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4.9 | 487 customer reviews
479 of the 487 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They work very well. I tried some other lesser-known brand and there would be the odd patchy bubble-shaped heat stains, if you can imagine what I mean? Kind of like water marks. But these Scotch brand ones come through clear over the whole page. They also don't curl hardly after being heated. It would be great if they formulated a glare-free version!

But now that I'm almost out of the current box I have (I'm a teacher so I go through these quickly), the price has doubled 2x since April of this year?? I can see price increases as per market ups and downs... but from $18 to $34 is pretty hard to swallow. Either they were losing a lot of money before selling this as a loss leader, or there's some serious markup going on. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to look elsewhere for this, now. I really like Amazon
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By J. L. in Toronto
I bought a pack of 100 for less than $20 a few weeks ago but they've gone way up in price since then. They're great and do the job well. I'm a teacher and use these mostly for PECs for my special education class and these sheets are very durable. I know now to buy a few packs when they go on sale.
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I regret buying the laminating sheets at the stationary store !! I had to pay more with less quantities. My daughter loves to draw and laminate her artwork, so I use them a lot. It is 100 sheets at 19.99. So much cheaper than the retail and the quality is as good as the ones I paid more. I am totally satisfied !!
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By Gb kim
4.8 | 932 customer reviews
902 of the 932 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Je doutais de la qualité de ce produit étant donné le prix mais j'ai lu les commentaires et ils disaient vrais. Le produit est merveilleux. Je peux vous dire que présentement je plastifie à la chaîne et après 65 feuilles de plastifier....le tout fonctionne merveilleusement bien, même pas besoin de passer deux fois, J'utilise la lamineuse Scotch après avoir aussi lu les commentaires.
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By Orthopédagogie Natacha Lecompte
Excellent pouches! I use these with my Scotch Thermal Laminator, (TL902-C) and they seal completely and quickly every single time. They also stay sealed when I use them on something small and then cut it out of the larger sheet. They work just as well, if not better, than the more expensive brands I've used in the past.
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By Heather
took me an embarassing amount of time to figure out that each sheet is actually TWO sheets that you peel apart, then slip the paper you want to laminate in between the two. My first few tries I was using unpeeled sheets on either side of a piece of paper and panicking that it wouldn't "laminate." Hey, the box didn't come with instructions. Haha, now I've figured that out I can honestly say these work GREAT and are by far the cheapest option on the market. Definitely will be buying these again.
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By Leonard
4.7 | 2,928 customer reviews
2,741 of the 2,928 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Never really considered getting a gaming pad until I've seen some youtube videos with ppl using them. They really give a clean look to the desk and allows you to ditch the mouse pad. I've done a bunch of search on Amazon and came across the SteelSeries. The fabric was exactly what I was looking for. This pad rolled out and flattened really well from the beginning (keep in mind they ship these pads rolled up).After a day the very edges are also flat against the desk. As other reported, there is a sort of chemical like, rubbery smell to it. Honestly doesn't bother me as I think it did others. Sort of that new car smell, hehe. After a few days of ownership the smell has faded away. The only thing about the pad is you will notice particles and
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By t3silver
It is a very good mouse pad for gaming.

I bought this mouse pad to play CSGO and to replace my Roccat Alumic mouse pad that sometimes is too small.

-I just the perfect size for gaming especially when you keep your DPI settings low.
-Offers ample mouse movement.
-Texture is very good and allows for precise adjustment.
-Lays on the desk real flat and has no wavy shape.

-None really.

Conclusion: it is a very good mouse pad, but for those used tom hard surfaces like the Roccat Alumic or the Razer Firefly, you might just have a hard time adjusting to material, but for users or regular mouse pad, this is as good as they get.
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By cac2222
The pad is huge and looks great on my desk. The only reason for 4 stars is the smell.

I am sure that the smell will go away. But when I opened it in the office someone immediately says "I hope that one doesn't smell like fish". Once I heard this and smelled it ... YUP. FISH. Why is this??!@#? Some crazy off gassing of the material used must resemble a fish like smell. So very strange.
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By Ryan
4.7 | 1,471 customer reviews
1,358 of the 1,471 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my first laminator, and I forced to stop myself before I ended up laminating everything I was able to push into the device.
It takes at least five minutes to heat it up.
The laminating process is reasonably fast, just about forty seconds per sleeve. When the plastic is out, it is not hot.
I have used 0.3 m sheets, and the results were excellent - no bubbles, curls or waves. For some thick projects, I have sent it through machine two-three times, to make sure it glued evenly.
So far I used the laminator to seal kindergarten flash cards, family photos, groceries lists, sharts for kids, artworks, kids' drawings, festive bookmarks.
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By Turquoise
I'm so pleased with this purchase. Though the laminating pouches are quite expensive, it's nowhere near the cost of getting things laminated at a store.
As soon as I received my package, I went about laminating all of my recipe cards.
As an English language teacher, this machine will save me from having to reprint flash cards and game cards after one use.

I haven't had any issues with air bubbles or jamming thus far. The only con I've noticed is that the machine gives off a bad smell, like melting plastic, the first few times you use it.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with this product!
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By Lily Bell
Great laminator for the price, I'd recommend it.
I used it with Deco foil to create foil letters using lasetjet printed words on cardstock and paper.
It takes a bit to heat up but then it works well. I always run each piece with foil through twice just to be safe, and haven't had any issues.
Used it to create all of my DIY wedding invitations this way!
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By Becka Scott
4.8 | 237 customer reviews
229 of the 237 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Although he was reluctant to get this, the verdict from my 12 year old is this is awesome for making slime. Saved $10 from buying this brand instead of the more expensive glue so it's win win for me!
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By Lisa
Omg! I love this product. It is perfect for slime and the price is right. Hopefully you will be making clear glue soon as well.
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By Martine G.
Great value, and works for slime! Waaayyy cheaper then the Elmer’s flue :)
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By Jodi O'Hara
4.6 | 1,107 customer reviews
1,000 of the 1,107 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was unsure at first, seemed like everyplace on amazon sold this exact same product. I was wrong.

It came to my doorstep STUPID fast. Like you think you know about fast, but really.. You don't. I unboxed this beautiful bastard faster then any child at Christmas. After looking at it for a minute, I quickly figured out how easy setup would be. Everyone here talking about getting the monitors on the bar with two people are clearly un-dedicated. Just face your monitors downwards, put the open part of the arms towards the bar, slide it in place like butter, and tighten. Not hard.

All I can say is buy this thing, and buy it before they run out. It's built like a rock. It's held my two monitors in place perfectly. Setup took maybe 4 minutes if you're not stupid and generally speaking I laugh like a little girl every time
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By keegan tennant
Wow, what a value. This stand shows up at my house the next day for $55 all-in ; incredible. I was worried that it would be a problem with my 2 curved CF390 series monitors, but it absolutely was a perfect match. The articulating arms are solid and fulcrum in all the right places. They secure just right too!

I performed a little modification when using the grommet option. I drilled an 11/32 hole in the desk top and discarded the upper large black metal grommet piece they included. I used a fender washer on the top of the desk sandwiched with the large included lower plate. Super clean, super strong.

As the previous reviewer stated, don't hesitate, buy it!!!
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By Kungfuthug
This is a great dual arm monitor mount.

The main two issues I encountered was one of the rotating Vesa back plates was so greased/lubed up That the monitors could spin so I had to put a little tape back there to prevent it from spinning so easily.

The second issue was it was really difficult to attach the main clamp base I feel like if they would’ve given an Allen key that was a little bit smaller it could’ve rotated easier.

Other than that completely impressed & love this product it feels very high quality for the price you pay I would definitely buy more stuff from Vivo.
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By Certified Reviews
4.6 | 1,059 customer reviews
955 of the 1,059 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
J'ai commandé ce coussin parce que je suis atteinte de discarthrose lombaire multi-étagée et que j'ai souffert récemment de plusieurs hernies lombaires simultanées avec pincements des nerfs sciatique et crural qui me causaient de très grandes douleurs au dos, aux muscles fessiers et à toute la jambe gauche, je ne pouvais plus me porter sur mes fesses si je m'assoyais sur une chaise droite. Je suis maintenant dans un processus de réadaptation et mon coussin "Everlasting Comfort" a grandement amélioré les choses pour moi, je suis absolument satisfaite de ce produit, il est réellement de qualité orthopédique, très confortable, juste assez ferme, la forme est bien pensée et la qualité de finition est impeccable ! De plus, l'emballage était parfait et le délai de livraison très court !
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By Nicole Marcoux
I am 170lb 5'7" and I found the seating area is too small. If it was a couple of inches wider it would be good product. The material is well made and the quality is good. Great communication from re-seller. I had an issue with the cushion and they address it with total satisfaction.
Great company to work with.
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By Hawaii Ko Olina
if i could give more then 5 stars i would, bought this for my husband for Christmas as he has Ankylosing Spondylitis and he is absolutely amazed buy it, as far as the customer service it was absolutely amassing i bought this way before Christmas and may not of even given a second look without the lightning deal for boxing day i am so glad i did it was well worth it and then some i strongly recommend this product no words can explain how much it improved my husbands ability to even sit and join us for a meal at the table im just amazed as how much a cushion can help thank you
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By Ristine
4.6 | 945 customer reviews
865 of the 945 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the Canon ink but it's so expensive and that packaging is ridiculous - a huge box for a small ink is silly enough but then you get to that lovely hard plastic that is a challenge to open without cutting yourself. Come on Canon, get into the recycle state of mind!
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By Paulette Stoltz
I printed 250 sheets and used 2 black and 2 color cartridges in XL. Very few pictures. I don't know how they could have gotten 300 prints per cartidge, even if they were all printed in black. Very good quality of printing no smudging.
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By edith
Couldnt wait to get these inks, but am somewhat disappointed. Used in a new printer, hardly used the ink, yet already ink is very light colored and almost out. These are suppose to be XL...I assumed there would be more ink in them then the reg size. I don't know...maybe they are old?
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By Kim Rayko
4.7 | 348 customer reviews
321 of the 348 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great deal so look no further! Best deal on 8.5'11" multipurpose paper for professional prints that I could find online after many hours of extensive comparison shopping! This is a must-have for multimedia artists and all photographers, as well as crafters and hobbyists (shout-out to Pinterest lovers!) and also businesses looking for professional and beautiful printer paper for high quality colours for images and sharp text with perfect brightness! Disregard the reviews about damage during shipping which appears to have been addressed by Amazon because they have shipped it in a carefully packaged box with no damage to the paper at all, which surely would have happened if it was not shipped in the box. I bought this item with no worries because I can trust Amazon to resend any damaged items without any hassle, and I am very pleased that I did so. I highly recommend this product to
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By Amazon Customer
updated- Amazon fixed the price after my suggestion, and the seller also clarified helped with this request.
Big plus for the seller.

Used with a basic laser printer- and for duplex printing.
Good basic paper-good product, use it for all every-day printing needs, copying, etc. Shopped for best pricing. cheaper here than on Staples
Like the Brightness and the thickness, the weight, feel.
It's very close to the highest quality; a little more affordable. Acid-free. FSC-certified (mix of reusable materials).
Recommended to others, works in small and big copiers, clean, clear copies.
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By Conscious consumer
Great amount of paper for the price and the Hammermill Print App came free as well which allows me to easily print text messages, emails, call logs etc right from my phone which most apps don't.
The paper is 97 brightness and gives a nice crisp print versus the 92 brightness paper.

Great buy.
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By Prime User
4.6 | 706 customer reviews
656 of the 706 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good home shredder. It can take up to 8 sheets, but I usually just go with 6. It will stop working if something gets stuck, and usually you can unplug it and just remove the extra paper that got it stuck and continue. Just a little note though, it stucks everytime it tries to shred something with glue on it (like stickers), so you might want to remove those and tear them by hand (no problem with envelopes though).
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By Ellie
Used it a few times now, and so far so good. It does work as advertised, and as one gets closer to shredding 8 sheets at once, the unit has to work harder and harder. That being said, I think that 8 sheets at once is good enough for home use. I haven't tried credit cards yet, so I cannot speak to that. However, I did use it for a prolonged period of time - over 30 min. - and the unit did get very warm, and then eventually shut down all together, - as it should - in order to cool down. After under 1 hour, it was good to go again.
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This is a reliable shredder at a budget price. The unit is supposed to handle 8 sheets at a time. However is you put more than 3 or four sheets in at a time, the motor really strains. It will shut off more prematurely than if you had used less sheets. Sufficient for homes and small businesses in a home. It worked well after a little experimentation. The shredder must be properly inserted into the waste basket in order for the unit to start. The paper should be vertical and centred when inserting into the slot.

I shredded 2 years of business papers without difficulty... but not continually. Overall it is what I wanted at a very reasonable price.
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By labelmicro
4.7 | 253 customer reviews
240 of the 253 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I read a lot of reviews for this type of product before deciding to buy this one and I'm glad I did. This typically the type of thing for which you can say "you get what you pay for". This one is a bit pricier but it arrives flat in a large size Amazon box, NOT rolled up and therefore full of creases, etc. It's a big on the thick side, not flimsy like Dollar shop ones, the day boxes are large enough that, with a small handwriting you can probably fit 5-6 items. Also the grid is made of 6 rows not 5 so you can start from the end of the previous month and encompass more time. The magnet is great, sticks really well. All is all, very happy and satisfied.
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By Sequoia
Love it ! Sticks well and love the different colour markers !
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By Shadae Rochelle
Works on my stainless steel fridge. Wonderful quality. It's like a much thicker magnet. You can feel a difference right out of the packaging compared to cheap dollar store stuff. I've had it on for about 2 weeks now. I bought Expo dry erase fine markers to use on it and it works great and erases without any stains so far.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 340 customer reviews
308 of the 340 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I order it and it arrives at my door cheaper or at the same cost as the store but I don't have to leave the house and no shipping costs. What more can you ask for! I mostly print fast and economically but have great results. Great value, genuine item, made in Japan and seems to print forever...I don't refill when I get the warning my ink is low. I use ALL of my cartridge and it lasts far past the warnings. It seems to run out when I am out of town and my husband has to print off several pages of agreements though. I guess that's Murphy's Law.
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By Charlene
I obviously knew this would be a great product I've been using for a years buying it from Wal-Mart! But what makes it exceptional with a 5 star rating is that I get it delivered to my door. Ok, ok...I know that takes it to a whole new level of lazy, but ink is something I don't use very often so when it runs out -or close to running out- I just click on amazon and 2 days later it's at my front porch.
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By Naturallysam
zero stars
i ordered these cartridges approximately one month ago and put them in my printer less than one week ago.
printing seemed to be fine and then i looked in the machine and the black ink was spraying all over inside. then, when i tried to photocopy a page, it printed as though i was running out of ink. however, i could print from a file no problem. i had to clean the inside of the machine many times so removed the cartridge today and replaced it with another black ink. now i can print and photocopy with no praying inside my machine.
amazon says that as of may 8th i have no recourse to return or exchange this cartridge. i didn't even try it before may 8th!!!!
i can find no customer service email to follow up on this issue so i'm putting it in my review. i'm not impressed, i had
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By putu
4.6 | 295 customer reviews
266 of the 295 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Such a convenient way to get fast prints, the pictures are smaller than id like but that was an error on my end as the size was clearly in the item title! the app is very user friendly and the quality of the pictures is above decent. Sometimes if the colours in your image are too concentrated the print may not come out the best (the blueish picture in my image attached). Ive already ordered more printing paper, love that ink isn't required. Great item I do recommend, but also look into the HP sprocket that maybe does 3x4" or bigger! its likely more pricey but worth it.
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By Amazon Customer
I have recently purchased the Sprocket printer and i was trying to find the "Zink" paper but i didn't find them in stores nesr my area.

I was lucky enought to find them on amazon althought i would have prefered to be able to purchase them without having to spend 25$ to be able to buy them but other than that they work very well and are exactly the same as the one i had with my Sprocket.
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By Le Geek Father [✓]
Paper is alright. I don't find the colours of my images printed as vibrant as I hoped. I also received I guess a defective package as all my photos from a pack came out with a black stripe down every image. Pretty disappointed in that since photo paper for the machine isn't the cheapest!
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By mmlaw
4.8 | 136 customer reviews
131 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great package combo for Canon Selphy1300 printer. Genuine products from Canon. The ink cartridge will last about 80 pages of printout. And once it's done it's done. Wish they had a recyle program for it. Thanks seller and Amazon for product and delivery on time
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By Lourd L.
Great paper/ink package.
Had doubts that this new cartridge design would be compatible with my old selphy printer, but it fit perfectly. Trust the reviews!

The photo quality that I can achieve with my selphy setup is so much better than what I can get at the instant photo labs, which always seem off-coloured and more pixelated.
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By L. Nowak
The print is ok not the best - Walmart prints come out better.... but the actual machine it goes in itself is crap - this machine doesn't print edited images so if your file is a JPEG it won't work. It has to be a JPG. Total waste of money.
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By S
4.6 | 285 customer reviews
260 of the 285 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A surprisingly good item.

- Comes in a little notebook with a plastic cover
- You can flip to each color, and pull out the color of your choice

- The little flip-book it comes in (with a plastic cover) is very nice; the back and the front are protected from folds / other damage
- The adhesive on the back of each sheet is decent; it's not no-name brand rubbish adhesive
- The paper itself is decent, and none of my pens/pencils have issues with it. No residue, no waxy stuff, reasonable thickness

I think the most important thing is that, as I have stated, this product comes in a little notebook with a durable plastic front and back. Highly recommended.
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By P W
This product surprised me, in a good way. First surprise was the quick shipping; it arrived within a day of ordering, which is amazing as I live in NS and nothing ships here in 1 day. Second surprise was that the product far exceeded my expectations. As a master's student at University these really are a life saver (I wish I had them in my undergrad!). The body of the sticky is lined (wide ruled) and has a fair amount of space where you can record your notes. They are wide-ruled and solid in colour (not transparent). The set I ordered contained 6 vibrant colours; yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, and purple.

There are 10 sticky sheets in each of the 6 different colours, for a total of 60 sticky-notes per set. The sets are contained within an individually wrapped booklet. The sets are individual pads separate by a paper back.
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By Amanda
I wasn't sure about these, but they were offered as an add-on with another order, so I gave them a try. I am quite pleased with these. The paper is quite thick and sturdy; they're easy to tear out of the little book without ripping; they stick very well; there's lots of room for writing notes on these. Love the tabs! Finally, they come in a very sturdy plastic notebook-like cover that protects them. I will definitely buy them again.
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By Lisa
4.7 | 163 customer reviews
153 of the 163 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our old Scansnap S300 stopped working after many years of flawless service without any parts being replace. It outlasted other gear like printers and computers. That experience made Fujitsu the preferred choice this time. Favourable reviews lead me to the iX500. It's amazing. The speed is much much faster but doesn't cause jams. The sheet feeder holds more pages. As before, you can scan to Evernote.

There are other pleasant surprises. You can scan small items like fortunes from fortune cookies by using the supplied plastic sheet feeder. You can scan wider pages the same way. You can scan credit cards too. The bonus is wireless scanning.

I'm expecting many years of worry-free service again
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By Promod Sharma
I have two of these iX500 ScanSnap units. love them.
best scanner out there for heavy duty use.
scanning is really fast and accurate, and the software will auto rotate the scanned page if you don't insert it perfectly -- like smaller receipts.
I've scanned tens of thousands of pages through these machines and they just keep on working.
If it jams, its very simple to remove the page and re-scan.
The auto-power off feature is a nice touch (I have my set to 20 minutes).

Very highly recommended!!
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By ep7
Only had it 2 weeks to date. So, far - excellent scanner but for inability to scan far. Excellent software that comes with it. But while I was able to get it to work perfectly while attached with a USB, I had to resort to that when it would not scan when connected wirelessly, which is what I tried to set up first. No troubleshooting would solve the inability to scan wirelessly, even after confirming it was connected to the network and "Ready to Scan". Would give it 5 stars if that had worked out of the box. Still hopeful it will work that way, but just have not had the always ridiculous amount of time it takes to solve wireless connection issues. But if wireless is not an issue, could not recommend this more. For the price, I am hoping
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By ShopperExtraordinaire
4.5 | 418 customer reviews
373 of the 418 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I converted from inkjet to laser and i'm loving it! A solid printer!

The included installation CD did not work for me, you will have to download the "Full Driver & Software Package" from Brother's support page online (after entering the model number).

Setup is fairly straight forward; it may take a couple of tries for it to initially connect to the WiFi, I had to use the WLAN Setup Wizard from the printer LCD midway through the computer software installation, and then proceed with the installation once the printer was connected to the WiFi.

Only need to set it up once and it is pretty much available to use from any other device connected to the WiFi network

Really well built printer, very impressive performance.
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By TheCustomer
Received it today . Fast delivery and price excellent at $139 & taxes because Bureau en Gros/ Office Depot had terminated their sale this Tuesday and would not give me the sale price.

Internet- web comments drove me to buy it and at $139 ! I decided to forego Faxing which this printer does not have. and... I don't fax that much anyway with e-mails and JPG files today.

Set-up was OK , took a bit of time but it worked first try ! Print quality is superb. my old( +10 years) Samsung SCX4826FN MFC was starting to ghost even with a new toner pack and I did not want to sent it out for expensive repairs being 10 years + . R.I.P.

The 2550dw printer is wireless but I hooked it up on
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By Crosbyman
I bought this for my wife who s a teacher and is constantly printing tests, lessons, worksheets, etc.

The HP all-in-one- inkjet I originally got her her was causing her many, many problems. But we always found a way to get past the headaches and make it work. Then it finally gave up the ghost. The touchscreen stopped working so we couldn't connect the printer to our WiFi network anymore.

I told my wife that I was through with inkjets and I would get her a laser printer. After a little research, I found out that not only were laser printers very affordable, but that Brother had an excellent reputation for laser printers! At this price point, I had no trouble taking a chance.

It's only been a month, but unlike the HP inkjet, the Brother DCPL2550DW has worked flawlessly right from the beginning without a hitch. The only time-consuming part was the
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By Steven Tremblay
4.5 | 359 customer reviews
317 of the 359 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was skeptical about this bag at first from just pictures but when I actually got it, it's actually amazing! The style and design, how compact it is but with tons of compartments! It's a really great bag for everyday use, especially while in school / post secondary. I use this bag because I walk a lot and the charging compartment is really convenient and doesn't weigh down my pockets so that's definitely a plus!
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By Michael Han
Bag arrived nicely package no damage I have yet to try the lock etc . What I find a little unfair from the product when advertised is on the main page where it gives a description it makes it sound like you don’t need a battery bank with this bag that the wires with the bag does that instead it’s not until the second or third page of this product in VERY SMALL PRINT that it informs you need to buy a battery bank separately . That’s the only downfall and complaint I habe thus far . I wish it would be advertised in the MAIN description with the bag because it can seem very deceiving otherwise. I had to purchase the battery bank separately posted in pics . As for water proof not sure yet .
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By hollyjane81
by north american standards, this is a small bag. so don't try and fit a 3 course meal or 6 grapefruits in it. I find it best as a tech bag, for a medium sized laptop and accessories. It can't hold many textbooks or art supplies. I haven't found it very "water resistant", but if you shake it off fast enough then the water doesn't have time to absorb and you get to splash strangers. bonus for not being robbed yet - so i guess it's kind of anti-theft!
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 319 customer reviews
282 of the 319 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this projector for Travel movie nights and I have to say that this device impressed me with Casting feature, amazing sharpness and HD quality. Easy to carry and very light weight. I can't believe how they made this small inexpensive device with many features like other big players.

- I really like the Wi-Fi integration on this projector and this eliminates the need for me to carry connection cables (HDMI, VGA, RCA, etc.). The Wi-Fi connection was very simple and straight forward as the device uses the Miracast/multicast technology that allowed casting movies from my Android phone. As per the manual, iPhone and other devices are also supported with casting feature once connected to the projector. It's like having a built in Chromecast in this device.
- I also connected my Chromecast dongle and was able to cast in minutes along with HDMI and VGA connections.
- The picture projection was
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By Vino M
For the price, this is an excellent projector, the picture is good, easy set up, can hook to my phone remotely and stream whatever I like. I can definitely buy it again. Its abit noisy in operation, but can handle it.
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By Wana
Just received it and my daughter set it up in minutes with no problem. As I’m writing it, they’re already enjoying the recorded concert of their favourite boy band, seen in pictures and video attached 😀This projector is an amazing little machine for its value. We have huge tv now just for $150.00😀. It makes crisp picture on the screen(Bare wall). Speaker sound is okay but we connected it a speaker for better sound. I will definitely recommend this.
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By Lilian Q
4.4 | 861 customer reviews
740 of the 861 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's ink. It works perfectly fine, lasts decently long.

One star lost for the fact that it's cheaper to purchase a brand new printer (which come with ink!) every time I need a single replacement cartridge ink instead of buying the ink individually. If it wasn't for the environmental impact, I would be tempted.

Still, the ink is fine.
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By Jessica White
Ink is always the expensive thing. the printers are getting cheaper but they always get you back with the ink. ..Great opportunity to buy when it's on sale through Amazon. Always get the 'extended range' ink. lasts far longer and more pages to the dollar.
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By Darryl A. Shaw
Haven't used yet but all HP ink cartridges seem to work. My only complaint is that with all brands the price is a complete rip-off.
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By Fred Isenor