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4.8 | 460 customer reviews
445 of the 460 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fits my 55" Canadian Tire BBQ perfectly, even though the cover is supposedly 2" less deep than my BBQ. My previous cover went to the ground and the bottom frayed badly from moving in the wind; this is better, as is stops above the wheels. The fabric appears to be more fade and crack resistant than my old Cuisinart cover. I don't often give 5-stars off the bat, but the combination of quality and price warrants in this case. I'll update if this is not so.
Update: This cover made it through our hot, dry summer (semi-desert) with flying colours. No fading, no rips or tears. It still looks new. We will update in the spring if anything untoward happens in the winter.
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By Maurice
I have a Broil King 320 and bought the 55 inch cover probably could have used a 50 inch cover but wanted a bit more room. This cover is great and exactly what Homepro said in their product description and for sure it is waterproof. The price was great compared to Broil King and delivered on time by Amazon. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to family and friends. Just an update to my review: it’s almost a year since I bought this cover and can tell you it still looks like brand new photo attached!
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By Gordon
Looks to be good quality. Unlike some people's reviews, I like the fact the wheels are partially exposed makes the BBQ easy to move around with cover on. Handles are located in proper place making taking off the cover easy to do. I think it is a great value for the money. Also has vents which hopefully will help when windy. We will see how it holds up, but at this point I would buy it again.
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By buzzer
product price
4.8 | 405 customer reviews
397 of the 405 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A small nuclear powerstation.
All jokes aside, this works great. A bit of newspaper rolled up into 4 or 4 balls below, fill up with charcoal lumps, ignite, 15 minutes later, you have yourself some nice glowing charcoal, ready to cook.
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By Olivier Damiron
I purchased a Webber 21 inch charcoal grill, I thought this would be great for lighting coals.

When I received it I thought it was huge and was thinking of returning it, my wife said I should try it. Well I tried and made a huge mistake, first all it needed was a bit of paper in the bottom and worked fantastic, it was great. But I only filled it to 3/4 thinking it was huge. I was wrong, did not have enough coals, Seems the Webber knew better than me....:)

I kept it and next time filled it with coals and was very happy with starter and BBQ
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By Roger
The chimney works perfectly and I now regret all the many years I used lighter fluid and prayed it would light enough to get it going....1/2 hour later or more.
This device is true to it's 15 to 20 minutes you will have coals hot enough to cook on.
I do, however, think that at this price it SHOULD be made of stainless steel and when this one dies, as it will in a few years if the other reviews are correct, I will make myself a homemade one out of either cheap black steel wood stove chimney ( very cheap and comes usually in a 24 inch or 36 inch section OR a similar piece of stainless tubing from some other application..( Selkirk type chimney E.G. ) UNLESS these guys make one out of stainless so it will AND SHOULD last 10 years or more.
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By Nikoneer
4.7 | 1,105 customer reviews
1,025 of the 1,105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This TP20 device is accurate and trustworthy. It also appears durable and has allot of versatility with the dual probes and the options on the key pad. This is the best for the money, have had several that were half the price with only one probe and they were not accurate or worked well at first only to have them slowly become inaccurate over time. Nothing worse than overcooking a $100 prime rib roast. My first attempt made for a perfect result. Additional results have been the same and have used it now about 50 times. Consistent accuracy and excellent wireless efficiency. The probes have a lifetime warranty. If you BBQ Chateaubriand style large cuts of meat on your grill or pellet grill, this is the tool to have. For steaks, chicken fillets or burgers, the small hand held thermopro TP03 is also an excellent and accurate device. BBQ the
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By Brian from Alberta
Just used the ThermoPro wireless remote with dual probe and I am really impressed. I followed the directions and set up was a breeze plus so easy to do. Used on a 4 lb sirloin roast in a BBQ, it was so nice to enter the beef setting and correct taste setting and oven temperature mode, sit back and monitor the BBQ oven and roast temperature as time progressed. I like the fact that there was no need to probe the meat a few times near the end of the roast time with a regular thermometer and subsequent loss of beef juices flowing out from the probe holes. When the alarm sounded I removed the roast and it came out exactly the right temperature, perfectly juicy and delicious. Highly recommend.
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By Dofand
I bought a cheaper thermometer to replace my old one that broke, and it was incapable of reading temps over boiling. I needed something better for smoking meats on a charcoal Weber. My wife saw this and suggested I get it. I’ve never been happier with a BBQ thermometer!

It’s rugged and durable, as long as you hide it from direct sunlight. I’ve even grilled in the rain with it with no canopy or anything by wrapping it in a plastic shopping bag! Used it for a large chunk of the summer, probably 30 to 40 times now including on camping trips.

The sending unit into which a maximum of two probes can be connected, shows the temperature of each probe (rotates between them every few seconds). It then sends remotely to the receiver which displays both temps at the same time and has customizable options and a sound alert!

Using this, I’m
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By Some person
4.7 | 404 customer reviews
384 of the 404 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this on a whim wondering if I would even use it. Now after 3 years I find a use for it every day, on a single 12V battery which I have yet to replace. Seriously I can't believe the battery is still going.

It is not only convenient to be able to take the temperature of a radiator from across the room, but it is also more sanitary to test bath water or formula without needing to touch it.

Here's what I used it for this month:
Baby formula
Baby bathwater
Skin temperature
fireplace glass
window glass
oil for frying eggs
side of microwave during operation
air leaks around side of door and windowsill
air leaks near insulation
different parts of furnace
side of water heater
laser for playing with dogs
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By starON
I'm hooked on this toy. I've been measure the temperature of everything in my house!! It was mainly purchased to find where cold air was entering and loss of heat. Battery seems to last a reasonable amount of time and the temperature is quite accurate. For the low price I paid for this, it beats getting a $60+ one. I highly recommend this one. The grip is nice and smooth, the options are simple. The only downside is the battery compartment is a little tough to get at. Feels like when I need to open it up I might break it, but so far its lasted the 2 weeks ive had it.
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By Shaun Mccready
You will pay about $99 for a similar infrared thermometer in a retail store, and I paid around $20 for this one. It is a relatively simple device that allows you to obtain a temperature measurement by pointing it at an object without touching it. This one includes all of the needed features such as a laser pointer to help you get it pointed at the right place and the ability to switch between metric and imperial measure, and all of these features work as expected. Temperature accuracy is at least as good as other IR Thermometers that I have used. I have used another one for years in a Chassis Dyno shop to check exhaust temperatures, coolant lines, and brake components which are too hot to touch and important in the diagnostic process, but there are lots of uses for these thermometers.

Besides the in-shop tasks my other main use
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By Matthew Puzey
4.8 | 125 customer reviews
123 of the 125 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great replacement for my old 17" shields that were corroded and breaking apart. Seems durable and the adjustable sizing is simple to alter
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By CMac83
Adjusted as expected for my grill. The heat tent was 3.5" wide and I only realized after that I should have bought the wider heat tent. I believed heat tent widths were all the same but it's my fault for not measuring. still fits well! They both together with just a Phillips hand screwdriver. All the parts were there in a resealable bag. The nut tightens with your thumb. Metal was coated but seemed extremely thin.

I would buy again. This will easily outlast my barbecue.

Delivered within a few business days with Prime. Installed in my dirty grill within 20 minutes.
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By Rob F
When they describe these heat shields as Heavy Duty, they are not lying. They feel very durable and appear to be quite thick, especially with the nice porcelain finish (I don't know if it really is porcelain, but feels very sturdy). The nice thing about these shields is that ability to adjust the size to fit different grills. This makes it quite adaptable to your grill without having to worry too much.

+ Quality parts
+ Adjustable and can be assembled by hand (no need for any tools, since they use wingnuts)

This is mostly my fault, but they are not very wide. my burners peek out from the sides of the shield and so they don't protect the burners at all. That means it also doesn't diffuse the heat, so I can have a burnt steak on one side, and raw on the other side... at least on average it
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By Francisco
4.6 | 2,618 customer reviews
2,449 of the 2,618 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Like most other reviewers, after the reports about the metal wire scrapers I was on the hunt for something safer for serving food to my friends & family. After a while of just scrunching up aluminum foil and attacking the grill with it between my tongs, I decided to give a cedar scraper a shot.

I'm happy to report that it works really well! It was substantially larger than I had thought it would be, but it makes it a lot easier to get some good force behind it while cleaning the grill. My grill (Napoleon Lex 485) has curved/wavy grates, and the grooves made in the initial wear-in process worked just fine. An added bonus is that while cleaning you get a really nice toasted cedar smell :)

I'll definitely be recommending this product to folks going forward.
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By Jarrett Q
With two small kids, I was quite worried about the whole metal brush leaving bristles in our food and one of the kids ingesting it and having medical issues. I tried some of the other options out there and didn't really like any of them. I was about to just start buying a new metal brush once a week till I tried this bad boy out. My god this thing is AWESOME! I highly recommend it. Its sturdy and strong enough to give the BBQ a good scrape, yet small enough that you can actually work around the smaller corners of the grilling surface! I'll definitely be buying more for myself and as gifts!
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By Travis Hunt
I bought this Grill scraper for the same reason most people probably buy this, I just didn't like the metal brush ones. They can damage your grill and leave small metal pieces.
The first time I used this one was right after I finished cooking my meat so the grill was nice and hot, it immediately left a nice mark on the scraper and surprisingly cleaned the grill very well. I assumed the grooves would need a little more usage to get a good cleaning but that wasn't the case.
Grill is clean and no risk of getting metal "hairs" stuck to my grill or food.

Love it, would definitely recommend this to anyone!
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By Stijn Van W
product price
4.8 | 77 customer reviews
75 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great bbq, perfect size to cook up a feast. I cooked sausages for 13, those nice Costco Hot Italian, worked well. I use lump charcoal and it is much closer to the grill then with my full Joe. Plenty of room to do indirect cooking which is great. While it can be brought around, it is a little big, but fits fine in my Fit..for camping I got the go anywhere it is much smaller and rectangular, so easy to stow. But they both have their place, and I have fun playing with this one as well.
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By Stephen Powell
Malade!!!! Je le pensais petit car je le voulais pour en camping avec la famille mais la dimension est parfaite asser gros pour faire cuire 7-8 petits steaks ou 5 gros et il carde sa chaleur et capable d atteindre in bon point de chaleur pour saisir
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By Jf doup
Bought the jumbo joe, briquet holders, and a grillgrate.
Just did slow smoke of pork ribs using coals in just one of the two briquet holders.
Adjusted the vents, and it went for four hours. Girls loved it. Not fall off the bone, but pick off the bone.
Added a 4" nut/bolt to the bottom vent handle. Much easier, and easy to tell just how open it is.
Cooked sweet potato and onion slices, and carrots in the middle as well.
Bought a stainless steel plate with rims which fits perfectly in ash tray. Makes cleanup extremely easy.
Perfect size for a family of 4-5, even if doing slow smoking. The lid holder is very convenient.
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By Yuke
4.9 | 50 customer reviews
50 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent BBQ! I placed it on the grill of my old propane BBQ and I use it's lid to cover my Lodge BBQ. You can easily grill 8 hamburgers patties at the time. Yesterday I usde it with mesquite wood to have a good smoky flavor on my meat... WOW! This Bbq is polyvalent, easy to use, big enough for my needs. Yes cast iron products are a bit pricey, however I know how to treat my cast iron, this bbq will last me for the rest of my life. I did not want the big thing and this ones offers me everything. The only little negative thing is that I think it's not verry good to have grilling marks on your meat... It wont boil the meat but the marks are diffuclt to obtain. My goal was to have the
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By Guillaume Lesage
This is a great little BBQ! Somewhat heavy, but that's to be expected from cast iron. A simple design and really easy and fast to assemble. We tried it out right away and it did a wonderful job grilling three good sized steaks at once. Used charcoal briquettes with no trouble. The care instructions tell you to completely clean and oil the whole thing every 3 or 4 uses, but since our BBQ sauce (we use too much, I guess) got on the base and under the coals, we cleaned it after the first use. Good thing too, as the sauce burned on and removed the seasoning in spots. So, I cleaned the main body with a natural bristle brush to remove the ash and burned on drips and greased it up good (vegetable shortening) and put it into the oven at 200F
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By Hale and Hardy
Quality is good, heavy cast iron , Grill size is perfect when only cooking for 2 people, but it can hold more if needed , . Cooks evenly, heats up quickly using charcoal. I saw the review before I ordered, about using the turkey size tin foil pan for lid if needed. Tried it and works absolutely perfect!! Not sure if there is a cover available?, but it would be nice to be able to cover when not in use, to keep dust off the grill. Great product...
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By LB Vancouver BC
4.6 | 240 customer reviews
223 of the 240 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thus far this cover has been excellent. I bought this for a completely different BBQ (Nexgrill) that is just under 50" in width, but because the side ties are very long Velcro straps, I can make it quite tight which ensures that my entire BBQ is fully covered, and the cover is not going anywhere because the velcro straps let me decide how to tie the sides.

I also love that it has side handles to pick up off the BBQ, and as discovered thanks to a lot of rain in the last couple of days, the rain just beads right off the cover when I want to remove it and set it aside to BBQ. This allows me to remove the water and avoid getting soaked.
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By Utterly-NutZ
The material is very thin, very similar to some of the reusable shopping bags that I have. I was using a heavy duty BBQ cover that lasted over 5 yrs and I was replacing it because it had a few tears in the material. I was very reluctant to throw it out and replace it with this.

It is supposed to have a life time warranty against tears, so we will see how long this lasts. When putting the cover on and trying to pull on it to fit, it feels like it could tear easily.
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By Sunny Lam
Grillman BBQ cover - seemed to have good reviews, so I purchased this product, especially because of the lifetime warranty.
disappointed in the following:
a) Product is unlined and the material seems very flimsy, so I don't think this will stand up to winds, snow,and ice, as well as the heat of Summer. I would be thrilled to be wrong.
b) Product is much larger than described. I ordered a medium, expecting it to fit a little loose, however, this is much too large, it appears I was sent a large instead of a medium, as it is much too big for our unit. The day I unpacked the product was also the same day as our garbage pickup; unfortunately I had thrown out the box it came in and documentation.
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By Yves D.
4.7 | 94 customer reviews
87 of the 94 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Inkbird IBT4XS Bluetooth is great you don't even need to read the instruction to use it. Just download the BBQ GO app and hit the sync button on the prob and your ready to cook the best food.

I did a few test see how far the range will go. My BBQ is on the deck outside and I still get a signal in my basement. You can choose four different settings of meat for each probe like beef, pork, cold smoke and when you hit the target temperature you get an alarm saying the food is ready.
So you can relax and have a home brew. I did my test on a iPhones 6

You can even set on alarm for your barbecue pit. Just need to set your HI and LO. That's perfect for anybody that loves cooking on a smoker.
I set it up overnight and next morning I watch
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By Steven G.
I wanted a multiprobe meat thermometer with bluetooth to monitor both my smoker and my meat temperature. I had other wireless thermometers. They were more complex and more expensive.

The inkbird IBT-4XS offers all you need in one box. 4 probes, grate clips (which are not provided with many other systems), and a rechargeable unit, with the usb cable.

The app on my iphone is the simplest I ever saw. I love it. They did their homework do design a device and an app that is simple as possible. I can't imagine how this could get any easier. Maybe if it would work over internet.

The probes provided readings within 1F of the readings of my Thermoworks device, reknown for having the best accuracy on the market. So the accuracy is good also.

Still looking for any negative point for this so far.
I love it.

Get this one with confidence.
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By Christian Cote
After using this product for about 6 weeks and a similar number of cooks there are some negatives but the product is basically functional. Depending on the price this may or may not be the right choice for you. I bought the model with one air temp probe and one meat probe.

First issue is the meat probe is not accurate. I have tested it by comparing with two instant read thermometers and it is is 10 degrees off. I don't have a way to test the air probe but that is less of an issue since I can check it against the the dome thermometer. This is disappointing since most buyers will want this product for tightly controlled smoking endeavours.

Second, the graph function is really basic, to the point of being hard to use. If that is a reason for buying this, then look elsewhere.

Third, the alarm settings lack customization.
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By Michael J.
4.6 | 172 customer reviews
164 of the 172 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality aluminium tray/drip pan. Fits perfectly on my Weber Q BBQ and avoids any mess during cooking or clean up. Everything collects in tray.

Also this is perfect tray for cooking side dishes. We use it lot for cooking potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables. We put Olive oil and seasoning on it and close the tray with aluminium foil paper. When it's about do be done, remove foil and let it sit for few more minutes.
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I use these to cook side dishes, mostly potatoes while bbqing and they are really great and strong. You can wash and reuse them a lot. And of course they fit the bottom of my gas bbq perfectly, though I suggest putting 2 in at a time if you tend to forget about cleaning - one burned right through from a grease fire (but this was probably my fault!).
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By Gil
I wish I could find cheaper versions of these as it's crazy to be paying close to a dollar each. However, I've started wrapping my trays in foil, so I throw the foil out each time instead. This way, the trays last much longer.
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By K. Wagner
product price
4.7 | 85 customer reviews
80 of the 85 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product description says this is good for ponds up to 2000 gallons, so as my pond is only around 500 gallons I was concerned it would be too vigorous. No problem - the air streams are gentle and quiet (in the photo the two air streams are in the middle, the bubbles at the lower left are from a small waterfall). The fish like them too! The pump is also very quiet.
Very easy to install - just connect the two air lines to the pump and air stones, and plug it in. Couldn’t be any easier! The 25 foot air lines are a bonus as they allow the pump to be placed under cover away from the pond. I’m now hoping the extra aeration will help keep the algae under control - time will tell.
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By Richard
Running my 160 gallon horse trough with my pond koi and goldfish in the shed for the winter months. My outdoor pond is to shallow to run all winter and I also have two of the 4 outlets running my 7 tanks in the house and love them all
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By Pat
I've got 1800 gal, 4' deep pond, the air pressure is good and my pond water quality has improved with the extra oxygen, especially like that it only uses 6 watts of power and that it came with 2 air hoses and 2 air stones. I installed it 2 weeks ago, so time will tell if it survives our cold weather in Barrie Ontario. To protect it from the elements I placed it in a plastic lidded container the size of a bucket drilled an air hole at the top of the bucket which I also use to fish the air hoses and power cord, I also put a filter material covering the motor and in front of the air hole to block fine snow from being sucked up in the motor clogging up the pipes. This method has worked for me with other air pumps for the past 10
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By Henry S.
product price
4.7 | 67 customer reviews
65 of the 67 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic grill. Gets nice and hot and cooks beautifully even at -30, we only did that once because that's just way to cold even for delicious bbq. Perfect for 2 people but can handle 8 big burgers with room to spare. Nice even cooking with no noticeble hot/cold spots. Highly recommend getting the portable cart. We have it set up in the backyard but we've taken it to picnics and camping and it's awesome.
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By Amazon Customer
It is a great grill and I am trying very hard not to have a buyer's bias after the amount of money I spent.

Nice look. The black is very sleek.
More spacious than I thought it was.
The tables are very handy.
The electronic start is the handiest feature of this unit.
The grills are heavy and hold heat (once it is up to temperature). I don't use oil to lube them up either.

It takes 15 minutes to reach 500*F
Searing works well but you need to give it time.
The tables fold into the unit so if you forget to open the lid before starting it up, you will melt the tables: Just a fear. Hasn't happened yet.
The grills are heavy duty but you have to take time to clean them.

Bottom Line:
I would buy this unit again but right away I was looking at modifying it for more heat: New regulator or maybe drilling out
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We purchased the Q1200 BBQ, the cover and the 6'hose together and found it was a good combination. We are in an apartment with a small balcony, and it fits nicely.
> The BBQ heats surprisingly fast and is a nice size for 2-3 people.
> The cover should be a little larger to cover the valve, but otherwise is good.
> I was skeptical of the 6' hose, but it is perfect. It coils nicely if you want the track close, and extends if required.
> The cart works well and is sufficiently sturdy for cooking.Scrubbing from front to back is a little shaky, but the grills come out easily for cleaning. If cleaning when hot, use a sprits of water to loosen stuck on food.
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By Chic
4.7 | 58 customer reviews
57 of the 58 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought both the GCI and Magic Cook. The quality & portability of the GCI is outstanding if not excellent. The quality of the Magic Cook is mediocre at best. Used both on a 6 day camping trip in the Rockies AB. GCI is just one piece after you fold it whereas the Magic Cook have many pieces that you have to gather and store them in a very thin bag provided. The locking system of the Magic Cook is very poor and the steel is very soft. When I hang my camp lantern, the steel rod holding it bend quite a bit. The price of the Magic Cook is a bit more than GCI and you would expect the quality to be better but its not. I finally return the Magic Cook and kept the GCI. Hope this will help someone decide which
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By HaHa
Used this on our 3 day camping trip this weekend and I love it! It had a an area for your paper towels, hang utensils on the side, 4 surfaces for storage or prep and a sturdy surface for your camping stove and a large area underneath for a Rubbermaid container. This is a staple for all camping trips in the future.

Pros: Easy to carry, easy to set up, does not take a lot of space. Strong, sturdy good quality and spacious.

Cons: No place to hang a lantern or light.

*Recommend a head lamp or a light that attaches to your stove if cooking at in the dark.
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By Anon
The build quality on this table is amazing, 5 stars as it is nicely designed except for one important flaw. Unless you are camping in a parking lot you will not get this thing stable. It somewhat thin and meant to be cooked on so wouldn’t it be great if it had some sort of leveling feet like appliances or such. I’m walking this thing around the camp ground trying to find a spot where it won’t rock. Such a shame as it’s really nice otherwise.
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By David K
4.6 | 88 customer reviews
85 of the 88 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my first charcoal BBQ after decades of using propane ones and if I knew how easy it was to use the kettle I would have switch over a long time ago. Partnered with the weber chimney starter it got the charcoals ready for some serious barbequing in no time at all.. It's basic design has been around for a long time with very little revisions to its shape. No need to alter something that is nearly perfect for it's intended function. unlike all the propane bbq's that I've owned previously, the Kettle gets so hot (over 500F degrees) which sears thick steaks perfectly and imparts flavors that only charcoal can bring. Clean up was a cinch. All the ashes can be easily collected and dispose off through the aluminum catcher located directly below the grill. Just move the lever back and forth and presto a kettle ready
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By manilaman
Love the Weber kettle BBQ's.
My deck faces the ocean and typical 'stainless steel' BBQ's costing $300+ last about 3 years before they disintegrate from the salt spray.
I bought this one to replace my previous Weber kettle BBQ that lasted 10 years, and not because of rust. but because the grill had worn thin and I liked the features of this model. Plus the copper colour is really really nice.
I hope to get ten years out of this beauty as well.
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Very disappointed with this Webber BBQ . I have the gas Webber for years and love it. That’s why I didn’t even bothered to read the reviews of this one. The charcoal position is way below the grilling area which make it really difficult to bbq steak and chicken without wasting a lot of charcoal . I even bought the special try to help in conventional heating . It’s barely working to reach 300f inside the bbq. Around 2-3 ib. Full chicken took more than 2.5 hrs to be cocked . The assembly instruction is useless when coming to assemble the legs . Had to look to YouTube. Can’t return now as it might break the wheels (press fit to assemble ). Waste of money
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By Manaf
product price
4.7 | 46 customer reviews
42 of the 46 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have an old Q300 BBQ. It was time to change the grill. I checked the product number in the Weber site and matched it to the product number on Amazon. These grills are an official Weber product in an proper Weber box. Very happy with my product. Looks far superior to the grill that originally came with the BBQ.
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By Amazon Customer
I waited awhile to review this grill because I wanted to see if it passed the test of time. Sometimes it’s been cleaned by scraping with a wooden paddle, other times with a Weber brush and recently I washed it with suds and a plastic scrubbing pad. I wouldn’t have been surprised to notice porcelain beginning to chip off especially on the grimy underside but no, it looks like new! I think it’s better than the original and fits perfectly.
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By GregMc
Excellent product - hoping for a long service life. Way better than the original straight cast iron grill. Why would a self-professed high-end BBQ company like Webber ever sell a product with inferior grates? That question is for you Webber. At the price your product is at, only the best parts should be used.
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By Henjap
4.4 | 323 customer reviews
287 of the 323 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this one to cover my BBQ that stays at my appartment's balcony, to protect from the rain and snow.
I already saw that the rain part is covered. Not a water drop is found below it after some rain.
It already snowed. I only need to wait a little bit so that I can see if some of the snow (or melted snow) can be found over the BBQ (but I think that I won't find any).
The only downside to it, it's that after some 2 months of use (taking some sun and rain), some parts of the cover are now gray and others remain black, which gives it an older look.
Aside from that, I'm satisfied with the product.
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By Rafael
This new BBQ cover for our Broil King which sits outside 12 months of the year seems to be rain resistant and heavy duty. It is a replacement for our old one which squirrels used to hide from our cat. They managed to make a small hold large enough to dive in it when spotted by our feline. It seems quite well made and for the money, a real bargain. I like the Velcro straps on each side near the bottom of the cover which holds it on the BBQ on a windy day. The squirrels will have to fend for themselves.
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By Linda Pfeiffer
I have had this cover for a year , mine did not come with Velcro straps but pull ones which was annoying , good quality for the first few months then it faded very bad in the summer It held up for the winter by not ripping or cracking but water is now seeping in through the fabric , when I take the cover off I can see it wearing from the inside out. It will not survive another year . Waranty said rips and tears so since that Hasent happened yet no point of claiming but the fact that water is getting into the bbq without Rips it tears means it’s no longer protected . Going to have to find something new . Avoid if in colder climates and if it’s in direct sun.
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By Philster
4.8 | 34 customer reviews
34 of the 34 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good thick stainless steel rods but are expensive. Although porcelain coated cast iron grills are really nice (cross hatch marks etc) they degrade in 3 years to the point of needing replacement. Looking forward to many years with these grills- too bad you have to shell out $1,000 for a BBQ to actually come with stainless steel ones.
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By John Norrish
These thick Stainless Steel rods (4 sheets of them to be exact) fits my Baron’s cooking surface perfectly and flawlessly. It was an absolute must for me to get these as I’m on the coast and the stock iron bars which they’ve replaced rusted to bits ! Worth the $
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By Enthusiast
The quality of the product is great and it is what I expected. The only reason that I did not rate it as 5 stars is because stainless steel doesn't retain as much heat as cast iron. If your cast iron has rusted out like mine did, this is a good alternative BUT you will have to adjust your cook time accordingly.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 291 customer reviews
256 of the 291 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just waited for some nice days to come so I can replace my older grill cover.
Of course it rained the very next day!!!
But I was happy that no water came inside my grease pan.So I bragged that I made a good choice.

Now for the sad part.
I took it off and put it back 3 times since I bought it.. and it ripped off at a corner.
See the photos.
Is there a warranty?
I don't know.
The return time from Amazon I guess I am stuck with it.

Very shortly after I wrote my review I have been contacted by customer service.
They helped me out and I had received a brand new cover.
I am very happy with not only the product but also with their outstanding customer service.
They really are committed to keep the customers happy.

Thank you Vic Tsing!
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By Sebastian Todirica
Overall pretty happy for the quality and the price. My old barbeque cover barely lasted one year is you can see from the picture. This new one had interesting fact with the Velcro ties it you really have to adjust as you're not designed perfectly but least they are there. The only other issue I had is if you can see it's quite long and dragged to the floor but it's difficult to know the size or the height of a barbecue. And well-made product and I would purchase again
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By Paula Yellow
Purchased this earlier this year, packaged well and appeared sturdy. During the summer it significantly faded in colour on our west facing deck, which is fine, but I have also noticed it is starting to fray at the seams; no rips yet, but slowly losing it's durability. I will update this review when it is no longer a functioning cover. Good, not great; 4 stars.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.5 | 93 customer reviews
84 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect for our condo balcony. It was tough to give up on our Infrared gas BBQ when we downsized but this unit is quick, clean and cooks incredibly well. Surface is big enough for a small family meal, clean up is simple and fast and the best part is it doesn't smoke up. Best electric BBQ on the market. These units are almost always found in resort condo rentals, or high-end luxury resorts, for all the same reasons. Thanks George!!!!
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By michael cross
It heats up rapidly and has a pretty reliable thermostat. Can be used inside. The grill's black bottom part is made of plastic but nonetheless, it looks pretty well built. The grill seems to be teflon coated. The food doesn't stick to it. I hope this coating will be durable. Please note this is a grill, not a BBQ, but the food almost tastes the same...
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By Pierre Lessard
I have tried it twice so far, both with Bavarian sausages. I took the advice of others and set the dial to 4 and gave it a good warm up time. Not hot enough. Second time I set it to 5, high as possible, warmed it for 15 minutes.. then put the sausage on... no sizzle, no grilling action at all. I cooked the darn sausage for 20 minutes, and it got hot, and the fat did drip out...but no grilling marks at all. I don't think this is actually a grill. It's a warming plate with a grill shape. I can't imagine wasting a steak or even a burger on this thing. I am sending it back.
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By Brian