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4.8 | 544 customer reviews
526 of the 544 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product was purchased by my wife in order to better organize the abundance of toys our children have. Along with the ClosetMaid 8937 Cubeicals 9-Cube Organizer, they look good and function well in our living room - we haven't had to pick up as many toys in the evening. Recommended to anyone looking for fabric baskets :)
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By Derek L
The fit is exactly what I wanted and fits beautifully on my shelves. However the white is not a solid look. You can see the backing, through the thinner fabric. They store all my craft stuff, but no one sees the junk inside. They do the job and look great beside the navy.
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By Phyllis
They all come with a sturdy bottom which keeps them from folding. To fold them up you can just lift out the bottom etc.
I use them on their sides because I like to see the items inside them but they would work like a charm as drawers in many shelving units including cube shelves or closets! Very attractive bins and this price for this colour can't be beat.
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By Amberle
4.8 | 171 customer reviews
165 of the 171 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This item is very cute! I can't wait to use it for future photo sessions. This will be a nice touch for photographs. I love the item but I thought it would be bigger. You guys should look at creating a bigger size. I would be happy to buy one for my wall!
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By LizBee
I bought three of these. Two were gifts and one was for myself. They do not disappoint. They are so beautiful and well constructed. Each one was a little different with the rustic markings on the frame. I love all the letters you get! So many vowels and lots of cute emojis! The grey is soft colour that goes with anything. I hung mine on my daughters door and will leave her a new message everyday. The gifts were a big hit as well. Very satisfied with this purchase. Would recommend it to anyone.
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By andrea
FASTTTT SHIPPINGGG!!!!... Wow! I am impressed. I ordered this beautiful letter board 2 DAYS AGO

even my friends are impressed on how fast it came😄😄
Its a beautiful letter board and is exactly as described. It also came packaged nicely with its letters and letter bag.

Love how this board has a Stand on the back so it stands up like a picture frame or it can be hung on the wall as well🤗

So happy with it.
Following you on IG at @FELTCREATIVEHOME and will recommend you to many of my friends 🌸🌹
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By Tee_scentz
4.6 | 441 customer reviews
410 of the 441 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This diffuser is beautiful, effective and peaceful. I’m able to leave it running when I’m not at home and come back to a fresh humid room. The grey tones of the wood grain are so visually pleasing and fit seamlessly into any decor. The mist is strong and diffuses scent really well. I also love how you can change the colour band to suit your mood and/or decor. The light also shines out of the spout and is a great aim of focus for meditation. I love this diffuser and am excited to get years of use out of it. I would strongly recommend.
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By Morgan L
I am such a big fan of Viva’s oil diffusers, not only do they look modern and elegant, they work so well. I mostly use peppermint oil as I suffer from Fragrance Sensitivity and most scents give me wicked migraines and cause nausea but Viva’s products disperse the scented oils so subtly.

I have two other models and this one is the shortest but it is one of the nicer ones (Dark Espresso is my favourite décor colour). This model holds 300 mL of water and has 4 mist modes (1, 3, and 6 hour intervals and 12 hour continuous) and the 7 LED Mood lights are vibrant but I personally love the gradient light setting where it cycles through all the colours. As a person with Adult ADHD, focussing on the cycle of colours really helps me focus and narrow my thoughts at bed time.

While it advertises
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By Evan
I really enjoy the look of the diffuser, it is perfect for any room! I love the variety of the coloured lights in the diffuser. However, the one small issue I have is that it is difficult to change the intensity of the mist modes. I know you have to hold the mist button, but I find that I can't really tell if it has worked or not. This would be something the company should improve on in new products. Overall, I really like the diffuser, and the capacity is a good size
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 104 customer reviews
102 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These bulbs are BRIGHT!

We've recently started converting all our old incandescent lights to LED to try and take advantage of some of the annual cost savings and while it'll take a while to recover the cost of the bulbs through the money saved the lights themselves are worth switching over to. We have a rail lighting system in our kitchen that we installed these into and let me tell you, what a big difference. There isn't a dark spot in the whole room!!

- Very bright
- Saves you some money every month
- Long lasting
- Simple plug-and-play installation.
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By Andrew
I wanted LED bulbs for our rooms and bathrooms so I purchased this set with the soft white colour. The bulbs are bright (800 lumens) and all of them work great, no issues so far. Each room and bathroom with these bulbs are nicely lit up. 12 LED bulbs around $3 bucks a piece is a excellent value and I’m really happy with the purchase. I totally recommend these for anyone looking to replace their old bulbs with LED ones.
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By Mark
Amazing lights. Perfect colour arrived on time just plain pleased. Will follow up in a month as to lasting. Ordered 3 more boxes to do whole house. Was shocked they had gone up $5.00 each in one day. Guess lots of people like them too. Orderd anyway. Great product. We hope.
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4.6 | 376 customer reviews
351 of the 376 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wanted my fridge cleared off. I noticed others weren't as careful as I was when placing magnets on the stainless steel surface. My fridge was getting scratched up! So I started thinking of other means to hold my coupons and my odds & ends and came across this.

I didn't buy this for the hooks. They're more of a bonus, I have 5 hooks at the front door, so these hooks are for overflow hanging.

Installation was a breeze! The organizer comes with 4 plugs & screws. I had no studs to work with, so I used all of the plugs. None of them broke on me going in (thank goodness). After getting the plugs in, I needed a second pair of hands. My arms had had it hah and it's kind of heavy. Which is what you want! Just be aware you might need some help (if you're a weakling
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By Valerie
The item is very nice. The holder part is not too tall where things get lost inside, and not too deep that it juts out from the wall too much. Further, the corners are rounded so it makes it even less obtrusive.

I did use this for a different purpose: I needed a small wall mounted container for chalk under my chalkboard-painted wall section. This worked perfectly!! I WISH they still had customer images so I could show the back of the item. (Funny that THEIR image cleverly covers every, single inch of the inside, huh?) The back isn't a flat metal piece. It is really just an open, metal frame (made up of a few thin, cylindrical metal bars.) You will see your wall when it is empty. The front decorative part ends where the back meets the The hooks are part of the framework. It is unusual that the
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By Samwise
I use it to put my beauty products in my bathroom and it's perfect. Most of the bottles fit in the top section and I can hang a lot of stuff like my brushes, cottons, elastics and jewelry. It's very steady on the wall.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 92 customer reviews
90 of the 92 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These arrived in good time and well packaged. Each coaster was individually wrapped in cellophane, opening like a processed cheese slice (where you pull up part of the "bag" to open and slide out the item). Then the entire order was wrapped together in a larger cellophane bag.
These are large and thick, with cute little faces. Just what I needed.
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By Laurie A
Ordered 2 of these, one for me and one as a gift. Mine was ordered without prime so it took a good 3 or 4 weeks to get here, but the second one I got with Amazon Prime and got it in 2 days.
The coasters are really cute. They're rubbery material prevents them from slipping on the table and makes them easy to wash.
I love the fact that they're all different.
I would definitely recommend this product.
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By Christopher Gabrielli
This super cute set of six silicone cat face coasters are adorable and unique. They are a little on the thin side so I gave it 4 stars for that, but for the price it's a good deal. These would make a great surprise gift for any cat lover. I plan to use these on my glass patio table in the summer as the silicone won't slide on the glass table and will keep a glass cushioned and in place. Did I mention that these are absolutely adorable!
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By New Wave Girl
4.5 | 743 customer reviews
664 of the 743 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wish I had bought this YEARS ago! My husband suffers from asthma and allergies and his snoring had reached the point where murder or divorce were beginning to feel like reasonable options worth serious consideration. In a sleep-deprived fit of total 'last straw' wifely desperation, I bought this purifier through Amazon. It arrived quickly, was a piece o' cake to get running AND MY HUSBAND HASN'T SNORED FOR 2 BLISSFULLY QUIET NIGHTS SO FAR! The air smells and feels less dusty/pollen-y/city-pollution-y too boot. The little guy is quiet and level 2 provides a nice white noise that I actually love. If this quiet sleeping continues, I may nominate Levoit for some sort of Peace Prize... Thank you for saving my sleep and sanity!

Check in one week later- still minimal to no snoring! Another unexpected bonus is that when we wake up after a long sleep, the air doesn't smell
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By Trish Everett-Kabut
Unbelievable, just after one night I can breathe easier. I live next door to a smoker and the smoke goes through the walls of my bedroom. I have been living in misery for a long time; red eyes and breathing allergy problems. I have now ordered 2 more air purifiers one for my living room and one for my mom's place. If you are suffering this is the air filter purifier to purchase.
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By C. Hadikin
This works great - but if you cannot sleep with any amount of light (like myself) this isn’t the filter for you. Even with the nightlight feature turned off, it gives off a disturbing amount of light in my bedroom. I put stickers on the buttons but the light glows through the vent anyway. I got it to filter the heavy smoke from nearby wildfires, and it did help a lot for that. Now that the smoke from BC wildfires is relatively gone, I’ll be banishing this from my bedroom ASAP!
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By Jamie K.
4.5 | 318 customer reviews
283 of the 318 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've just recently purchased and received this item. Arrived quickly on delivery and packaged well.

Set up:

Setup is extremely simple. Just screw in bulb to desired light fixture. Plug in the included hub to a power supply and to an Ethernet connection. Download and Open the app. Sign up (or sign in if you already have a Hue account). Click setup/connect and press the big button on the hub and wait for updates to download if any. Then, setup your Hue device names, group them into rooms - as they are in your own home, and any actions you'd like to occur automatically such as turn off all lights as soon as you leave your home with your connected smartphone. You can even connect other connected smart home products from other companies/brands to interact with one another and perform other automatic actions.


As for the product itself, I was really surprised at
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By Mathew Liam E. Sousa
Arrived early and work as advertised. We now have technology that would have got us burned for witchcraft in the U.S. only a few hundred years ago.
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By Myron Hornschwage
The best technology, at least in the electronics area, is technology that simply works correctly and well out of the box and that’s with these do. The setup was super simple, I’ve never used a hue product before and I had them setup and on a program in 20 min.

The main downside is that even though it states the range is 40-80 ft, if there are walls involved, it could easily be less than 20 ft which I have discovered is very true and I live in a 500 sq/ft 1br Condo but I will still need to buy another hub to put lights in the bedroom which is kind of a pain and really shouldn’t be the case. The lesser but still annoying downside is if you want them to be controlled with Siri then you have to use HomeKit which is buggy. Sometimes it likes the hue bulbs
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By BigD
4.7 | 91 customer reviews
87 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very pleased and would highly recommend. The colour is gorgeous and the quality seems pretty great. Size is accurate as well. The last set I bought from another seller was not accurate at all with the size (was actually 17x17 and not 18x18 as they advertised). Made for a very tight fit. These, however, are perfect. Would not hesitate to purchase again.
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By Diana McNellis
- that was my bad though - read the descriptions of items carefully ahah. Bought some inserts to go with them. They are super soft and the colour is true to the photos.
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By S.
I love the feel of these cushion covers—they are soft, velvety, and appear to be durable. However, I unfortunately had to return the items because they were a couple of inches too large for my current cushions. Furthermore, they are not a matte colour as I expected; they are a little shiny, which I didn’t like. For me, this renders the product itself 4/5 stars, as while they appear to be durable and they do indeed feel nice, they aren't what I expected based on the photos.

However, I have to praise the customer service team: they saw my review and immediately reached out to me offering me to try another of their cushion covers that might better suit the size of my cushions. I was pleasantly surprised to read such a friendly, customer-oriented email and have to commend them for this. I would purchase from this retailer in the future
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By Pooklet
4.5 | 296 customer reviews
261 of the 296 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did some research on YouTube about infrared heaters and overwhelmingly the results kept coming back to Dr Infrared Heater as being the overall winner by far. I love the way the Dr Infrared Heater delivers the heat quickly and efficiently and the fact it is so very quiet. The built in safety features also sold me by the way. Without any hesitation, I give the Dr Infrared Heater 5 stars out of 5 for overall value for your money. I honestly mean it when I say I'm very pleased with this purchase.
(Note) After I removed the two stickers located on top of the unit, I quickly removed the heavy left over residue effectively with Goo-gone, without any damage to the finish whatsoever. I hope this helps in making your decision folks. This one is a winner.
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By Tiberiusduck
These heater are well reviewed and for good reason. Build quality is great, the front controls aren't the cheap kind like you find on Chinese made units, and it looks great. The 3 year warranty tells you something about the unit. My only quibble is that when you set a temperature and the unit heats the room to that temperature then turns off, it then begins a cycle where it turns on every 10 minutes for 30 seconds to test the air temperature (and to 'clear the chamber', I think) in order to determine when it should fire up again to maintain the desired temperature. For this reason I couldn't use it in our bedroom because I don't generally fall asleep within 10 minutes. I called the manufacturer and I can't get around this with a timer at the wall socket because when the unit powers on, it defaults to
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By Nik
After a few months of using this heater it started showing issues. In auto mode my unit turns off by itself after a few minutes and doesnt turn back on unless i manually turn it on. Since the amazon warranty expired I contacted the manufacturer since I was still within the manufacturer warranty period. After the first conversation I send them proof of purchase and they were supposed to send me a shipping slip for the return. However that never happened. I called them a second time and another rep answered and assumed I wasnt using the product right (im an engineer and I explained everything to him)and asked me to call at a later time. Afterwards my calls were unanswered. I stopped trying.
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By Aravind
4.7 | 82 customer reviews
78 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered six of these chair pads in Grey. The first two-pack arrived quickly and were a beautiful blue/grey and fit well on my wooden chairs. Then a week later, the final four-pack arrived. These are quite different from the first two in both colour and texture. If I had received either one type or the other, I would have been pleased with the chair pads but I was not pleased with what looked like two different products. That said, Amazon is sending me another set of six (?) so I will be able to put together a matching set of six of one of the colours of grey. The customer service was 100%
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By trinitytown
I have chairs that are very stylish but become unconfortable after a while, but since I have added these it's a whole other world. Great product!
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By Lex
Arrived ahead of schedule and although it's just a touch smaller than I expected, I'm very happy with the product. It looks good and doesn't appear to slip from the upholstered chair seat. It seems to be well made and feels quite comfortable and the colour is perfect. I would order two more cushions but unfortunately, it's only sold in 4's.
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By Barb in Niagara
4.8 | 60 customer reviews
59 of the 60 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fabulous smart bulbs so far.
No Hub required. Very easy to setup.
It can have two shades, Soft white to daylight. Very impressive!
*In the Video- only one bulb is smart, which is controlled by my smart phone. You may choose to control it from any smart phone device, ie google home, echo dot, etc.
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By Vivek Jariya
I needed new bulbs for my room, so I got a pair of these bulbs. initially, I had my doubts regarding any sort of wifi lamps, I thought they are just bunch of fancy things ppl buy to show off, but it is surprisingly fun and useful!
What I love the most about them is that I can just turn off and on the lights from my bed lol or dim it if I wanna watch a movie (using my phone). It is an amazing option for a lazy person such as myself hahaha
setting them up was pretty straight forward, the light is a decent and u get to choose the warmth of the light as u wish in the app ( i chose white)
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By someone
I just got these bulbs and could not stop myself . And I downloaded app and started connecting with app . Its easy to connect with device and works very well with phone .. it dims the light and on and off the bulb . After connecting we can share the device with our family members who register the AHome APP . Then all of us can control it by app.
It's really nice.. we don't have to stand and switch on and off light . Just do it your phone .. I just love it . I love my laziness..

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By G Bedi
4.4 | 661 customer reviews
563 of the 661 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Honestly, I don't need my lights to change colors. I do however like the ability to use Google home to control my lighting. This is a much cheaper alternative to the expensive color changing hue bulbs. Also, the ablity to set schedules is great. I have my outdoor lights turn on when it's getting dark out automatically and some of my interior lights turn on and off (with a programmable variation of about 15-30mins) to make it seem as if I'm home.
The lights are nice and bright, dimmable and the hue is a nice warm tone without being to yellow.
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By Chris dwyer
I bought the Echo Plus device and this bulb came with it.

It's nice and bright, and using the built-in Smart Home Hub in the Echo device you can change the percentage of the light, if you want you can change the brightness from 0% to 100%. I found myself turning it to 30%~50% when I need light to read a book or if you're waking up and don't want the light to hurt your eyes.

I purchased multiple lights to put around my house to use remotely, the one perfect use is for lamp lights for your room, and if you have Echo Plus you can use your voice to turn on and off the lights.

Overall great product, and usefully for many situations. Definitely going to get a couple of RBG Bulbs to fulfill my RGB needs.
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By Erikson1997
This makes my third set of Hue bulbs. I absolutely love the smart features and such control over the dimming. My first and second gen bulbs are great, but these can noticeably dim to the single digit percentage.

The brightness is on par at roughly 800+ lumens, about 200 lumens more than gen 1. I currently run ten of these bulbs, three of which just in my living. With the fixture, floor lamp and reading lamp blasting at 100%, it rivals sunlight in my living room. The rest are scatters throughout my home and do an equally impressive job.
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By Joe T
product price
4.9 | 45 customer reviews
45 of the 45 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been trying to replace a kings I've comforter for several years. Everything on the market was so small, that when we are under the covers, one of us gets shorted. Finally, this is large enough and I can discard the old raggedy quilt. It's also nearly impossible to find cotton. The colours are very nice. One side is denim blue, the other multi coloured. We're very happy with it
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By K. McLean
Great quilt at an amazing price. Oversized and generous. The colours are true to the photos, but I'm all about the blue/grey mix which is the reverse.
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By Thérèse Palardy
Just love the warm colours, pulls the bedroom together. My only wish was that it were a little wider. Our King sized bed does not have a deep mattress and is sitting on a box spring. The bedding underneath the coverlet is not thick like a duvet, yet the coverlet only just covers all that with the sides just reaching the frame of the bed. It is advertised as oversized at 96.5' x 106". It could be another 6" wider in my opinion. I'm still very happy with it however.
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By Phil H
4.6 | 90 customer reviews
86 of the 90 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing amazing amazing!!
Honestly I want expecting the quality and how easy it was to turn your chairs around. I had guest coming over and I ordered them the night before, got my package at 9am can you believe it!! This is one of the reasons I LOVE amazon!! Well I put them on and they fit like a glove. My chairs are quite thick so I feel that’s why the cover pops up a bit and doesn’t lay flat in the middle. But over all I’m shocked and impressed. I recommend to anyone who wants to give a new look to their dining chairs. My kids killed the original fabric of my chairs by staining them with almost anything you can drink and with slime. So this worked great!
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By Queen
These chair covers are even better than I was anticipating! We needed a refresh of our dining room, as the dark table and parsons chairs we have looked more like a board room than a dining room. These chair covers came less than 24 hours after ordering. They go on in seconds and look amazing! The fabric is better than I was expecting and feels really nice. I am contemplating buying more, as they are so inexpensive and I can change the look as needed! Great buy! I've included before and after pictures.
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By Amazon Customer
The product was delivered quickly. The pattern is beautiful, and they do add a nice updated look to the chairs, and for the cost, multiple sets could be bought to change things up more often. I thought the fabric would be too thin and tear with everyday use, but they have survived 2 months so far with everything kids and cats could throw at them. I haven't washed them yet, so I'll post an update once they have been through the wringer once or twice.
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By Shain and Sta
4.5 | 142 customer reviews
126 of the 142 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Way more expensive than the "My Pillow" alternative. Having compared the two, there's a reason: this blows "My Pillow" out of the water. I used to wake up at 3:30 a.m. like clockwork - that has stopped. Don't hesitate - you won't regret. I bought an extra that's sitting in my storage, just in case they ever go out of business...
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By Tyler
I have ended my 60 year search for THE PERFECT PILLOW. 20 minutes after it was delivered same day shipping (thank you Amazon!) it was dryer fluffed, and under my head for a nap I did not even mean to have. It is that comfy..

There are no words that sum up the cushy, giving, and totally melt-into-able feeling of this pillow! I prefer soft but lofty pillows, and this one seems to fit that bill nicely. Contrary to some reviews, there is very little smell to it right out the package. The cover can be washed right away regardless.

I so look forward to testing this out for my big sleep tonight, and will give it a week for my body to get used to it before updating this review. Meantime, I've added another to my cart, in anticipation of my next pay day! The price one pays nowadays for comfort
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By Carole Ann
Product is really good, exactly what I was hoping for since I have neck issue while sleeping. Only downside is the pillow getting thinner after 1-2 months of use, might need to buy a refill because I can clearly feel my head being too low. Kinda sucks because it makes the pillow more pricy if you absolutely needs a refill after some time.

Update 1 : 3 months in, neck is sore like crazy and starting to get headache every morning again. You really need to get the refill with this pillow so the price isn't 110$ for the regular size, but around 140$.

Update 2 : I bought a refill and again, it helped for 2 months. A lot of people are saying the refill are Free, which would totaly deserve a 4-5 stars, if that was the case. Either some are lucky or I'm super unlucky. I wrote the company
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 82 customer reviews
78 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
-Good quality
-Easy assembly
- Very bright
- Touch control
Great quality

I find my last desk light kind of small and the light wasn’t that strong and bright so I decided to look for a new desk light that is a little bigger and brighter.
I was really looking forward to receiving the product and when it came I couldn’t hesitate but to open it and try it right away.
When I open the box the light came in two part that’s you had to assemble.
Assembly was very easy, just have to unscrew the bottom cap of the light and stick into the base and screw the cap back on.
The light had many brightness modes tho which I really like.
It could go so bright.
Overall I really like it!
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By Jack L.
I was really reluctant to order these lights at first.. I felt that they were priced a little too low to be of any sort of quality. Boy, was I wrong.

I need good lighting to paint my Warhammer models. It's really important to have a good comfortable setup. I had another, slightly smaller Led light but I found I was always moving it around and it didn't get enough reach. I need the space to keep my elbows on the table and my hands steady.

Purchasing 2 of these lights was the smartest thing I've done for my hobby space. They're much bigger lamps then I thought they were, and arching 2 of them over my work area gives me ample space to work in.

I couldn't believe the quality of the bases either.. They're quite heavy! So I don't have to worry about the lights tipping over. You also get 360
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By Luke
It was bright idea to buy this light through amazon from wide variety of light. It’s came in a nice box and assembling is very easy. Great thing is u can adjust the light angle as per your need and also u can adjust brightness of light by 5 different dimming mode.
Turn on/off is very easy just put ur finger on touch switch and it’s done.
I m using for my small office in my room so I can work until late night without disturbing anyone.
Look of the Desk lamp is also attractive which increase beauty of the Office.
LED bulbs has more life so never worry about change bulbs.
If you are looking for LED light for ur home or office desk I will recommend this one for sure.
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By Gravity
4.4 | 246 customer reviews
214 of the 246 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought 3 packs of these for a total of 6 and they look SO GOOD with my airplant in them! I love them so much!!
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By Shel
At 80$for two it’s pricey but I’d buy again. They’re SO beautiful! Thanks for the tip from another reviewer about hanging with tacks rather than the hardware... it does work since the item is so lightweight and leaves less trace on the wall and since I’m renting that’s ideal. I would only recommend if using artificial plants not if you’re putting soil and real plants inside as that could be too heavy. I hung them in my bathroom (see pics). And they’re exactly what expected/ true to description. Thank you!
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By Consumer #72
I loved the concept of these wall hangers, but was pretty disappointed to see them in person. The ceramic is smooth & nice, but overall not really worth the price though. The metal part (I got the nickel color) looks pretty cheap. Definitely looks better in the photos than in real life. But the worst part is something I didn't notice in the ad photos: the metal frame has their brand name (umbra) emblazoned on it in black! For a minimalist-aesthethic product to advertise their brand permanently on the front of the frame.. pretty off-putting and super tacky. I would not have purchased these had I known. Who wants blatant company advertising on their home decor? Gross.
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By Sea
4.5 | 113 customer reviews
99 of the 113 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my second purchase from this seller as I liked the effect so much on my windows. We have 2 bedrooms on the main floor of our house so I did the windows there and also 2 windows upstairs in our finished attic as they look directly into windows of the houses on either side of us. This is the perfect, removable solution! It didn't cut as well as I'd have liked but that was probably user error, I admit. However, it's been over a week and it is sticking just fine and looks good from the outside while keeping the rooms bright!
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By Laura Winsor
This is a great way to keep our dogs from seeing (and barking) at everyone going past our front door. Pretty, delicate design that has that frosted look. You get a large roll for the price. Good value, easy to install and works great.
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By Stephanie Langford
These actually look pretty darn good. And I didn’t even do a great job cutting (don’t look too close lol) but I imagine with a little more attention to detail they would have looked even better. The ‘blinds’ pattern lets in the perfect amount of light with the bonus of privacy. I’ll be purchasing more in the future.
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By KN87
4.5 | 104 customer reviews
94 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are great pieces that add a little extra to our living room
They are exactly what I was looking for
There isn't a place to hang from the back, not did I use the little holes they have as I didn't want the string to show.
So I used a hot glue gun to attach twine at the back, and hung up that way
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By Cindy
It's metal, and hollow on the inside. It's has a hanging hook on the inside.
Looks great, color is accurate. I would buy again.
Only complaint was it wasn't packed well, and the center of the star rubbed in the box, and you can see the solider metal.
But it's tiny and I'm sure most people wouldn't notice.
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By Justanother
Nicely surprised with this product. They were smaller then I expected and I ended up putting them in a different place then I originally bought them for but they look cute in my hallway. Nice rustic touch.
They are easy to hang up and not heavy at all.
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By Amazon Customer