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4.8 | 292 customer reviews
283 of the 292 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
PROS: Comfortable. solid and comfortable tissue. Third pocket outside. Very Good zipper. Double RFID: The belt and RFID pockets. One pocket is specific to passport. Choose that specific pocket for the clip: we cannot remove it without pressing on both sides of the clip (I have another pocket that the clip as a center button and it open too much easily.

CONS: The RFID Passport is a little bit tight for 10 years canadian passport. I dislike the zipper Pulls: they are more visible under the shirt.
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By Pascal Boudrias
I used this during my trip to Spain and it gave me such peace of mind. Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of the world and I was happy to have enjoyed the city without an incident.

In my money belt I normally carried a bit of change, the hotel key, a *copy* of two pages of my passport, my credit card and sometimes my bank card. Cash was kept in my jeans pocket, so that if I got mugged the thieves would at least take something from me without suspecting the rest was hidden. I did keep extra cash in the money belt just in case.

The proper way to carry the pouch is *inside* your pants (outside your underwear but behind the belt, LOL). It’s so slim that nobody will notice you have it on you. Just don’t assume it will carry bigger items like your phone.
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By Deals Dan
This is a great buy. It is well made money belt and I like that the order included RFID sleeves. What I appreciated most was the follow up from the seller with the advisements on proper use of the product (even though that info is also included on the listing). I liked that there were cool colors available, but if you're intending this to be hidden, it really makes no sense to buy the patterned ones unless you're always wearing thick and dark or patterned clothes. The beige color makes the most sense and is least likely to be seen under light or thin clothing, as the color blends into most medium or lighter skin tones.
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By Linda Yee
4.7 | 616 customer reviews
587 of the 616 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife and I each purchased a set of these in different colours so we could quickly identify which bags belonged to who. I’ve used her Fushcia bags for the images below as they offer higher contrast.

Quality wise they are on par with what I was expecting. If you throw them around and yank on the zippers and overfill them, I suspect they will tear at the seams over time. If you treat them with care I don’t see why they shouldn’t last many many years. The zippers glide really smooth and they store super easy, they nest inside each other which you can then leave inside your luggage.

The set includes 4 bags: Small, Medium, Large, XL and a canvas bag that can be used for shoes or dirty laundry. To give you an idea of sizing, I tried to pack all the cubes.
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By Stephen B
Based on the reviews, I purchased a set of the Bagail packing cubes over others offered on Amazon. I was extremely pleased when they arrived and they were exactly as others described. Some highlights include:
- the material quality is excellent, especially compared to other packing cubes I had seen in stores
- the zippers are very smoooth
- the stitching is high quality
- the color is as shown in the picture
- they come with a lifetime warranty
I took the largest cube and was able to fit in 5 pairs of pants and 12 summer shirts and there was still room for more! My parents were so impressed with them that they have now each ordered a set as well!
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By Amazon Customer
These are MUCH larger than I was expecting, but that's okay. I like that it comes with a strong laundry bag, and each case has a very tough zipper and a breathable mesh top so the clothes can be viewed without opening each case, in case you forget what was in each. I attached a picture next to a standard size carry on suit case, which is what I use most since most of my trips are 2-3 days as a business consultant.See mny attached picture for a comparison next to my carry on.
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4.7 | 543 customer reviews
516 of the 543 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this scale to measure luggage before each of my flights with Europe budget airlines. It seems to be very accurate for that application, and I was always managed to rearrange bag contents to stay under the strict weight limits. The device is very easy to hold, even with a 50+lb bag hanging off of it. Overall, the scale seems well built and sturdy, and the strap/hook system worked for all. I have had no problems with the battery running down, even 6 months after buying it.
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By Ryan
I recently went on a Botswana Safari and had to meet stringent weight requirements. I purchased the Portable Digital Scale to help me meet the requirements... it worked perfectly. It is easy to use and read. Some things work well and this scale is one of them.
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By greene in BC
I like the product because it helps greatly when vacationing and making sure I am not overweight with the luggage.. it's actually very accurate..minus one star because if you leave the battery in, it will drain it quite quicy even tho the unit is turned off.. i had to fet a new battery each year i would travel..
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By Dariusz
4.7 | 253 customer reviews
241 of the 253 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Life savers. I use five of these in my carry-on for business trips of 0-5 days, and the have transformed my travel experience. They have a clear mesh cover in the middle of the front, so I separate clothing by type (work vs. casual etc.) and that makes unpacking fully a breeze: I used to live out of my travel bag, but now I'm unpacked in literally 60 seconds. It also makes repacking easily, as I'll devote one of these to dirty clothing. I mentioned I use five on a typical trip: that's both the ideal fit for my backpack and, maybe more critically, lets me use one for cables, chargers, a book, headphones, etc. I pull that one out of my bag right on-boarding and then leave it at my seat so I have everything I need and don't need to go back up for more things.
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By Reviewer1
Beyond impressed with the quality for the price paid.

The packing cubes are bigger than I anticipated (although measurements provided are accurate). Just some advice to people deciding which ones to buy: the medium sized ones are plenty big!

Would certainly purchase again :)
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By Amazon Customer
Purchased to use on a 3 week trip to Ecuador - they worked out great! We are a family of four and shared two large suitcases plus carry ons. These made it so much easier to organize! Plus, on the way home, we had bought quite a few souvenirs so needed to make room for them, and these cubes made that possible. We were able to stuff so much into them! Even with stuffing them tightly, there was no hint of any give in the seams or zippers - excellent quality. I'm so happy with these cubes and can see that they will come in handy in the future as well. We do a lot of camping and these will be great for that too. Highly recommend!
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By Spendy
4.7 | 197 customer reviews
185 of the 197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this suitcase and for the price you can’t go wrong, HOWEVER be aware this is not ALLOWED on AIR CANADA. While it fits just fine in their over head bins, it does not fit in the at the gate carry on measurer therefore the gate attendants will not let you carry it on. So basically don’t be stupid and read your most frequent airlines carry on measurements before you purchase.
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By A
Sturdy build at a affordable price! So far has survived two trips involving flights, trains and walking around busy streets of Tokyo with little to no visible damage.
Size is a little on the bigger size in terms of depth, but it does meet the dimension requirements for Air Canada, Westjet and other major international airlines.
My one complaint would be that its a bit on the heavier side compared to other carry-on luggage I've had previously but its not that noticeably different.
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By Ywata
I recently travelled on Westjet with this bad boy, and it fit perfectly in the over head compartment. I was able to fit well over a weeks worth of clothes into it. I shopped around for months for a carry on and this guy was awesome for the price and quality.
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By Noelle Newell
4.7 | 193 customer reviews
184 of the 193 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased 2 sets of these packing cubes for myself & 1 set for my sister in law for a family vacation. We both loved them, they made packing more organized & helped me get more into the suitcase both on the way there & the way home! Although it was my first time using packing cubes, I would recommend them to anyone travelling...especially with children to pack for!
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By Kimberly
Staying organized on a trip where you are on the move from hotel to hotel is almost impossible. Not anymore! These packing cubes made it easy to know where essential things are at all times. Bought two sets to try out - my teenager and I loved them! The addition of one more cube that would be smaller for charging cords, adapters, etc may be something for them consider in the future. Strong fabric with ventilation and a good quality zipper. If you want less frustration from better organization - buy now!
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By Bizishell
This is the solution for travelling. I will never travel without packing cubes ever. I appreciated having my luggage super neat when it was opened (in contrast to previous occasions when the 'turblence' of the plane and the handling of the baggage caused things in my suitcase to tumble out when opened) I also greatly appreciated knowing where i put everything. It was such a sense of satisfaction to have everything organized! One cube for day clothes, one cube for evening/weekend, another cube for cube for intimates and the last cube for shoes. BONUS: The laundry bag which was useful to separate soiled clothing! I thought the cubes were of good quality and flexible enough EXCEPT maybe i received a defective cube for my shoes. The zipper ripped upon opening! :( besides that objection, i am very very satisfied with my purchase. Travelling is
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By Lady Sade
4.6 | 362 customer reviews
333 of the 362 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a truly fantastic laptop/tablet bag! As soon as I got it out of the packaging, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the stitchwork, fabric and hardware.

All of the zippers slide smoothly and make a sound like gears perfectly in mesh, not like cheap quality zippers that sound crude and rough. The zipper pull tabs are metal, which is a nice feature as they should be quite robust, and they have a very cool dark chrome plating on them that neatly matches the durable black fabric of the bag. The included shoulder strap also features spring loaded metal clasps, which feature a stylish bright chrome finish, and they too feel very sturdy. The outer zippered pocket offered plenty of room for a mouse, charging cable, wallet and pens, while the inner pouch easily accommodated a Macbook Pro and a textbook or day planner. I was very excited
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There is a high chance I would be stepping into a role that involved me working an office job. All my other jobs I usually took a backpack and put my belongings in it and brought it to work. I wanted to go for more of a professional look in this case. I was looking around and found this. It looked perfect and was exactly what I wanted. I ordered it and am glad I did.

The laptop bad looks as good as it is pictured. Included is the shoulder strap which you can clip on or choose to leave off and there is a bonus gift as well which is a small bag as pictured on the product page. When you open up the zipper the laptop bag has two compartments inside. One is for your laptop and it is padded which is really nice. The other compartment is for
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By Juggernaut
This bag is great! The handles are sturdy and are comfortable to hold while traveling. My only complaint is that this bag is pretty snug on the inside. The pictures created the illusion that this bag was very spacious and had plenty of room, but after I put my laptop in it, it's pretty snug. I can still fit my wireless mouse, charger and other accessories in it though.

I really like the 'limited free gift' that was included. I use it to store my wireless mouse so that it's protected during my commute. I would definitely suggest putting your laptop in a sleeve while it's in this bag because the foam part isn't as soft as advertised. Other than that, this is a great bag!
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By Shevvy
4.7 | 189 customer reviews
177 of the 189 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did a lot of research, asked questions and read every review and finally took a chance and ordered this bag in portobello colour. This is the first review I've ever written with such enthusiasm. It is the perfect size, the colour is exactly what I wanted and is exactly what is pictured and the measurements were accurate too. I love the smaller attachable zippered extra bag for makeup or whatever. The purse is light as a feather, hangs lovely as a crossbody, shoulder or hand bag. The side zipper fits and securely holds my stubby (333 ml) water bottle almost out of sight. The zipper on the back opens so you can securely slide it onto a luggage handle and closes for an extra large open pocket which holds my iPad with 1/2" showing at the top. I read that this pocket
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By Pat
This bag is everything. I used to be a Kate Spade girl, but I got tired of lugging around a heavy leather bag. I'm an on-the-go kind of gal and prize durability and practicality. This bag offers both! There's a pocket for everything so I can stay super organized, and with the built-in card slots, I've ditched my big heavy wallet. This bag wears so well as a cross-body and is made of strong, durable canvas. The strap is akin to a seat belt in a car -- does not snag or pill. I love the pop of pink lining on the interior. So fun! Overall, I highly recommend this bag!
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By Jen
I love this purse! I bought it to take on our family vacation. It is large enough to hold my SLR camera in its camera bag, as well as glasses, a wallet, cell phone, etc. It has 8 credit card slots sewn right into the inside of the bag, which is very handy and they stay in there securely. There is an attached matching change purse inside, a cell phone pocket on the outside, a pocket perfect for glasses and a secret side pocket, perfect for holding a small water bottle, or anything else that size. There are several other pockets. The largest is great for holding maps and papers and closes by a magnetic button, so it is fast to open and close. The purse material is water resistant and the strap length is adjustable. The pattern on the bag is very
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 186 customer reviews
180 of the 186 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are so convenient. I've never tried packing cubes before, so for my last short trip, I decided to try them out. What a game changer! By organizing my similar items, once I got to the hotel, I just put the cubes in the drawer (hung up a few blouses and dresses, but mostly kept things like lingerie and bathing suits together) and I was unpacked in seconds! Repacking is a dream...just pulled out all the cubes, repacked everything and was done in 5 minutes! Can't wait to try it for a longer trip as I only ever use a carry-on, even for longer (3 weeks or more) trips. Love them!
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By melk1999
These packing cubes are super thin and light. At first, I was worried about the quality, being so thin, but it seems very durable! I am traveling to Hong Kong over the summer, so I can put these cubes to the test!

- Thin and light
- They have handles on them, so they can be carried separately if your luggage is too full
- Zippers are smooth
- I love the variety in size
- These cubes are also pretty cheap, considering the number of pieces you get

- laundry bags are small and not realistic to fill all your dirty clothes. They are more fit to put your shoes or socks.

Ultimately, I am satisfied with this purchase and would recommend :)
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By Maxwell
Seriously amazing!! I used them for 2 weeks on vacation. When you are living out of a suitcase these cubes make your life 1000 times easier. They are super durable the price is great and they ship very fast
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 285 customer reviews
254 of the 285 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Oboy do I love this bag. It’s the perfect size with plenty of compartments. I bought it for the purpose of travelling to NYC. Each of the 3 compartments have the locking zipper which I wasn’t sure of when I checked the pictures before purchase. The material is a soft shimmery black which I love. I’ve used the water bottle holder for a 500 ml bottle and the bottle stays put. The main centre compartment has so many littl pockets inside it to store items like gum, lip balm, wallet and sunglasses. My iphone 8 plus is too big for any of them but that’s ok. If I fill it, it does get a bit heavy (because of all the room available) that once I switched it to my other shoulder after having it across one shoulder after an all day shopping trip, but I think that would be the
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By Jane
LOVE this bag. It’s the perfect travelling bag where all your stuff is truly secured. It’s a great size and can fit perfectly my IPad ( the regular IPad 9 X 7) without problem, in addition to my large wallet and sunglasses cases in the main compartment. In addition you have the front flap for more space and the back flap for additional stuff like money, credit card and such. It’s great as I don’t always have to open the main compartment and Granby my wallet to access few dollars. It also has 2 side mesh for small bottle holder ( just the small size bottle, not 1L), but I use it to put my sunglasses and protein bar with water bottle. You can adjust the strap from very small to a much longer strap, so you can find the most comfortable way to wear it. You can also
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By Denyse
A little smaller than expected regardless of dimensions given, let's just say I wasn't expecting these dimensions to be overall (rather than inside). Still, it will work for 80% of what I intended to put in it, 2 tablets, phone, keys, passports, pens... The bottle holders are a nice touch too.
Un peu plus petit qu'escompté d'après les dimensions données, disons juste que je ne m'attendais pas à ce que ces dimensions soient du produit complet (plutôt que de l'intérieur). Par contre, cela fera pour tout de même 80% de ce que je voulais y mettre, 2 tablettes, téléphone, clefs, passeports, crayons... Les porte bouteilles d'eau sont une belle initiative.
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By Caroline
4.7 | 148 customer reviews
140 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are a great tool for organizing the contents of your bag(s). They seem pretty well made, and being vented, you can see what's in each one. Particularly on a tour-type holiday when you're in and out of your suitcases multiple times, they really make it easy to get at the things you need, and not disturb the ones you may not need on a particular stop. Very happy with this purchase.
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By Victor
I used these for a recent trip to the Caribbean and I liked how it kept all of my things organized. They have mesh on the top so you can see what is inside and the shoe bag fit my flip flops, ballet flats and water shoes all snugly inside. They are not quite as deep as I would have liked, but not being able to cram too much into them does help with keeping stuff organized and i did not lack for space on my one week vacation. The zippers worked well. My only hesitation about giving these 5 stars is that the material is much thinner than I expected, and I wonder how many trips these will survive before they are ripped and useless.
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By Mel in Ontario
The Gonex packing cubes were described as including the laundry bag. Although the measurements were stated that would match a shoe bag size i hadn't noticed that when ordering because I already have this set in lime green which includes the laundry bag and hadn't paid attention to the measurements specifically. What I got was a shoe bag size. Not needed or wanted! The tag on the actual set does describe every size bag including calling it a "shoe bag" and not a laundry bag. Would really like the full-size laundry bag to be part of the set because they are great for travelling!! Disappointed in the misleading description.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 228 customer reviews
209 of the 228 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these ! I used them for packing a 3 week trip to Europe and they held everything. They held (women’s size small/medium): 5 sweaters, 4 thick long sleeves, 12 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 4 pairs of Pjs, 6 bras, 4 bralletes, 20 pairs of underwear and 20 pairs of socks ! Not to mention 50% of my toiletries, I only have to use one additional small zip bag for my full size cash wash and hair brush. Absolutely love. The material allows for stretch and the clips keep everything in place. Only tiny downfall is that sometimes when unzipping the zipper splits but your unzipping anyways so it’s not a big deal.
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By Sam
5 stars! Cant believe the quality. These are just as good quality as others i paid alot more for. Can pack myself add a toddler in these bags excellent for space saving.Love them!
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By lisa
Good quality for the price. Life changing for packing especially for long trips. Used these to pack for a 25 day trip to Italy. I was able to pack 12 dresses, 25 tops, 7 bottoms, 5 pairs of shoes using the cubes along with swimsuits and room to spare (not including intimates in the small pouches). I bought 2 sets for 1 carry on suitcase and 1 checked standard sized bag. Would recommend to keep organized and to keep clothes from wrinkling!
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By jesmithso
4.6 | 195 customer reviews
183 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks just like the picture, great side and great quality. I am happy with this purchase!
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By Amazon Customer
Hits light beautifully, definitely worth it. i would recommend this for sure it’s an awesome gift and maybe even a lil something for yourself!👍🏻
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By Beccadaum
I have been using this bag daily since I received it two months ago! Shipping was great, it arrived before expected. Quality of the bag is well beyond the price I paid for it. And it’s the perfect size - not too big, not too small. The zip part on the side is perfect for keeping my gym shoes separate from my other belongings! Would recommend!!
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By Stephanie Downey
4.7 | 121 customer reviews
116 of the 121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this lock as it said TSA approved. This is a very well made lock even though they look small. Setting up the combination was very simple. I also like the fact that it is a number lock so I don't need to carry the keys. The cable is of decent thickness and can be used on wide range of locks.
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By El Paul
I use these to lock my computer peripherals together. I make a loop before I lock it around the usb cable of my devices, so the only way for people to steal my mouse or keyboard is by cutting the wire (the usb plug end is too large to slip through the loop).
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By V
Completely useless. Does not allow you to set a password/combination. The locking cable is too short for almost anything and the combination number dials are way too close together. Junk!
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By Justin Ward
4.6 | 159 customer reviews
148 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At first I was very disappointed at how thin the material was, but as I gave it chance when I took a trip I was very impressed. The material is so light it cuts pounds off of a travel bag, and when you are carrying it around all day this is a welcome change. Zippers all feel premium and accent the bag nicely and the handles are secured to the bag very well. My only concern to anyone else is that the bag has no "give" when the bag is full, you can try to force zipper close but the material the bag is made of does not stretch so you risk splitting the zipper or stitches.
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By Amazon Customer
Awesome bag! It’s very small and compact. Lightweight and durable. Very compact bag that can fit a fair bit. An extra inside compartment would be great.

There are many sellers on Amazon selling this bag under different names. Gomex was the cheapest for the exact same bag others are selling.
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By HyperMunki
LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. This is an awesome bag to fold up and take with you in your suitcase for travel.
I was afraid we over stuffed it - reliable, great colour and we've taken it everywhere - Europe, cottage, weekend away, etc.
We ordered two and use them all the time.
Great size.
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By Wendy B.
4.7 | 104 customer reviews
101 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love, Love, Love this bag! I ordered this bag for my beach vacation and I couldn’t have been happier. This bag is roomy, has easy to access slotted pockets on the outside for wick grabbing of items, the attached zippered pouch on the front gel my chapstick for easy access. I used this as my travel bag on the plane to hold my iPad, iPod, camera, passport etc!! I loved the insulated bottom section, as I used it to hold wet clothing when leaving the beach. I should’ve bought two!! Thank you for my roomy travel buddy!!
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Love this Bag!

I am off with my family ( with two young boys in tow) on a 4 country Asian trip and I have been looking for a bag that will serve as a carry on for my essentials ( food, toys, ipad, documents, spare clothes, meds, blanket, etc) This was an excellent choice at an excellent price.

It came quick and packaged well.

The bag is deep, i have already put most of my stuff and still has plenty of room in it. The straps are adjustable and it has a storage underneath with a zipper, so i used that to store kids spare clothes. Its got pockets inside and a small coin purse. The material is great and it looks sturdy.

I wasnt paid for this review, by the way, nor did i get the product for free in exchange... i wish lol

But awesome luggage for carry on. Excited to
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By Sheicon23
It is a very heavy duty tote that has really thick straps and several pockets through out.

I have attached a picture and placed a wallet in the mesh pocket in the front so that you can kind of see where that pocket and the other two side pockets are.

It would be a good shopping tote if you aren't getting anything too heavy (like 10 lbs +), I personally use it as a 'haul everything' bag to and from my office. I carry everything in that bag from my makeup bag, hair products, lunch bag, gloves, hat, 35 lip glosses, dog treats, sunglasses, tub of wet wipes, a bottle of water, snacks... I could go on but you get the drift, it's a roomy bag.

If you wanted to use it for the beach or for kids stuff it would be great for that. It is big and not ugly.
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By JodiR
4.6 | 137 customer reviews
130 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Light and well made! Looks great and easy to use. Hope it will make traveling on trains easy with the 4 wheels. The silver is more medium grey. It’s fine. I am a little worried that the larger 28 “ will be too big for weight once filled for 50 lb max airline but it’s light so might be fine. Handy size if you only want to bring one suitcase for family of 4. Otherwise will probably use a 24” for each adult and 20” for each child for 3 week trip. Got a second 24” in orange. Nice orangey red. Kind of wish I went with that colour for all but not enough to return grey.
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By Amycdc
This is my first time purchasing a hardside luggage. My priorities in buying a suitcase are it should be sturdy but lightweight, it should be expandable and it must look nice and modern. All of these were met, and the color orange is pretty. The 360 rotation wheels are a must too for quick and easy handling of my heavy stuff. I highly recommend this product, it delivers what it advertised.
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I promptly received my luggage. It was well packaged and arrived in good condition. The suitcase is durable and sleek looking. It survived with ease it’s inaugural trip on which it was both checked in and used as carry on. They grey colour is perfectly understated. The built in lock system works wonderfully and eliminates the need for carrying a key. I would recommend this product for all uses.
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4.6 | 129 customer reviews
118 of the 129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this for my sons beaver camping and daughters guide camping. This is exactly what I wanted light weight, durable and easy storage. Super easy to fold up for storage. I would even recommend for using while traveling on plane. I look forward to getting much use out it. I wish they had blue in the 80L as well
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By Clay123
I struggled between this and the smaller sizes. Would this be too big? Would it be too small? I was very happy when I it came in the mail today. It will be perfect for my needs.

I was surprised at how large it is while folded, but it's very flat, so that's not going to be a problem for me. As you can see in the photo, it's larger than a piece of paper, but not by much. It would fit easily into a backpack or even a laptop bag.

I was also surprised at the size of the shoe compartment. It holds two full shoe boxes and still only takes up half the interior of the bag with room for a packing cube (4" high) on top.

I was able to put all the things I would pack in my 29" (four wheeled) upright
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By Maria
I am impressed by the size of this bag! It’s huge! And it folds up pretty small. It has a number of pockets, and has a side pocket where you could put damp things, that probably wouldn’t make your other bag contents damp. I bought this to transport gig gear for my koto performances, I can fit a vinyl lined felt mat (six feet by ten feet), a drum throne and various other things I need for performance in this bag with no problem. It’s strong too. The only thing I’m not fond of is the material it’s made from, it feels pretty flimsy, and is really loud and crackly. Otherwise it’s totally awesome, and it’s really light-weight. It will be useful when travelling as well, as you could pack soft items in it, and get lots in, and the bag weight practically is non-existent, so you wouldn’t lose much
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By Midori K
4.6 | 128 customer reviews
118 of the 128 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This digital luggage scale is a good quality and feel robust. I have used to scale six baggage and it was accurate because I got almost the same reading in the airport weight scale. For now, I can say only positively about this product.
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By Adailshah Sayed
Keep in mind you have to be able to actually lift 50 pounds and hold it steady if you plan on using this product. My wife could not do this for example, because you have to keep the bag steady and level, to get a good reading. I can do this, so it's great. The usual method was standing on a scale and subtracting my weight, which is a pain in the ass. The really good thing about this, is that you take one of these on your trip, because usually when you are coming back from wherever you are going, you don't have access to scales in your hotel room or whatever.
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By Consuming Consumer
I ordered 2, one for me and one for my sister. Both of them were delivered on time.One of them was showing an error sign but they were kind enough to reply and send a replacement for that.
It is very accurate in reading luggage weights. We weighted the bag at 26kg and it was the same at the airport. Lift the bag up steadily and make sure ur not touching the bag or hook to get accurate results. Its better to leave room for a 1kg error just incase.
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By Umair
4.7 | 87 customer reviews
85 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very accurate scale, even when measuring things down to the gram.

I've checked results against different airport luggage scales and they're virtually identical.

I use it for everything from luggage, to my propane tank (to find the remaining fuel volume).

That said, lifting 50kg over and over again can get tiring and it's a little awkward. The best way to use this scale is to support it with chairs or strap it to a cross beam, zero it and then gently attach luggage, or use a ratchet straps to pull it up. This way you can add and remove items while the scale is live and it's effortless.

The scale is also small and light, so it comes in my carry on so that it does not get beat around with the regular luggage. It's a precision instrument and should be handled with care.
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By Vaughan Weather
Can't go wrong with this reverse weight scale. It arrived in 2 days and I'm not even a prime member. It's obviously intended for luggage weight and it works great for that use and it is very accurate. I did check it once at the airport and I carried it around with me when I was travelling for a month recently just to avoid extra baggage charges. It's so lightweight and doesn't take up much space or weight. I also use it to weigh some other items but it does the job for luggage perfectly. I would also caution to keep the plastic that comes with the battery to keep it separated when it is not in use to preserve battery life. (DEVICE COMES WITH BATTERY!) If you travel often like I do - I recommend this so you're packing correctly ahead of time.
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By Anna Gabrielle
Received the scale promptly and it looks and feels really good. It is just the product I have been looking for. I travel internationally a couple of times every year and it is always a pain to find a place to weigh my luggage before I head to the airport. I invariable end up leaving some things behind in the fear of going over weight, only to find at the airport that I am a few kgs below the limit. As I mentioned, the scale has a good build and it looks very nice but it is a little bit off always. I have tried testing it with known weights and it gives me different weights on different occasions for the same thing. Not that it is ever way off, but a scale that is not accurate kind of destroys the purpose of a scale. I was prompted by the
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By Manu Sharma