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4.9 | 773 customer reviews
761 of the 773 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stand has revolutionized my use of my mobile phone. I love it. I used to have a case with a little thing you could pull out to make it stand, but it always felt precarious, and would often fall over, if I could get it to stand properly in the first place. This one is solid, steady, heavy in a good way, I can put it on a mattress or an uneven pile of papers (within limits, of course), and not feel like it'll topple over. The non-slip surfaces underneath the stand and where the phone rests keep everything in place nicely. The angle is easily adjustable so I can watch it while cooking or while lying on the floor doing physio. This is a product I'm way more excited about than I expected, especially for such an apparently simple design.
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By Alexandra
Beautiful Color , a flawless blush gold. Very stiff arm so no need to worry about it flopping down unexpectedly. Also has little rubber spots to keep the phone from sliding. Holds my i8 plus very well and still has a bit of room. Great product. Would definitely recommend. Easy to keep it charging or watch Netflix with. Also fits well with my room decor so nice bonus.
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By innersages
I bought the item twice , but the new one is smaller and cheaper than the old one I bought before and also different from the picture show. The new one is on the right and old one on the left in the photo I provide.
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By Eric
4.8 | 2,469 customer reviews
2,396 of the 2,469 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality build, includes all types of screws and adapters, only thing extra I needed to pick up was special wall anchors for the metal studs in my condo. Mounted up my 35" and 55" inch TV, in the bedroom and livingroom. Adjustments to tilt and rotations are easy and can be locked in by tightening the screws. Just a suggestion I added some sticky soft pads to some of the corners , so they don't scratch the walls when you fold the TV right up to the wall. Very impressed with the purchase . Five stars for the quality and price
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By MrNappy
Well made, sturdy steel, easy to install. Notable feature is that the television can be positioned more to the left or right. This is useful when mounting to a wall stud because they are normally located 16" apart. This wall mount allows the television to be positioned about 8" to the left or right of centre to make up for the fixed position of the wall studs.

Easy to install. Mount the hinged part to the wall. All parts are in the kit. For mounting on a wall stud you require a drill and drill bit (size is in the instructions) to make two pilot holes in the wall, plus a wrench to install the lag bolts that secure the bracket to the wall. A small level is included in the kit. After the wall mount is secure, use the level and hex
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By nishi
First of all, the HDMI cable was missing :p but not a big deal to me, so I let that slide.

This unit is very smooth and sturdy. Quick and simple to install. Fully adjustable, other than leveling it by rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can also offset it left or right so you won't position dead on the center of the stud. My 55 inch OLED is 40 lb. I can fully extend its arm and swiveling it left and right with ease while remain sturdy.

That's why they deserve 5 stars.
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By Joe W Shum
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4.8 | 381 customer reviews
368 of the 381 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Surprisingly good quality, very well made for the price. And for those in doubt about the size - WD My Passport Ultra 3 TB (the thickest one - 2.3 cm) with the supplied cable plus my small OTG cable all fit perfectly well.
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By Leo
Exactly what I was looking for. I've tried ORICO, but was deceived by the size and quality. AmazonBasics offer good quality stuff and this product is not an exception.

At first, I hesitated because of the ugly orange color. But from the outside, it's a beautiful, solid, right size case :)

Just be careful removing the tag and it will look nice.

I got 2 for my Seagate Backup Plus 5TB portable drives.
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By M. Savard
The case is all black with no Amazon marks execpt on the zipper which I think is perfect. The bright interior makes it easy to see where all my things are. A lot of people use this to carry portable hard drive but I use it as what I call a phone safety kit I put a USB C cable (3ft) micro USB (3.3ft) charging block (Apple's) 2 small otg adapters and 2 bands. Everything fits nice and snug with a little extra room. I do this so I just remember to bring one thing so I know I can't charge my phone and headphones when i know I'll but out for a while. Only problem is the dimensions are a little awkward in that I can't fit my portable charger so I'll still need to remember to walk with that.
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By Trent
4.7 | 1,526 customer reviews
1,437 of the 1,526 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These hard drives benchmark very well for the price compared to the other SSDs we tested in the shop. We ordered SSDs from more than half a dozen brands and tested them all to find the best value for our clients and decided on this one before they had reduced their price.

With the lower prices now we put one of these (or the larger sizes) in every computer we sell and haven’t had a single one come back with hard drive issues.

There was one brand that was faster but the cost increase for that speed increase was not worthwhile in our view.
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Not the fastest SSD out there, but it's an SSD and it's the cheapest from the most reliable brand I know so... Yea.
Bought this one to upgrade an old Core2 Centrino Laptop... I got the laptop for free, it's old ,but brand new, never used.
Old laptop with an old 2.0Ghz core2 with 4 gigs ram and onboard videocard...
Boots up a Clean Windows 10 faster then an I7 with Mechanical drive.

On that topic, It's sad that so many manufacturer's, in 2018, sell laptops with high end processors and still with a 5400RPM 1TB Drive... it's offensive.
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By Daniel Dahan
I am very happy with this product, but I knew what I was getting. I just wanted something faster than a mechanical hard drive for an old computer which isn't used very much anymore, and is mostly only used for checking email and writing documents. For that, it is fine. Higher capacity versions are better for speed, but they're still quite poor compared to other drives which don't cost that much more. Do yourself a favour, do NOT buy any SSD like this which doesn't have DRAM. Pay more for something like a WD Blue, Crucial MX500, or Samsung 860 EVO. They are WAY WAY WAY faster, not just with transfer speeds, but with response times (latency). The cheapest SSD's never have DRAM, and that makes them a lot slower, but it's not the ONLY thing which makes them slower. You should avoid them unless you just want a really
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By Alexander
4.7 | 878 customer reviews
840 of the 878 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this clock to assist my grandfather, who has early onset dementia. He is often not clear about what day of the week it is, and interpreting his watch is more challenging now.

I would say that this day clock meets the intended purpose well. I set it up near his favourite chair where he spends most of his time, and he reports using it frequently through out the day. I opted for the darker brown 'wood' finish, and it's aesthetically pleasing.

My only complaint about this clock is that it can not adjust the time for day lights savings. In a digital clock, this seems like a fairly large oversight, since it's unlikely the target audience for this device will be able to fix the time themselves. Hopefully this is something the company can address in a software update. I will say that I have been unable to find any
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By John Doe
We bought this day clock for our 90 year old mother who is dementing. She has trouble remembering which day it is, so we thought this would help her keep track of that information. When we now ask her what day of the week it is, we have to remind her to look at the clock, which is mounted on the wall right above her telephone. She still has some problems integrating the clock's information with her own awareness of the day. Not the problem of the clock though. It works very well.

The only critique we is when the center rear clock mount is put on a nail in the wall, the power cord, located on the lower right hand side, pulls it down on that side because of it's weight. What we have done to counteract this problem is to put loops of
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By Donald Coscina
Clock was purchased specifically for a dementia patient who struggles to relate clock time to day/night time, gets up in the middle of the night and thinks it's daytime (and vice versa), so we bought the clocks (we bought two for the same patient) expressly for the 'Morning / Afternoon etc.' feature that appears on screen with the day/time/date. However, we had no idea that at 12:01AM the message would change to 'Before Dawn'; this makes no sense to anyone, dementia or non-dementia patient. Our dementia patient will definitely be confused, and when she sees it will think its time to get up and make breakfast and change for the day if she wakes up (which she frequently does) around 1am. While this 'Before Dawn' message is not strictly incorrect, 'Before Dawn' in any language would be roughly 4am-6am, NOT from midnight onward. Wish there was some way to
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 259 customer reviews
250 of the 259 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I first got it, I was surprised by how heavy duty it feels but it is still small enough to fit in your pocket. Size wise it is the same size as my s9 with a case but roughly about double the thickness. You double press the power button to turn on/off a little flashlight which is quite bright. This pack was able to charge my Samsung S9 and more! It comes with a short black cable but can use your own device cable for it and can plug in 2 devices at a time! It has a type c plug for newer phone cables and a regular USB plug for older cable wires/the wire it comes with to charge the power bank. This is a nice and handy feature because if you dont have the original wire from the power bank handy and your cellphone is a USB
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This powerbank is really awesome, it does what it supposed and more. To start off, the package is very simple and sustainable.
Advantages of this product :

1) Can charge an average phone around 8-10 times zero percent
2) High quality materials
3) The product charge lasts long, more then described e.g. I charged my phone 30% which is 240-280 mah which should drop it by 1% ; it didn't

Cons :
2) take up to 6 hours to fully charge
3) a little expensive

Conclusion, this would be very idea for someone who is working or travelling some where with no electric. The power bank can last you up to 10 days depending on how much you consume in batter life.
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By Omar Attar
I got this power bank last week. I really enjoy it.
The first charge took longer than expected and after cycling it a few times it does speed up. And the seller service helped me a lot on this issue. It packs plenty of power to charge our phone and an iPad while traveling. Huge bonus that I can use one lightning cord from my iPhone to charge the power bank and then flip the cord around to charge my phone! Any bank I had before I needed a seperate cord (micro usb for the bank and lightning for my devices). It is really impressive that the power bank has 3 ports to be charged.
The LED screen is also great because I can see the power bank state at a quick glance. Love this power bank!
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By Isaias M
4.7 | 581 customer reviews
545 of the 581 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very high end camera with a reasonable price. This makes it a great value. It is very easy to setup and has very good picture quality. Installation is also simple. It feels and is well made with high end material. In low lighting, the picture is great as it is in normal light. Transition between dark and bright is also smooth and quick.
What I like less is the fact that it is a bit big. But this can be a plus for some persons who like a big screen.
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By Eloy LB
This dash cam is great! It is remarkably easy to install and operate. This 3 inch dash cam is simple and intuitive to operate. The menus are intuitive and self-explanatory with many options for image quality and resolution. The seller was extremely fast to respond and very communicative when I had a question. Excellent service!
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By James
I like this products. Very easy to install. It only occupied small area. I don’t need worry about block vision, but it gives me very clear pictures.
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By Max
4.7 | 521 customer reviews
493 of the 521 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered this charging station for my home as in this day and age we all have so many devices to charge at various times. I received my RavPower Bolt within less then a week, and I was extremely happy with the shipping. Upon once overing my package, I noticed that I had been shipped a white unit instead of what I ordered the black unit. I contacted the company via email and had received a reply within less then 24hrs. The customer service was phenomenal as the quickly shipped the correct unit to me, while allowing me keep the wrong one(white) as a gift for my troubles. I have not been using the unit to long maybe a week or so. I have used it to charge my iPhone 5s, iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy S4, iPod touch, Polaroid XS100 and
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By Maurice
I purchased this specifically to power 4 Raspberry Pi and it works great. We have a lab set up to showcase the Pi with different operating systems. We were able to power all 4 Pi without having to purchase separate power adapters (we had cables on hand) This was important because there are a lot of counterfeit adapters out there that I would consider to be fire hazards.

The compact size makes it easy to store out of sight. The charging station itself is about 6 cm wide, 9 cm long and 3 cm thick. The cord is about 4 feet long which was perfect for our use. We were able to power all 4 Pi and work them at the same time and during this, we saw no evidence of any power drops or spikes.

I recommend this, the size and form factor is small and unobtrusive.
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By Avr Tech
When I received this item I was impressed with the looks and functionality. It has 4 USB ports of which I was using only 2. After a month one quit working so I had 3 to use. a week later the second quit so I was left with 2. I was only using this to charge my Iphone and Apple watch at night on my night stand. It was used for maybe 6 hours a night. After losing 2 ports I contacted Amazon and they told me I could send it back for a full refund, which I did. The night before I shipped it back the 3rd port quit working. 3 out of 4 ports lost power and for no reason. They weren't used with faulty cords or anything that would draw too much power. I was very surprised that a product that looked like it was good quality
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By Ken Smith
4.6 | 7,110 customer reviews
6,518 of the 7,110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered another card to replace the returned fake one. This one tested ok. Lots of fakes out there so always test your cards with an app like “SD Insight” to make sure you have a legit card. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief In the long run.

Third one of these I've purchased. First two tested ok with info about manufacturer, ser #, size and manufacture date ect provided when tested. This card tested with the result of "invalid card" with no info about the card provided. Pretty sure it's a fake. Returned and will try another one.
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By Marty
I've purchased this card to extend my Nintendo Switch space and it works well! Formatted in extFAT, run the firmware version 5.1.0 on your Switch and absolutely no problem. However, you don't really get 400GB. In fact, it's more 366GB, which is normal in Windows environment. Just in case it would have been a fake, I've ran the H2testw test to check everything and it's a legit card. Very please with my purchase.
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By M. Savard
You can see from the screenshot I linked. The sd card starts corrupting data at 32gbs. This card is clearly a rebranded 32gb card with a false reporting controller. Be careful, test your cards.
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By brandon marino
4.6 | 1,464 customer reviews
1,329 of the 1,464 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
worked on my mac, pc and linux. had to reformat, but it is pretty fast. i have to say the physical size is decent, a lot smaller than expected. i read a few negative comments with people complaining about how poorly packaged this item is packed (for shipping). made me wonder if its a good idea to get hard drives online but turns out it is ok. when i opened my amazon box it was simple air bag padding, but inside the sealed hard drive oem box, theres also like card board padding so the chance of getting a damaged device is not that high,
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By Devon
Bought this after buying the cheaper seagate which was dead on arrival. NOt to mention tons of bad reviews from people having their corrupt after a year or so. This was more expensive but way worth it since you obviously value your purchase to last more than a year. This also has a 3 year warranty, has a password protection, and is just about the coolest most beautiful looking device you can own, especially in yellow!!! I never thought I would say that about a hard drive, that's says something about it's design. I can even run intensive games from teh hard drive, which is awesome!! I thought only ssd could do that but I was wrong. Superb value for money this, especially if your new laptop only comes with measily 128 or 256gb of storage.
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By ABs
C'est un disque dur et il est très fragile aux vibrations.
It's a hard disk and it's very fragile to vibrations.

La boite originale du disque dur a été mise dans une boite 6 fois plus grosse, mais sans mettre de bourre pour l'empêcher de bouger à l'intérieur.
The original box of the hard drive was put in a box 6 times bigger, but without putting a flock to prevent it from moving inside.

Toutes ces vibrations ont probablement endommagé la tête de lecture du disque dur, réduisant ainsi sa durée de vie.
All these vibrations have probably damaged the read head of the hard disk, thus reducing its life.
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By STambourgi
4.6 | 507 customer reviews
454 of the 507 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Although I have only had this case for the past few weeks, it is standing up to rigorous use. It is MUCH sturdier and better-made than other brands such as Case Logic. Those have usually only lasted me a couple of months before falling apart and those seem primitive in details and design in comparison to this case from Amazon Basics.

This is a semi-hard shell case with multiple dividers and pockets inside for a variety of electronic gear. Thick pull tabs make opening and closing each compartment very simple. It was wider than expected and may be a bit thick for certain briefcases or bags.

I am a freelance writer and photographer, so no matter what I am doing on any given day, I need to carry a variety of electronics with me. My standard load includes: iPhone, Macbook Pro 13", DSLR camera, charging cables, extra batteries, SD cards, headphones and
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By Maya
This is a very Handy travel case for my basic electronics. It holds a 1TB HDD along with my Hootoo Travelmate, earbuds (in their case), a small 3-port USB hub, a charger, a Google Chromecast, a couple charger cubes and a variety of cables and memory cards. It's full but, when everything is carefully placed, everything fits. Inside, there is a small divider with little pockets and elastic holders. The shell itself is reasonably stiff so as to offer decent protection and the zipper seems fairly robust. This is a very hand item for traveling and taking along enough electronics for kids to watch movies in the car or in the hotel room. Replaces the old tool box full of DVDs and travel DVD players (~25x the size). If need be, would buy again.
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By DaddyCool
It's well built, and useful for keeping small items organized. The design however could have been a little bit better. For instance, there are tiny zippered compartments inside which can only hold a few coins or an SD card or two. These could have been made a little bit bigger. That being said, for the price this is best case I've found which is just the right size and helps organize your stuff when travelling. I use mine to keep a Kindle, a 6 port Choetech USB charger, several USB cables, an Anker battery pack, AA batteries and a few Gopro batteries.
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By Danzero
4.5 | 7,105 customer reviews
6,309 of the 7,105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So this kindle paper white is a touch screen for everything which is easy to use and figure out without a manual if you're used to iPads or kindles. The kindle itself is black with a nice smooth soft touch firm rubber like plastic, very well made and strong.
Although before purchasing this kindle I could not find a clear statement saying that if I purchased a Case that when you open and close the case it will open and close your Kindle, well it does, and since I took the chance and purchased a nice Multi purpose cover for my kindle that has this feature, I am glad my kindle works well with the case.
The kindle allows you so many options for your comfort level of reading such as making the writing as bold and as large as you want. The back lighting since my last kindle didn't have one
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By sheri
- Goodreads integration with Kindle. (I love Goodreads, so this helped me decide to buy the kindle)
- (unexpected) Powerpoint presentations look great on the kindle and this will replace the need to print them out for class. A bonus feature is that I can highlight parts of the text too and make short notes. It's lighter and more portable than a laptop (and less distracting for class). Just keep in mind that the powerpoints are in black and white so it could not be so great for some people.
- The dictionary and vocabulary builder software is extremely useful for people like me who would rather read on than put the book down to look up the word I don't know. Very efficient.
- For someone who reads an average of 25+ books a year, the Kindle will still save money in the long run because ebooks are cheaper
- I love being
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By V
I am extremely disappointed that there are no choices for dictionary and translation tool. I am using my Kindle to read French texts and I cannot change the dictionary to a better one (say, Larousse) nor the translate tool (say, Google translate). For me, this removes 90% of the reason I purchased this item: to be able to efficiently understand foreign language texts. Much of the time, the translate tool cannot even auto-detect the language of the text. So I need to grab my android cell and go to Google translate ... which I was doing with hard cover books ... which I wanted to avoid doing and is why I bought a Kindle in the first place.

I understand commercial agreements have to be reached to integrated third party tools but in the end, having substandard elements reflects poorly on your product as a whole.
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By BraunU
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4.6 | 384 customer reviews
345 of the 384 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely amazed with this tv. Ive had it for about two weeks now and it’s been pretty good so far. Love the apps and love that I can control it from my phone! I was a bit hesitant to purchase this tv because of the low price I thought it would be garbage and not work well but it is actually one of my favorite TVs at the moment and I love it more than my LG believe it or not!! Would highly recommend this tv :)
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By Sara
I purchased thsi 40" TV to use for our indoor bike training setup.
Both the MacBook and a PC Laptop have HDMI dongles to connect to the HDMI inputs.
The picture looks great.
The sound is good for what we're doing.
The built-in Netflix and Amazon Prime work perfectly.

Installing the TV was simple. Not that tabletop feet must be screwed on.

The SMART functionality is straight forward and connects to my accounts easily.
I suggest you go online on your laptop or PC to create a ROKU account BEFORE activating on the TV.
There is no charge for the ROKU account. (there are premium paid account if you want them)
Also, when you connect Netflix and Amazon, you have to authorize hem form your laptop or PC as well.

I was originally trying to shop at local stores but had no luck finding a similar product in-stock.
So, back to Amazon Prime. Good price. Wicked good
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By Juarez
I'm just so disappointed with the quality of this product. It seems that there's no quality control ensuring that this device get to the coustomers without defects.
This is my second order and I have the very same issue that I had with my first one, a dead pixel. I pre-ordered this model a few weeks ago and received it two weeks ago only to return it to Amazon a few days later. Amazon sent me another TV and after unpacking it, I see another defected TV!
refer to the pictures which show the dead pixels of the two different TVs. I'm so infuriated as I need to take this again to the post office to return.
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By Mohammad
4.6 | 379 customer reviews
349 of the 379 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I originally had the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD model from a couple years ago that was only a modified sine wave. Helped save my computer data and electronics setup countless times, but the screen would flash and my speakers buzzed loudly (from the dirty power) when it activated. It died recently, so I wanted to look for something better and came across this.

With this one though it lives up to the Pure Sine claims and I no longer have speaker buzz or screen flashes. Its activation is so fast now I don't know there's a power outage until it starts beeping at me.
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By J-Bird
Everything worked as it should be out of the box. The only minor quirk I've would be to find a way to keep the display on permenently instead of 10 seconds at a time. However, it's lacking in a number of areas comparing it to my aging APC Smart-UPS 1500VA UPS for which it's replacing. Here's what I found:
They both have 10 outlets but only half is backed by the battery on the CyberPower.
The APC unit front panle has all the information regarding the staus of the unit while the CyberPower unit only have the power on indicator light, and for the rest you must keep on pushing that Display button.
They both don't have provisions for larger plugs such as some AC adapters.
For long term storage the APC has a de-coupler that cut out the circuit to everything while the CyberPower you must remove the front panel to disconnect the
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Unit still seems to be operational. I can't send it for repair because I got rid of the original packaging.
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By Glutier
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4.5 | 4,732 customer reviews
4,163 of the 4,732 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Honestly I'm seeing such low reviews for this product and it drives me crazy lol...Alexa isn't going to make a sandwich for you or put your kids to bed! Maybe expectations are a little high lol...... I received my 3 Echo Dot devices for the Black Friday Special...and I'm ready to order 3 more! Installation was incredibly easy, pairing echo dots in groups was incredibly easy, setting reminders, playing Spotify, CBC News briefing, everything is incredible! If your in doubt honestly you will not regret buying these! The packaging is even gorgeous. Sound is great. I have two on my main floor living... Ask Alexa to set volume to 4 or 5 and your rocking! I've been a heavy smart phone user for years, I've had apple, Siri is junk, Google assistant mehhhh... but Alexa.... amazing! Feels like part of the family lol... All jokes aside you will not
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By Chadd H.
I initially misunderstood the ordering instructions. When I ordered "1" I thought that it was 1 pair, not a single unit. But Amazon was great at fixing my mistake.

So for the review - the Echo Dot is fantastic. Easy to set up and easy to link my Alexa compatible products. I linked up my Smart Outlet plugs and it is so nice to just tell Alexa to turn on/off my lights as I go from room to room.

The sound quality is very surprisingly good - really very good.

My only issue is that while in the set up I have a Chinese language option, that option does not work when enabled. Also, I don't think that you can enable more than 1 language, which is a pain, as we speak Mandarin, French, English at home and my boys are learning German and Spanish at school.

I will be buying some more Echo
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By robert
Bonjour je viens de recevoir mon echo dot. Je dois dire que j ai eu de la difficulté due as une erreur de mots de passe de ma part. A moi la faute mais réparer cette erreur n as pas été chose facile après deux appelles aux service technique ça fonctionné. Merci a eux. Ma plus grande déception a été de voir que je ne pouvais pas faire grand choses avec Alexia. Quand j ai demander ecouter ma musique elle a lancer essais gratuit sur amazon.Donc une fois les 14 jours terminer.Je ne pourrais pas écouter de musique sauf si je paye de la musique que j ai déjà. Pourquoi pas les fameux skills et bien la coût de génie . Le canada pour votre information est bilingue Anglais et français. Ma province le québec est une des plus grande province et elle est unilingue FRANÇAISE . Vos
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By Patrice
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4.5 | 4,347 customer reviews
3,876 of the 4,347 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't think i'll ever go back to buying the big brand name batteries again. These provide the exact same power that you get from the other big guys at a fraction of the price. They last just as long and provide just as much power. I have previously bought some of the store brand cheap batteries, however they provide much less power than the name brand ones, however with these ones, you pay less but still get the same power.
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By Anthony Pagnotta
Cheap price and delivered quickly but these batteries don't last nearly as long as a standard energizer or Duracell battery. I was lead to believe based on other reviews here that it would be close.

I bought several led lanterns on here and used two with standard energizer batteries and two with the amazon batteries (exact same lanterns, was a 4 pack)

Not even halfway to their rated run time for the lanterns the amazon batteries were already half the brightness while the energizers were still at full brightness. The lanterns are rated to last 12 hours at full brightness, and it's easily achieving these times on the energizers, but after 4 hours they were already dimming on the amazons

Not as good of a value if they last not even half as long =\
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By Shannon L.
I haven’t actually seen battery acid since the 80’s but the smell and visual appearance was so obvious as soon as I opens my
Order. They were wrapped in packages and two of the packages were like this. I wanted to like amazon batteries as we have a toddler and we seem to go through them like tissues but I couldn’t ignore the fact I threw half of them out before use. The ones I did use were for a small light we use during power outages. After two hours we had to remove the batteries and put new ones in. My energizers last three days of steady use. Very disappointed and don’t think I will be giving these another try.
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By Ashley Sharpe
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4.5 | 2,478 customer reviews
2,167 of the 2,478 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's unbelievable what this little thing can do for the price.

1. It runs an excellent Bell Fibe TV app that lets me wirelessly watch my cable TV subscription on any display in the house instantly.

2. It lets me stream and view my photos (and more importantly, HD videos) through the Amazon Photos app.

3. Runs a bunch of great streaming services as well, most notably Netflix.

Everything about it (the design, the remote, the interface, the setup) was just so intuitive and so easy to use.

I'm completely blown away, it is an Apple TV killer for me.
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By Marco Green
Okay my issue was that the account's primary address was a U.S address. Agent switched it to Canadian. Now stuck with many U.S apps still. Like crackle despite going to the USA and using a registration via thier isp, was successful the app remains unpopulated. Crackle worked in Canada since it's inception, till last year. Why not now? Sony is the Content rights holder and owner of the app. So what gives?

You should ask us , what address you want to register it to, when we order it.

Some concern in a world of 16-32GB storage, FireTV 8GB doesn't seem enough. Seems so 2010.

Also love the apps made by crave tv, global and ctv for firetv, but the CBC Gem and the City TV and Knowledge Network, CHCH, MeTV apps also need to be native fire TV ones.

The native
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By Satbir Thind
It made me realize that you get what you pay for - I’m going back to Apple TV.

Update: Amazon called me about this review and I was reminded of something - the reason this thing is cheap is because Amazon records EVERYTHING YOU WATCH. During the Apple TV setup you're asked if you're okay with them collecting analytics. The Allow and Don't Allow buttons are the same size and it's up to you to decide. Amazon does not do this. They hide the ability to disable analytics deep in the settings where I bet the average user wouldn't find it.
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By Jamie Munro
4.5 | 1,742 customer reviews
1,541 of the 1,742 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The twin-pack (20 shots total) is a good value at $1.10/print. For much better value, consider ordering the multi-pack (60 shots total). This reduces the cost per print to just $0.95/print.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, Multi-Pack White (3 x 2pk, 60 shots total)

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, Twin Pack (20 Exposures)
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By Hannah
On the picture you see that i opened the 1st box to try it out, and it was great. Quality is the same. Nothing changed. Great item for the price. You'll definitely save more money buying 100 pcs film in one payment than buying single 20 pcs one at a time each week or month. I recommend buying this bundle. Btw I'm using this on my Instax mini 8
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By Eyzel Cleofas
Picked up a 100-pack of these things on a subscription as this was the best value I could find anywhere, Amazon or elsewhere. Still, worked out to about 90 cents per shot (taxes in) and when the film is for a photo-happy six-year old girl, well, we go through these things pretty quickly, so it adds up fast. So, value for money is pretty questionable, but you're not going to find a better price anywhere else, at least from what I could find in my search for this particular film. As for the product, it does what it's designed to do, no issues with quality or performance.

* Helpful votes always appreciated *
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By Colin’s Reviews
4.5 | 1,606 customer reviews
1,411 of the 1,606 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Bluetooth earphones has high quality performance and very attractive look. Though I did not exactly check battery life with one full charge, I am confident that it has long lasting backup once you fully charge. It comes with nice box - truly looks like gift box, this box has charge base where both earphones can be placed for charging. It connects faster with Bluetooth -within 2-3 seconds after pressing button for each side. You can also see battery status of earphones on your phone on the top (next to Bluetooth icon) so accordingly it guides you when to charge them again. It fits perfectly in both ears without any manipulations. Sound quality while listening songs and while speaking tonover phone, both time remains absolutely perfect. I just loved it and truly recommends this. I also feel this can be nice gift item to your loved ones.
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By Himanshu Patel
Bought these wireless earbuds so I could have a discrete music listening experience with no wires or cables.
With the popularity of the airport everyone seems to have little white nubs sticking out of their ears. But those are expensive, don't have very good sound quality, are uncomfortable and you just look weird with those white things hanging from your ears.

So these true wireless ear buds seemed like a good alternative. The price was right and they came with a case that will charge the earphones up to 3 full charges.

Once I received the them I immediately paired them to my phone and tested out the sound. Because these are in ear sealed headphones the bass response was amazingly good and the mids and highs were clean and powerful. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent sound quality of these.

I also tested out some calls in order to see how the
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By AmKorp
I had to make an exception simply based on how impressed I am by these earbuds. Truly outstanding, and I really couldn't find any negatives, The first thing that impressed me right away was the look of the earbuds and their solid construction. The fit was my main concern before buying, but that was put to rest the first time I tried them on. Very comfortable to the point of almost forgetting that they are in your ears. They stayed put during my vigorous training session, and even provided a sort of 'suction' feel which blocks out practically all noise. I felt so good just wearing them and being free, that people must have been looking at me weird because I had a big goofy grin on my face the whole time at the gym. So liberating
The next thing I noticed was how simple it was to pair with my
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By Sherif
5 offers from product price
4.6 | 279 customer reviews
263 of the 279 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good storage unit. It's small enough to go into my day bag and wrap up all my electronic junk that always bothered me.

My only complaint is that there is a big obvious logo tag on the outside of the unit advertising that there are electronics inside. I travel a bit overseas, so I like being discrete about what I own so it's a bit of a negative to have a big label you can't remove on the outside of your storage case. It's not like I have much to have stolen but I've also learned that once you start showing labels, logos and images of what look like important electronics or expensive equipment, then you set yourself up as a target.

Otherwise, the storage unit is great, I like it and it does what I need it to do ... it feels strong, zipper feels solid and the storage spaces and
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By S Katak
The netting that holds usb drives had torn from the elastic-type band that keep it in place. The size is the pouch is exactly as I had imagined it.

EDIT: The company went to great lengths to sort out this problem for me. The gesture of reaching out to me on its own is enough to give them 5 stars, let alone the fix that was done to correct the problem. If I had a need for more products like this, I'd be happy to continue being their customer. Great job, Bagsmart! I really appreciate it. :)
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By Keith A.
This case serves its purpose and holds all my chargers and adapters for travelling. I bought the blue version so I can find it easily in my suitcase and in darkened hotel rooms. I only rated it four starts because I feel it is larger than it needs to be. Having said this, the larger size makes it easier to organize and find the individual cables and adapters. The case is 7.5 inches by 10 inches. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add a pocket on the outside for easy access for phone or the most commonly used charger.
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By Loban