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4.6 | 284 customer reviews
265 of the 284 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This thing is amazing. Do not listen to the nay Sayers!!! I purchased this gun in December of last year, and could not wait till the flys came out. And when they did, they dropped like flies he he. I did have to experiment with different kinds of salt to perfect this bug killing machine, but finally found the perfect salt. KOSHER SALT. this stuff is just coarse enough to deliver maximum grouping with naximum damage with absolutely no blockage. Perfect.

Next, I would talk about my wife. She was absolutely beside herself when the email from amazon made it into our mailbox saying, CONFIRMATION ON BUG A SALT 2.0 The shipment is on its way!
We had a lengthy , heated discussion on why I would spend this much money on such a stupid thing.
I will not say any more other than I love it when I'm right,
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By Amazon Customer
History took a great leap forward with the invention of fire. Then came the steam engine, the helicopter, and the smartphone. And then, late in time, the funnest-est leap forward of all: The salt-shooting bug shotgun.

If you hate humming hornets, filthy flies, murderous mosquitoes and wicked wasps, and seek only to rain death upon them, then look no further. You have found your weapon of war.

Be prepared for your back porch to echo endless cackling laughter, whoops of triumph and war movie quotes.

Pro Tip: When eating outdoors, you can salt your steak and fries and kill flies with a single pull of the trigger.
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By R. Freeman
This gun is awesome, of course it kills flys, and other insects but it’s useful for more things as well.

-Set the steaks on the BBQ and shoot and season them at close range to penetrate the meat with salt (have not tried yet, but thinking you could do a salt and pepper mixture - your welcome)

-No more “pass the salt please” at the dinner table. Just keep this gun loaded at all times and I can tell my kid to cover her eyes and add salt to her potatoes from across the table.

-putting salt on icy, slippery steps during the winter months just became a lot more fun as well.

Know someone that never cooks with enough salt? You can strategically improve someone’s cooking without them even knowing, 5 skillfully placed shots around the cooks body and into a stew would be perfect.

The use for this tool could be endless, and
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By GrimReaperMB
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4.5 | 435 customer reviews
387 of the 435 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great for aggressively salting french fries
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this for my husband for Christmas as a gag gift, and he laughed at it, and put it away until I hauled it back out for the spring. Who's laughing now? It only took one fly killing before he was full on Rambo'ing in the house, and now hes disappointed when he's gotten them all. Of course first thing he did was shoot himself close range with it- FYI, "it stings".
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By Lana
First off, Be careful of the sellers. If you see a copy for 1/3 the going price - beware. I bought one from one of those "first time sellers" with no feedback and it never came, seller was a scam artist out of China. I did manage to get in an order to a legit seller eventually though.

The product is excellent. Much better than a fly swatter. Around here we are plagued with 2 types of insect these days. Some little bugs which are almost like specs - some people call them fruit flies, others use the term - no see ums. In addition I get a lot of moths coming to my window at night as well.

This thing hits a lot of bugs that move too quickly to hit otherwise. And it is excellent for getting rid of any type.
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By TheTruth
4.6 | 116 customer reviews
108 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works great. Easy to use and gets the job done. The battery lasts long too. Usually kills the bug in one shot. Great price for what you get. Would recommend getting.
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By Dev Patel
Well this bug zapper certainly does the trick, we have so many bugs in the summer that a bug zapper is ALWAYS with you or you are getting eaten by so many mosquitoes. I love that this one comes with a light and can be recharged using a usb cable. The caging around the wires also makes it so you don’t shock yourself, or another person by accident. I will be investing in a few more of these for around our deck this summer. Thank you for a great product and I will purchase again!
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By LindseyB
I bought this as a replacement for a similar bug zapper. It arrived very quickly. This is very useful because it is shaped like a tennis racket. It is very, very effective in killing flies and flying insects. It is so satisfying when you get one or a whole bunch of fruit flies because you see them crackle and fry.
Happy with this buy.
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By Mr. Mercenary
4.5 | 96 customer reviews
83 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My sleeve, the nearby window curtains, the hair on my arms, but most importantly, the hoards of aphids on our Hibiscus which we cannot seem to rid ourselves of. While it has not eliminated them, I get immense pleasure when I look at one of these sheets and see a new fatality has landed on the sticky paper instead of my monitor while I'm typing. I've ended up putting one sheet in almost every room.
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By Tom Sellers
Decreased the amount of flying soil gnats around my plants since they all got stuck. The picture is the trap after 3 days (around 25 bugs stuck).

I'm happy that the bugs are so attracted to the color and the glue is so sticky as it prevents them mating with each other and laying more eggs.
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Ordered these to try to control the Infestation of fungus gnats in the dozen or so potted plants in our home. Using just 1 sheet per pot, within a week, the papers were covered in gnats. After a month and combined with a nematode water treatment, I can count the number of gnats I've seen on one hand.

I continue to replace the papers every 2 weeks or when they get about quite covered in gnats, and will keep doing it until I find none.

Product works as advertised and does a great job of reducing these pesky fungus gnats!
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By D. Lee
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4.3 | 605 customer reviews
495 of the 605 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had a minor ant problem, maybe if I left a dish out there would be a few ants on it the next day, and there's always a few ants scurrying around. Nothing major.
So I put this thing out near where I have left cups next to the computer. A couple ants were near and I basically put it right in their face and watched them climb up and start drinking. Took em a few minutes as they are pretty dumb. Then after watching 5 or 6 ants there I went to bed.
The next morning the situation was very different. There were THOUSANDS OF Ants using some of the computer cables as ant superhighways to the bait. My girlfriend was terrified of this ant playgue, but I knew better! The trap was working! Ants stepping over themselves to drink the tainted of elixir and waddle their bloated bodies back to
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By james slater
WOW!! We had carpenter ants and this is one of the products we used to poison them and kill off the nest. We watched them go in, soak up the liquid and carry it back to the nest, some gorged themselves (the larger workers) so much, they couldn't fit through the little slot to get back out, they literally vomited out some of the fluid so they could fit. It drew them out in droves and they took it all back to the nest, we went through 2 boxes of this bait, along with gel solutions... in the end, we had to open the wall and vacuum the nests (3 of them) out of the wall.

So if you have carpenter ants and are wondering if this will work, it will help to kill off a large population of the Ants and if you stick with using only this,
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By SpinerC
I'm giving this four stars because after using it for a few weeks I noticed I didn't see ants in my home anymore. The packaging is also pretty idiot proof. HOWEVER, be very careful when placing and with where you place it. It's quite easy to accidentally move it and cause the liquid to spill and if it does god help you because it is the thickest, stickiest stuff I've ever seen. If it hardens on the floor you will not be able to get it off without damaging your floor. I think it's still the best solution at this price point but do take caution. Maybe placing it on some sheets of paper instead of on the ground directly?
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By Annette Zahl
4.3 | 434 customer reviews
353 of the 434 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Seems good considering so many mosquitoes this year. Took it outside on the deck and it did work quite well
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By GuySmilley
Lately my house was somehow infested by flies, the big ones which can't quite get through the net of this thing so it seems a good fit.

The zap is very loud, so loud if you are dinning or reading next to it you can be shocked by that. However, be it loud it doesn't really kill instantly for most of the flies. They usually had their wings burnt off and can't fly anymore. In that sense it is effective in terms of disabling the flies from reaching your food. However, they may fall on the floor crawling around, though usually not really far away before they get tired and decided that's it. Also, the power cable is ridiculously short, you'd probably need an extension if you are hanging it off the ceiling or wall.

You might think this thing is clean from chemicals and should have little to no maintenance. This
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By Sandbo
It's quite loud when a bug gets zapped, but it definitely works! We keep it in a central part of our home up on a window sill. The spider that lives directly outside that window is extremely well fed! :) And I immediately noticed waking up with less mosquito bites.
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By Amazon Customer
5.0 | 25 customer reviews
25 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Haven't seen any raccoons trying to get into the garbage cans since I installed this. I have it set to level 2 as recommended in the instructions for the type of animals we want to get rid of and the tone is audible to humans when you walk by and activate the motion detector but it's not super-loud or annoying, not when you consider that it's doing its job.
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By Dwayne Rakitti
Put this on at the skunks went away
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By Amazon Customer
This item works freshly well you keep cats off you're lawn and really catches them by surprise, it was used overnight and no sign of further droppings.
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By Kristine B
4.3 | 266 customer reviews
222 of the 266 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product was as described. I bought these to set up horizontally around a sunflower feeder for small birds. We have a lot of crows in the neighborhood and I noticed that they would fly to the feeder and because of the small space could not land but they where able to grab food by resting their feet on the seed tray and flapping their wings for balance. (damn they are clever!) The spikes stopped that!! Added bonus, as the spikes are mounted horizontally, the small birds use them as perches and this keep their feet out of the seed trough. Took a little work to set up but I am pleased with the results.
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By Rudi G. Gellert
It appears my pigeon problem is gone thanks to these amazing spikes. Covered the entire length of my balcony railing and haven't had any problems with these pesty birds. The addition of glue in this kit made the entire process so easy. Arrived in good order and wouldn't hesitate
to recommend this great Canadian made product!
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By Regbear
I have to wait for the warmer weather when the birds are back before I can tell if these spikes work or not.

The birds always built their nest on top of a light fixture in the foyer in the past. I couldn't have the spikes standing upright on top of the light fixture for three reasons:
1) there's simply no room to place the spikes standing upright on top of the light fixture because there're only few inches between the light fixture and the ceiling,
2) the spikes must be removable to allow me to open the top of the light fixture to change light bulb, and
3) top of the light fixture is not flat.

What I ended up doing is sticking the spikes to the masonry brick with the use of velcros which allow me to remove the spikes when I need to change the light bulbs.
I placed one more row of
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By Sunny
4.7 | 30 customer reviews
29 of the 30 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got these as we started to have cockroach problem this summer. These were the best looking repellents of the lot available.
Worked well for us.. used them along with bug traps all around the house. All of the coachroaches were trapped when their activity increased during the first week of usage..
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By Shalesh Chk
Easy to use. Just need to plug. Come with night light
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By Diana wong
I really don't like to use mosquito coils or sprays. The smell is too heavy and the effect is not good. So I bought this Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. It is especially simple and convenient. Many mosquitoes and bugs have entered the room recently when it rains, but after using this, it is obviously better. This is purely physical protection, no chemical smell, and the effect is very good. I will bring them when I go out for camping. It is worth recommending to other friends.
By the way, the delivery is very fast.
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4.3 | 77 customer reviews
63 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exc price for a quality built shipping..dont buy any traps from the TSC farm garbage!..aluminum door..i had a raccoon bend it back the 1st time i used it..
Always buy Havahart..solid built steel
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this trap as a last resort for the family of raccoon terrorizing my beautiful backyard and top of my shed and hot tub. At first I bought 5 boxes of bird spikes repellant to prevent them from pooping on top of my shed. It only worked 2 days and the raccoons were able to brave passing on those bird spikes and poop on them. Crazy but true.
So I turned to this trap and hoping to will give me a good result as I am fed up and furious cleaning tons of raccoon poops even to my decorative stones I laid down on my whole backyard and wrecking all my beautiful mums when they jump from the fence and hanging out on top of my hot tub leaving dirty feet marks as well as my patio furnitures and sinking their nasty teeth in my vegetable garden fruits.
so far we
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By Melanie U.
The product itself is awesome, I caught a rogue cat the first night it was set. Easy to set. My only complaint is getting the critters out. You need to attach a string or pull cord to open the trap. Otherwise you get too close to a potentially dangerous animal. Think ahead when trapping with this unit.
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By Stocker
4.7 | 24 customer reviews
23 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Put it in our garden to stop cat coming. Easy to use and works ok. When I turn it on, very noisy. Even myself, I do not want to stay there with the machine on. So I will turn it off when I am in the garden. Normally I just turn it on during the night time to stop cat coming to our garden. It works fine until now. Happy with this purchase.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this repellent to keep birds far away from my window. It attracted me because it's not big and solar power. It's straightforward to use. The instructions are very clear. It can control the sensitivity and the different level of ultrasound according to different animals.
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By Amazon Customer
Cat eating my plants right in front of machine..... charged it via USB for 8 hours as per manual... went with this one after a cheaper one did not work... what a waste of time and money. Don't bother.
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4.4 | 41 customer reviews
36 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We had an issue with mice last year. During the cold rainy season, they found their way into the house and we would see evidence of them throughout the garage. I tried a number of different types of traps which didn't work. I continued to see droppings, etc. I bought a set of these and plugged them in strategically through the garage and downstairs office. The mice disappeared within a week. Since that time, we have not had an issue with mice. Furthermore, we have lived through another winter, a very rainy one at that ...! And no mice. I highly recommend these!
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By Mike
Purchased this pest repeller to use at cottage. It is really hot these few days and there are always mosquitos around. I plugged one in each room and no one got any mosquito bites! I was worried at beginning because I don't want my baby to get biten and she is too little to put on any bug spray. But it turned out fantastic! Really recommend this product.
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By Eva Zhu
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a good feature. There are many small insects in the summer, especially spiders, flies,
mosquitoes. I hope that after use, it will bring hygiene to the room and protect my child from mosquito bites.
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By Rong
4.2 | 98 customer reviews
83 of the 98 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s a set of 4. I placed one on the deck, one in the garage and one in the entrance, seems fewer mosquitoes and ants.
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By Claire
My house is surrounded by trees and bugs are everywhere. I figured I could try this out and maybe it would help. Well I put this in my entryway. I haven’t seen a bug since.Device makes no sound. Small device goes unnoticed. Good product!
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By Ted King
I like to go camping but I always have a lot of mosquitos in my RV. I decided to buy these without being sure they will help my situation. I tried it las weekend and I have seen a big difference. I get less mosquitos and it is so small you barely notice it. It is very simple to use and I am happy with this purchase. :)
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By Pascale Roy
4.3 | 40 customer reviews
34 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought these for fungus gnats. Took forever to get here. first wave of adult fungus gnats were not fooled by traps. Once the new larvae became adults, that’s when I started catching them. I will admit it’s a little sad to see them stuck on the traps.

They move their bodies up and down to try to unstick themselves but to no avail. If you blow on them when they’re stuck the try to unstick themselves more.
After a few hours or days of trying to get unstuck eventually they end up giving up living and end up a crumpled pile of gnat all stuck to the yellow trap.

It didn’t catch a lot of them, most of them aren’t that dumb surprisingly, in fact it caught my cat pretty well, I found a trap upstairs on the floor covered in his HAIR 😑 woulda loved to see THAT spectacle.

The best protocol for
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By Bikepacking Mama
It works very well within the hour and saves your plants from the Gnats, it breaks the breading cycle.
Nevertheless, you still need to clean/sterilize the infected soil from Gnat larvae, there are many ways to do so, one of them is to use hydrogen peroxide and water (1 to 4).
I highly recommend them for anyone with Gnat flies problem.
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By Amazon Customer
A new houseplant brought these annoying tiny fungus gnats in. They weren't attracted to the apple cider vinegar trap (only works on fruit flies I guess). Also tried diatomaceous earth (made a mess, did nothing). But a couple of these sticky traps, folded in a circle and hung on a stem, are doing the trick. 90% of them caught in a couple days. After a week there are still a few flying about, but the traps are still sticky.
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By Sarah Northway
product price
4.6 | 18 customer reviews
18 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works great right out of the box. Very easy to assemble.
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By Joe P.
I have a house in the middle of wetland, surrounded by hundreds of acres of swamp, basically. I love it there, but every year, twice a year, there's a two to three week period when the mosquitos are incredibly dense, and then the rest of the summer they are just an annoyance. Sitting outside during the peak periods is impossible, and during the rest of the summer it's risky. Of course, that's what I get for living with all the stagnant water around me.

Over the past two decades I've tried every mosquito repellent I could, ranging from citronella candles spread around my back yard seating are to electrical attractants that are supposed to fry mossies, as well as ultrasonic repellents and all kinds of esoteric (mostly expensive and useless) gadgets and fixes. The only thing that works reliably is the Mosquito Magnet. I've used three
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By Dr. Tim Parker
Since getting the Magnet in early July and after 10 days located in an area known to harbour mosquitoes, the Patriot Plus has caught and killed at least 1,000 mosquitos. I went from not being able to sit on my porch during the day without long pants/shirts etc to sitting outside in my shorts/tShirt and not be constantly attacked.
Next year I will get it going in early Spring and will then be able to give a total review but at this time have to say it works.
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By Mister twister
product price
4.1 | 68 customer reviews
51 of the 68 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Happy with the product. I’ve included a picture so you can better gauge the size. The bottle looks like it was specifically designed to look bigger in photos than real life.
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By Jay
Came as expected, i had a terrible infestation of thrips ran right through my cannabis plants. Its been a week since i speayed and i dont see any more of them. I like that it is non toxic
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By mike
My plant was almost dead due to 2 different kinds of insects eating it. I used this soap 2 times a week instead of 1 as instructed, because there initially wasn't much difference in the number of insects. After about a month my plant looked much, much healthier, was regrowing its leaves, and now I can't find any traces of insects at all. I used the instructed concentration amounts.
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By Riff
4.4 | 22 customer reviews
20 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have a lot of houseplants and a large vivarium. A geranium was brought in to overwinter and infected all of our indoor plants with fungas gnats. The infestation was so bad you couldn't avoid them, we lost three plants. We tried all the DIY solutions but nothing made a difference.

We ordered this product and the population of gnats dramatically declined within days. We reordered ad the first purchase was the smallest available size some gnats remained, as we have a lot of plants. We are now gnat free.

The product was unbelievably efficient, the staff are helpful and the shipping was fast.

Totally reccomend this product.
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By Cole
At first, I thought that these weren't working so I left a review stating that I was seeing no results. Their customer service got in touch and was helpful and thorough by explaining how the grubs work. A few weeks later, their customer service checked in again to see how my fungus gnat issue was going, which was thoughtful!

Now, about 4 weeks after applying the grubs to each plant in my apartment (and using the sticky yellow tabs to catch the flies) the fungus gnats are 99% gone. It's pretty cool that something chemical-free and so easy to use is effective. It's also a funny story to tell friends/family, the whole process of spreading around one bug to kill another bug. No one believed it would work! But it did and overall, I highly recommend.
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By Amazon Customer
Received these little guys fast, Had a question seller got back to me instantly, very knowledgeable and helpful. I was worried about shipping in the cold being winter but they were fine. Instructions were simple and application was also. Absolutely recommend
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By Steve
4.5 | 18 customer reviews
17 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far no cats in my yard. Works great.
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By Robert Belanger
It looks like it’s working. There has been less damage on my front lawn since I installed it. The range is good. It’s huge though! Almost as big as my hand and I can palm a basketball.
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By Richard Barrett
I put all 4 of these things in a flower garden that is no larger than 20x20ft. On the second day after installing these things, I reviewed my camera footage to find a deer had walked right into the middle of my garden and was chowing down on plants that were literally right in front of one of these "repellent devices". It looked like the deer was having a romantic dinner for one while listening to a symphony. These things absolutely do not work. I read some of the review indicating these were ineffective but thought "these people must be doing something wrong". Nope. The product just sucks. That's it.
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By Alek Steel
product price
4.0 | 128 customer reviews
91 of the 128 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We've had ants in the late spring/early summer months at our home for the last few years, this year has been the worst. Ants LOOOOVE these traps, I put one down and within half an hour, they had swarmed it, going crazy for the food. Next day? No ants to be seen! It wasn't as effective in the garden where we have a sizable colony of ants but we'll try again with the few traps left. Don't set up the traps until you're in the location where you want to put them. Once you break the foil on the poison pack, it'll get everywhere if its jostled around too much. Will definitely by again!
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By sneezy
Bought this for ants in my yard at home, and the ants we have there stayed away and didn't touch the bait at all. Coincidentally, we also started to have ants in the office at the same time and brought one in to test out. Different type of ants this time and they absolutely loved this stuff like fat kids at a candy buffet. No more ants in the office after less than a week, need to find a different product for home.
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By Amazon Customer
Received quickly. ordered two boxes, one was ok. the other one that was not damaged in any way whatsoever had half of the bait stations leaking all of the bait out. A big sticky mess that could not be used. No idea if they actually work or not yet because the ones that were usable have just been placed. These guys need to figure out there packaging better. super, super disappointed that this is what you get from a reputable company
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By Wally
4.1 | 57 customer reviews
46 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It works! I wouldn't use it to eliminate an infestation, but I had a handful of mosquitoes get into my room. I turned this on and went to sleep .I can now open my room because this will zap any mosquitos that find their way in my room. I love how easy this is to use, you simply plug it in and turn it on. This thing really helped me a lot
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By Lorne Hess
Great product. This really works, In my case I got way more flies with it when it was outside due to more traffic of the flies so I just left it outside. When it gets full I just found a brush to clean the metal part of the zapper after I disconnected the light and it did the job!
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By Pomerleau G.
It did excellent job. I hate mosquitoes. Easy to install and durable. Works great. All of the mosquitoes gone.I feel happy every time I hear it. It is a great bug killer in case you do not the loud sound.
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By tyler fowler