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4.6 | 520 customer reviews
479 of the 520 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Does what it is purchased for, that is protect the mattresses from accidents involving small children and diaper mishaps...

While it does that, the next most important thing is there is no sound if you toss around on the bed...which is what forced us to buy this protector coz the existing one used to emit painful noises if anyone moved on the bed.

Finish is almost nylony...and if your mattress is thinner than the maximum thickness of the cover- thinner than 19 odd wil be a wobbly fit-like it is for ours.

Highly recommended as a mattress protector
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By Tats
We've used a few mattress covers in the past and these are by far the best build quality I have seen to date. The mattress cover has a soft, cloth like texture to it whereas the previous ones I have owned felt like vinyl or abrasive plastic. The zippers are heavier and more durable than the other mattress covers I've used as well. Just be aware that these mattress covers will fit large as they are meant to hold a mattress and boxsping together or an oversize mattress.
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By Brandon
This completely covers your mattress and zippers up, there is a velcro tab on the zipper to cover the little hole at the end of a zipper. i would say its still theoretically possible for a bed bug to crawl along the zipper to the end and crawl in the tiny hole, but the chance of that would be extremely low, and im not sure if it would be able to find its way back out, so statistically this would be bedbug proof. probably as good as you can get without sealing the mattress in plastic.

the product description claims this will fit a 15" mattress but on the product packaging it says 15"-18". i have a 16.5" mattress and it covered it perfectly. i had no issues putting it on by myself.
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By Sean R.
4.7 | 93 customer reviews
86 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this for my son specifically as his daycare blanket. He loves it, its so soft. He doesnt usually nap with a blankie but ive been told at daycare he grabs it and cuddles it to sleep. So id say its a def win. I was waiting for a different print to become available to purchase another for when we travel.
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By Ms_franklinrose
I bought it as a gift and it came rolled up with a cute ribbon around it I had another gift, a plaque for the door with little owls too and they looked almost a match. I liked both textures of the pink side with little bumps and the printed smooth side. The mom I gave it to, loved it.
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By diane F
Great quality blanket for the price. Love the large size. It is a bit lighter weight than some I've purchased but washes great, serves the purpose and excellent price point for the Minky type fabric.
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By Oneworlonerace
4.6 | 144 customer reviews
135 of the 144 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just set it up. The chemical smell was not very strong at all.... I let air out for 24 hours anyways and washed the cover before putting it on . It was a tad small - next time i won't put it in the dryer lol.. I just left a tiny bit of it unzipped at the side- it's perfectly fine

My daughter loves it so far. Good buy especially for the price
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By samantha
My toddler has been sleeping on a Sealy mattress for 2 years now. I just bought this one for our second baby on the way and realized how UMCOMFORTABLE my daughters mattress is compared to this. I switched the mattresses immediately and will be ordering another one of these! I love that this doesn't have any springs.
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By StaceyN27
I would have given this mattress 5 stars, however after only 3 uses of my 5 month old sleeping on it I noticed the top layer of memory foam starting to peel away from the main piece of memory foam. Very disappointed in the quality. Initially we were really happy with the product. It was shipped quickly, no chemical smell once unpackaged, waterproof, double sided for infant/toddler use etc. It had ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a mattress. It is a bit hard to put the cover back on but with a bit of muscle is doable. Super upset as we are past the return time now and are stuck with a mattress that is faulty. Wish I had known sooner but we just transitioned our son to his own crib last week and found out too late.
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By Cody
4.5 | 376 customer reviews
334 of the 376 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used halo 100% cotton sleep sack since the start. the medium fit my skinny but average height baby from 6-12 months. Soon as he's 12 months I've gotten large and it looks like it'll fit him up to 18 months. So true to size. This is very thin so keep that in mind. I put one short sleeve shirt, then full sleeve tight pajamas on my baby before putting this on and temp in our house tends to be 70 degrees F or 21 degrees C. Sometimes I put socks on baby too if sleeper is not footed. I've used this in the Canadian winter and will use it in the summer. Use this if your baby tends to be sweaty in his sleep, this is light and breathable. My baby sleeps through the night so I think even though its very thin, it works! This particular one has
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By Rabi
My daughter is 12m, in 18mo clothes and would not hold a blanket on her to save her life.

What I like about this:
It’s large enough to grow into (more so than I expected)
Can’t kick it off
Good quality/well made

It’s thinner than I hoped for
The neck and arm holes are too big. Big enough to escape through them.
Also, not covering her chest (v neckline is too deep)

The reverse zipper is great for younger babies but not for squirmy toddlers. I don’t leave it on when I put her on the potty and she refuses to lie down for diaper changes so this feature is useless for us.
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By Paula
We usually love these cotton sleepsacks, but we recently ordered the pink feathers in small and received what appears to be a medium size one (when we compare to the medium and small size ones we already have in blue), but with a small tag. Either there was a mix-up with the tag or the sizes suddenly changed, but we wish we had known this before ordering so we could make sure to get the proper size for our 3 month old son.

Halo - if you're reading the reviews could you contact me and let me know if your sizes truly have changed or if this was a mistake? I'd love to still order a small like the small size we used to have, but no longer know if that's possible.

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4.6 | 101 customer reviews
94 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
- arrived quickly
- seems like it will definitely be more comfortable than the hard thing that comes with most playards
- Good price
- roll n carry straps were included so that's good

- Does curl very slightly when you put a fitted sheet on top, but nothing crazy
- upon opening package, had a slight odor from being vacuum sealed, but I was expecting way worse from all the other comments. Scent wasn't bad at all and it went away fairly quickly. I set it out for a week before using just to let it fully fluff up to its max size and also to let it air out.

Overall I am quite pleased with my purchase. Seems much nicer and more comfortable than the plasticy ones you can buy. We are going to send this one to the dayhome so our son can be much more comfortable napping.
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By Jasmine O
I bought this for a trip and didn't open the package until we arrived at our destination. It weighs about 3 pounds and didn't take up too much space in my luggage. Our toddler had given up on sleeping in the pack n play and I did a ton of research trying to find a mattress pad that would make it more comfortable. I couldn't seem to find any that matched the measurements of the inside of the pack n pay but took a gamble on this due to its ability to be rolled up. No real offensive smell. Let it open for about 12 hours but needed to use it that night. It was fine. What a life changing item. I will start by saying this is *NOT* safe for babies under 1 in my opinion- it's way too soft and there was a lot of gaps around the
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By Awills
It came promptly and it's nice and cushy. However it doesn't completely cover the bottom of our Graco pack n play, it's a bit smaller. Since my son moves a lot in his sleep he always seems to fall off the matress topper and he ends up in the corner, stuck between the topper and the mesh wall. He's old enough that it's not a security hazard, but it's also not comfortable for him. It's unfortunate because if it was just a smidge bigger it would be perfect :/
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By Bibi
4.8 | 38 customer reviews
37 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really soft material. I tought it would be larger but it’s ok for a newborn
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By Lindsay Leslie Lamour
Extremely fast shipping! Very soft, gorgeous swaddle. Headband will be the perfect size for our sweet newborn coming soon!
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By Jo
Arrived on Time, looks great as shown in pictures. My baby girl is slaying on the hairpiece with bow and the bodywrap material is soft. Great buy, I will be ordering some more matching headpiece and bodywrap.
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By Rachel Kiiza
4.6 | 84 customer reviews
77 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My 2 years old wakes up quite often during the night because his head sweats easily while he is sleeping. Summer is coming, so I thought it is a must to find a proper crib mattress cover made of natural fabric, vinyl-free and non-toxic in general. This mattress protector looked like a right choice and it is really nice indeed! It is well made, and I heard a lot of good things about bamboo fabric features.
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By George Kalashnikov
My first order arrived with a small stain. I contacted customer service immediately and was responded to very promptly and received a new one just days later. Our little one has already had a few accidents on the cover when I have put her in the crib without a diaper for some nudie time or between changes and it has protected the mattress perfectly! Also love that it is fitted and not just a mat that lays on top of the mattress. Between the customer service and the quality of the product, I would recommend!
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By Amazon Customer
They crib mattress looks nice and feels soft. But after washing and putting it on the dryer, it kinda tangled and left a mark when we tried untangling it (check photos). Maybe just be careful with the settings of your dryer when washing it (not on HIGH setting or more than over 80 Degrees C). We contacted the seller and they were kind and prompt to respond with the issue. Overall, still a nice product and I am giving them 4 stars because they are very nice and I recommend this seller!
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product price
4.5 | 129 customer reviews
114 of the 129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
very soft! like flannel like feel. stretchy and deep pocketed to fit all toddler mattresses. VERY impressed with this purchase and price is epic for quality! just disappointed i didnt find this item earlier for my son :) the first night we got the sheets we washed and dried, added to my sons bed and he was very excited about the sheet. he kept 'petting' the sheet saying SEE, SOFT. SIT MOM! SEE. so obviously this is a great upgrade from our normal walmart cotton sheets LOL
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By Yogigoddess
I like the feel of this sheet and it fits the mattress nice and snug. Now that my baby is a little older (11mo) she is starting to get a preference for things, and she DEFINITELY prefers this sheet over the others I have (falls asleep faster and sleeps longer)! I will likely only be using these from now on so I would certainly recommend!!
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By Sambi
Just got them yesterday, followed the washing instructions perfectly and they shrunk on the first wash. They're not as soft as expected but they will do. Also, fabric softness is inconsistent- one of the sheets is softer than the other. Aside from shrinking (fit crib mattress perfectly before washing) they will get the job done.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 124 customer reviews
110 of the 124 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Now THESE are exactly what I was looking for. They are exactly like a comfortable adult pillow only smaller. I saw that because I have purchased 'toddler' pillows online and have been extremely disappointed (and almost double the price, for ONE) they we were like a foam square lacking ANY comfort. But these are PERFECT. Just a miniature pillow, no different then what I sleep on, and a perfect size for my 1 1/2 year old. Love love love. I highly recommend these pillows!
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By Amazon Customer
Super soft and comfy. Looks and feels just like an adult pillow just alot smaller....alot smaller. Make sure to measure before buying. My toddler barely moves her head and almost falls off the pillow. I wouldn’t buy again based on the size. Not recommend for young young kids as it’s fairly high and fluffy.
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By Amazon Customer
I washed the pillows before use and put a pillow case on, but still my daughter showed allergic skin reaction shortly after we use this pillow, have to return it. If your kid doesn't have issues then this is a great pillow, nice size, soft, fluffy, wash well in the washer and dryer. My daughter doesn't have allergic skin type, fine with regular baby soap and regular laundry detergent so I'm really surprise that she's allergic to this pillow. Sad.
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By H. Lau
4.5 | 119 customer reviews
105 of the 119 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are quite cheap compared to most sheets, however quality wise they are on par with the more expansive ones you find online. They are pretty thin but you can't ask for more at this price. The colours came as in the picture, so I was happy. I like them and would buy them again.
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By spacepirat3
I bought these thinking they were ivory, but they're actually a pastel yellow. It's very nice to see that they fit our crib mattress properly though. Most other sheets had to be over stretched. I would have given these 5-stars for the fit & price, but the fabric is incredibly thin. Jersey cotton should be thicker and as a result more durable. I'm a bit scared to stretch these to get a really snug fit when I change them, because I think they'll rip easily.
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By Jen
Decent quality crib sheet, fits well. Figured it's worth mentioning that the "pink" is a bit different in person. Very light peachy/coral pink. Will keep as a spare since it doesn't quite match the other pinks in the nursery.
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By Jen
4.5 | 95 customer reviews
80 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Happy with these sheets as they work for both the Babyletto origami mini and the pack n’ play we have. It says that it could fit a 5 inch mattress, but I would recommend no thicker than 3 inch. In the photos I've uploaded, you can see how it fits the 3 inch mattress we have. Tight at first but eventually fits well, although it just covers the two longer sides of the mattress.
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I was searching for sheet as a replacement sheet for my babybjorn travel crib. After reading many of the reviews for this product, I thought this would be a great option. However, this does not fit the BabyBjorn travel crib perfectly as many of the reviews state.

I originally had the BabyBjorn brand sheet but after misplacing it I was looking for a cheaper option. The size of this sheet causes the mattress to bunch in the middle, which looks very uncomfortable to me. It is possible to adjust it slightly to make it fit better so that the corners of the sheet do not align with the mattress, but I would definitely say this is not perfect fit.

It comparison to the BabyBjorn sheet, you can tell the quality is not the same. The sheet is thinner and not as soft. However, the sheet is average quality and if the sheet
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By Alicia
Nice soft sheets, fits my pack n' play playard perfectly. Gave it four stars though as if you have pets that want to lay on it (cats), the hair really sticks to it and it is not that easy to lint brush off, I do have other sheets that do not have this issue and are easier to clean the pet hair off. But if you don't have pets that will be on the sheets, would definitely recommend.
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By Megan
4.5 | 68 customer reviews
60 of the 68 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super happy with this purchase! I’m using it for a baby shower this weekend. I quickly set it up this evening to see how it will look and it’s perfect.
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A good quality bed canopy in Quebec is about 130$, so for 40$ (shipping included and no taxes) i'm very happy! It's light grey, cotton (I wanted something not translucide so my girls could hide in it), very wrinkled (oh well, used my iron). I can see that it's rather cheap, but my girls won't. Received withing a week with standard free shipping. Used our own metal hook (not the cheap complicated plastic one they provided). Easy to assemble.
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By Vicky
i spent a lot of time online looking for these, they're really cute but apparently when you live in canada they're not easy to buy for a decent price. there are lots on amazon but it's hard to know if they will be good quality. i eventually ended up on this one because it would have taken too long for the dark blue one i wanted to arrive, and if i recall it was twice the price. this showed up quickly and i found it easy to install but i already had a hook in place prior to this. it's well constructed, and it looks really cute in my son's nursery! my daughter wants one now
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By think_likeafox
4.7 | 28 customer reviews
26 of the 28 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I LOVE this set. It's vibrant & perfect. Looks & feels like good quality. Exactly as described/shown. Shipping was very fast, arrived in 2 business days. I wish the fitted sheet was a bit softer to be more gentle on Baby's skin but it's not a big deal. I can just place a light blanket down before laying Baby. Can't wait to set this up in my newborn's crib. I highly recommend.
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By Alisha McLeod
Awesome product to tie my nemo themed nursery together. Great material and so cute!! Tie it all together with some decals and fresh coat of paint. The room looks amazing! Lots of items for a reasonable price and it even arrived very quickly!
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By Amazon Customer
Quality if frabric is cheap feeling the blanket has rough stitching no very safe for infants. The colours do not match image alot more faded.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 53 customer reviews
47 of the 53 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Soft and simple to wash. Feels a bit thin so I am curious to see how it holds up (been in rotation for about 2-3 months). Good value for the money though when compared to others.
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By Amazon Customer
I was so pleased with the quality and how vibrant the navy colour was that I purchased two! Very happy with my order
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By Jen
Shipping was super fast, however these are a lot thinner than I was expecting. Feel soft but definitely more for summer use then in winter to keep baby warm.
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By Mysti
4.8 | 22 customer reviews
21 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was pleasantly surprised when i got this set. Package was very big so duvet and pillow were soft - no need to soften and wait for few days for pillow to get its shape. Color is nice - unisex with both pink and green/ blue stripes. Material is super soft, i really didnt expect it to be this soft. Bed shet fits ikea bed and standard mattress perfectly. Bumpers have tie strings which is great. One thing i wish in here is bumper covers to come off for washing. A huge plus are small string ties on the inside of the duvet so everything stays in place. Never knew this was a thing but this is amazing add!!
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By Marina G.
Came well packed in its own carry case. Set is very soft, beautifullycoloured and a very well made, quality set. The sheet fits a regular size crib mattress well and very smoothly no wrinkles. Bumpers tie on easily and everything looks like a nice fit. The quilt is bigger than the mattress so
you have that nice roomy feel and look to it. Would look good on a youth bed or daybed as well. This is for a baby shower, it is going to make an awesome gift. I am so happy with this purchase. Highly recommend for a gift or for yourself.
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By Linda G
The quality is very good and well packaged. It contains 9 babies bedding, pillows, and quilts are very soft, and I think the baby lying on it will be very comfortable. It also has 4 cotton bumpers, which are very thick and can protect the baby. I believe this is a good gift for a friend or family member who has a "little one". I think this is a good choice.
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By Marianne
4.5 | 42 customer reviews
39 of the 42 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can't beat the price for this set. We compared the same quality at all the stores and it was 2 or 3 times the price for the same quality, similar items. Looks beautiful. Just like the images. I would buy again without question. It's not thick luxurious stuff, but if you want any better it will cost you big time. Lots of pieces and we did receive our diaper bag with the order. If you found my review helpful please click the Helpful button below.
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By 12valdivia
Tout simplement superbe, la qualité est bonne aussi.
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By Client d'Amazon
Great product and quality. I was so excited to receive it in the mail. My son enjoys sleeping in his crib. The blanket is really soft too. I hope the musical mobile will ship soon too
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By Abby
4.3 | 181 customer reviews
154 of the 181 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is Amazing! I purchased two for my DIY outdoor sectional. It is better than I expected! It is firm and comfy.
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By Amazon Customer
Very impressed with the quality of this mattress. We have been foster parents for 24 years and this mattress is probably the best we have used so far, and we have gone through several during that time. It is definitely waterproof and the mattress sheets fit perfectly, unlike most other mattresses. We are actually thinking of purchasing a second one. Highly recommend it!
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By Mike L
Did a lot of research on mattresses for my little one and decided on this one… it comes shrink wrapped and when I cut it open It popped up quickly, didn’t smell any gases and my little one sleeps well on it. Fits very tight in the crib which is great and it is firm so there’s no worries about baby sinking into the mattress at all.
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4.3 | 152 customer reviews
122 of the 152 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exactly what we needed. We tried a few different sacks and sleep pods but this one superceded them all by quite a bit. My baby is just under 10 lbs and the small fits her just fine even though the suggested weight is 13 lbs. I just make sure her face is away from any obstructions and shes fastened in snuggly. I like that it has the option to keep her arms free, or to grow into and help her transition. I'm happy my search for the right sleep device has come to an end. Shes only 5 weeks I cant say anything about her trying to break free or the strength of the velcro, but it seems pretty sufficient.
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By Tina
These saved our daughter who was always startling herself awake. I immediately bought a second one but then realized they run small. Why aren't they available in large or XL? My daughter is a bit tall for her age and can barely fit into these. Plus when babies wiggle around, the swaddle then shifts higher on their bodies and the length gets even tighter. This fabric is nice and breathable - even a bit stretchy which is nice. They also sell fleece versions which doesn't have as much give so the length is very problematic . Anyway.. tldr, these are awesome. Please make bigger ones :(
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By Rusty
Does this sleep sack come in a thinner material? It is rated TOG 1.5, and that's a bit too warm for the summer. I put my LO in a sleeveless onesie to avoid overheating. The velcro is scratchy, so I fold it over on itself when I first start putting my son in the sleep sack, to avoid scratching his arm. He also always finds a way to get both his arms free from the swaddle, so oftentimes I need to wake up and reswaddle him. I like that it unzips from the bottom for diaper changes at night. Overall, I still prefer this sleep sack over the Love to Dream sleep sack.
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By .Phyll.
4.6 | 27 customer reviews
25 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these a little while ago and they're great. They're a nice quality, soft on top with a thin plastic bonded to the back. Never had any leaks on the mattress, and trust me, my son definitely put them to the test! My only regret is not getting these sooner. I highly recommend these.
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By Ibee
Fit my baby's mattress from Ikea (Pelleplut)
I Washed it before use and even put it in the dryer, kept its size !
2 for the price of one! Very pleased with my purchase! Definitely recommend it!
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By Jonah R
Haven't used yet as baby has not arrived. They are softer than I anticipated for the price. I was worried they'd be quite plasticky and noisy but that's not the case at all. Haven't had a chance yet to give feedback on how waterproof or how well they wash.
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By Kathryn R.
4.4 | 48 customer reviews
41 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just received the sheets. I haven’t washed them yet but am quite happy with how soft they feel. The patterns are cute and the price point is great. Hopefully they hold up through a lot of washing. The shipping was super fast. I got standard shipping that said it would take 6 days and it was delivered the very next day. I would order these again.
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By Amazon Customer
They are thin so perfect for warmer nights which is why I bought them. However they are really loose even with drying them, I wish they were a bit more snug on the mattress because my son likes to pull at it and I am constantly fixing his sheet. Otherwise they are soft and great value for the money.
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By Natasha T
The fit was perfect for my mattress, but the texture of the sheets wasn't as soft as I had expected them to be. They stained easily as well, if my baby spat up a little bit on the sheets, even if I was to wash them immediately after, you could still see the stain afterwards. My baby has fairly sensitive skin, and I noticed he had a slight reaction from these sheets. I would not purchase these again.
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By Mamambear