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4.7 | 2,524 customer reviews
2,346 of the 2,524 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have the Fitbit Aria scale which I've had the odd issue with and even had to have it exchanged once when it died. What I loved about that scale was that it would track your weight and BMI every time you use it which was great to look back on. I almost bought another one for my 2nd home but couldn't justify the $180 cost for a scale. I then found this one but was hesitant to try it as I like having wifi where I don't need to worry about having my phone etc but gave itt a try. This scale is the best! It's way smaller than the Fitbit one and much nicer looking and it takes the measurements much faster. You just need to have the app open on your phone but it connects immediately every time, no pairing or
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By Lee
I gave myself couple days before writing a review, but I gotta mention the built quality and outstanding capabilities of the Renpho Scale. Not only it's super easy to use, but also integrates easily with google fit (my choice) and apple (my wife's choice).

It seems very accurate, although I didn't have time to challenge my numbers, something I'll do in the near future.

Honestly, I've researched and tested a bunch of smart scales.. NO ONE can beat the cost benefit of this one. It measures the same, integrates the same and cost a fraction of fitbits and nokias.

Go for it.
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By Saulo Avelar
The picture explains well what all can be measured. The graph is a good thing to look at historical information and trend. Solid device. Using daily for almost 2 months and still batteries are alive. Highly recommend the device.
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By Anil Thankappan
4.7 | 780 customer reviews
712 of the 780 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Updated Review 3/27/19: Great for Motivation!

I'm in my third week on the Keto diet and was becoming a little down since my weight loss has slowed down from the first two weeks and today when I stepped on the scale it showed I gained weight rather than lost. I thought oh no what am I doing wrong. When I tested myself using the keto strips I found that my ketone level actually went up from the previous few days readings so that motivated me to keep going. One day weight gain .... it just must be an anomaly.
The next day I weighed myself again and was pleased to see I lost more weight and my ketoses levels are still increasing. So far I've lost 11 lbs and have to say these keto strips are very helpful in confirming ketoses and provide positive reinforcement and motivation to
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By The Tech Guy
Did not know a lot about ketones when I bought the test.
Test can show positive results even though you are not in ketosis (end of the day vs start of the day, ketones overflow from the last day, ketones release into the urine from leaving ketosis, medication influences results, energy drinks renders them useless (turns the test blue/purple from excess b12 ?), water intake hours before test (or dehydration) will mess the test up, etc)...
However I think this product works as it should, it is just difficult to get consistent and reliable results.
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By Amazon Customer
After two days of using these, I opened the bottle to find that EVERY SINGLE STRIP had discoloured. This is likely due to the moisture / heat or light in my bathroom. They aren't kidding: when they say to store in a dry, dark, place after opening. I'm disappointed because I only got to use about 4 strips before the whole bottle got wrecked. Never got a chance to see if they really work :(
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By Sarah
4.7 | 366 customer reviews
347 of the 366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought on sale. These are a necessary evil for most Braun shavers.
I actually use the refill pouches for the fluid, but every 3-4 times you refill, you end up needing a new cannister since it never cleans out like new.
So basically I put in a new one, when it's empty, refill it 3-4 times with the packet refills, and then toss it and use a new cannister. This way I only need a box of new ones (3 units)/per year.
Ends up saving me a lot of money vs buying new cannisters every time and I can't feel any difference between the original and the refills.
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By Bobby
These do they're jobs well. The one reason why they are not 5 star is the cost and secondly the fact that they run out/evaporate so fast. One thing that you can do is take it back out after a clean cycle and seal the top off so that the fluid doesn't evaporate. To do this make sure you save the cap or whatever it is you pull off the top.

That said, these refills work well, and keep the shaver nice and clean and operating well. I've had my shaver for at least 6 years and it's still going strong. These refills are definitely one of the reasons why. You have to change the shaving head every so often too and I bought that from Amazon as well. Take care of your stuff and it will last.
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By Justin Kok
There are plenty of blogs that tell you how to make your own solution to save money (as these aren't cheap), but despite not being cheap I prefer to use these to minimize the risks of breaking the cleaning system and having to contact Braun for a new one.

I just wait until they go on sale (use a price tracking tool) and then buy a lot of them (for the whole year).

Also, as mentioned on my review of the Braun 9295cc, I did some test and the best I could get out of the cartridge is 5 weeks by using it 3 times a weeks (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).
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By N_Tech
4.7 | 351 customer reviews
330 of the 351 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The packaging is very minimalistic, arriving in a plain cardboard box without colour graphics or images. This is nice, because this type of packaging will save the consumer from paying extra.
The scale is well-packed inside of the box, with a plastic wrap to protect the glass from scuffs as well as styrofoam placeholders so that the scale doesn’t shift around or arrive damaged in shipment.
Included is a micro USB cable, an informative manual with instructions in English, Deutsh, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, as well as an invitation to register the product for certain benefits.

The scale has a premium build quality, with a weighty feel to it.
The glass on the top side is smooth and glossy, supported by a matte plastic base on the bottom. The plastic on the bottom feels a little hollow, but this isn’t important in regular use.
The design is very pleasing, with an understated look that
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By Jaso
Very easy to setup, and information gathered is very informative. Now, while it does work as a standalone scale, it is much more useful with the app. Yes, there were a few times when I had to try multiple weight-in for it to complete the scan and register it in the app, but if weight is all you care for, it will allow you to manually enter your weight.
The product itself is also impressive. It is not cheap looking, look and feel well put together....of course, the display could be a little me modern looking, but as the critical info can be seen on the smart device, no biggie. If branding is very important to you, sure, go for the brand name ones for at least a hundred dollars more that give you the same functions (maybe even less). But all you care for are info provided and a wallet
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By CLai
I love this! Charging only took about 2-3 hours and it worked like magic! I love the fact that it is rechargeable! Super easy to pair and use with multiple user. Within two days of receiving and starting to use it, I bought one more for my parent's place.

The app is great, everything is explained nicely when you click on it and I love how it gives you a scale showing you where you're at and what average ideal is for you.

Super easy to set up and use! Simply open the app every morning and step on it, within seconds, voila! Will definitely purchase more in future as gifts for people!

I highly recommend this! Amazing for the price and the results are quite comparable to the results I got at professionals.

I know, with every product there has to be something that needs improvement on. I've only used it for 3
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By .
4.7 | 350 customer reviews
318 of the 350 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good price for the amount of wipes you get. It comes with a case for the wipes. I recommend storing the bags on their sides so that the wipes at the bottom of the bag aren't soaking wet and the ones at the top too dry.
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By Becki S.
I don't have a baby. Oddly, I use these for cleaning around the house & they work amazingly well (far better than proper household cleaning wipes). I had no idea just how big the box was and was shocked when it arrived. Such a great deal for so many wipes! Would absolutely order these again (though I think I have enough now to last me years!).
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By Madricka
I really like these wipes, but I have to admit, they are not my favorite... I prefer the kirkland brand! Because I feel that there is less plastic waste when buying the refills, I opted for these instead.
Having said that, in the description it said... “Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes, Sensitive, 6 Refill Packs and Clutch 'N' Clean (1056 Wipes)”
It clearly states that there is a clutch that comes with it and I was kind of counting on it... Now I am stuck with nothing to put them in for in my diaper bag. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Was I supose to get one and didnt receive it, or is the description wrong?
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By MamaOfTwo
4.8 | 252 customer reviews
247 of the 252 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stuff seems to be mandatory for clean dishes without a film which is a piss off to buy on top of a good detergent which costs a small fortune. Decent price especially if youre lucky enough ti get a good coupon, Which if you haven’t found already you’ll find In the tool bar near the top of your screen and you should totally use for savings on everyday things that always seem to cost too much, plus when scrolling though the coupons it helps things I hadn’t thought of buying on amazon which has made trips to the grocery store much easier (less bulky bags) ecpecially as I have Amazon Prime, so I get what I buy the next day for free!! (Well most of what I buy)
I swear I haven’t been compensated for plugging Amazon Prime, lol. but it seriously makes having Prime sooo worth
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By ItsMeMargaret
I'm sure it does something because my dish washer always complains when I don't put any in. I'm assuming it's like dishwasher crack or something because it fiends hard for it, but I want to keep my dishwasher happy so I pour the good stuff in every time it's running low and my dishes come out clean.
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By Pedram
I purchased this item to add to my subscriptions to save the extra percent. I figured it'd be at least alright if nothing more, as the amount I'd save for the extra item would cover the cost of this.

When I added it to my machine, I noticed a significant improvement in removing items, as now they all came out dry, instead of with water on them and wet plastic all around. I noticed that one glass has been dirty after three cycles, but I feel like it's something with the dishwasher or the dirt, as every other dish comes out as described, clean, sparkling and the most important part to me, dry.

I hadn't used rinse aid ever before, but now I'm going to stick with it, it's effective and for the cost, worth it in my opinion.
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By David Burke
4.6 | 553 customer reviews
511 of the 553 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this product, its small and mighty and super cute. The led colour changing works perfect with a lot of different options for colours. You can have them change or you can pick your favourite colour and leave it on that! Its not loud and the mist works very well. You can even use it without the mist if u just want a colour or colour-changing night light. Or use it without colours if you’d like
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By Paris
I use this in a VERY small office (8 ft by 6 ft). It does a great job of humidifying the air, and the colors are soft and pleasant. Small footprint on my desk: it's only slightly bigger than one of those gel cone air freshener things. Plugs into an electrical outlet. Small reservoir of water, but generally lasts about 4 hours-ish. Shuts off on its own when water is empty: great safety feature.

For the price, this is an excellent buy, especially for small spaces. NOTE: if you are using this in a small, enclosed space: go easy on the essential oils! I have a strong tolerance for scent, so I added 6 drops of lemongrass oil the first time. Whoa, that was way too much. I find 2 drops max. is just right for my tiny space.
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By Shannon J.
I just received it today and tried it immediately. I’m pretty impressed with how it’s working so far, worked nicely right away and didn’t take a few minutes for the mist to start. It is pretty small so I hope customers keep that in mind. It is the perfect size for my room as I don’t want anything that takes up a huge space. I left one star because I have yet to test the durability of how long it will last me. But for the price, I think it’s worth it! Has a beautiful relaxing light too!
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By Joyce Carlos
4.7 | 341 customer reviews
320 of the 341 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pros: Charge lasts forever. Shaves very well. Waterproof. Cuts like new every time.
Cons: None

I've owned this shaver for more than a year and I've charged this shaver once, because I thought I needed to, not because I needed to. I'm worried that I could have misplaced the charger - when it runs out of battery, I'll report back.

Anyways, this is not supposed to be a review about the shaver, but rather the replacement blades. It shaves like a new razor every time and I keep it in the shower rack at all times. The only reason I'm buying a replacement blade is because I dropped my other one and it broke.
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By Someone impressive
Philliips claims these blades last 6 - 8 months which is total bull. I removed 2 stars for that mis information. If i used thesee blade ever two days the blades will last 4 months max before you notice the blade getting dull. I recommend pullking a little lube on the blade before or after use to extend the life.
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By Kelly
They don't last four months unless u shave once a week. Wouldnt bother getting the one blade it's too costly with these replacements they aren't built well, very fragile and pivots break too easy and even said to be wet dry wet shaving causes the blade film to peel very quickly and another blade needs to bought. Blades are way too expensive quality wise they should be 5$ each not 20$.
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By Andrew Blanche
4.6 | 395 customer reviews
359 of the 395 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wanted to buy a very large garbage bag that could fit a "human-sized" lump of garbage, but being frugal, those specialized large bags were just too much for my budget. I ended up with these excellent Glad bags which were very well priced. It was a bit of an effort to break down the garbage into manageable pieces, but once that was done, all the bits fit into this strong and stretchy garbage bag. Once tied up, it held the odor in quite well.
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By Ryan W.
These are really giant bags, I could fit in them. Great for garbage or transport/storage of dirty stuff. Im not always a name-brand fiend, but Ive bought glad bags for years and years because I don't want garbage bags to rip. These aren't the construction grade ones, so not sturdy enough for putting sharp metals/wood/glass scraps in them, but these are great for household use.

I can't get these big 40 boxes in my local stores, so Amazon subscription is pretty awesome value and convenience.
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By faeriemess
I love glad and always buy this brand but I dont know if I got a bad batch, but it seemed like almost every bag I used would rip a perfectly straight line right down the side of the bag, and it wasnt from overpacking the bags by any means. I'll buy in the future but hopefully this doesnt happen again.
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By Andrea
4.6 | 357 customer reviews
332 of the 357 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I would say cleaning the toilet is my least favorite chore to do but for obvious reasons it must be done! I used to just use a lysol spray but then recalled when I was living with my parents they use to use a specific toilet bowl cleaner from lysol. I looked around on here and found it and the price was quite reasonable as well.

It arrived quickly and I was happy to see it just the way i remember it. The nozzle is quite easy to use. All you have to do is open it up and then stick it at the inside edge of your toilet bowl and go around the whole thing while squeezing the bottle. Leave it for 10 minutes or so and after you can use a brush and clean it all away. The toilet bowl does look quite clean after and it does leave
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By Juggernaut
A bit frivolous to me to have a separate cleaner just for toilet bowls but it works very well and there’s often a coupon. Which if you haven’t discovered already can be found in the tool bar near the top of your screen and very worth a glance, lots to save on household staples, and makes grocery runs a breeze, especially when used with Prime membership. Less bulk and heavy bags to schlep, shopping in my pjs and very good savings with coupons. What more can you ask, lol
(fyi, I don't work for amazon and am not being compensated if it sounds that way. Just love the benefits of shopping here!)
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By ItsMeMargaret
I usually use Scrubbing Bubbles disposable scrubbing pads, but noticed some built up gunk under the rims of our toilets that you can't see unless you're literally down with your head in the bowl (reasons anybody might be in this position I'll leave to your imagination). I thought I'd try this to loosen it up and hopefully get it off, as it's a stronger chemical based cleaner which we usually don't use.

Unfortunately even after leaving the gel to soak on the scum under the rim for almost an hour and then taking the scrubbers to it, the Lysol gel seemed to have done absolutely nothing to improve the situation. The rest of the bowl turned out just as clean as it always does (even when we don't use the extra gel...). So I can't say I'll be buying this again as I didn't seem to get
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By Jason R.
4.7 | 246 customer reviews
231 of the 246 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This soap is amazing. They use it to clean sea life tanks in many zoos/parks. I use it to clean my bathroom, use it to make stain remover. Soap is effective enough to use less than half of a previous brand. Safe for environment. Bottle is huge, we're a family of 6 and this has lasted us 3 months already, and we don't have a dishwasher. Cannot beat the price.
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By Alyssa
I should normally give any DAWN product 5 STARS; however, when I opened the bubble-wrap this was contained in, it was sticky and smelled on DAWN. Long story short, there was a small split in the side-seam, near the top of the bottle, and it has slowly leaked; not enough to be a major issue; however, I've lost enough to do quite a few sink-loads of dishes. I place responsibility on this entire Order was packaged (POOR), and undoubtedly handled. Otherwise, I highly recommend DAWN products; this large bottle his well worth the price in overall savings...
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By Amazon Customer - Toronto, Canada
I Love Dawn Ultra, I got it yesterday but it was ship together with other items and the bottle was cracked , and it was soap everywhere. anyways I clean the other items, and 1/4 of bottle of dawn soap was spelled and bottle cracked also I have to transfer the rest of soap into other container. Really frustrated about this yesterday. Please don't ship liquid soap with electrical items or other products that can get ruin due to spell.
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By Vero
4.7 | 244 customer reviews
231 of the 244 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These wipes are really good for cleaning a newborn's sensitive bottom. My baby is now 8 months old and I am still using these for diaper changes, and wiping down his hands and face. Other wipes have a lot of extra ingredients that seem unnecessary and may cause irritation, depending on how sensitive the baby's skin is. I like that this is "99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. However, note that there's also trace BAK (benzalkonium chloride) which is a preservative. Having said that, this is still much less preservative than any other baby wipes on the market.
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I love this wipes. They are so soft and watery, great for my baby bum. They last forever after open. The only bad thing is that you have to pull each one out individually as they separate from one another. This is very difficult when you're using only one hand. They should be more like Kleenex where you easily pull one at a time.
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By Lorena
I have been ordering these wipes for about a year now. However, the last order was a little disappointing - they were more expensive (probably due to the exchange rate these days) but the packages have become smaller which don't preserve wetness very well anymore. I liked these wipes cos they're pure and very wet in the past. But now they tend to be dryer so I will start looking for something more wet.
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By TorontoPucca
4.7 | 243 customer reviews
222 of the 243 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these and Finish Quantum Max, so I could compare to see which was best in my crappy dishwasher. I caked on egg, ketchup, honey, oatmeal, and mustard on to two plates and ran a full cycle with each after letting them dry up overnight. I wish I could say one performed better than the other, but they were pretty much Identical. Surprisingly, the only remaining grime was from the mustard on both cycles.

I decided to go with Cascade Platinum because they are cheaper per packet. Cascade gets the 5th star over Finish (4 stars) for that reason.
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By Kevin8se7en
Been using the Cascade ActionPacs in my dishwashers for quite some time now ... started to run low so opted mainly out of curiosity to try the Platinum ActionPacs. They were on sale but still more expensive than the regular ActionPacs but what the hay even though I had no previous complaints I ordered them anyway. Ok so this review is only after one washing but this is what I noticed. First off when I opened the door I thought "holy hannah" my stainless steel dishwasher was sparkling ... and it does say it will do that on the packaging. Never noticed any difference in the glasses or dishes but the silverware was cleaner as well. Although the pods are the same size and look very similar except the liquid color something was definitely added for cleaning strength on metal. Hoping these might even aid in the foul smell that
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By Spunn4life
I've tried with a couple of other brands and presentations, this one is the best one in terms of quality vs price, this product is not always available at my local store so I rather have an amazon subscription for this. other brands leave the dishes a bit dirty, I've found that specifically the platinum ones get the best results, my dishwasher is a samsung DW80K7050US
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By Javier Torres
4.6 | 320 customer reviews
297 of the 320 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice scale, small format for small areas
It connects to your Fitbit if you have one

You need to have the app open for it to register the data

I am very Happy with the purchase
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By isabelle laroche
Amazing product!

You can add multiple profiles to your app, I have my wife and I. It shows EVERYTHING regarding your body, weight, BMI, water%, protein %, bone density, etc.

This is not a regular scale, looks sleek, works great and is deffinitley better than more expensive scales I have use before!

It ALSO syncs up with Fitbit and Apple health for better fitness tracking!
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By Steve young
I am 40 lbs into my weight loss journey and have been wanting a new scale for awhile now as my old one was beginning to seem very inaccurate. With my old scale, I'd move it the slightest bit and suddenly I'd be 5 lbs more or 5 lbs less. It was hard to tell which number was the truth. and if I moved it to a different room... suddenly I was 10 lbs less or 15 lbs more! It was incredibly frustrating. It was also just a regular digital scale with no bluetooth functions like this Renpho scale.

NOW for this scale! I love it! I ordered it Tuesday night with amazon prime 1-day free shipping and I received it Wednesday afternoon which was awesome! I tested it out by putting the scale in the bathroom, my mom's bedroom, my bedroom, etc to make sure my weight was consistent and
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By Gabrielle
4.5 | 514 customer reviews
443 of the 514 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Do you still use the toilet like a neanderthal? Do you find yourself continually wiping away at your rear end with toilet paper until you're raw, angry, and hating life? I did until recently, and my life has changed oh so much.

Bring back the joy of a number two with these wipes. I can't recommend them enough. They leave you feeling fresh, clean, and happy. They smell pleasant, and I actually look forward to the end of my toilet time as I know I get to treat myself to one of these.

If you're not using these wipes, you might as well use sand paper. I have already ordered these twice, and I'll keep doing it.
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By Joseph Papparelli
Ladies who just had babies - do yourself a favour and get these.

This was one of the best decisions I made for self-care after having my little one. After a week of using the peri-bottle I just didn't feel clean (you know what I'm talking about girls). It still wasn't "nice" to use normal toilet paper at this point, but I needed to use something. Enter these bad-boys. They were so gentle to use, and I really felt 1000% better after using them. I didn't find they had much of a smell, if any at all and it's a bonus that they're septic safe. I already recommended these to a friend that's expecting.

When you're covered in spit up from head to toe, at least you'll feel refreshed *down there*
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By JandT
these are great as sanitary wipes for wiping my face/body after working out. I also use them to help clean up my cat's butt if he has a messy BM - the added moisture helps get him cleaner as opposed to a dry wipe, and is way more convenient than continually adding a bit of water to a paper towel. They disintegrate fairly easily so I flush them one-at-a-time after ripping them in half or in quarters just to be safe. Way better price than the grocery store too.
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By Collingwood
4.4 | 1,254 customer reviews
1,080 of the 1,254 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its unbelievable how good this tastes, I have had dozens of different protein powders which have all tasted bad, but I powered through to get that protein I need. This powder is different, I chose the coffee flavour, and man is it amazing, it tastes exactly like a Tim Horton's iced capp, and it mixes almost homogeneously, not lumpy like alot of powders I have used. It may not have the high protein numbers that some other products have (24g/ serving as opposed to 28-29g of other products), but it supplements that by containing BCAAs, and its no issue to just drink more because it tastes so good.
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By Cameron
This was my first protein powder so I was super careful about choosing one that tasted good. But everyone was right -- Double Rich Chocolate is great! It's not hot chocolate powder or anything, but it's still good just with water only. You can decide how concentrated it tastes, as long as it's still going down, right?

Right after my workouts I mix one scoop with 180ml of water and chug it. Instructions say 180-230 ml of water, but I found 230 to be too watery.
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By Esther
their pic shows it contains 5.5g BCAAs per serving while my one show only 5.2g.
And there is no sign on the pack says it is an isolated one(while their pic show it is isolate).
What's more, it is almost expired.
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By howard
4.4 | 1,197 customer reviews
1,024 of the 1,197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Air Wicks VIPOO has surpassed expectation in my home. This toilet spray, in its great lemon scent, doesn't mask the smell of your number 2, it annihilated it before it happened.

Living in a small apartment with one washroom, I needed help. Being beaten to the washroom every morning, I'm forced to suffer with my husband's pewwfume. Not any more.

I love how a few sprays into the toilet before nature calls leaves a pleasant lemon scent and nothing more.

I definitely recommend this not only for your bathroom but to take it with you too so your friends and family keep loving you. No more embarrassing moments when someone is waiting to use the washroom right after you. Buy more than one because you'll want to have it with you for moments you're not at home.
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By Noodle
Oh my gosh! This has pretty much changed my life. I can rock a number 2 and my wife appreciates the lavender scent that comes out of me. Haha. This is a must for all shared bathrooms. I really didn't think it would work as good as it does! Creates a bit of a film over the bowl water and, VOILA! You too can finally poop flowers!
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By KoopaKiz
Is not as effective as the actual Poo-Pouri brand, but it's half the cost so you get what you pay for. Also the pump nozzle barely works straight from the box. You have to make sure to keep it vertical when you spray or else the pump sticks to the bottom and you have to manually pull it back to the neutral position. The real Poo-Pouri has no issues when spraying, also smells better than this Air Wick stuff. As a test unit, I think it's okay to have around, and for the price it's okay. But i'll be going back to the original Poo-Pouri brand after this is all used up. Enjoy.
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By Seth
4.5 | 442 customer reviews
396 of the 442 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these and Cascade Platinum, so I could compare to see which was best in my crappy dishwasher. I caked on egg, ketchup, honey, oatmeal, and mustard on to two plates and ran a full cycle with each after letting them dry up overnight. I wish I could say one performed better than the other, but they were pretty much Identical. Surprisingly, the only remaining grime was from the mustard on both cycles.

I decided to go with Cascade Platinum because they are cheaper per packet. Cascade gets the 5th star over Finish (4 stars) for that reason.
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By Kevin8se7en
I have a portable dishwasher, not a built-in. These tabs are actually just the slightest bit too large for my tray - I will fix this by removing the center divider so this part has nothing to do with the star rating, I just wanted to be clear for anyone else with a small detergent tray.

- The dishes get clean even with only half of the detergent being used - for that I give the product 5 stars.
- The price for this amount is fantastic, and it being on a subscription is even better - for that I give the product 5 stars.
- The packaging is flimsy, which would be fine, but I have a serious issue with closing the top. That's a concern because of the moisture that could get into the packaging and create a problem as these are (obviously) not moisture resistant - for that I dock
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By Sharanna
I have a near top end boch dishwasher and they call for Finish dishwasher tabs in the manual, so I have been using them and thought I'd try the upgrade to quantum. This really was a bit of a step backwards if you ask me. When I started using these new tabs, the first load I found there was this red and blue gunk at the front of the dishwasher that I would best describe as looking like someone had accidentally put chewing gum into the dishwasher. The plates were clean but we still had problems with some of the cutlery that actually has its own 3rd level tray not getting thoroughly cleaned. You find small bits of food that are baked onto the forks and spoons. I initially thought it was me who screwed up. But now after running the quantum for 5-6 more
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By Matt Mackinnon
4.6 | 282 customer reviews
254 of the 282 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These earplugs are comfortable to put in and block enough sound for sleeping. My family always wakes up earlier than I do and they make noise, which kept waking me up, but with earplugs like these I'm able to sleep through all that. I tried a different brand for earplugs before and they kept falling out of my ear while I'm sleeping. These ones stay in all night without falling out.
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By Ricky
I wear earplugs every night for sleep and I wanted to get a reusable pair to save some money in the long run.

I was expecting 1 pair of these to arrive, I guess I didn't read the description and was surprised to see 2 pair when I opened the case.

These do the job! I'm excited to no have to go through 100s of earplugs in the future! Would recommend!
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By Ash Robi
These earplugs arrived on time. They are reusuable and are quite comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that these were 2 packs bundled, as I thought it was only one set. So far they've worked great in the short time I've used them. Now I can sleep well over the sound of my dad's snoring!
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By SkyCreations
4.7 | 207 customer reviews
196 of the 207 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This price beats the expensive ones they sell in my hometown. I love the Harry Potter quote you see as soon as you open it. I live in Canada where it gets dark at 430pm and doesnt get light out until 930am so it's become an essential item that needs to be used every day.
Great clean look and has been very useful!
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By courtney
I moved to British Columbia from a very sunny, warm place. I never got used to how gloomy it gets here, and it lead to some serious depression. My psychiatrist recommended this (4 years after moving here) and I thought it would just a placebo effect. I am pleasantly surprised though. My energy levels are up. I think my body is no longer producing as much melatonin.
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By Balqees Jama
Aarggh I wanted it to help so badly but no. I have no doubt winter blues is a thing but if you are generally just stressed out and your life sucks like mine did at the time of purchase and it still does then no amount light bulbs will light up your life.

You have to actually change your life not the amount of light in your life. Again I said I am not doubting SAD but I suspect majority of the people just hate their lives and Winter seems to highlight that our lives are crap and we are cold.

So maybe the light helped me to realize that but sent it back. FYI its just a bright light. Stare into a light bulb like a 120v and you will get a sense of what this is. It is a bright white light. No warmth. You will not feel like you
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By kiki