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4.6 | 173 customer reviews
158 of the 173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are a swell little set of pruners. I got a pair of loppers from the same company and I'm happy with the quality of both. Don't worry, if there are any problems I'll come back for a wee rant and to take away stars. I'm good like that.
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By Marnina
I've tried several brands of pruners, but Fiskars is by far my favorite- the blades stay sharp, the grip is comfortable and they don't rust!
From digging them into the dirt to cut tree roots to dipping them into a lake to trim aquatic vegetation, these shears are tough enough to withstand the abuse, yet compact enough to use for precise pruning.
They cut smoothly through thicker green wood too,
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By Nairi
In the first place, I was looking for more expensive pruner. The review were okay but I was not sure if I was making the right choice with this one. I must say, it is much better quality than I thought it would be. Comfortable handle and grip, work great, and very easy to keep on you for all the little jobs that you might have in your garden.
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By Wilson & Cie
4.5 | 625 customer reviews
555 of the 625 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this exactly 1 month ago to water a new cedar hedge with a soaker hose.
It's been working perfectly and was super easy to use. Just spin the dial and set it.
I have to water these trees every day for the first year and it was becoming tedious.
Now they get 30 minutes of water every morning so they're not sitting around wet all night attracting slugs.
I used the rain delay button twice and it worked as well.
One of the most useful things I've gotten off of Amazon.

It definitely sounds like you need to detach it for winter. Honestly it would take 30 seconds to unscrew so I don't see why anyone would leave it out to freeze and crack. Same with any gardening equipment.
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By Amy R.
Have both the 1 output (91213) and the 2 output models (58910). Worked ok for 1-2 seasons. Put it away indoor for the winter and found both leaking in the spring.
A significant drip from one of the two holes at the bottom. Looks like an internal leak. Opened it up found leak from solenoid fitting. Actually the one on the left was cross threaded, surprised that it didn't leak from the beginning. Put some teflon tape on both and reassembled seemed to solve the problem.
As for the rating, for <$50, of course it is made in China. But the question is like in people management, is it worth the cost and is it worth keeping. I work a day job so I rather not have to spend 15 minutes everyday to water the plants. It solves my problem. A little
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By Justin Carpentry
-none so far
-top fitting that connects to faucet cracked.
-nice big buttons and dial. The dial is about 2" round so easily adjustable even with gloves.
-features and quick setting are more logical and useful than I would have guessed.
-seems like good quality plastic and should last a long time.
-very easy to set. I set it all up with out instructions(yes I am a man).

Bought this with soaker hose and is keeping my raised vegetable garden nicely watered. Really happy with my purchase. I had looked before in stores and never found one this cheap. Plus think this one is made better than any I saw in stores.

Would recommend to a friend.

I will update if I have any issues.
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By Exzacklee
4.8 | 54 customer reviews
52 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This little guy is so cute and adds a touch of humor for my garden. I placed him in front of my Toscano dragons so he is mooning the dragons and it gets a laugh or smile from people that are guests and passers by. He is just the right size and is really bright and colorful.
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By Kimberly Bouclair
Perfect for the neighbour from Hell! I mounted it on my rear deck rail, facing the best way possible
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By phyllis c.
It was a great buy. Bought it for my brother-in-law's 60th birthday and he really enjoyed it. It was the theme for his birthday party. Everyone was to bring one. He really loved it If someone you know enjoys gnomes in his garden this one will give him a good laugh and a lot of pleasure.
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By Denis Beauchamp
product price
4.5 | 284 customer reviews
252 of the 284 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small size sprayer perfect for small and medium work in the garden. The tank is very robust and the pump system is screwed through the center. The handle of the pump mechanism is very comfortable and very round, it remains very comfortable when the sprayer is full, which is good because some work can be quite long. The tube and the control handle are solid , the spray adjustment is very well, a small jet to a complete drizzle. A point I really like, the fill opening is funnel-shaped . This is a detail, but how useful. Also Two Holes on the sides are available for those who would like to tie a rope to bring it to the shoulder.
It completely fills my expectations, simple to use and requires little maintenance.


Pulvérisateur de petite dimension parfaite pour les petits et moyens travaux dans le jardin.
La cuve est très robuste et le
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By S&B
First off, I use this as a portable light duty spray washer. I'm a mountain biker and like to spray down my bikes before putting them on the car or away into the house (no Garage). This is far more convenient then getting the hose out and of course portable so can be used when not near the house.

There is a pro version of this for almost 2x the price. However, I have to say that I would recommend it even without trying the pro version. The spray handle is very flimsy and the nozzle doesn't have that great of control for spray pattern.

It does the job though and I'm not about to go replacing it until it actually brakes.
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By Paul Tichonczuk
Purchased this to combat a weed problem that we are having.
The item arrived packaged perfectly.
The instructions were a little misleading when reading, due in part to the fact that it is one size fits all when it comes to that.
So, once I figured out how to put the item together, it worked like a charm. However I was somewhat disappointed in the price.
I really should have shopped around a little more, because this item was found at a large home improvement retailer for about 20% less.
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By John
4.7 | 57 customer reviews
55 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pretty good quality. I went to a local retailer and compared some ubrellas to this one and this one's material was much better. I ended up buy a cheap base at Superstore for 9.99 and it works well for holding this umbrella in a table. I recommend this umbrella.

Representing YYC
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By Amazon Customer
Love this umbrella. It gives full shade for a six person table set, especially with the tilt feature (which works great). But it isn't bulky like a pergola in my garden space. Oversized umbrella was the way to go. Colour is rich and so far fade resistant. Operates very nicely and has a sturdy construction. Just don't cheap out on your umbrella base, because this thing is heavy duty! I went with a 50 lb cast iron, which was the heaviest I could find, and it is working nicely. I would not recommend opening the umbrella in heavy winds because it will take your table with it, it's like a sail. A testament to it's sturdiness I guess.
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By Amazon Customer
9ft. umbrella fits nicely on my deck. I like the color, and the crank works smoothly. The tilt button is too high up for me and I have to use a vhair to reach it.

The top cap of the umbrella arrived broken (see attached pics) and I should have a replacement sent to me.
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By Stewart
4.7 | 50 customer reviews
48 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent tool. Its design provides a tremendous mechanical advantage -- pulling down on the collar transfers incredible force to the scissor-like blades at the top of the tool, which allows you to cut through branches with ease. I highly recommend this for any serious gardener who has tall trees that need to be trimmed. Its modest cost will soon pay for itself when one considers the cost of hiring a specialist to do the job!
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By Stuart Jones
Witnessing my clever-neighbour's use of this (Elegant!) unit, convinced me that I, too: HAD TO OWN ONE!...
The Unit's Simplicity-of-Operation will convince you, too!

Job Well Done, "Fiskars"!
With this Unit, the Fiskars-folks have made my annual "Tree-Pruning" escapade.....

Thanks, For Delivering my VERY-SIMPLE, online purchase..... RIGHT TO MY FRONT DOOR!!
AMAZON.CA: "You're a Thing of Beauty"!!
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By Amazon Customer
The best pruner - turns out it has a 25 yr warranty - I ordered then returned because I called Fiskars and they are sending me the replacement piece I need. The collar that holds saw blade and adjusts blade angle- a piece broke off after 10? yrs.
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By Phillyfilly
product price
4.5 | 111 customer reviews
96 of the 111 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super happy with this purchase. The chairs seem well built and feel as though they will last (time will tell!). Easy to fold and unfold and move around. The head rest is perfect and a definite must - would be uncomfortable without it. Minor annoyance is that the locking mechanism does not lock the chair firmly in position reclining positions. Chair is VERY comfortable - I now have a place to lounge, read, nap at the cottage. I plan to use it at night to recline in comfort and watch the stars. I bought the drink tray separately - glad I did - nice to have your water or beer or wine handy!
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By binthere
It's a comfortable chair. It's between difficult and impossible to lock down the tension so you can only lean back so far before you go all the way. Spiders LOVE them. I have to clean off spiders and webs every time I use them and if I go back in for a drink, there's a whole new web when I come back out.

For the price I think this exactly what you would expect, so it's a good option if you're not looking to invest in something you plan to keep for a long time.
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By Sketch
8 days old and it’s already broken, unless you like your feet way up high.
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By Lucky Nut
4.4 | 95 customer reviews
85 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
To be clear, you need to buy 9 pieces of 2x4 and this product for the project. Easy to follow instructions. Gentle/smooth conversion from bench to table top. I was concerned that the converted table would not be stable - I was incorrect. The table is quite stable. Bench works well. I will buy again, when I need another.
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By #2clip
Really neat idea of creating a frame, so that a buyer will only need to feel the frame with 2x4s cut to the desired size. I used cedar wood for a nice look.

READ THE ASSEMBLY MANUAL FIRST!!!!! Pay special attention that pieces are to be cut to TWO lengths (lumber shop will cut wood for you, be prepared to cut wood yourself if you missed the part about two lengths)

I moved the legs slightly more from the edges of wood pieces, to avoid wood cracking. Please note if you put the frame at exactly the edges of wood pieces as suggested by the manual, you are risking the edges will crack soon after assembly, potentially threatening stability of the bench. If you really want the frame at edges of wood, predrill holes for screws.

For added stability I bolted the bottom of legs to the deck (I have access to under
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By CyrilCA
Assembly wasn't as easy as I had anticipated. The holes where the bolts go through, to support the tilting back/table, still had plastic in them, had to be punched out. Putting the seat boards in place wasn't a trivial matter, and the back had to be wrestled into place differently from the way the manual suggested.

I also have issues with the design : with just a little more plastic, the flanges could be made large enough to have actual circular holes in which to secure the screws through, instead of the edge notches it currently has. Also, had the flanges been cast slightly wider for the seat securement, you wouldn't have to angle your bit trying to get the screws in place. The product is a good idea, but not well executed.

Having said that, once completed, it seems to be reasonably stout, I can sit on it without fear of
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By Dan
product price
4.6 | 39 customer reviews
37 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As advertised, rich colours, nice fabric. But why do they mention "printed in the USA" and "process in USA" where on the flag itself if says "made in China". Oh well !! I still love it !
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By GreatGonzo
Love the colours of this flag. Looked wonderful in my garden this some. No fading in the sun.
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By Lea Kyle
Artwork and colours are beautiful. Unfortunately I didn’t check the size carefully enough. It won’t fit the holder I bought with it so had to return. This is large but very good quality.
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By Bobredd
product price
4.6 | 34 customer reviews
32 of the 34 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a little old lady and I was very impressed with how easily it did a usually tedious job without bending.
Just aim, step, twist, pull and eject.
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I bought the model without the foot step. It shoves into the ground easily anyways. Works well, my kids loved it and did most of the work. So a 7 year old can use it. A 10 year old never tires. There are fairly large holes left where the weed was, so we have a pail of earth and seed to fill them after but not everyone will do that.
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By Lee
Arrived fast, and it works great, sturdy, and takes a lot of the work of weeding and makes it easier on your back.
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By Horror Movie Fan
5.0 | 17 customer reviews
17 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Being a carpet cleaner for 33 years, I have used a lot of pump sprayers. I have bought $300 sprayers and less, none would I give more that 3 stars. They either leak, blow ends, or sprayer rods fall a part or break. Well about a year ago a buddy gave me his used one as he was moving, I excepted it begrudgingly cause I thought another cheap piece of garbage sprayer that I will have dispose of in a week. 9 months later this used sprayer was going strong and I liked. This is the lowest priced sprayer I have used and the best one yet. So I bought 4 one for each crew so they would stop stealing mine.
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By David Hahn
Excellent sprayer - holds pressure, nozzles easy to clean, i use it to deep clean heat pumps to apply the coil cleaner - never gums up, easy to release pressure and to pump it. have used it regularly now for about 6 months (over 25 times a week) and it's still like new.
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By Filthy MacNasty
Works really well. I don’t have anything to compare it to as this is my first sprayer I own. It has a decent volume capacity which is really nice.
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By Andrija Komarnjicki
4.3 | 80 customer reviews
69 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
nothing to dislike as far as I am concerned. the unit was already half assembled, all I had to do was assemble the handle I used the trencher to cut a trench to bury a internet sat. cable. I set trencher to full depth which is 1.5 inches because my ground isn't very level and I found some shallow cuts which I had to go over again because of unlevel ground . I found if you take couple of feet cut then back up to help clean the trench better it helps when burying cable. also found you MUST take your time or it makes it more difficult to control trencher I easily cut a 150 ft. trench from where the dish is mounted up to the house and it did good this is not a commercial unit so how long it would last working it like that is very
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By Donald Hills
Received one day late, no issues. Minimum and simple assembly required. Works beautifully, even for a novice operator. My neighbours won't be too happy, I guess I will edge their side too
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By Syed Ahsan
Took a while to figure out. Made a couple of mistakes. However once I started viewing the cut from the side rather than the back I was able to get the edge I was looking for.Plenty powerful.
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By Brian Mulligan
4.4 | 47 customer reviews
40 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
-UPDATE- was sent replacement arms for all pumps, amazing and fast customer service. Great company

These are amazing pumps, we have been using several of them for professional lawn care applications. Then grips on all of them have stayed put, the pressure has been great, the backpack harness is very comfortable for all day wear. 4 of them have become unusable since having the handle shear at the same spot. like clockwork one after another after about the same amount of use the handles have broken in the same spot. This is a common problem with other sprayers we have used, though these are by far the longest lasting. I have not sent in a warranty claim yet but would update this to 5 stars if this issue was resolved.
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By Philip
I was reluctant to support Chapin a second time as my last sprayer (a pro model) was disappointing. However, I couldn't find a better value sprayer for my needs (2/3 acre lot). First time use... this sprayer is easy to use, so much easier than the regular hand sprayers. It sits comfortably on my back, and pumps easily without any loss of pressure. The straps required re-alignment, however that was minimal. I tried the 21 psi CF valve might be best served with a lower output spray valve, we will see.

Update after a few uses.
I find the 21 CF valve too much pressure to maintain, going back to original nozzle or perhaps try the 14 psi yellow CF valve.
The harness strap that attaches to the base constantly comes off when loading the pack, very annoying as when this happens you must take the pack
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By a_red
I have used this unit for a month now. Used my old one for 4 years that cost me 30bucks.....the pump was giving me issues lately, so bought this based on reviews.
I am 6’2”& complaints are.... it is very uncomfortable to wear because of the shape of the tank & the strapping is not adjustable enough.
The hose from the tank to handle needs to be one foot longer
The wand, from control to spray end needs to be one foot longer
The pump handle is not in the correct position so it only allows a partial pressure stroke! My “El Cheepo” unit had a handle that had an octagon shape for both the handle & pump making it VERY adjustable....this unit has one configuration only to mount the pump handle & it does not work for someone of my stature!
My final say is that the pump had better last 20
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By Bill
4.6 | 26 customer reviews
24 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this little guy for a friend and he was quite excited with it. This gnarly gnome is sure to spice up any area he resides in. The quality of the paint job is quite nice, and the message the sassy little guy conveys is quite clear. It might be just what you need to scare off those pesky deer from eating your flowers and veggie garden.
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By jp-xtreme
placed out by the neighbor's place... think they are getting the picture... lol
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By Scott C.
For some reason I didn't read the description better and thought this was bigger than a table sized gnome for this price. Also the finger was broken off when we received it and had to glue it back on.
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By Shelley Sikorski
4.4 | 38 customer reviews
35 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had been wanting these led curtain lights for the longest time, and I am not disappointed at all! They look fabulous!!!These lights are really pretty. They give a nice warm light. You get a lot of lights too, so it covers a large area on my wall. No need for improvement, and they're not pricey at all!!!I was definitely satisfied!!!
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By Mike
So many lights! These things are stellar.
The settings feel random and the blinking is WAY too strobe-y. It's kind of nauseating, but if you're going to leave them solid or put them on the one setting that is slightly more gentle, then I think these are absolutely perfect.

I wish the fading setting went from like, 5% to 50% intensity instead of 100% to 0%, because when it goes from on to off, it's really distracting, but if you're looking for a crap ton of lights for a really good price, this is the best.
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By Kaitlyn D
Lots of lights and a great price. Love the different settings. Ordered with a USB power pack and have decorated quite a few things with them so far. Boats, camping trailers, bikes and displays. They look great as a starry sky in a tent or room. Great for in the office and around the home. Very low amperage and power draw so they last a long time on a small USB battery pack.
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By Crystal
4.6 | 20 customer reviews
18 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very practical. thanks. Make more garden products like this with a reasonable cost.
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By mccelik
This is a high quality table for a great price!!! Easy assembly in 5 minutes! Love it! Good size table too, perfect for my terrace
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By Amazon Customer
Nice strong resin quality. Nice and sturdy. Easy to pop together. Looks great. Functions well. Good price. Shipped fast. Completely happy with this table.
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By David Durocher
product price
4.1 | 202 customer reviews
163 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Item came in one full day ahead of schedule and in very well packaged condition.
Exactly as advertised. I cleaned my 17' by 83' driveway in less than four minutes...without even rushing...!!!
Although this model does not feature the Power Boost Command switch of the higher priced LSW321, it did a nice job sweeping away dry leaves and dirt from my hard surface. I already owned four other tools using B&D 20V Lithium battery: drill, hedge trimmer, weed whacker and portable lamp, all using the same interchangeable type batteries. Thus I benefit from a choice of 1.5 Amp lighter models or 4 Amp heavier and longer duty units for each of them.
Light and compact , this cordless electric sweeper can be easily and quickly dismantled then put back in its original package for transport or storage.
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By Réjean Richard
It is OK but only for deck, sidewalks and driveways not good for on grass areas, but great on clearing light snow.
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By jcsousa
Bought this item early June and am happy so far. Sure this is not a commercial or heavy-duty tool but it works fine for my driveway and backyard patio. Confidently blows all dirt and debris from driveway and patio slits. Battery lasts no more than 20 min but I have spare batteries from other B+D tools, so timing is not an issue for me. This compact tool will be a good option for small to midsize property owners.
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By Andrew D
4.2 | 65 customer reviews
55 of the 65 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very easy to install. Like everyone else, I'd say there is nowhere near enough spikes. All in all, I bought a 100 ft kit and a 40 ft kit as I have made large curvy flower beds. I had to order extra pikes, but it was still not enough, so in the end, I went to my local store and bought metal wood screws and that worked really well as they are very long with a bigger head and they were cheaper too. Once installed, it looks pretty good, although it tends to buckle a bit.
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By Martina
this is our second purchase of this edging. We like it as it is easy to install and does not require digging. They do not give you enough spikes but we used nails/spikes to hold it down by hammering through the plastic (the original holes were too big for our spikes). You do not need to put spike in each hole. Looks great and fast to install. We also like that it does not stick up too far.
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The product is a little lighter than I expected. It also expands in heat. Because of this, many more spikes are needed than provided. I let it heat up (and expand) in the afternoon heat before spiking it into the ground. The next day, the edging had expanded yet again, which meant I would have to re-spike it. Put your grass, stone, or garden soil up to it asap, leaving less edging surface area exposed to the sun - less likely to expand.
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By MrXFro
4.2 | 55 customer reviews
49 of the 55 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have a number of chairs in our backyard patio with cushions that aren't supposed to get too wet. This is handy to quickly throw over the set of 2 chairs and a table.

There are some negatives - it's extremely heavy, water tends to pool on the lower parts of it so if you're careless lifting it off it'll all spill and soak your furniture, and after the 2nd summer of using it we found it became quite moldy - given the extremely large size and heavy weight of it, we found it easier to just replace it than undertake a difficult cleaning.

However, that all seems rather unavoidable for an outdoor furniture cover. Its heavy weight and durable construction mean that apart from the mold buildup at 2 years, it was in great physical condition. It has dealt with some pretty severe thunderstorms with wind gusts of ~100 km/h and
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By Megaton479
this item is really great, it's thick and large which means it can cover a lot of furniture in one fell swoop. Unfortunately the wind we get on the west coast, along with the rain, means it got blown around a lot. I was disappointed to see it tore in the middle. I did purchase another because it is high quality and hope that I'll have better luck with the second one.
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By Ms R. Chand
Have had this for 1 year in central Canada.
After a year, it has faded and gotten thin and now there’s multiple tears in it as it got quite thin.
I had it on all summer too. We simply removed it when we needed to use it. So not an overly hot climate.
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By Nathan
4.7 | 14 customer reviews
14 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Durable product. Excellent for keeping furniture dry. We are able to stack chairs under the one cover. Labelled with “front” tab to orient cover properly. Velcro straps for tie-downs around legs for windy conditions.
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By Bill
These are very well made lined sturdy covers. They will definitely keep our patio furniture dry this summer....very happy!
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By Talon 1
Loved the material and it definitely fits my big oversize cushion chairs. Would prefer an elastic closure at bottom, easier to put on
than to attach each Velcro attachments. Hopefully they will weather great.
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By Lise