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5.0 | 108 customer reviews
108 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived quickly. Happy with this product and will buy again.
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By Shawn bunger
Excellent real good quality.
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By Adam
worth the cost and more
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By Cash McGregor
4.7 | 327 customer reviews
305 of the 327 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These work great, I actually like them better than my fiskars.
I cant comment on overall quality or longevity because I just started using them, but as of now I would buy again and recommend them.
I will update this if I have any problems.
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By Darcy
i got these to replace my miracle gro pair. they worked great but i used them to snip one too many large branches i think. i came online to buy another pair and i found these at half the price of my old pair. these work just as well, the spring is tight, the lock works well and they snip things perfectly as my old pair.

if i had to complain, i dont feel the pics properly illustrate the curve in these. if holding in your hand they curve to the left or right, my old pair were straight so these are a bit strange. i was aware that these were curved from the description, but not exactly how. either way it doesnt make a difference to the plants.
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By Sean R.
Grabbed a pair of these for my mother who loves her roses. They are very sharp and have a tight fit that you can tighten if they become loose. The spring is not too strong but more then strong enough to open the cutters back up. They cut like a champ leaving a very clean cut and no crushing at all. So far se says they are very good and she would get another pair. They are also the same quality and style as her $45 clippers from the gardening centre plus work just as good! I would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys gardening as they are an excellent product!
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By Steve G.
4.8 | 101 customer reviews
99 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow! I am impressed. Price is very reasonable and the digger is very sturdy and I have not bent it! I have dug in some very hard dry clay and it pried out the clods (and some rocks) no problem. I did sharpen it up a bit and this improved the performance for digging in the hard soil. I have bought 3 of these now as my friends like it so much I gifted to them and at under $20 is affordable to do so.
The sheath leaves a bit to be desired but you are not buying it for that and easy enough to repair or make your own sheath.
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By Hylander
It is exactly what I need for digging out buried treasure that I locate with my metal detector. So far, we have uncovered 12 pop tabs, 4 beer caps, a penny (no longer used in Canada), two bent nails and a bolt with a nut so rusted to it that you can’t unthread it. But I still love the digger shovel because it makes unearthing these treasures so easy!
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Excellent tool. I use this for item recovery during metal detecting. It allows me to cut a small plug and cause very little damage to the grass. 9 out of 10 times you can not see that I had dug in the spot. The point at the end can make it a challenge to clear the hole but it is required for pushing throught the sod.
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By Andy Schulte
5.0 | 56 customer reviews
56 of the 56 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this 360 degree rotating adjustable head! High quality nozzles! Seals well to hose and water outlet and doesnt leak like my old sprinkler! Does the job! Has a butterfly rotary nozzle as well!
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By Jonathon
Easy to put together, easier to use. Waters way past the gardens and onto the lawn, bonus. Didn’t quite get to corners but with a little adjustment and shift, fixed. Has adjustable nozzles and extra connection. Included Teflon tape is a nice touch. Try and keep the grandkids out of this sprinkler !! Great buy and price. Highly recommend.
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By Linda G
Am very happy when I got these springkler.. it comes with different style... easy to
Assembler me ang my husband as well as my
Little girl had fun we set up it in our yard! Quality wise is very good price is very good as well..... very handly !!!! .. not complex to attached... happy
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By Medz
4.9 | 70 customer reviews
70 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Like it a lot
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By Dallas Pener
Already had one comment
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By Dinelda
Well made for the price
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By Marie-Pier Nolin-Bouliane
4.6 | 234 customer reviews
218 of the 234 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It does support a big 260 lb very well ! I am using it to do mechanical jobs on my tractor and change the broking screws of my 48" blower.
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By Hervananda
Love this bench. I have advanced arthritis in my back and knees, but thanks to this bench, I can work in my garden again. Getting up is easy because of the handles. It is very sturdy and I feel safe. Just be sure you have it on level ground. It unfolds and closes easily.
One minor change I’d like to see would be to change the tool holders to two on each side instead of three. They are too small for most of my tools.
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I have rediscovered gardening and working on jobs that require kneeling after buying the Ohuhu Garden Kneeler. A recent injury and hip OA made both very difficult. The seat/kneeling pad is 16"L, 6.25"W and comfy. I find the approx. 20 degree kneeling angle actually takes pressure off my hips so my muscles don't tighten up. The tool pocket flap is 10.5 "L, 7.5"W. The pockets themselves are 5"L and each of the pockets are approx. 2.25 "W. The pockets will accommodate a 7" cutting tool with the handle locked and the cutting end up.
I'm +5'11" tall and +205 lbs. The 19" tall product is a tad short for 100 % comfort however 80% will do. The kneeler/seat seams sturdy however I suspect heavy use at my current weight would change that.
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4.9 | 61 customer reviews
61 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I discovered that I can no longer get up from the little Rubbermaid stool I use when I'm gardening (my arthritis is starting to get the best of me), I headed straight to the Amazon site to see if there was a better solution . Sure enough, this little but very sturdy helper popped up. I received it the day after I ordered it and started using it right away. A little awkward to carry around, but it definitely does the job. I can sit on it and still comfortably reach the ground to put plants in the garden, etc. It's designed very well and doesn't tip if you keep your weight squarely on it and don't sit back too far on it. I haven't tried flipping it yet to use as a kneeling aid but I'm sure it will still be a great help. I highly recommend this
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By Judy
This kneeler is perfect for gardening. The non-collapsing side rails are extremely helpful when rising from the kneeling position. The bench is a perfect height to reach low bushes in need of trimming or for just taking a break. It seems to be stable enough to not to tip when in use. Whether you have physical issues or not it's a gardeners must have. It's a great item. A great value.
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By Blanche Yencek
We “lost” two garden kneelers during a recent move. The two that we have now bought are better than the other two. The new kneelers seem to have a higher seat than the others which is better for me because of my bad knees. They are sturdy enough for a 200+ pound guy like me. They are easy to fold up and the small tool pouch is very handy. I would recommend this product for all gardeners and for people doing handy work at low to ground levels.
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By Rick K
4.7 | 112 customer reviews
106 of the 112 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My cannabis plants have never been happier. You virtually cannot over water with these things.
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By Chris Peck
VERY sturdy the lid of my soil bin was left open in the rain....sopping wet soil the day after. I filled the bags i don't know about 50-60 lbs im guess of wet dirt in each. Handles held well. They held up better then my back did anyway will definitly buy again when i need more
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By Anon Customer
Great construction quality. Product as described. Plus fast shipping.. my ladies are loving them. 😉
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By The Courteous Canadian
4.5 | 618 customer reviews
548 of the 618 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this exactly 1 month ago to water a new cedar hedge with a soaker hose.
It's been working perfectly and was super easy to use. Just spin the dial and set it.
I have to water these trees every day for the first year and it was becoming tedious.
Now they get 30 minutes of water every morning so they're not sitting around wet all night attracting slugs.
I used the rain delay button twice and it worked as well.
One of the most useful things I've gotten off of Amazon.

It definitely sounds like you need to detach it for winter. Honestly it would take 30 seconds to unscrew so I don't see why anyone would leave it out to freeze and crack. Same with any gardening equipment.
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By Amy R.
Have both the 1 output (91213) and the 2 output models (58910). Worked ok for 1-2 seasons. Put it away indoor for the winter and found both leaking in the spring.
A significant drip from one of the two holes at the bottom. Looks like an internal leak. Opened it up found leak from solenoid fitting. Actually the one on the left was cross threaded, surprised that it didn't leak from the beginning. Put some teflon tape on both and reassembled seemed to solve the problem.
As for the rating, for <$50, of course it is made in China. But the question is like in people management, is it worth the cost and is it worth keeping. I work a day job so I rather not have to spend 15 minutes everyday to water the plants. It solves my problem. A little
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By Justin Carpentry
-none so far
-top fitting that connects to faucet cracked.
-nice big buttons and dial. The dial is about 2" round so easily adjustable even with gloves.
-features and quick setting are more logical and useful than I would have guessed.
-seems like good quality plastic and should last a long time.
-very easy to set. I set it all up with out instructions(yes I am a man).

Bought this with soaker hose and is keeping my raised vegetable garden nicely watered. Really happy with my purchase. I had looked before in stores and never found one this cheap. Plus think this one is made better than any I saw in stores.

Would recommend to a friend.

I will update if I have any issues.
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By Exzacklee
product price
4.6 | 171 customer reviews
156 of the 171 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are a swell little set of pruners. I got a pair of loppers from the same company and I'm happy with the quality of both. Don't worry, if there are any problems I'll come back for a wee rant and to take away stars. I'm good like that.
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By Marnina
I've tried several brands of pruners, but Fiskars is by far my favorite- the blades stay sharp, the grip is comfortable and they don't rust!
From digging them into the dirt to cut tree roots to dipping them into a lake to trim aquatic vegetation, these shears are tough enough to withstand the abuse, yet compact enough to use for precise pruning.
They cut smoothly through thicker green wood too,
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By Nairi
In the first place, I was looking for more expensive pruner. The review were okay but I was not sure if I was making the right choice with this one. I must say, it is much better quality than I thought it would be. Comfortable handle and grip, work great, and very easy to keep on you for all the little jobs that you might have in your garden.
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By Wilson & Cie
4.7 | 87 customer reviews
83 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
What I like about it:
- axil system is much approved from the previous models. No thin metal pieces to rust out/break. Should last longer as a result.
-More responsive steering that my old one...which works better on crowded docks.
- pulls very easily and seems much lighter than the listed weight which is great when pulling it up stiff ramps.
-Tires are decent and holding air nicely although I did by a complete set of foam rubber ones to replace the pneumatics with.
- Acceptable size but I really prefer the 48" variety.
- Decent price.

What I don't like:
-Metal Mesh bed does not seem like it would hold 200 let alone the 600 that it's rated for.
-wheels are only held on by cotter pins.
-Nothing to put a cable or lock on.

Durability and ability to handle the elements have not been truly tested at this point
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By upnorth
I bought it to deliver the local newspaper, and it works well, it handles terrain well. Considering I usually have substantial weight in it.
The only improvement I could see is if it had someway of locking the wheels so they didn't move on a hill.
That being said, we had to tighten it with power tools, some of it didn't tighten enough otherwise. But now that it is together I suspect it will last many years. I am not sure if an inner tube on a tire blows how easily I can replace it.
Still good value for what I paid.
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By Saphyre
I've only used it for a weekend and it help with moving a generator around during a shed build. Firewood moving is safer and easier that a wheel barrow and the load it about twice the size. We tested the weight limit with about 450lbs of adults with no issue as long as the weight it on the axles. The expanded mesh is very light duty and tossing in firewood would be a bad idea. The wheel bearings were off center on 3 of 4 wheels and the handle connector was also miss aligned. If you are looking for a work shop quality cart this isn't it. Maybe I have the box of "good enough let's ship it parts".
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By Jason
product price
4.5 | 336 customer reviews
305 of the 336 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a horticultural professional, and these are great for annual and perennials cuttings, pinching soft growth etc. They have stayed well-aligned for the past year or so (of course, I don't cut anything of significant diameter, that's what my pruners are for), and the narrow tips are awesome for getting into tight spots. The lock stays locked/unlocked and hasn't become loose, they are comfortable in the hand, light, and don't open too wide for an average woman's grip. They don't pinch the fleshy parts of your palm or fingers, either.
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By Amazon Customer
No matter how many companys I try over the eyars hydroponic or not these ones have never let me downand I always come back tot hem and find my self using them the most ! These and micro snips titanium ... and 45• pruners ( these have a grhwat grip! Like phenomenal for long trimming sessions good tension can replace spring or tighten and losen as well as sharpen! What More could you ask for it even has a life torn warranty keep that receipt ;) enjoy and just buy already !
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By THC-ThatHighCandian
Lightning fast shipping arrived in just 3 days to northern Ontario. These things are very sharp and with the really narrow tip you can get right in there when pruning. The way they are designed makes using them effortless and you are able to cut from any angle. They are not meant for cutting larger stems though up to about a 1/4 inch was no problem. The price was a bit high but you get what you pay for and these are quality pruners.
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By zzzdreamerzzz
product price
4.5 | 281 customer reviews
249 of the 281 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small size sprayer perfect for small and medium work in the garden. The tank is very robust and the pump system is screwed through the center. The handle of the pump mechanism is very comfortable and very round, it remains very comfortable when the sprayer is full, which is good because some work can be quite long. The tube and the control handle are solid , the spray adjustment is very well, a small jet to a complete drizzle. A point I really like, the fill opening is funnel-shaped . This is a detail, but how useful. Also Two Holes on the sides are available for those who would like to tie a rope to bring it to the shoulder.
It completely fills my expectations, simple to use and requires little maintenance.


Pulvérisateur de petite dimension parfaite pour les petits et moyens travaux dans le jardin.
La cuve est très robuste et le
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By S&B
First off, I use this as a portable light duty spray washer. I'm a mountain biker and like to spray down my bikes before putting them on the car or away into the house (no Garage). This is far more convenient then getting the hose out and of course portable so can be used when not near the house.

There is a pro version of this for almost 2x the price. However, I have to say that I would recommend it even without trying the pro version. The spray handle is very flimsy and the nozzle doesn't have that great of control for spray pattern.

It does the job though and I'm not about to go replacing it until it actually brakes.
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By Paul Tichonczuk
Purchased this to combat a weed problem that we are having.
The item arrived packaged perfectly.
The instructions were a little misleading when reading, due in part to the fact that it is one size fits all when it comes to that.
So, once I figured out how to put the item together, it worked like a charm. However I was somewhat disappointed in the price.
I really should have shopped around a little more, because this item was found at a large home improvement retailer for about 20% less.
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By John
4.7 | 77 customer reviews
73 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This tool is a real chunk of worth. I’m not even gonna use it for gardening. It’s future will be digging out hopefully valuable items found with my metal detector. It’s perfect as a little shovel and going into what ever kind of soil I chose to unleash it upon. I’ve sharpened her even more than the keen edge it had and the serated edge will destroy roots and fibrous material that might be unlucky enough to be in her path. When the “new age prospectors” get wind of this war trowel they will be all over it like ugly on an ape.
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By joe2eyes
Dandelions are down 80% this year after switching to this Hori Hori knife last year. I am a complete convert to the Hori Hori method. Just cut the tap root and pull them out. Will not leave holes in your lawn, unlike the Fiskars-type weeders.
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By Epictetus
This is a high quality knife and will be very useful in the garden. If I had a choice, the only thing I would change would be to have the serrated part on the other side, since I'm left-handed. It would be good to have a choice in that respect but I did not even think about that until I tried it. I was cutting some roots and had to sweep the knife from the bottom up, instead of my natural inclination to use it from the top down, if that makes sense. However, the knife on its own is really nice. I would definitely buy it again.
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By Heather W.
4.6 | 106 customer reviews
96 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great hose! It comes in a nice reusable string tie bag and unpacks to a hose, a spray gun, optional rubber hose gaskets and a storage reel. The hose has no resistance and is super flexible, expands to all corners of my yard and beyond. Easy to wrap up and put away. Spray gun works great and the hose does not leak anywhere. A great package for anyone looking for a garden hose. Recommend
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By TalksickTallis
This hose is surprisingly light and easy to move around. When you’re done with it, it easily contracts and is very compact. I like the length and the nozzle is easy to control and there are a lot of functions on it- which is nice with summer cleaning& gardening
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By Eli
This could be the last hose I need, the wife was doubtful it was 50' long and was amazed as it grew from our laundry room downstairs up to our aquarium in our dining room. The hose has a shut off before the nozzle that is handy for indoor use filling our fish tanks
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 71 customer reviews
68 of the 71 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Unlike the most common type of hose sprayers you find nowadays, this is old school. There's a knob to adjust the spray patter from single jet to wide spray, and you're not stuck with a poor quality plastic head that will break. Is there plastic in the construction? Sure, but it's mostly metal with a rubber grip. It feels heavy and good in your hand, and sturdy as you could want. I have no doubt that this sprayer will lasy for years, and the price is less(!) than most of the cheap plasticky ones available now. I'm a fan, and I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
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By Canadian Car & Gadget Guy
Was happily surprised at the quality of this product, glad I ordered two. For the price, it was a great deal, and delivery time was very good. The grip and the lock on is good, although unlocking it is a bit difficult without long fingernails. The same or very similar item is selling at a much higher price in the hardware and big box stores, including W=lmart, so you can't go wrong here! I highly recommend this item!!!
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By grampa B.
Water control from almost straight stream to 170 degree wide; works very well and it hasn't leaked at all despite leaving the water tap open. Must easier to control than a wand type which seems to break and leaks a lot easier. The only improvement I can see is the design makes your thumb a bit tired after a car wash. I wish there was a hold closed clip for an extended application. I would buy it again.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 99 customer reviews
88 of the 99 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have the 50 foot and the 25 foot so I’ll review them both.
First of all I’ve only had these for a few days so I can’t review longevity (I’ll update if it breaks within a year or so)
Our last hose was HUGE! And it took up our whole yard and it was just a MESS! So disorganized!
These are amazing. I have a side nozzle and a nozzle in the backyard.
I got the 50 for the side yard to reach the front and the 25 for the back.
My backyard is quite small but the 25 doesn’t stretch that far. I just spray from a distance and it reaches my garden that way, it works for me. But keep in mind 25 is not that long.
When it is drained (which only takes 20 seconds of releasing the water at the end... Which is kind of fun and not a problem at
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By Kindle Customer
Great product. I’ve bought this hose a number of times now, for different houses I’ve lived in. Can honestly now say, I’ve got hose in different area codes
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By Sam S
Spring is coming soon (I hope!) and it's time to check your garden hose.

We had been buying cheap hoses (heavy rubber that cracked, or cheap light fabric that punctured and leaked), which never lasted more than one year. They hardened and broke during winter. Yes they were cheap, but at the end, money wasted. Decided to spend a bit more and got this. The nylon material feels tightly knitted and strong, so hopefully it will last longer than all the old ones. It is light and can be easily carried around, rolled and stored. The metal parts feels sturdy too, and the rubber ring provided prevents leakage. The spray head is a regular one which you can find easily, but since it is included it is a bonus. It also comes with a 180 days warranty so anything happens to the hose
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4.4 | 913 customer reviews
794 of the 913 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this hose compared with my old traditional hose. The quality is something to behold. I accidentally left it out over the entire winter where we experienced multiple freezes and thaws. The hose was left out and had some residual water in it. I went to use it this spring and there were no issues with leakage or other compromise that one might think could have occurred under the circumstances. So it's very impressive in that regard.

In terms of use, it is so much easier to manage compared with a traditional hose. Empty and unexpanded it takes mere seconds to wrap it up on the hose hanger. And after filling it with water and expanding it, the hose pulls easily and doesn't kink or knot. I'll repeat that: IT DOESN'T KINK OR KNOT!

This thing blows away your traditional hose that's
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By Colin’s Reviews
Love it bought another right after!
This hose is awesome. I bought another for my daughter because her dog was chewing through her rubber hoses all the time but didn’t even try to chew this type of hose.
The hose is durable, soft,silky and flexible! The fittings are good quality. The shut off valve at the hand held end is a great added feature. When the hose fills up and expands in length — this hose doesn’t really seem to expand to the length it was listed at, unless really stretched out with tension. So I suggest go with the next size if you need exactly the length they’re claiming it to be. I love this hose and will be replacing my other conventional one too. Also,this is something I’d give as a gift especially if it is someone with arthritis ( so lightweight and flexible it takes no effort to drag
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By Shopper
I absolutely cannot believe how LIGHT this 100' of hose actually is! I am a cardiac patient, and lugging around a 100' traditional hose is exhausting, especially in an evening, when I water the plants just before dusk. I used to dread the chore, and now, am back to loving it! I can coil the entire hose around my arm and carry it across the back yard to where I need it. I'm not exhausted just from getting it out to use it!

The shut off valve at the end of the hose in an absolutely ingenious idea - if I'm out in the middle of the yard and decide to connect the sprinkler, I don't have to walk back to the main line to turn off the water, back to the hose to connect, and, well, you get the trips :)

I love the nozzle too - the slider style versus
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By Shannon Z
4.5 | 174 customer reviews
155 of the 174 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These nitrile work gloves from VGO are a very good buy. These are definitely a level far above whatever you might be thinking of as comparable in terms of price or style at your local hardware or (more than 1) dollar store. The stitching, the amount and displacement of nitrile, the stretchability, all are factors which contribute to a better fitting, and more durable glove. Far more resistant against water, dirt, grease, etc. I should know having gone through dozens of pairs of gloves which are still very common in local shops - disposables which show visible signs of wear after only a couple of days especially when used for gardening or any contact with surface moisture.
There is a superficial smell upon opening the bag of tightly packaged gloves, which quickly disappears once the gloves are separated and exposed to air - sensitive noses be
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By DragonSmurf51
I work with tractor trailers all night and usually wear similar type gloves all night. Usually these kind of gloves only last me a few days before they get a hole somewhere. Had the first pair on for almost 2 weeks now and still going strong.
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By Evil_Killer2005
I've been using these for a couple of weeks and I'm happy with the grip and protection they offer. However, contrary to some other reviews, I don't find them to be very breathable. Even doing light work when I'm not sweating the gloves feel like they're getting kind of wet/swampy after just 10 minutes and my hands end up with a strange scent when I take them off.

Also the coating starts to fray around the edges and between the index finger and thumb after a few weeks, but you get what you pay for I suppose.
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By Clayton
4.6 | 89 customer reviews
81 of the 89 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This cart is big and tough, and easy to use. Fair warning, though - it comes with nyloc bolts. While they make it stronger overall, assembly should not be attempted without a good socket wrench set.
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By RoseNylund
Great product. Assembly took about an hour. Even when filled with 3/4” gravel, moved and turned freely.
Can carry five/six bags of triple mix soil. Could carry more, but the top ones might slip off.

I carried a 10’ tree with its pot set in the bin, to the backyard.
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By Amazon Customer
Going to preface that I ordered two of these carts on separate occasions. The first one came with its plastic bed cracked but it was no trouble to get it refunded/replaced. Second one is in good condition after unboxing.

I haven't used it yet to carry anything but the handling and steering is tight and easy to manipulate when I dragged it around my backyard. I expected it to be smaller than what I actually got; so that was a welcomed surprise.

As I've read elsewhere, the assembly is a bit cumbersome. The parts are fastened with nuts and bolts, and they're really hard to tighten. I recommend to have one of those universal nut/bolt grippers that work with a power drill to save yourself the headache. Luckily it isn't many steps. The only other concern I have is the plastic bed; if it cracked from shipping then I plan to be
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By V