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4.6 | 213 customer reviews
194 of the 213 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These earrings are so comfortable nd I love wearing them for everyday. They are light and easy to wear. Great for casual or dressy looks. I have the ones from Swarovski at such a higher price and these are great value. No discoloration so far and they don’t leave my ears black. The are really great and I have them in various styles. Highly recommend.
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By Maria Mancuso
I've only worn these once, but they are very light weight, a perfect size, and I'd received many compliments and people asking if they were a popular brand and where I got them. I didn't have any green, these were comfortable, seem to be of good quality. I would definitely recommend!
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By Dana T.
These’s blue earings are absolutely beautiful & fit perfect in my ears! Thanks very much! 😊
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By Manda
4.7 | 71 customer reviews
67 of the 71 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of this ring! It is absolutely fantastic. First, the ring itself feels quite solid and has a really nice weight to it, it does not feel cheap at all. Second, the laser-inscribed pattern on both in the inside and outside of the ring seems really well done and looks great. I do wonder if the inscription will fade over time, especially the inscription on the inside since it will be rubbing against my finger a lot, but either way it's not too concerning. I really like the subtle grey inscription against the black ring, it looks amazing. I considered buying the gold version but I'm really glad I chose this dark one instead. I may still buy the gold version just to have as a collector's item because of how awesome the quality is! It comes in a really nice little wooden
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By Jamie
Absolutely perfect fit. I measured my finger at a jeweler and none behold the fit was perfect. I have a nice wedding band and kept breaking diamonds. So I thought I am going to look for another ring in place of that due to my construction job. Well got my ring and it is perfect. I actually now wear this more often then my own wedding band. Now it looks so authentic and feels so good when I watch the movie with my 8 year old son I am going to let him think I went to mordor to get it lol. Very good. Fits perfect. Still shining on my finger. If your into lord of the rings this is a very good authentic ring.
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By Jason cormack
I work in the jewelry business and I can honestly say this is very well made. Its a little weighty (typical of tungsten) but it almost feels right! It should be heavy! Its the one ring to rule them all!
Great product, I'd definitely buy again.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 48 customer reviews
47 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bracelet is beautiful, every detail has been taken care of and it does make for a very lovely accesory. As a gift is perfect, apealing and well made. The quality of the product will makes you think is very expensive. It is very lightwight and cmfortable to wear, easy to lock and it will stay in your wirst, you don't have to worry about losing it. I loved it and I think it is a great for a gift or your own.
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By Jorge Daniel Aguiar
Absolutely floored by the STUNNING Beauty of the GEORGE SMITH Cinderella Designed bangle. It comes beautifully packed in a lovely teal Jewlery box that looks like Tiffany. It's extremely well made and has a very nice weight to it, not too heavy but not too light. The sparkle this beautiful piece gives off is truly remarkable unfortunately I couldn't capture it's true beauty in a picture. This is an ideal gift giving option to WOW that special someone or treat yourself. It's definitely a unique piece which make it just that much more special. I highly recommend the GEORGE SMITH Cinderella Design bangle LOVE IT!!!
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By Kacey Postill
The bracelet comes in a beautiful little box that makes it look very nice and giftable without needing to buy any extra packaging. I bought this bracelet as a gift for my sister but tried it on myself just to be sure and it is very easy to take on and off and comfortable to wear. It is a beautiful design with very sparkly crystals as I've tried to capture in my photos. I can say with no hesitation that I'm sure my sister will love her gift as I thoroughly enjoy it myself.
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By Chanel
4.8 | 43 customer reviews
41 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My six year old saw this while I was browsing and wanted it.

What you may like
1. Good quality set, the chain appears strong and the hooks work great that even my six year old has no problem put them on.
2. The ear rings are the perfect size for my daughter or if you want something small for your ears

Not much not to like. Can't go wrong for CAD17 (at the time of the review)
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By Dr. VJ V
So pretty! The photos do not do it justice! I bought this for my niece and they fit perfectly! I love the two tone/texture to the butterflies, it gives them so much more depth and is such an intricate detail. The packing was great, made it easy to give as a gift! It even came with a polishing cloth, which was a nice touch. The set was surprisingly high quality for the price point, and so shiny! My niece absolutely loved them and they are truly adorable. I would recommend!!
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By Brittany
18k Rose Gold Earring Stainless Steel Butterfly Sutd Earring Jewelry Gifts for Women (4)

Nice product well packed. Each earring set are in a plastic bag so everything is in good shape when you open the bag. The earring comes in a nice blue bag perfect for a gift. The earring is really beautiful and don't look cheap at all. They are really shiny and looks good.
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By review master
4.5 | 219 customer reviews
193 of the 219 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Extraordinarily beautiful necklace. Dont regret my purchase whatsoever. Definitely going to be buying more b. Catcher in the future. The necklace is gorgeously crafted with silver. The intricate design is very complicated and exquisite. A large zirconia gem is in the middle shaped beautifully to add the perfect final touch! I also received this at a price of $20 during discount time, but I'd definitely be willing to pay much more!

Most likely favourite purchase on Amazon, looking forward to more products!
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Beautiful necklace at a very reasonable price which add some sparkling in my life . Love it and recommend it to lady or girls who are also seeking some sparkling in their life for a reasonable cost.
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By Monica
One of the claws on the Zirconia stone was missing or broken off when I received it even though it was well wrapped in the packaging.
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By Crystal Rose Morin
4.5 | 204 customer reviews
178 of the 204 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's beautiful in person and that's why I'm writing this review. The ring fit true to size and hasn't tarnished at all even though I never take it off. I've showered, cleaned my house, washed dishes, done laundry, changed diapers, and have been generally rough with these rings and they've stayed lovely despite all that. The cubic zirconia stones are easy to clean and they haven't fallen out, been scratched up, or gotten cloudy. This is an awesome wedding ring set, and I'm happy to wear it.
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This ring is Beautiful!! It got hear supper fast!! I ordered my first one to big I already took the tags of and I still got my full refund when I shipped it back. I added a few photos as you can see it dose stand off pretty high. and the round stone clasps do get caught on same towels, my hair and things like that but it's kinda to be expected. But as I said it's beautiful and I took these photos after a few weeks of wearing the rings and I work with my hands alot so it's great quality and doesn't tarnish easily
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By susie
It was good that it was available on prime, so I received it fast. The pair of rings have different widths - obvious when you're wearing them (see photos). When looking at it on, you can see the engagement ring is wider than the wedding band. The main stone is also set crooked. It doesn't come in a black cushion box like the photo. I just used to to hold it up while I took the photo. I really wanted to love it but I couldn't get over those two defects.

Will be returning it.
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By D
4.9 | 30 customer reviews
29 of the 30 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
WOWW, I’m impressed. The look, size and quality are all great. This is way better than spending $500-$1000 on a Celine one. Thank you!
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By jbee
Absolutely beautiful. True to size. The gold plating is amazing . Well done, excellent quality. I just love it. The snake chain well done and strong but delicate looking. Will definitively be ordering more.
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By Handbag Magnet
I just got this and I love it! The chain is sturdy while still looking nice and delicate and the charm has some weight to it so you know it's solid metal and that it'll hang straight. My only complaint is that I wish the chain was a bit shorter or there was an option for a shorter chain
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By Abigail
4.5 | 115 customer reviews
105 of the 115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I thought I might only be wearing these earrings for more dressy occasions but they can be dressed up or down. I wear them a lot! Shopping, hairdressers, to a bar b que... plus an up coming bridal shower. I love this colour.. I wear a lot of clothes this colour so no wonder I wear them a lot.
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By Night owl
I know this sounds like a paid-for ad, and I swear it isn't, but I have had only the best experiences with this seller and their jewellery since day-1. These earrings are just lovely. They are comfortable to wear, look expensive and come so carefully packaged and shipped fats. Love them.
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By Five kids
Cheap and tacky also backing is not very well made one earring was good the other did not line up properly and ended up hurting my ear
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 63 customer reviews
60 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One heavy ass chain, fits great and layers well with my other flashier jewelry. I recommend getting the 22" if you're trying to layer with a thick 18" so that it can nicely wrap around the entire circumference of the smaller/inner chain. Great part is you can always clip into the actual links and not just the smaller ring at the end, ofcourse there'll be come links hanging but that's a look itself. RIP XXX
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By Humza Nawaz
Excellent purchase. The chain is a good weight and an excellent addition to my Medic Alert Tag. I like it so much, I just ordered another!
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By Slab Ryder
I ordered the 18inch 6mm chain and shortened it to fit like a choker, I love the weight of the chain and have already gotten a few compliments! However the gold isn’t as shiny as my other real gold chains and has a more yellow tone (probably only noticable to me) other than that it’s a great durable chain and took me ages to try and shorten it with pliers! 😂
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By Megan hh
4.4 | 192 customer reviews
163 of the 192 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wasn’t sure what to expect with the chain only costing $11 but it arrived and looks and feels like a real sterling silver chain with it imprinted 925 silver so I’m quite happy with it :) it’s been 4 days and she hasn’t broken it yet so it must be fairly strong too.
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By Naomi
I'm a guy I wear Medium and have large shoulders, 181cm tall and I bought the 20 inch so it sits properly on the collarbones. It's just the right size, almost too long I wouldn't go longer than this - so if you're shorter, wearing Small I would probably try a size smaller. Try with a string before if you aren't sure.
It looks good and masculine on me I love it.
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By Amazon Customer
Very nice chain, came quickly.
One note to potential buyers: the length is the TOTAL length from the chain if you were to lay it out flat in a single layer. This may be obvious to others but it was not to me so I ordered thinking the length would be twice that of what I received. I wanted a long necklace chain as a replacement for one that had broken and thought 16" meant the hanging length (as in the length when it is worn or folded in half) this was not the case and I received a short chain that hangs 8" long (=16" TOTAL length of chain from clasp to clasp). I understand that this was my error in ordering but thought this may help future buyers avoid the same mistake.

TLDR: To order correct size, know that the measurement listed in inches is the TOTAL length from clasp
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 191 customer reviews
158 of the 191 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My husband loves it. I gave it to him for Valentine's Day. He hasn't taken it off since. No tarnish or anything. Good product and good company!! Definitely recommend their products.
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By Kerry
Well worth the buy .
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By Amazon Customer
Though it does feel cheap ( which it is) , it is still a pretty cool looking chain.
The clasp would be the first thing to go I would imagine as it feels cheap.
The chain is painted , not made of a solid black metal such as carbide.
For this item I would say you get what you pay for.
Cheap price-Cheap chain.
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By Dr.Killjoy
4.5 | 55 customer reviews
49 of the 55 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The necklace was beautiful.
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By Kyle H.
Very pretty. Not sure long term how it will hold up, but very nice. The necklace is a bit thin, we used another stronger necklace. The girl my son gave it to loves it and can’t stop fiddling with it.
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By Najah Matthews
Bought this for my wife, she really loved it.
Not long just the perfect size to fit under another chain she wears. Good quality, and really beautiful.
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By StevieG
4.5 | 52 customer reviews
45 of the 52 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not too long not too short a nice smaller ball on the end where it goes through your nose hole some of them can be painful to push through or pull out these ones are pretty darn good good variety of colors as well
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By nick
pretty decent some of the black backing material sticks to some of the studs but it does come off. I had a couple of the gems fall out before I even had a chance to wear the stud however there are plenty of them!
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By Shelby Montgomery
These came as described and seem to be pretty good quality. The post is too large for me though, I was hoping they were the bendable post type. When I wear these the stud sticks out from my nose and falls out so wouldn't recommend for those with small noses.
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By Marie A
4.3 | 292 customer reviews
249 of the 292 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this as a septum ring and holy moly wow I love it. I chose a 16G/7mm. First of all, the rose gold colour is SPOT ON; I've had it for about 2 months/haven't taken it out and I see no change in colour (I also purchased a yellow gold one, same thing, colour is great). Second, the hinge and clicker system is awesome, so easy to open and close, and considering it's right in my nose and normally it would be slightly difficult to open and close a small piece of jewelry whilst in your nostrils, I find this ring extremely easy to open and close.
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By Sydney T.
i really like that this is a hinged ring. It makes putting it in so much easier. No bending required. 8MM is a snug fit for my nose. There is no extra space around the ring but it is not tight. My half ring is 20g as well but fit a little easier through the hole. This one i had to push a little harder. It feels more like 18 gauge then 20 but the difference is negligible.
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By Kelly Dockrill
I bought two of these as nose rings. The first one seemed small and when I put it in my nose I was in extreme pain within minutes. I thought it was a size issue, and so I bought the second, larger ring. This one fit better, but again after minutes of putting it in my nose I had terrible pain, and swelling. I cleaned both rings with alcohol before using. I cleaned the second one again and put it in an ear lobe, just to see if there were any other possibilities as to why it hurt. My ear got horribly inflamed, and sore. I've had my ears and nose pierced for over 15 years. Do not buy this product if you have any sensitivity to metals. I really wanted these rings to work for me :/
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4.5 | 46 customer reviews
41 of the 46 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got these yesterday. It's hard to find leverback earnings that are sterling silver at a reasonable price. I don't like stud earrings b/c I don't like being stabbed in the head by the posts when I'm sleeping or on the phone. Plus I am not one to change my earrings I like to put them in and forget about them, I rarely off my earrings. I put these in last night after work and then slept with them and they are still in my ears. I am not a sound or solid sleeper and that is the true test of any earrings I wear. I bought these b/c a pair I had been wearing for the past few months came off in my sleep and I have only been able to find one of the pair. I will buy again if these one bite it can't beat $20.
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By Marlene S.
Great quality. Looks like real silver, i'll see if it is only in time. But looks nice and rich! Great choice!
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By Helena
Absolutely stunning. Look totally real and I wore to a black tie affair and got tons of compliments. Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great pair of earrings.
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By Andrea dennis
4.3 | 196 customer reviews
165 of the 196 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Real deal! It took me a while to order this because I was sceptical about it. However, I can thankfully say it's exactly what it looks like in the pictures! Only thing it that the hinge is really thin... but other then that it's perfect!
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By Ricardo
Nice weight, looks really good. This definitely does not look or feel like a cheap gold chain. I wear it daily, and like it very much. A number of people have commented on how good it looks, and are extremely surprised when I tell them how little I paid.
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By Blair
It was good for the first 3 months had it, after that the gold color starts to wear off and the steel gets exposed.

Irratates the skin and basically doesn't even look gold anymore either.

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By Anson
4.5 | 41 customer reviews
36 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely stunning. Highly recommend purchasing from this seller. Packaged well and the earrings are very well made.
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By Maria Mancuso
These are beautiful earrings. They actually are nicer than they appear in the picture. I'm quite happy with the quality. They are comfortable to wear.
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By Lori T
It is beautiful earrings, but little bigger then expected and it won’t stay closed on back of ears it doesn’t click and came with no backs
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By SqueakBox
4.4 | 63 customer reviews
55 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I receive so many compliments on this necklace. It's unique, so dainty and feminine.
Great value.
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By Julia Sadler
Very pretty indeed. I bought one for both of my daughters and treated myself. We all really like this necklace
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By Amazon Customer
It's absolutely stunning. But the chain is only 14" not 18" as described. I was a little disappointed I will need to get another chain to wear it.
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By Lisa Belrose
4.7 | 23 customer reviews
23 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The ring is beautiful as shown--I did however get the wrong size and it may be my own fault. I received authorization to send it back right away and I was offered a credit. Because of the abrupt answer and service I ordered another ring right away and sent the first ring back. The ring is worth every cent I paid because of the quality. This design is very unique.
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By David Herselman
More beautiful in person, the quality and beauty in this ring is nothing short of amazing. Such an affordable price too. I feel so lucky to have got such an amazing ring to give to an amazing man in my life. I hope he loves it too.
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By Jennifer
Awesome company to order from! I ordered this ring for my boyfriend for our anniversary, and I had no idea what his ring size one. When we got it it didn’t fit him, and it was so so soooo easy to return it and at a new one. I emailed atomic jewellery directly on how to exchange it and they responded right away. Had the new one within a week. Super great service, beautiful ring. Loved it!
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By Dominique
4.3 | 107 customer reviews
85 of the 107 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my go-to ring, The side edge is key, super comfortable, forget it's on. Mine has a few scuff marks and scratches on it from regular use, doesn't bother me but I was surprised it scuffed as easily as it did, With the price, you can't go wrong. Sizing was perfect, matched the ring chart right on.
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By derrick
The ring itself was a great the look the thickness is all wonderful only reason I gave it a 4 was because the sizing is off, I bought a size 10 for my ring finger on the right hand and it was way too big, ended up fitting my thumb instead.
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By Joseph Kim
The ring size I bought was a bit too big so when buying this do not try and buy a size up, instead stick to what the actual measurement of your finger is and it will be a nice fit once you get it past the knuckle.

The look of the ring was good but a lot darker than in the photos provided as those shoots use lights on the ring which gives it the look when in reality it will look like a plain black ring when wearing it in real life.

Overall pretty good but if shipping is not a problem for you there are better options out there.
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By Alex Antic