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4.8 | 1,898 customer reviews
1,808 of the 1,898 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Honestly this scale came quickly, is incredibly well reviewed and I can't complain about a single thing to do with it.

The weigh ins are accurate compared to my old scale (just wanted something digital) and the self calibration feature gets rid of so many of the woes of the older style scales and it does it quickly and seemlessly.

For the calibration feature simply step on the scale, it will weigh you out and when you see the, "C" appear on the screen it is recalibrating and then the accurate weight will be displayed.

Using the scale on my bathroom floor after taking it out from under the sync provides over a 3lb correction (down! Thank god) after calibration.

The background screen lights up blue as you see above and makes for easy readouts with limited lighting.

Point of awkward caution! If you weigh in pre or post shower etc. And are taking a
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By Official Guy Reviews
**UPDATED*** beautiful product, sleek, perfect size... unfortunately, it's unreliable. I can't possibly gain 5-12lbs in 15minutes! I've tried replacing the batteries, changing to kg, moving it to another flat surface and the "results' are still the same: 100% w.r.o.n.g.. I missed the return deadline so I'm stuck with a beautiful but useless product -- such a shame. ***UPDATE*** Etekcity contacted me directly with an apology as well as with a solution to the problem - great customer service, by the way. The replacement works beautifully and I am very pleased with it. I recommend this product and would purchase from this company again. "Lemons" happen, it's how we deal with it that matters. Thanks.
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By mm67br
After about two weeks of occasional use, it stopped taring reliably. These days, when I turn it on it shows a weight of 102.1 pounds (with nothing on top of it) so I have to subtract that much from the weight it displays when I use it. This is assuming that this method is reliable. Poor build quality. I would avoid buying this.

Update: Etekcity reached out to me and sent me a replacement free of charge. So far, the replacement is working well. Excellent customer service.
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By Brad
4.7 | 2,331 customer reviews
2,169 of the 2,331 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was very hesistant at first to buy this scale and I am so glad I did! I was going to put the money out and buy a $150 scale, and what a waste that would have been! The Renpho app works flawlessly and connects to the scale instantly, it updated my Apple health and Fitbit app within seconds of calculating my weight etc, and it is incredibly accurate! It was within .2 of a pound of my weight using a medical scale. The other 10 functions (body fat %, BMI, BMR etc) were also incredibly accurate. It amazes me that you can get such an in depth look at your health within a matter of seconds. I would recommend this scale to anyone! 10/10 would buy again. Don’t waste your money on something similar with less functions. This scale does it all!
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By Desiree
I gave myself couple days before writing a review, but I gotta mention the built quality and outstanding capabilities of the Renpho Scale. Not only it's super easy to use, but also integrates easily with google fit (my choice) and apple (my wife's choice).

It seems very accurate, although I didn't have time to challenge my numbers, something I'll do in the near future.

Honestly, I've researched and tested a bunch of smart scales.. NO ONE can beat the cost benefit of this one. It measures the same, integrates the same and cost a fraction of fitbits and nokias.

Go for it.
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By Saulo Avelar
I have the Fitbit Aria scale which I've had the odd issue with and even had to have it exchanged once when it died. What I loved about that scale was that it would track your weight and BMI every time you use it which was great to look back on. I almost bought another one for my 2nd home but couldn't justify the $180 cost for a scale. I then found this one but was hesitant to try it as I like having wifi where I don't need to worry about having my phone etc but gave itt a try. This scale is the best! It's way smaller than the Fitbit one and much nicer looking and it takes the measurements much faster. You just need to have the app open on your phone but it connects immediately every time, no pairing or
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By Lee
4.7 | 711 customer reviews
650 of the 711 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Updated Review 3/27/19: Great for Motivation!

I'm in my third week on the Keto diet and was becoming a little down since my weight loss has slowed down from the first two weeks and today when I stepped on the scale it showed I gained weight rather than lost. I thought oh no what am I doing wrong. When I tested myself using the keto strips I found that my ketone level actually went up from the previous few days readings so that motivated me to keep going. One day weight gain .... it just must be an anomaly.
The next day I weighed myself again and was pleased to see I lost more weight and my ketoses levels are still increasing. So far I've lost 11 lbs and have to say these keto strips are very helpful in confirming ketoses and provide positive reinforcement and motivation to
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By The Tech Guy
Did not know a lot about ketones when I bought the test.
Test can show positive results even though you are not in ketosis (end of the day vs start of the day, ketones overflow from the last day, ketones release into the urine from leaving ketosis, medication influences results, energy drinks renders them useless (turns the test blue/purple from excess b12 ?), water intake hours before test (or dehydration) will mess the test up, etc)...
However I think this product works as it should, it is just difficult to get consistent and reliable results.
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By Amazon Customer
After two days of using these, I opened the bottle to find that EVERY SINGLE STRIP had discoloured. This is likely due to the moisture / heat or light in my bathroom. They aren't kidding: when they say to store in a dry, dark, place after opening. I'm disappointed because I only got to use about 4 strips before the whole bottle got wrecked. Never got a chance to see if they really work :(
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By Sarah
4.7 | 576 customer reviews
541 of the 576 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these batteries for use in a Ford key fob. In the past, I have replaced the batteries with cheap no-name 2032's from Amazon, and while they tested OK with my multimeter, and seemed to work, I had a lot of trouble with the pushbutton start and touch unlock features recognizing the key fob. I was blaming Ford for it, but wised up and bought these quality name brand batteries, and they have restored full functionality to my keyfob. The no-names seem OK for less demanding applications like tea lights, but these are the ticket for something like a keyfob.

- Real brand name batteries, with a marked expiration date that is well in the future.
- Restored full functionality to my Ford keyfob.
- Considerably more expensive than no-name 2032's from Amazon, but worth it for critical applications.
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By Matthew Puzey
best deal for watch batteries, but i always find it amusing that this package (about the size of playing card) ships in a box big enough to ship a car battery with a half dozen warning labels on the package. you get this thing on your step and you start wondering what kind of toxic demon product you ordered from amazon THIS time and then you open the package and you're all like "oh... right... watch batteries... everyone can come back inside now."
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By B. Salomons
READ THE FINE PRINT. The batteries clearly show an image of the standard black/red/orange RETAIL packaging so you fully expect to get the retail version genuine battery. What you wind up getting because they have the fine print that image posted may not match what you get, is the BULK black/grey packaging that is flooding out of china at a quarter the price. Do not be fooled by this highly DECEPTIVE practice and save your money and buy the cheap asian import batteries as you are getting the same thing.
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By Wayne T
4.6 | 1,043 customer reviews
930 of the 1,043 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had the best poop in my entire life because of this product.
No lie, I've strained, spent up to an HOUR on the toilet having the worlds most unsatisfying and horrible poops.
This squatty potty gave me the most relief I've ever felt in my life. 5 minutes. I opened a game on my phone and it wasn't even done loading by the time I finished pooping.
Best part of all this? One wipe. Cleanest poop ever.
Downside? Took 3 flushes to get that solid log to go down my pipes. Other than that? Worth it.
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By Sweetie
Changed my Girlfriend's Life!!!! She now s***s ever chance she gets, I tried to move it off to the side due to it's unsightly geriatric appearance and it's interfering with my manly pee stance, but she would have none of it, and said that she uses it more than I use the toilet, so there you have it - it stays! Long Coil-Poos will result. Buy with confidence!
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By I'm never buying ecco again
This is one of those items that capitalizes on a body hack and does a good job. And while I can't say anything about their claim that humans always went to the bathroom squatting and that's why this thing works, I can say that it really does what it says on the box. Pooping is less strenuous and does come out easier. There ends up being less to wipe as it ends up feeling like you've evacuated everything. As a result of this, you spend less time on the toilet. All of these are pluses.

But there is a weird issue. Due to the higher position of your legs, I find that sitting on the toilet seat is a little more uncomfortable. Whereas, without the stool, you have your thighs resting on the toilet seat, now you have the bony part of your pelvis digging into the toilet seat as, due
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By Tony Wang
4.6 | 814 customer reviews
753 of the 814 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Before purchasing these batteries I thought All 9V batteries were identical ... Now I know they're not.

For the most part these AmazonBasics 9 Volt Batteries work great and for the price are an excellent value but there not for everyone and should be used and purchased with caution.

The main problem with these AmazonBasics 9V batteries is they are Slightly Larger than most other 9V batteries and the battery posts or terminals on the top of the AmazonBasics 9V are slightly shorter or protrude less than other name brand 9 volt batteries.

The AmazonBasics 9V batteries work well in my multimeter, wireless motion sensor, tone probe and tone generator however they don't fit or work with my wireless microphone, mixer, guitar tuner or CO2 detector.

I was intrigued by the slight difference in size between regular 9V batteries and the AmazonBasics brand so I took out my callipers and measured an AmazonBasics 9V
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By The Tech Guy
After researching online, I found that AmazonBasics batteries offer excellent run time, even though they are drastically cheaper than Duracell or Energizer. I've since switched exclusively to AmazonBasics batteries and buy them for everything with great results.
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1) This 8-pack works out to $1.62 per battery (~$1.30 per battery for Prime members). Not many stores offer a comparable deal for 9V batteries (not including no-name or off-brand/dollar store offerings). For example, Costco sells an 8-pack of standard Duracell CopperTops for $20.99 (or $2.63 per battery). Most big-box chains and home improvement stores (e.g. Walmart, Home Depot, etc.) sell 4-packs for $13-15. Therefore, you save at least $1 (but usually more) per battery by buying the AmazonBasics product. That really adds up if you have a lot of 9V-powered devices and/or go through batteries quickly.

2) These batteries have excellent longevity. I keep track of when I install new batteries and, so far, have found that these batteries last approximately 90% as long as name-brand batteries. The only batteries that displayed a substantially longer lifetime (up to 25% longer) were Duracell Quantums... which cost approximately $6 each,
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By Famous Last Words
4.5 | 4,262 customer reviews
3,798 of the 4,262 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't think i'll ever go back to buying the big brand name batteries again. These provide the exact same power that you get from the other big guys at a fraction of the price. They last just as long and provide just as much power. I have previously bought some of the store brand cheap batteries, however they provide much less power than the name brand ones, however with these ones, you pay less but still get the same power.
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By Anthony Pagnotta
Cheap price and delivered quickly but these batteries don't last nearly as long as a standard energizer or Duracell battery. I was lead to believe based on other reviews here that it would be close.

I bought several led lanterns on here and used two with standard energizer batteries and two with the amazon batteries (exact same lanterns, was a 4 pack)

Not even halfway to their rated run time for the lanterns the amazon batteries were already half the brightness while the energizers were still at full brightness. The lanterns are rated to last 12 hours at full brightness, and it's easily achieving these times on the energizers, but after 4 hours they were already dimming on the amazons

Not as good of a value if they last not even half as long =\
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By Shannon L.
I haven’t actually seen battery acid since the 80’s but the smell and visual appearance was so obvious as soon as I opens my
Order. They were wrapped in packages and two of the packages were like this. I wanted to like amazon batteries as we have a toddler and we seem to go through them like tissues but I couldn’t ignore the fact I threw half of them out before use. The ones I did use were for a small light we use during power outages. After two hours we had to remove the batteries and put new ones in. My energizers last three days of steady use. Very disappointed and don’t think I will be giving these another try.
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By Ashley Sharpe
4.5 | 1,197 customer reviews
1,040 of the 1,197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was my first protein powder so I was super careful about choosing one that tasted good. But everyone was right -- Double Rich Chocolate is great! It's not hot chocolate powder or anything, but it's still good just with water only. You can decide how concentrated it tastes, as long as it's still going down, right?

Right after my workouts I mix one scoop with 180ml of water and chug it. Instructions say 180-230 ml of water, but I found 230 to be too watery.
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By Esther
Its unbelievable how good this tastes, I have had dozens of different protein powders which have all tasted bad, but I powered through to get that protein I need. This powder is different, I chose the coffee flavour, and man is it amazing, it tastes exactly like a Tim Horton's iced capp, and it mixes almost homogeneously, not lumpy like alot of powders I have used. It may not have the high protein numbers that some other products have (24g/ serving as opposed to 28-29g of other products), but it supplements that by containing BCAAs, and its no issue to just drink more because it tastes so good.
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By Cameron
their pic shows it contains 5.5g BCAAs per serving while my one show only 5.2g.
And there is no sign on the pack says it is an isolated one(while their pic show it is isolate).
What's more, it is almost expired.
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By howard
4.6 | 507 customer reviews
466 of the 507 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this product, its small and mighty and super cute. The led colour changing works perfect with a lot of different options for colours. You can have them change or you can pick your favourite colour and leave it on that! Its not loud and the mist works very well. You can even use it without the mist if u just want a colour or colour-changing night light. Or use it without colours if you’d like
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By Paris
I use this in a VERY small office (8 ft by 6 ft). It does a great job of humidifying the air, and the colors are soft and pleasant. Small footprint on my desk: it's only slightly bigger than one of those gel cone air freshener things. Plugs into an electrical outlet. Small reservoir of water, but generally lasts about 4 hours-ish. Shuts off on its own when water is empty: great safety feature.

For the price, this is an excellent buy, especially for small spaces. NOTE: if you are using this in a small, enclosed space: go easy on the essential oils! I have a strong tolerance for scent, so I added 6 drops of lemongrass oil the first time. Whoa, that was way too much. I find 2 drops max. is just right for my tiny space.
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By Shannon J.
I just received it today and tried it immediately. I’m pretty impressed with how it’s working so far, worked nicely right away and didn’t take a few minutes for the mist to start. It is pretty small so I hope customers keep that in mind. It is the perfect size for my room as I don’t want anything that takes up a huge space. I left one star because I have yet to test the durability of how long it will last me. But for the price, I think it’s worth it! Has a beautiful relaxing light too!
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By Joyce Carlos
4.7 | 326 customer reviews
305 of the 326 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pros: Charge lasts forever. Shaves very well. Waterproof. Cuts like new every time.
Cons: None

I've owned this shaver for more than a year and I've charged this shaver once, because I thought I needed to, not because I needed to. I'm worried that I could have misplaced the charger - when it runs out of battery, I'll report back.

Anyways, this is not supposed to be a review about the shaver, but rather the replacement blades. It shaves like a new razor every time and I keep it in the shower rack at all times. The only reason I'm buying a replacement blade is because I dropped my other one and it broke.
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By Someone impressive
Maybe its good fortune or murphy's law. Only a day after they arrived my wonderful OneBlade fell off the counter and broke the blade that was currently attached so I opened it up and put one on and it works like new. Wait it is new... hahaha Its a genuine blade and has replaced my straight razor. As long as this is being produced I will be buying it. A side note: My facial hair grows faster than bamboo and is just as strong so for this little blade to give me a clean shave its a wonder
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By matthew leigh
They don't last four months unless u shave once a week. Wouldnt bother getting the one blade it's too costly with these replacements they aren't built well, very fragile and pivots break too easy and even said to be wet dry wet shaving causes the blade film to peel very quickly and another blade needs to bought. Blades are way too expensive quality wise they should be 5$ each not 20$.
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By Andrew Blanche
4.7 | 303 customer reviews
284 of the 303 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
- These are great. They smell faintly of coconut, and don't have some the strange chemical scent that some other wet wipes have.

Sensitive skin / Face:
- I have moderately sensitive facial skin, but these did not irritate my face.

Size / utility:
- Generous size: 15 decent-sized wipes per pouch (4 pouches in the listing I bought from)
- Pouch size is more compact than 'Wet Ones' brand wipes. The Kleenex pouches are thicker, but have a shorter length and width; perfect for pockets
- Each pouch has a sticker that lets you reseal it after using. No issues with drying out yet; I left an opened and resealed pouch out for 3 weeks and have not had issues.
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By P W
J'ai testé plusieurs marques de lingettes humides dans le passé et je peux vous confirmer que celles de marque Kleenex sont les meilleures. Elles sont très épaisses et même avec une utilisation rigoureuse, elles vont garder leur forme et ne vont pas se déchirer. De plus, aucun parfum lourd ni produits chimiques ne sont présents, ce qui fait que le nettoyage se fait en douceur (parfait pour les personnes ayant une peau sensible). Je suis entièrement satisfait de mon achat et le prix est avantageux si on compare avec d'autres grandes marques.
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By Alexandre Nguyen
Makes carrying around wipes very very convenient. The wipes are pretty sturdy and not as soft as say, a baby wipe, but if that doesn't matter to you these are decent option. I've stopped buying these only because I started buying Kirkland flushable wipes from Costco and they come with a couple of travel packs in the box. But if I did not do that I would be buying these.
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By Barry Cantalejo
4.7 | 268 customer reviews
250 of the 268 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice scale, small format for small areas
It connects to your Fitbit if you have one

You need to have the app open for it to register the data

I am very Happy with the purchase
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By isabelle laroche
Amazing product!

You can add multiple profiles to your app, I have my wife and I. It shows EVERYTHING regarding your body, weight, BMI, water%, protein %, bone density, etc.

This is not a regular scale, looks sleek, works great and is deffinitley better than more expensive scales I have use before!

It ALSO syncs up with Fitbit and Apple health for better fitness tracking!
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By Steve young
I am 40 lbs into my weight loss journey and have been wanting a new scale for awhile now as my old one was beginning to seem very inaccurate. With my old scale, I'd move it the slightest bit and suddenly I'd be 5 lbs more or 5 lbs less. It was hard to tell which number was the truth. and if I moved it to a different room... suddenly I was 10 lbs less or 15 lbs more! It was incredibly frustrating. It was also just a regular digital scale with no bluetooth functions like this Renpho scale.

NOW for this scale! I love it! I ordered it Tuesday night with amazon prime 1-day free shipping and I received it Wednesday afternoon which was awesome! I tested it out by putting the scale in the bathroom, my mom's bedroom, my bedroom, etc to make sure my weight was consistent and
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By Gabrielle
4.6 | 382 customer reviews
346 of the 382 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wanted to buy a very large garbage bag that could fit a "human-sized" lump of garbage, but being frugal, those specialized large bags were just too much for my budget. I ended up with these excellent Glad bags which were very well priced. It was a bit of an effort to break down the garbage into manageable pieces, but once that was done, all the bits fit into this strong and stretchy garbage bag. Once tied up, it held the odor in quite well.
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By Ryan W.
These are really giant bags, I could fit in them. Great for garbage or transport/storage of dirty stuff. Im not always a name-brand fiend, but Ive bought glad bags for years and years because I don't want garbage bags to rip. These aren't the construction grade ones, so not sturdy enough for putting sharp metals/wood/glass scraps in them, but these are great for household use.

I can't get these big 40 boxes in my local stores, so Amazon subscription is pretty awesome value and convenience.
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By faeriemess
I love glad and always buy this brand but I dont know if I got a bad batch, but it seemed like almost every bag I used would rip a perfectly straight line right down the side of the bag, and it wasnt from overpacking the bags by any means. I'll buy in the future but hopefully this doesnt happen again.
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By Andrea
4.6 | 350 customer reviews
327 of the 350 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I would say cleaning the toilet is my least favorite chore to do but for obvious reasons it must be done! I used to just use a lysol spray but then recalled when I was living with my parents they use to use a specific toilet bowl cleaner from lysol. I looked around on here and found it and the price was quite reasonable as well.

It arrived quickly and I was happy to see it just the way i remember it. The nozzle is quite easy to use. All you have to do is open it up and then stick it at the inside edge of your toilet bowl and go around the whole thing while squeezing the bottle. Leave it for 10 minutes or so and after you can use a brush and clean it all away. The toilet bowl does look quite clean after and it does leave
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By Juggernaut
A bit frivolous to me to have a separate cleaner just for toilet bowls but it works very well and there’s often a coupon. Which if you haven’t discovered already can be found in the tool bar near the top of your screen and very worth a glance, lots to save on household staples, and makes grocery runs a breeze, especially when used with Prime membership. Less bulk and heavy bags to schlep, shopping in my pjs and very good savings with coupons. What more can you ask, lol
(fyi, I don't work for amazon and am not being compensated if it sounds that way. Just love the benefits of shopping here!)
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By ItsMeMargaret
I usually use Scrubbing Bubbles disposable scrubbing pads, but noticed some built up gunk under the rims of our toilets that you can't see unless you're literally down with your head in the bowl (reasons anybody might be in this position I'll leave to your imagination). I thought I'd try this to loosen it up and hopefully get it off, as it's a stronger chemical based cleaner which we usually don't use.

Unfortunately even after leaving the gel to soak on the scum under the rim for almost an hour and then taking the scrubbers to it, the Lysol gel seemed to have done absolutely nothing to improve the situation. The rest of the bowl turned out just as clean as it always does (even when we don't use the extra gel...). So I can't say I'll be buying this again as I didn't seem to get
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By Jason R.
4.7 | 240 customer reviews
225 of the 240 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
To summarize, This is very High Performance and very convenient laundry detergent.
We have used Tide Original HE Laundry Detergent for years. But we are totally sold for the convenience and performance of this product. There is no need to lift and carry those heavy liquid laundry detergent containers and no need for measuring cups. Just toss a 3-in-1 pack into the washer to clean, brighten and fight stains. Use two pacs for large loads and three pacs for extra-large loads. Convenience is one part and Of course, product performance is most important and I must say that it works exceedingly well as long as you put right numbers of pods per load size.

This particular pods are 3-in-1 that means it is Detergent + Stain Removal + Brightener. It provides consistently good cleaning results every wash including large bedding. Stain remover and brighter works well and we can see it on
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better than expected. Perfect fit for my HP laptop with great padding, and the additional zippered pouch holds my tablet and organizes my accessories, I can even slip in a note pad. Perfect for times when I don't need a bulky laptop bag or brief case... this will be great for airplane travel too, and it's very light. I'm not rating it a 5, I wish it had a cross body / shoulder strap so that you can carry it more conveniently, and I just received it so I can't speak to durability.
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By Angie
Great value that's for sure, however in our building which uses the commercial machines that only run for about 25 minutes I find it sometimes doesn't completely dissolve and the residue can cause your clothes to become glued together. If it happens, soak it in water for 15 minutes and gentle rub till they come apart, it shouldn't damage the clothes if you're careful. But do be careful, if they went through the dryer like that is turns into a super hard paste and you'll ruin your clothes if you try prying it apart without first soaking it.
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By Luke Glendenning
4.6 | 326 customer reviews
301 of the 326 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was using a TENS-like machine at my chiropractor’s office to deal with some bad lower back pain, which was preventing me from sleeping. It was only once a week, so it was helping, but I had this continued ache in my back and hips.

At a loss I decided to research and buy a TENS machine from Amazon. After a lot of research, I chose the Easy@Home hardware (from a price, feature, and customer reviews standpoint).

Within a week of DAILY using TENS my pain was gone!!! I then started using it pn hands/wrists for carpal tunnel; and that got better.

So I fully recommend this product!

Oh, and regarding packaging, it came quickly, box was great quality, instruction manual great (although could provide more uses/areas to use it).

Would totally recommend this product! I would also recommend getting some conductive gel (ensure it is used for TENS) to extend
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By Paul A. G. Wilson
I have owned many tens machines and this one is the best one i have owned so far, the intensity level is strong and it has programed impusles for certain areas of the body, this one has a reacharable battery which seeams to last long time,i have used it about 4 times over 3 hrs use and battery still over half full, the product arrived quickly and package good. I would definitly recommend this product it was great price and works great.
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By Amazon Customer
After reviewing numerous TENS units, and the wide variance in prices, I decided to try the Easy@Home unit. After a few days trial, I am very satisfied with the results. I expected the apparatus would help a bit with my diagnosed polymialga, however I was really impressed what 30 minutes of low power stimulation could achieve. I am using around 20 % of the intensity, and I definetly feel relief. I realize some of the pain dissapation may be psychological, it works and that is all I am looking for.
This is so much better than medication for pain. Its size is perfect as I can put the unit in my shirt pocket and walk around with it while receiving the stimulation. Although I can't comapre this to others TENS instruments, I reccomend this one becuase of its price and effectiveness.
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4.6 | 316 customer reviews
287 of the 316 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good price for the amount of wipes you get. It comes with a case for the wipes. I recommend storing the bags on their sides so that the wipes at the bottom of the bag aren't soaking wet and the ones at the top too dry.
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By Becki S.
I don't have a baby. Oddly, I use these for cleaning around the house & they work amazingly well (far better than proper household cleaning wipes). I had no idea just how big the box was and was shocked when it arrived. Such a great deal for so many wipes! Would absolutely order these again (though I think I have enough now to last me years!).
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By Madricka
I really like these wipes, but I have to admit, they are not my favorite... I prefer the kirkland brand! Because I feel that there is less plastic waste when buying the refills, I opted for these instead.
Having said that, in the description it said... “Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes, Sensitive, 6 Refill Packs and Clutch 'N' Clean (1056 Wipes)”
It clearly states that there is a clutch that comes with it and I was kind of counting on it... Now I am stuck with nothing to put them in for in my diaper bag. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Was I supose to get one and didnt receive it, or is the description wrong?
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By MamaOfTwo
4.4 | 1,189 customer reviews
1,018 of the 1,189 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Air Wicks VIPOO has surpassed expectation in my home. This toilet spray, in its great lemon scent, doesn't mask the smell of your number 2, it annihilated it before it happened.

Living in a small apartment with one washroom, I needed help. Being beaten to the washroom every morning, I'm forced to suffer with my husband's pewwfume. Not any more.

I love how a few sprays into the toilet before nature calls leaves a pleasant lemon scent and nothing more.

I definitely recommend this not only for your bathroom but to take it with you too so your friends and family keep loving you. No more embarrassing moments when someone is waiting to use the washroom right after you. Buy more than one because you'll want to have it with you for moments you're not at home.
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By Noodle
Oh my gosh! This has pretty much changed my life. I can rock a number 2 and my wife appreciates the lavender scent that comes out of me. Haha. This is a must for all shared bathrooms. I really didn't think it would work as good as it does! Creates a bit of a film over the bowl water and, VOILA! You too can finally poop flowers!
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By KoopaKiz
Is not as effective as the actual Poo-Pouri brand, but it's half the cost so you get what you pay for. Also the pump nozzle barely works straight from the box. You have to make sure to keep it vertical when you spray or else the pump sticks to the bottom and you have to manually pull it back to the neutral position. The real Poo-Pouri has no issues when spraying, also smells better than this Air Wick stuff. As a test unit, I think it's okay to have around, and for the price it's okay. But i'll be going back to the original Poo-Pouri brand after this is all used up. Enjoy.
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By Seth
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Do you still use the toilet like a neanderthal? Do you find yourself continually wiping away at your rear end with toilet paper until you're raw, angry, and hating life? I did until recently, and my life has changed oh so much.

Bring back the joy of a number two with these wipes. I can't recommend them enough. They leave you feeling fresh, clean, and happy. They smell pleasant, and I actually look forward to the end of my toilet time as I know I get to treat myself to one of these.

If you're not using these wipes, you might as well use sand paper. I have already ordered these twice, and I'll keep doing it.
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By Joseph Papparelli
Ladies who just had babies - do yourself a favour and get these.

This was one of the best decisions I made for self-care after having my little one. After a week of using the peri-bottle I just didn't feel clean (you know what I'm talking about girls). It still wasn't "nice" to use normal toilet paper at this point, but I needed to use something. Enter these bad-boys. They were so gentle to use, and I really felt 1000% better after using them. I didn't find they had much of a smell, if any at all and it's a bonus that they're septic safe. I already recommended these to a friend that's expecting.

When you're covered in spit up from head to toe, at least you'll feel refreshed *down there*
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By JandT
these are great as sanitary wipes for wiping my face/body after working out. I also use them to help clean up my cat's butt if he has a messy BM - the added moisture helps get him cleaner as opposed to a dry wipe, and is way more convenient than continually adding a bit of water to a paper towel. They disintegrate fairly easily so I flush them one-at-a-time after ripping them in half or in quarters just to be safe. Way better price than the grocery store too.
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By Collingwood
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260 of the 283 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Finding AAAA batteries is nearly impossible, but Amazon offers them conveniently and for an affordable price that I couldn’t be happier. I use these batteries daily for my surface pen and the battery does an excellent job of charging the product for several months. I was a bit worried at first using these batteries as they are called basics so I thought perhaps they wouldn’t be as good as the name brand batteries, but I find they work just as well and are way cheaper.
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By Stephanie White
Needed AAAA for my Surface pen and couldn't find any available at any of the local stores, or when I could, they were obscenely overpriced... Found these after a quick search and they've worked great! I still haven't needed to replace them in my surface pen as they've lasted quite a while, and at this price point, its quite a steal!
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By TC08
Great for the price. Time will tell.
Update: Downgraded because they just don't last. I bought these for my Surface Pro 3 pens. The original batteries lasted for a year or more...almost two. These need to be changed every couple of months. I guess you get what you pay for.
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By Amazon Customer