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4.9 | 70 customer reviews
69 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As described and well laid out / built.
(Please note if you have semi-hollow body guitars (ES 335 style) you may have to flip them front to back in the rack to keep the centre of gravity on the low side. This will help keep the guitar securely on the neck rest)
The rack is large enough for most guitar cases if you want them up off the floor or you want to leave the guitar in the case. (The neck rests can be rotated out of the way to help accommodate this).
I like the fact that you can buy kits for extra positions too.
I'm probably going to buy another one.
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By Ron
Arrived on time and as all the other reviews state, it's sturdy and meets my needs. I was hoping that I could just hang my mandolin on the ears of the rack but it was too heavy and they flipped down. It does However somewhat fit my mandolin with the ears about halfway down the headstock. Besides that it's a great guitar stand, I will most likely be buying another.
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By Rattle Cab
Would highly recommend this stand, I was a little Leary about the price but after putting it into place and doing some minor (easy) adjustments for spacing I was able to fit my banjo, 3 acoustic guitars, and my electric guitar with plenty of room between each instrument to take on and off with ease... well worth the price and the best part none of the instrument hang by the neckđź‘Ť
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By Lennlise
4.7 | 248 customer reviews
231 of the 248 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
D'Addario strings never let me down. As always, extremely precise and consistent gauges of the strings. They intonate very easily and the intonation is exceptionally consistent from set to set, unlike other brands like the Ernie Ball slinkys which vary significantly from set to set.

Several years ago I shopped around many brands and had intonation problems with almost every other brand but the D'Addarios. Some brands like Dean Markley, I didn't have enough adjustment on the guitar to correct intonation for the inconsistent gauge of the plain G string. I got out the micrometer and sure enough, as much as 1 thousandth of variation on some brands on the plain G along the string. That makes a MASSIVE difference in your ability to get good intonation up and down the neck.

So these days I stick to D'Addario. I don't know how they do it, but I'm glad they do!
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By Andy
I hadn't used D'Addario strings in a while and gave them a try again. They are much nicer strings it seems. The packaging is better and the price is better too by a bit. The strings are much brighter and articulate sounding. They also seem to hold up a lot better than my Ernie Ball ones did which were also much more muddy in tone. I would definitely recommend these strings, they seem a lot more consistent and feel better to play on.
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By Anonymous
Bright, but not overkill. My strings are singing now thanks to D'Addario. I decided to try Ernie Ball's last month (haven't used them since I was a kid - been playing for 13 years and have tried quite a few string brands) and within two weeks I had one string break and my sound go dull. Decided to try XL 10-46 and wow, am I glad that I did. They feel great on my fingers, they sound great on my guitar, and look fantastic.Not to mention, 3 packs for $18 + tax is a steal compared to what some music stores will sell 3 packs for.
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By Jessica-Lyn
4.6 | 522 customer reviews
484 of the 522 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They are very affordable, excellent durability and sound great when paired with the right guitar (lights, spruce dreadnought in my case).

Prefer to get non-coated strings mainly due to the price and refresh cycle. I play 1-2 hours / week, mainly indoors. I find these last quite a long time, esp if I wash my hands before playing. The coated would likely deteriorate at the same rate given the amount of playing.

I generally love Elixers, though not 2x or 3x more than these.
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By DIYer Dad
I have been playing guitar for several years but have always cheaped out when it came to strings. I used to buy as many sets for as little as possible on EBay and even then only change them every couple of years. I guess it didn't occur to me that the quality of the strings could make a big difference to the quality of the sound. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that putting great strings on a lousy guitar will make a world of difference, but putting lousy strings on any guitar seems to make a big difference. As soon as I put these on, I was surprised at how much better my guitar sounded. Not only are these a mellower sound than the strings I was using before, but they sound clearer (cleaner?) too. They have great sustain as well and will ring for a long
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By Steve
I found that these strings had a much different sound than my previous strings when I first put them on. They had a pretty strong twang to them that almost gave them a southern sound (it's hard to describe the unique tone of the strings). That has faded now pretty much completely now that they've been on my guitar for a few months, but they still sound great.
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By Tyler Smith
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4.8 | 63 customer reviews
62 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great for recording electric guitars. Lives up to its reputation. At first, I was a little unsure because I was getting a fairly distorted sound recorded. But that was just poor positioning; newbie mistake on my part. The slightest adjustments make immense differences, so be open to spending a fair amount of time getting the sound you want for the first time. Some things to try adjusting:

- Distance from speaker
- Offset from center
- Height from ground
- Angle relative to speaker
- Volume of speaker
- Gain settings of recording interface
- XLR cable quality
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By Calvin Jee
What else can I type?

This is it I waited some years to buy this Mic ( budget musician here). and I always wanted to have this mic., but price was too high.

Works as advertised, there is nothing to complain about this mic, it is a staple in recording for a reason, FLAT recording.

I am very happy with this mic, I set a test to see how low this mic picks up sound , and then normalized the track in my Daw ( Studio One) and there was not alot of noise, still heard the amp nicely.

You should all do that test, not a high volume test, always do a low volume test to see how much noise ( hiss or background noises) the Mic picks up.

Excellent Mic, will buy another one when the budget for it comes in.
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By Carlos Quintino
What can I say, one of the great general purpose microphone. Works well for voice too and I prefer it to the sm-58 for this. All you need is the foam windscreen. When you can't find the proper microphone for something try a sm-57.
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By SylvainP
12 offers from product price
4.9 | 39 customer reviews
39 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this book from Amazon back in 2012. As far as Beatles books are concerned Andy Babiuk's book ranks among the very best of them. Well written and beautifully illustrated, it chronicles all of the musical instruments and gear used by the Beatles from their humble beginnings, right to the very end. This book should be of great interest to all musicians, Beatles fans, home recording enthusiasts, and anyone who wonders how they achieved those wonderful distinctive sounds. This is a great book and very enlightening!

If you are interested in getting some other exceptional Beatles books, with a similar theme, here's a couple of suggestions.

The Beatles: Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn covers all of the Beatles work in the studio, complete with information about each song and when it was recorded. This would be a great companion book to Beatles Gear.

There is one more book, that is on
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By Movieman, Montreal
Great book for the Beatles fanatic.
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By Amazon Customer
This book is just the most detailed book about beatles, is just amazing how much information about the gear, the people who sold the equipment, people who did paint jobs etc. Its jus beyond what I expected
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By Ulises
4.6 | 140 customer reviews
131 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought from Amazon Warehouse Deals as used. Couldn't see any marks on it, looks brand new. Box was complete with case and mic holder still in their plastic wrap.
I compared it to my 35 year old SM58 workhorse used for vocals. The new SM58 has better sound isolation; i.e. a lot less handling noise. It sounds a bit brighter-hardly noticeable- but overall the same quality Shure SM58 sound.
Having an off switch helps when you want to mutter at your band mates, if you know what I mean...
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By Ernest Stapleton
Came in on time, wrapped/packed well with my other items I put in one order that were unrelated. Awesome job Amazon! I love the weight and feel of the mic when having it handheld. Looks beautiful and goes great with the stand that can be packaged with it along with the high quality cord! Did not want to risk getting a USB mic and I do not regret investing in this reasonably priced must-have mic.
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By Jimmy Nguyen
The Shure SM58 is an awesome microphone! I have used this model extensively over the years. I haven't had any problems with this model yet. I would highly recommend this particular microphone for any lead or backup vocalist looking for real quality microphone to use for live performances.

That being said, you can use it in the studio to record vocals; however, as it's a dynamic microphone, you won't get a better recording than a large diaphragm condenser microphone such as RODE NT-1 or Audio-Technica AT2035 (best quality for the price).

Also, if you're looking to record acoustic guitar, I would not suggest this microphone. Instead, I would suggest a small condenser microphone like the AKG Perception or the Shure SM57 (top quality for the price).

Research and know what you need before purchasing (a good rule of thumb for any musical instrument/equipment purchase). If you're looking for a top quality microphone for
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By Nathan K.
4.8 | 38 customer reviews
38 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great power, they sound fantastic. The only thing I have an issue with is there is a constant hissing when they are at 0db and on. You will never hear htis during party time but I use them at weddings and for the ceremony and the speeches where there are big lulls of silence you can notice it. Not sure if it;s my gain staging however so take that as a not sure if it;s me or the speakers.
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By Amazon Customer
These are being used in our Church (about 60' x 30' hall; wall-mounted with EV speaker mounts). The sound quality is fantastic. I also personally own a pair of these for my music sessions and am happy with the quality of these speakers. They are well-built and the sound reproduction is excellent.
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By VRadha
Well made and a good fit. They go on quite snug but may loosen a bit over time. Have nice velcro slits at the bottom that helps to give some room when sliding on. Would give these 5 stars if they were just an inch longer to fully protect the bottom edges.
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By Wally Banks
4.9 | 25 customer reviews
25 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am very happy with this product. I just received it about one hour ago. Its performance and connection arrangements are in accord with the advertised specifications. As bass player in our pop/jazz band, my output connects only to our P. A. system; I needed a dedicated monitor to clearly hear my own playing. This Thump 15A does that job particularly well.
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By Lance
Replaced my 15year db Technologies powered speakers paired with a new Yorkville PSA2S sub. Great sounding cabinets with lots of possibities as PA tops, monitor wedge or Blue tooth speaker. Have had several compliments on our improved sound.
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By Bill Hellewell
These absolutely deliver everything you'd expect as far as quality. Other reviews have covered most aspects so I will focus on bluetooth connectivity, because I feel Mackie missed an opportunity here.

Bluetooth : Mackie decided to go for the SDC codec which has upwards of 200ms of lag between the source and the output. That means you definitely can't DJ on the go. I wanted to use these as a no-wire setup: use a bluetooth soundcard and mix directly from my laptop with virtual DJ. The lag makes this near impossible since the beat won't sound synced in the headphones. I called Mackie about this and sadly that's just the way it is. They should have gone for a codec such as aptX-LL.

This also means that you couldn't have video or a movie playing from a source linked with Bluetooth, it would be desynced. It takes away some of the potential
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By Franck
4.4 | 155 customer reviews
136 of the 155 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I thought about buying the Neweer or any number of cheap, $15-20 swivel arms. I really did. But the problem is, my desk is quite thin and somewhat wobbly. I also have cats, who walk across that desk, causing vibration. Lastly, I didn't want to have to mess around with adapters. I know from my research that the Rode's standard mount screws into a Blue Yeti RADIUS II shock mount, which is exactly what I have. If you don't want the shock mount, you can also screw your Yeti directly onto the end. Either way, you're looking good.

The Yeti is known as a HEAVY mic. Some cheaper arms will dip with its weight alone. Not so with the RODE PSA1; the quality is excellent. I have both the Yeti AND the heavy duty shock mount. It doesn't dip. In fact, it only moves exactly when and where I want it.
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By The Eloquent Savage
I initially got the Neewer mount based on some reviews about its compatibility with the Blue Yeti. Though it works, it has a hard time keeping my blue yeti in the position I want it to be in. Everyone recommended this Rode one and I decided to get it. You really get what you pay for and I could tell this had excellent build quality as soon as I picked it up. My mic stays in place in whatever position I place it in thanks to the solid hinges. There are also velcro straps alone the entire arm which is a nice touch for cable management. You really get what you pay for and this is definitely a solid arm mount.
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By Bennet
This stand was likely overkill for my needs, but I bought it cause I really loved it simple and clean aesthetic. The setup was super easy using the side-of-desk mount. Even with my desk that has a one inch chamfer along the edge, the center point is past the chamfer and the grip holds nice and tight that its not going anywhere.

The arm itself is just as clean as the pictures. There appears to be internal routing holes if you are running bare wire and terminating it yourself for a super professional look. However, if you are going pre-made cables like me, the included cable ties and external cable routing channels are plenty fine.

Its been real quite after months of moving it back and forth from its resting position. The balance has also been perfect with it holding an AT2020 in a shock mount with a circular pop filter. There
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By Kyle
4.6 | 35 customer reviews
32 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It may not sound like much, but the low profile really does make a significant difference. I was able to fit an extra pedal on to my pedalboard because these allowed me to get my pedals closer together. More pedalboard real estate is a good thing.
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By La Maquina
Likes: small, flexible, efficient use of pedalboard space. Decent price

Dislikes: not really a dislike (yet) but the cable seems really thin and cheap... But I haven't noticed any change in signal or tone... so far so good
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By Calvin
These are cheap and cheerful and as such I expected a lot more to be broken right out of the pack (call me a cynic but this wouldn't be the first time) or for them to break immediately. Sure, two were noisy and one was dead (both ends came unsoldered) but it was really cheap. The rest worked perfectly and are still working 3 months of touring on.
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By Pete
4.4 | 96 customer reviews
81 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Reviews were fairly good on this mic, and took a chance. Good weight and feel to the mic, feels professional. Immediately it's clear and transparent, I've read reviews that said bright or harsh. Through my old analogue Yamaha board it sounded warm and pleasant. Handling noise is tolerable, but definitely not quiet, definitely a difference between this and a Shure 57 that way. A/B'ed this one with my Shure 48 and found it to be very similar, I thought the Shure was brighter actually, the boys in the band said this one sounded clearer. For 17 bucks, I'm thrilled with the mic, we plan on buying a couple more as back ups and drum mics. I'll likely grab a second one for small gigs I do as well. No idea how it will hold up long term but I will update.
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By Eric Metcalfe
I bought a few of these to have some extra options around my drum kit. It is not an SM-57, but actually sounds really really great!
There is NO TRANSFORMER in this microphone.
This you need to know, because if you cannot pick and choose which channels on your mixer have phantom power or not, this could damage this microphone.
I could not switch off phantom power on my Mackie CR1604VLZ, so I'm cheating and running these mics through a passive DI box, which essentially has put the transformer back into the microphones. Woot! Super pleased. Would by them again!!!
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By Allain Chamberlain
I bought a few of these on a whim. Reviews all over the net say they are remarkably good. Remember 'remarkably' is used in context with a 16 dollar microphone. I bought them for percussion in a not terribly critical environment.
Everyone is going to immediately compare this to a $100 Shure SM57. To a lot of ears they are comparable, to a critical ear, still, it's not bad at all.
For a user on a budget, or just to fill out your mic case as a general purpose mic, these are pretty hard to go wrong with.
I'll use them til they die, then decide whether to replace or not. I don't expect them to last the many years a real SM57 will, but I also won't cry when I throw one in the garbage down the line.
Buy a few of these for the less than critical inputs- toms, odd percussion,
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By Paula
product price
4.7 | 26 customer reviews
25 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are exactly what they are supposed to be. Flat, clean sound from the highest highs to a clean tight bass. Naturally a good DAC will help release how good these cans are. I use Cambridge audio dacmagic XS v2 and the combinations is outstanding. Try the Chromatics, Into the Black to experience the wide dynamic range, clarity and sound stage. I'm not a Kanye West fan but a listen to Love Lockdown will show what tight responsive base sounds like. Not the over hype you get in many other headphones.
I listen to hours of Classical and Jazz and these headphones perform fantastically. Being an open back design, lots of bleed into the space of course, and not ideal to block outside noise. Understanding what your buying is key.

Sad Prime delivery is not. But you can not go wrong with these cans.
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By KarlR
I have a pair of ATs (M40s)and while they were great they were extremely uncomfortable for long periods and had more low end than what I would've liked. I was looking for something more flat/balanced and more comfortable. I looked at these and decided to give them a try. They’re extremely light and very very comfortable, almost feels like there's nothing on my head. They also give another pair of ear pads to swap to if you don't like the leathery feel of the default ones. Also the sound is flat! Super happy i went with this purchase, it makes listening and creating music not irritating or painful as it did with the other headphones I had.

Plus it totally looks cool
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By Mao Shi
A little pricey but well worth the money. Solid, balanced sound: it has good bass, medium and high tones. I use it for gaming, music production and listening to music.

My gaming setup: it plugs into my Blue Yeti microphone which in turn is plugged into the PS4 / PC.
Music: Plugs into my Audiobox PreSonus with the aux adapter they give you. (how handy!)
Listening: I don't like to travel around with it a lot since the cable is really long (it is detachable though!), I usually use it to listen when I'm at home.
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By Yash G
4.4 | 70 customer reviews
59 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
For the price I paid, I expected some cheap and flimsy guitar stand, like the ones you get at Toys-R-Us, or Best Buy, next to the guitar video games. I was pleasantly surprised. It is nice and sturdy, and easy to assemble. It is also larger than I expected, and can accommodate large instruments.
Arrived intact in a very large shipping box. The ad says "Usually ships within 1 to 2 months", so I wasn't expecting it to arrive for at least a month. I was very pleased to receive it less than 48 hours after I placed my order.
I strongly recommend this product for people with multiple guitars.
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By D-Know
It's a guitar stand. Does it hold two guitars as advertised? Yes! Is it the most sturdy piece of equipment ever made? No. Have i ever had any problems with it? No! Would i buy it again or recommend it to a friend? Yes! Is it worth the price? YES!!
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By mike davies
Piece of trash. I would not trust putting a guitar on this piece of crap as it just falls apart upon assembly. You get what you pay for, and 40$ is definitely over priced unless you just want to buy some scrap metal. If i could i would give it 0 stars. Amazon just loves selling garbage to their prime members. Would not reccomend
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By Daniel
product price
4.4 | 47 customer reviews
43 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best support to play ergonomically right. Playing on the right or left leg is ease with it. We can adjust how hight we want and the quality is very good. Professional. Delivered before the expectations. I'm very happy with this purchase.
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By Telios
Excellent product. Stable and sturdy,stores flat. I use for foot elevation when playing classical guitar.
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By Amazon Customer
Very comfortable and the adjustability helps when changing seat heights. Non-slip surface is very helpful for foot stability.
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By B. Anna
4.4 | 45 customer reviews
39 of the 45 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well worth the additional money for a highly reliable cable that stands up to hard use. I've had 2 of these in service for more than 5 years and they've outlasted everything else in my kit. I'll certainly be buying them to replace other cables as they fail.
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By Andy
I did a comparison one day between the two, man what a difference there was. Its true what i was reading there very transparent give you better bottom end and not a shrill thin sounding as the mogami .
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By .
I've only used this patch at home and to be honest it's been used maybe a couple dozen times since purchase as i was becoming a new dad and just did not have the available to time to enjoy it. But even with extremely little play time/ware the cable quality has degraded to the point that it cuts signal in and out.

Very disappointed for the price.
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By Patrick Watters
product price
4.4 | 43 customer reviews
38 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I ordered this I was a little concerned that it might not do the job from some of the bad reviews I had read about them not holding the weight of a mic very well. After I got it I found there was nothing to worry about, it worked perfectly. I am a singing drummer and wanted to use a gooseneck so I could position the boom mic stand behind me and have the gooseneck curve overhead so I could have easy access to the vocal mic without having the boom arms in the way of drumming. With this gooseneck I am able to position the mic exactly where I want it and it holds my Shure SM 58 mic in place very well with no creeping down at all. Once I get it in position, it doesn't move at all. Highly recommended.
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By gary clark
Great service and unbelievably quick delivery, actually ahead of the projection. On Stage products are just fine for most applications and this one is going to be used as a drop from a regular mic stand for a drummer's vocal mic.
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By Mark O.
I singing much too close to the mic stand and my guitar would hit causing it to mute. This gooseneck lets you get a good distance away and is very flexible and strong.
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By Neo
product price
4.5 | 29 customer reviews
28 of the 29 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't know why I didn't seek these out earlier. Adds a ton of functionality to PA stands. Perfect for projectors, racks, shelves & anything else you can think of that needs to be elevated. Super useful in a mobile environment & I'll be travelling with a pair of these anytime I bring out the stands.

They feel solid when attached, the plastic seems very solid & you can easily screw items onto the plate or use zip ties or wire for some temporary or lightweight placement. Useful for a wide variety of AV environments as well as just around the house or any number of any gigs.
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By gp
Excellent product. It is very strong. I use it to support speakers that are quite heavy with no problems at all.
There are no worries. It is made very well. It's funny how many people buy metal products because they think if it's metal it's stronger, which is not always true. There are plastics that are stronger than most metal used for the same things. And plastic does not dent. There are bullet proof vests made mostly of plastic(Kevlar is a plastic)
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By Perrypelican
This is pretty good for its price, it support alot of weight . But two issues I have is the bolt that keeps the tightener in place falls off easily if you accidently loosing it to much . Second you can't tigtently all the way without being afraid of breaking it , cuz there is a small gap in between
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By Patrick W
4.6 | 22 customer reviews
21 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are fantastic for the price. They are solid and easy to setup and take down. I've got a pair of Behringer 212XL's on them and have no concerns about stability. The case has pockets for each stand so they won't bang against each other. Really fantastic package. It arrived quicker than expected and was packed in a double box. Check the price around the web, these are generally more than double the price here on Weird, but I'm glad I got these!
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By hurricane
robuste et facile a installer
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A well-built lightweight stand. The only issue involved losing the height adjustment brake insert. It can easily dislodge if knuckle is excessively loosened.
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By Roderick M.
product price
4.5 | 26 customer reviews
25 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice post does its job well. adjustable for height with sliding ridged for safety pin.
Supports Blast King 15 inch 2 way atop Sub Woofer.
The height helps with high frequency dispersion.
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By The happy man
just what I needed and good price not much more to say its a pole
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By Karlo
The build quality is excellent, and the feel is fantastic. using with a single 18' sub, and a 12' loudspeaker.
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By Canadian guy
4.8 | 14 customer reviews
14 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I will definitely buy again from Hosa Technology. Good quality.
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By greg debkowski
I bought the wrong thing when I bought this cable, whoops! But..... it is a long, very well made cable. If it had been what I wanted I would’ve been happy.
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By Ryan Hemeon
This is a very good cable to its low price
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By Pierre Deslauriers