. I didnt find that they blocked the sun very well either, i found myself squinting a lot still. They are very blue, and very pretty which is why i gave them 2 stars. but they are also extremely FLAT lenses. theres is almost no curvature to them whatsoever and i didnt like that either. For $20 im not gunna send them back but I wouldnt buy them again.
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By alyxa.
product price
4.7 | 108 customer reviews
99 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well made leather belt that is extremely value for money at 25 bucks. The leather has a weathered look and it may not go well with formal wear, but works great with jeans or non formal trousers.

The metal parts and especially the pin feel a little less solid than the leather but can’t take away a star for that yet.
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By Tats
So far i'm very satisfied with this belt, it has a solid heft, yet it is not too heavy.
I can't talk about durability because i haven't had it long enough to make that determination.
That being said the price i paid for the belt and it's solidity gives me some confidence that it was a good purchase.
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By Ian Kaufman
I was verry happy with this item, until the pin broke. It seems the aloy is weak. I cant waer it any more only because of that pin....
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4.4 | 346 customer reviews
299 of the 346 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered this because it matched perfectly with the ties my guys wore at our wedding. I was not disappointed! The shawl has quickly become a staple and I wear it all year rounds - can dress it up or down perfectly. It is a beautiful piece. Just be careful with the tassels as they do shed a bit if you are being a tad rough with them; otherwise, excellent piece. I'm 5"5 and 125 pounds if that helps anyone ;)
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By Jennifer
Would be beautiful as a swimsuit cover up or over a summer outfit. It's very flowy and I kind of wish it came with something to belt it, but I'll add my own belt if I wear it with an outfit. I'm very happy with the quality and, contrary to some other reviews, the tassels on mine were in great condition. Would buy again.
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By Melanie P.
This cover-up is just beautiful, the sewing is all even, the fringes are properly attached. It came so early, so I can enjoy it now and not have to wait. The only thing I would change has nothing to do with the garment, I would just like a couple of inches longer on the sleeves, to cover upper arms better. But they are still covered enough that I will not worry about it. I would order from this Company again, and would if it came in more colors. It has slight, very slight sparkle to it, it is the most beautiful cover up I have ever seen.
Perfection! I will be ordering from MissShorthair in the future, for sure!
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By Mittsigirl