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4.9 | 117 customer reviews
116 of the 117 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this as a gift for a friend who’s fur-baby passed away. She loved it, and it brought happy tears. It is now part of her memorial. Such a thoughtful, sweet gift to buy for someone, especially one who took exceptional care of their baby.

The product itself is a good size, heavy and good quality.
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By Desiree Alvarez
Although I have not used it yet, I know that I will (my dog is 15 and having health issues, so I know the time is coming), so although it is premature, as soon as I saw it I had to get it in case I didn't see it again. It is simple, not too big or flashy or morbid. Just a perfect little tribute to my best friend when the time comes. I am a gardener, so this will actually blend in really well with the rest of my landscaping and not look as obvious as a headstone.
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By Leslie P.
I bought this in a weak moment just hours after helping a beloved family member cross over the Rainbow Bridge. My thoughts were that it would be a monument to be placed in the garden for the grandkids to have a 'place' to go to pause/paws, reflect and remember our beloved Bouvier " Remy".

I checked at large garden centers and they offered nothing so Amazon came to the rescue. It arrived quickly and looks as pictured. HOWEVER, I made further embellishments which I think improved it.
1. Using a permanent black marker, I filled in the paw prints to make them stand out. In reality, they are the same color as the 'rock' so don't give that wow factor.
2. I used permanent glue and added a small framed pic.
3. Using a permanent marker I wrote her name on the 'rock'.

Not professionally done by any means, but at least it was more
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By P. Gordon
4.9 | 41 customer reviews
41 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered a set and cannot wait to place them. Originally was going to place them on a tree outside by the deck or on the deck railing heading up to the platform. Now thinking that I should build a new dining room table with root system base and have these adorable cubs on them like they are climbing up for a snack. Oh the decisions. The only thing that i wish is that they would have an option for a mirror image cub. Would certainly add more over all character. Ordered and received the next day. Excellent shipping service.
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By Andrea Fortkamp
Very happy with this purchase. I ordered 4 of them and put them up in sets of two. Really adorable, realistic looking cubs. The inside of cub is rounded to fit on a tree branch but I hung them on the front posts and they look great. Would be nice if manufacturer made this cub in mirror image too, so they could be hung up facing each other. Would definitely recommend this product.
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By Mona
I bought him to hang from a tree in the forest beside our RV lot. He is so adorable. My guests enjoy seeing him climb the tree. I store him through winter snow so I expect him to last for years.
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By Gypsy Lee
4.8 | 54 customer reviews
52 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This little guy is so cute and adds a touch of humor for my garden. I placed him in front of my Toscano dragons so he is mooning the dragons and it gets a laugh or smile from people that are guests and passers by. He is just the right size and is really bright and colorful.
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By Kimberly Bouclair
Gave it to my mom for Mothers day, she wasn't a big fan, I will give it to her again for Christmas.
P.S. I really like it :D
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By cool
It was a great buy. Bought it for my brother-in-law's 60th birthday and he really enjoyed it. It was the theme for his birthday party. Everyone was to bring one. He really loved it If someone you know enjoys gnomes in his garden this one will give him a good laugh and a lot of pleasure.
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By Denis Beauchamp
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4.9 | 40 customer reviews
40 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased to use has a small memorial for a loved one. Everything about this product met my expectations! Made the decision to purchase based on the 5 star comments and I wasn't disappointed. So pleased, I visited Amazon to order another however, they wouldn't accept another order for this product because my mailing address was out of delivery range. Needless to say I am confused due to the fact the first one was delivered to the very same mailing address without issues ... puzzling to say the least.
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This is a lovely product and I highly recommend it. Suitable for a grave site decoration or to be used in a garden or home, would make a nice gift.
My only negative comment is the way it was packaged, it arrived in the manufacturer packaging but the box was not taped closed and the styrofoam packing inside was all broken apart into tiny pieces. It easily could have been damaged as the end of the box was basically open with styrofoam falling out.
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By Katherine Lalonde
I don't Dislike anything about this stepping stone...It's Beautiful..even more so in person..was delivered asap. It's strong/soild . I'm Very Happy with this purchase. I might purchase one for myself after Xmas.. I Love it soo Much!!
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By james eyres
4.5 | 603 customer reviews
536 of the 603 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love them. They wrap around my bed headboard quite well. They seem to be good quality and I would purchase them again.

The only downside on my opinion is the lack of an on/off button. In order to turn them on or off I must plug or unplug the connector.
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By Justin
These are HONESTLY the best LED string of lights I have ever used..and I use a LOT! I got these in the mail and was SO excited, I immediately hung them up around my ceiling on two walls in my living room. The copper cord is so thin you can barely see it which is nice, because when the lights are off, you don't see a bulky cord. The lights are cute and tiny but nice and bright. a bright warm white!
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By Amazon Customer
Absolutely love these lights. I framed my living room balcony door and they give off a lovely warm cozy light to the room. Perfect ambiance. The lights are tiny and warm and the copper wire is lightweight making them effortless to hook into place and stay in place. I even doubled mine up for more of an effect and only had to use a few tiny clear plastic hooks. Excellent quality- well made. Would highly recommend and would purchase more.
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By Amulet123
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4.8 | 45 customer reviews
44 of the 45 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Heavy cast iron
Definitely will last the test of time
Easy mounting


Looking for little accents to make the backyard more cottage like, came across these cast iron small signs. These wall plaques are well made, with lettering in white paint. I expect the paint to fade a little over time (no sign of that though after two months). However a little touch up over the years wont be a problem.

I bought three of these, two for gates to the pool and one for the gate too the backyard. Attached pictures so you get a sense of look and size.
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By Trevor
If our gate is left open our garden plants and flowers would be eaten by numerous deer that wait for us to forget to close it! This little sign is a great reminder and for those that visit! Wonderful price point too. Good quality and metal so good weight. Easy to drill into gate. Great item!
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By Patti Stewart
I love the look of these but they don't last long to different weather elements. Ours are unfortunately rusting. Wish I had sealed these with a waterproofing coating prior to hanging them on our gates but it's a lesson learned. Super cute if not rusted :)
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By tiffany
4.6 | 102 customer reviews
93 of the 102 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We purchased these as interior roller shades for our 3-season cottage and mounted them to roll off the underside so they are flush against the window. They work perfectly are a very clean and simple window treatment. We have actually purchased a second one of these for the kitchen window which we will havk to make a narrower and shorter roller shade (instead of 8’ by 8’ it will be about 5’ wide by 4’ in length) using either the hanging pieces currently on the blind or by buying replacement parts through Coolaroo USA. Any leftover “fabric” will be used to make a roman shade for the front door, since this material can be sewn using a domestic sewing machine and buying another shade was less expensive than buying the fabric and roller shade kit separately..
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By BarCol
No surprises when the roller shades (I bought 3 to shade the south and west corners of a wooden gazebo) arrived and were installed. I have then in shaded and eaves overhangs since the material seems thin compared to what I was expecting. They should be easy to take down for the winter and I hope the brackets and rolling mechanism will endure the Canadian winters. I like the ratcheting roller with the side pole (why the 2 extra hinges on the handle- a curve in the pole would suffice). I am curious to see the results of 'weighting' the bottom of the shade in windy conditions. I found the shades to be somewhat pricey, but if they can last 4 years they will exceed the longevity of past, wood-slatted, pulley-rolled, string-held shades.
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By RwS
This looks great on our deck and lets in enough speckles of light while blocking off most of the sun's heat. On extremely hot and bright days I can pin a small sheet of white cloth to give my back some added shade if I need to. Be sure to roll up the shade on windy days, I had a sudden big gust of wind come on and it fell down - thank God no one was hurt but now I won't take any chances. It was easy to attach to the mounts, but I wished there was a safety feature that would somehow hold onto the shade in case it suddenly become loose.
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By berrybold
4.4 | 854 customer reviews
741 of the 854 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this and 2 sensors for my 3 cigar humidors, this way I can see at a glance what the rh and temp is in each one. I put the 3 sensors in a ziplock bag with a 60 gram 65% boveda pack for 24 hours to check how acurite they were and all 3 sensors were at 65% so apparently they are right on. This way there"s no need to open them and check. Very pleased with my purchase.
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By Sprag
Overall I like it the two but are
1- It's chugging thru battery. I don't use the backlighting at all ( see point 2 ) and battery last only 2 months in the main unit. The cut off voltage is way too high. I cut off at 1.2V when a battery still have juice in it until about 1V even under. That also mean that if you put NIMH rechargeable battery in it the display will be faint and the low battery will display as NIMH battery are 1.25V fully charged and alcaline battery are 1.55V. The alcaline batteries are still very good as they are in my remote for more than 2 months and the remote is still working great. For me this is a major flaw especially in today worlds to create a device that basically generate battery waste rapidly ( not accepting rechargeable and cutting off when battery
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By Marianne
Display quality is great, backlight is a nice feature. Setup is simple and you can have upto 3 transmitters programmed to one display unit. My issue with the product is the innacuracy of both the inside and outside temperatures. Outdoor reads 4*C too high and indoor reads 2*C high. Verified by other known accurate thermometers. But for the price I wasn't expecting a lot but out by 4*C is a little too much error, I feel.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.6 | 53 customer reviews
49 of the 53 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is way nice than I was anticipating for the price! A really nice gift for Father’s Day. Shipping came quicker too than date provided. I would buy these again 100%
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By Alyscia
showed up fast, nicely packaged , looks beautiful just like the picture. gave it to my nan for christmas and she loves it.
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By Marlie
These are awesome, can't wait to put them in the garden. They have a little hook on the back so you can hang it on your fence. Fast delivery
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 77 customer reviews
66 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it! I've compared prices and this is the best length for the price. I ordered 2 and had left over to cut off, I weaved in and out so it doesn't look like a tarp. Only complaint,l is zip ties are small and crappy,got better ones at the dollar store.
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By Kim
I previously bought these and wrote a glowing review. In trying to buy another for my neighbor, I found out they are no longer putting hems on the top and bottom, so they are coming between 37" and 41" high and no longer fit 36" railings. The company now says "Since the balcony screen is from a different batch, the size may be different. We can't promise to you! We are so sorry! " Too bad, as it used to be a good product
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By Dale
We ordered two balcony privacy screen packages . They arrived on time .. both packages taped closed with packing tape. Product was not dark grey or black , but a light grey. One looked to be a return with a small burn hole in it. How are product does provide privacy & air flow on the balcony . The white zip ties are not very good. But we made due until we can buy artefacts zip tie .
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By Kellz
5.0 | 17 customer reviews
17 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At night the windows light up a little bit but I'm glad they do just a little bit because it makes it more mysterious... So don't expect Bright Lights it wouldn't suit this little house. I love the way it looks in my garden and I do like to move it around to different spots. It looks like the gnomes are moving the house because the house ends up with the different gnome every now and then. I'm glad I purchased this little house.
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By Jean T.
Got if for Mom. She liked it. It actually works and lights up as long as you set the switch to on~!
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By ReviewerX
It has added a little magical quality to our entrance; I absolutely love it!
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By Star21fire
product price
4.4 | 66 customer reviews
59 of the 66 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought this area rug for our deck and outdoor furniture but after it arrived we decided to use it in our living room. It goes great with our dark floor colouring and furniture. We just put it down tonight (18/12/20) and it still has to settle as it comes folded. It fits very well and was very easy to lay. It feels like an acrylic or plastic almost as it is made for outdoor use. With our new puppy we figured this would be the best bet. It should be fairly easy to clean. We got it at a good price on Amazon (thanks Amazon) so it's basically a no brainer. Time will tell though.
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By Jim A. S.
This mat is great value and made stronger than the more expensive competing mats in here. We tried it out during our fall camping last week and the outdoor condition was messy. The leaves and sand and water were easily shaken off. Great to have, I recommend this mat for sure.
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By Skie
Pour couvrir mon patio, très bonne qualité facile à nettoyer et très belle couleur.
Sauf, qu'il faudrait y rajouter des petites pesées à chaque bout, car le vent fait lever le tapis.
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By Serge Savard
4.5 | 38 customer reviews
34 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this little guy. I put him in the forest beside my RV lot and it's just adorable. Everyone comments on him. He's made of sturdy material, too. I'm storing him for winter snow so I expect to enjoy him for years to come.
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By Gypsy Lee
This little fella is the cutest addition to any garden, deck or patio. He is a fun conversation piece. I bought 3 Elves for myself, friends and family and they just love him. I would recommend this guy to anyone who has a sense of humour and likes a chuckle. A very unique garden ornament!!!!!!
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By Amazon Customer
Would like to have the figure larger and a little heavier or a hole with a plug to be able to fill with sand. one month old and the bottom just separated from the body. Amazon service was great but product quality very poor. Not very happy with this purchase.
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By Shop Man
4.8 | 19 customer reviews
19 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks great, will be perfect for my husbands garage. The tools for the hour and minute hands are a nice addition.
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By Milisse Cote
This is a beautiful clock! Completely perfect for my space, and almost completely silent. (you can only hear it if holding it near your face)
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By Niki1985
I bought two other "outdoor" clocks and they broke within the year. I'm tired of this. So finally I ended up buying this clock.

Upfront I am not a huge fan of the aesthetics of the clock but right now aesthetic aside I just need a clock that is outdoor proof. Withstand rain and can take a small beating outside with some wind ... And i just need a clock that works .

This is fairly heavy duty. The battery enclosure has a rubber gasket to make it a bit more water resistant. The clock is metal and simulated antique paint. It's got good bulk and I think it may withstand a fall .

So far it is holding time ok and the thermometer is reasonably accurate. I don't have a hygrometer to test the humidity %. I'm pleased that the clock numbers and hand is really clear
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By 4a494e
4.7 | 22 customer reviews
21 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super happy with these birds. The color is vibrant and the price for both is right. All metal so these will do great all year round. The ankers that come with these were useless for my application which was setting them on top of a mulch garden, so I needed longer ones. Made my own and works great. So far no fading and it's been a really hot Summer. What more could I ask for?
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By Rowbear
These were a gift for someone who loves flamingos. They are in our backyard and were chosen after looking at some of the review photos. They turn out absolutely beautiful and are definitely a conversation piece. On of these of cheaper quality at a big retail store cost the same as these two and they are amazing. Well priced and so beautiful.
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By Christina
Very good quality. I ut it in my kid bedroom for decoration and its beautiful.
Only for star cuz one of them had a piece falling from its back. I can put it back and it holds there though...And its not my flamingo have a silver feather in the middle of her back.
But its ok.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 27 customer reviews
25 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice size.. I bought this one to replace the one that died in my Motorhome.. The outside temp works great.. I placed it inside one of my bunkies, and the temperature seems right on..
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By D R.
works flawlessly only sometimes wont get any signal but thats because my house is surrounded with aluminum foil.. that reduces the receiving signal strength coming from down south a bit difficult
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By StS
My 94 mom absolutely LOVED this for her Christmas gift. She said she didnt need anything but she changed her mind when she saw this. She often forgets what day it is etc and this is something she can see throughout her day and be reminded. Also telling you the temp out side is good for her to plan when heading out what is best to wear.
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By Louise
product price
4.9 | 15 customer reviews
15 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it for a friend who recently lost her mother. I'm very happy with it, it's a lovely garden stone.
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By Amber Hoy
I luv this garden stone .... Reminds me of my dear mother ....
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By Amazon Customer
Love this, nice durable garden stone
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By Maegan
product price
5.0 | 13 customer reviews
13 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are very big. Slightly bigger than i envisioned but they are a great value. For these in store it would be way more expensive. These are plastic and come with the base to be assembled. I bought 2 and the box they were sent in was massive (big enough for me to get in, and filled my back seat of my SUV). I'm using these for my wedding and I'm so pleased to have found them at such a great price. I would definitely recommend this item. I think It would have decent longevity. The plastic is sturdy. May be slightly worse for wear if kept outside year round as the plastic isnt heavy duty thick, but really for $17 you could just buy a new one if you needed to after a year. I doubt even used you'd find anything comparable for the price.
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By Ashleigh
Good looking, strong and durable enough to hold a heavy flower pot or for planting flowers and small shrubs directly in to at a very reasonable price.
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By O.C. Goveia
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By Denis Julien
product price
4.3 | 73 customer reviews
64 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great! My son loved this! Garden gnomes have become a bit of a gag gift in our family and the selection that Amazon offers is wonderful.
This Gnominator statue was good quality and well manufactured and will provide lots of fun for many years to come.
Amazon will be our new "gnome go-to shop" for sure!
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By PoodlOwnr
We have several gnomes in our garden that my husband tolerates because they make me happy. As a child he was fascinated by Godzilla and as an adult, he hates my gnomes. He absolutely loves this gift! I just a got a free pass to buy another gnome. Wish it's a bit bigger/taller (just 9 inches). Also the paint job could be better but it's out in the garden - the bugs won't judge.
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Love my garden defender. No new gnomes have shown up in our garden since we acquired this. Strongly recommend this for anyone who has problems with a gnome infestation.
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By Piperriley
4.7 | 18 customer reviews
17 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Beautiful little sign with lifelike birds! Great quality item! There was a slight mixup with my order. I had been dealing with Ron from Design Toscano. He had no hesitation in making my order right at no extra cost to me. It was so nice to be dealing with an actual person the whole time. Outstanding customer service! I will not hesitate to order again from this company!
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By Kathy
I gave this as a gift, she absolutely loved it. It’s well made, gorgeous detail and colours. I am going to buy one for myself.
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By Amazon Customer
Bought it for my wife and she loves it. We have it at our entry way to our house in foyer on a table. It looks great there and the perfect size.
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By Jerry K