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4.8 | 1,112 customer reviews
1,039 of the 1,112 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's incredible!! I've had a Wahl brush for years thinking it was pretty good, but my 9 year old long-haired dog is shedding like crazy now that winter's settling in (like every year, really!) And I stumbled upon the furminator and decided to give it a try. I've NEVER had this much hair come off with any other brush. Brushed for 20 minutes and got this much off, could've done it more, there was still hair coming out! I hope this really reduces the amount of hair around the house! Really liking this so far!
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Wow. Just wow. I had wondered for a few days whether or not it had been a mistake to choose a Golden Retriever as our new ESA. When we got her (she's 5), she had supposedly been groomed (shampoo and brush) but there was still so much fur everywhere. Someone at work suggested we try the FURminator and let me tell you, I have no regrets about this purchase. It took off so much hair and now Shelby's shedding is so minimal. It doesn't catch on her hair or tug at her skin. It can nick your furry friend around the legs if you're not careful though; be sure to take care when brushing the hair on their legs where the fur is not as long. As long as you're not careless you won't have an issue.

If you can't stand fur around the house, buy this. It's soooo worth the
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By Jacob M
The high price of these is always a deterrent, but Amazon had a great price. This works better than any shedding blade or brush/comb can offer. Tried using the smaller version of this (for our cat) but the larger size was much easier to use on the dog, and I think she enjoyed it more too. Our dog has a double coat and this works like a charm.

You'll find yourself with a bag of fur in no time... perhaps spin some yarn and make a pair of dog mittens? ;)
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4.7 | 2,450 customer reviews
2,275 of the 2,450 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Alot of people are concerned that these bags aren't biodegradable, but truth of the matter is, anything that goes into a modern day landfill will not biodegrade, even if it's an apple core. The way landfills work now, most cities compress the garage so much there is no oxygen, which is needed for the process.

Since there is no public composting system in my city, I'm left with few choices. And I think these bags are great. They are thick and easy to use. No more accidentally touching dog waste because of a ripped bag. Ugh!

You get a huge amount with each order. They are unscented too which is perfect. No complaints from my dog yet. Would buy again once I run out.
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By Calgarian
I use to purchase the Earth Rated bags but of late the smell has been getting to me, so I decided to try these. I've read the positive and negative reviews and figured that I would have to try them for myself to see what I thought of them. I purchased these on Black Friday and have been using them since the end of November and I cannot find one thing wrong with them. They tear easily at the perforations, are thick and I have used about 5 rolls and they all seem to be intact and none were ripping at the seams. Also, I do prefer the black bags now as you can't see the waste inside not that it mattered before but I like the look of the black bags better. So overall, I would say that these are a great value since I bought the 900 bag
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By Betty C
The sheer volume of bags you get for the price is amazing! The bags themselves are the same, if not a bit bigger than other bags I have used, and feel much sturdier. It also comes with a carrier that you can refill easily and attach to your leash. No wonder these bags are an Amazon Bestseller. They are awesome!
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By Freya
4.7 | 1,686 customer reviews
1,600 of the 1,686 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I know this is a dog crate, but we bought it to keep our elderly cat, who has failing health, safe during the night. He can't harm himself in there, and he can have privacy from the other 4 rowdy cats.

We bought the 42" (Large) version, which offers plenty of space for him to move about freely without feeling locked up. I used the divider to make a platform - now he has his own two story penthouse! There is plenty of room for a full sized cat box, a soft cat bed on both levels, scratching post, food, water and a few toys. Of course during the day he has the run of the house, we would never leave a cat in there permanently!

For short periods of time it could even be used for two cats. Great price for the quality too, works every bit as good as
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By Sophia
You can buy the same crate/kennel at Walmart for $100+. If you can wait a day or two for shipping (it's fast) then this is worth the wait. It's a great size for our 5 year old Golden Retriever (we bought the 42" one).

If you have a puppy don't worry, you can still buy the big size for once they're full grown, as it comes with a divider piece that can be placed anywhere in the cage to make it smaller.

If you're worried about traveling, I'm amazed at easily this cage collapses for quick storage. It even comes with a handle that you can attach to any of the wires depending on how you want to carry it. It can be easily attached/detached.

The plastic 'tray' at the bottom is great for easy cleaning. The locks seem pretty pet-proof so that only you will be able to unlock it.

I don't have
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By Jacob M
This cage is a great deal, especially if you get the additional prime discount (thank you, free trial) It was not super easy to set up, partly because the instructions were placed inside the folded cage and i could not get them out until i assembled the cage, it mostly just involved some twisting and muscling the sides into their little notches and was not at all hard to figure out. The additional divider is a bit useless unless you have a very tiny puppy or teacup sized dog, but better to have it and not need it than the other way around. Everything seems sturdy and functional, its easy to remove and clean the tray. My only issue is that the door is on rather tightly so it doesn't swing freely, but it may loosen up over time and does prevent it from opening on it's own.
The size small
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By H. M.
4.7 | 1,659 customer reviews
1,556 of the 1,659 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I picked up this cover for my 2015 Wrangler Unlimited. The fit is great, and I really like the features that this particular cover had over others. Being a Jeep driver, I do a lot of driving with the top down in the summer. This cover attaches very securely to the seat (in six places!) which provides a very secure fit! It's great knowing I have a cover that is attached well, fits well, and won't be flapping in the breeze if my dog isn't holding it down! The seatbelt holes are placed well, I like how they velcro down to seal the cover back up as well. Material quality is great and easily stands up to my dog who is currently about 50lbs. The dog is expected to grow much larger, and I don't forsee any material quality issues. It's very
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By Amazon Customer
Nicest seat cover for dog owners EVER !!! I HAVE a 53lb lab , and she used to create a muddy chaos in my car ! All previous seat covers never lived up to what they claimed to be until I got THIS ONE ! ITS AMAZING ! And it stays in place no matter how much she jumps around and plays! My car and I are so thankful to have found this amazing seat cover ! I highly recommend it for anyone ! Since I got this cover my car seats have never gotten dirty, and the cover is so easy to clean and vacuum off ! Unlike previous ones that just made more of a mess or never really got clean. Now she loves jumping in my car even more because I never get mad at her anymore!
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By Amazon Customer
Better quality than a previous type we had purchased retail in a pet store in which the nylon material quickly thinned from simple use. The non-slip padding and the short handles which are pushed between backrest and seat to ensure the cover stays in place are the best features. Although we installed it in our one ton pickup truck which has longer seats, it still covers better than the retail version. We wrapped the front edge under the seat instead of installing on headrest of front seats as our dog is harnessed while traveling anyway. We could see the potential of the front edge material wearing at the seam with the seat portion since it doesn't have the added padded thickness and if the dog pawed or stood at the seam it wouldn't be long that it could develop tears. Would buy again if available
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By RVLifer
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4.8 | 586 customer reviews
557 of the 586 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a sickly 19 y/o cat in the final stages of renal failure, I tried many types of food and treats to get her interested in meals again and these did the trick. (I first bought a smaller bag of each flavor for her to try and she loves the beef) I keep these beside me on the couch as well and she has begun to jump up beside me to ask for them. It may not be the healthiest choice, but hey, it makes her happy and fills her belly.... and at her age, she can have whatever she darn well wants!
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By Artisan Tracy
I think they put crack in these treats. My cats go absolutely ape for Temptations. Just like the commercials. Sometimes if I accidentally bump the container and it makes a noise, Loki is up in my grill in milliseconds looking for a handout. Louise used to just claw through the smaller plastic package, but has not figured out how to break in to the larger container....yet.

They were both super excited when I told them that I set up a monthly subscription for this super-sized container of treats.
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By Ryan W.
I know these treats are really tasty and I've been using them for my car for years. I've purchased different flavors and my car love them al!. However this time around this gives my ca t an upset stomach. I tested on two separate days and it's the case. I won't be feeding this to my cat again. I know the value pack is supposed to be a great idea for saving money .... But just test it with your cat first!
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4.8 | 498 customer reviews
475 of the 498 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been exclusively using this brand for over 5 years. These are simply the best poop bags I've ever used, and I've tried many brands over many years (even the pricey designer ones). I have a large dog and I feel like most bags are made for small dogs or are created with thin, cheaper material that often forced me to use more than one bag at a time, or it would make the task more unpleasant than it needed to be. These are generously sized (perfect for large breeds), easy to tie, thick enough that you'll never get any holes or feel like you're using a bare hand, and opaque enough that you can carry it on your walk and not gross out passerbys. I actually really enjoy the lavender scent as well. It seems crazy to rave about something like a poop bag, but when you have to
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By L.A.
Very good dog waste poop bags! I was looking for a biodegradable option but was not willing to pay too much either. These one fit right in the middle. They claim to use active EPI additive that will allow the bags to breakdown unlike traditional plastic bags. I think this does make sense with will reduce my impact on the environment until I get rich and can afford to spend 1$ per dog poop :)

Also the smell is just awesome. It completely removes the bad smell of poop and let your hands with a gentle lavender smell. Pretty nice to have compared to poop smell...especially when you can't find a garbage near :)

The dispenser work fine by the way!

Overall very happy for the price, these bags are (at least when I bought them about 2 months ago) the best option currently available on amazon.
I just wish they could also make
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By Phil
I initially bought these Earth Rated bags because I was feeling a bit guilty for all the waste my dog bags create. I have three big dogs, and two walks a day = 6 bags in to the litter every day. I usually buy the black AmazonBasics ones because they're so much cheaper and they're just really good bags. BUT... I wanted to buy a biodegradable bag to try to lighten my litter load on the planet. So, I doubled my purchase price and bought these Earth Rated bags. Only to find out that they're not actually compostable. They do not break down faster than typical plastic if they're in 'compressed' situations, i.e. landfill. I was pretty disappointed but used the bags up (they're fine bags btw) and just placed a new order going back to the AmazonBasics bags (which, in my opinion) are much better bags and a much
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By Dave Allan
4.8 | 465 customer reviews
450 of the 465 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are amazing dog tags. I bought one for my service dog as well as my 5 month old service dog in training. When you purchase them there’s a link to add more than enough information for them to be found if either strays. The etching is very deep so it’s not going to disappear in a year like previous tags.
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By 123becky
This was a re-order. If they are so good, why re-order ? Well I had to change my phone number :-(
Otherwise the first ones I bought for two dogs would have lasted the dogs' lifetimes. They are truly "engraved" so that the very easily visible information is embedded in the tags, not laid on the surface where it can be worn off, which has happened to me with inferior products.
They arrived in jig time and the price was right ! I heartily recommend the company's tags and other products.
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By Sawdusty
Positives? This tag has deep engraving, lifetime warranty, and great price (which are the best features in my opinion). Downfalls? Process to select which one you want is odd (no instructions on the seller page, so you have to email them what to do, then they give instructions), engraving isn't centred on the tag, and I never got the colours I asked for. Positives do outweigh the negatives in my opinion!
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By M. Watson
product price
4.7 | 757 customer reviews
708 of the 757 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our Corgi loves these! A little bit too much honestly. She now knows that at the end of the day after her last walk that she gets one and is all too eager.

We used them for a year thinking it would be enough to keep her dental hygiene up but the vet was clear we were wrong. Her front teeth were clean but the back ones were in pretty bad shape.

We spent the next few months learning how to brush her teeth and getting her to trust us. Started with just our fingers and worked up to a nice soft child's brush. Her reward for sitting nicely is a greenie and she couldn't be happier.

After getting her (and honestly more us) into a routine we got her teeth professionally cleaned (Ouch $$$) and have been sticking to it every sice. The vet says her teeth are looking great!

Don't just give
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By Reid
I had seen these forever but never purchased them as I doubted my dog would like them but we were at our vet and she gave our puppy one to eat during his visit and he went nuts over it so I have started to buy them. These do not cause him stomach issues and are very digestible and his teeth look good.

If you are looking for something to keep your dog occupied/busy these are not the treat. My dog inhales them and loves them more than anything else so I now buy the smallest sized ones and cut them into little bites sized bits (my guy is 20lbs). I actually bought kitchen scissors expressly for this purpose.

The vet approves these and my fussy dog likes them (he is always rejecting the biscuits we buy him) so it is an all around good buy for us.
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By JodiR
Our dog loves this treat. Not really sure how much it helps with teeth cleaning, but it's better than other treats that definitely don't help. Great price for the quantity, especially when it's on sale! I notice that our dog drinks a lot of water after eating the treat, which may also help with the teeth cleaning. Smells like the veggie chips you can buy at Costco, although I would not recommend eating the Greenies yourself (unless someone double-dog dares you).
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By AmazonJoe
4.7 | 631 customer reviews
593 of the 631 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Would give 4.5 stars as I prefer the white bags from Earth Rated at Pet-Valu and hope Amazon offers a subscribe and save option for either of the unscented bags. They are a little tricky to open and can be finicky on a windy day (bring portable hand sanitizer!) However, in comparison to other dog waste bags from my husband (the son of a veterinarian) and my own history of working as a 'kennel technician' in a veterinary clinic responsible for the feeding and walking of boarded dogs... there is no comparison because these bags rarely if EVER tear or rip down the side and they are a decent size for our own two dogs weighing 11 and 22 lbs each to each relieve themselves and have their deposits collected often within the same bag with adequate space to knot shut. I would compare the thickness although not the texture
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By Rose & Kevin
After buying AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags for some time (primarily due to price), my wife and I started to feel a bit guilty about the environmental impacts of using these to dispose of our dog's waste. In our municipality, they go in the garbage.

After a quick look around, I opted for these without scrutinizing the details enough. These are *better* as they come in an easily recyclable box and the cores of each roll are cardboard as well... however, the bags still aren't bio-degradable.

After performing more research, I recently discovered bio-degradable bags made from corn starch from a company called Kumoya. I will review those separately.

So are these better, yes... but you can go greener.
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By Jim
You might think from the "earth rated" name, the green color, etc that this is an environmentally-friendly or even compostable product but it's simply a greenwashed product. It is intended to go into the trash like any other plastic dog waste bag. The only thing different from a regular plastic bag is that they include EPI additives which they claim causes the product to break down faster. MSU tested these claims as early as 2015 and found that EPI additives make no difference to the decomposition process when compared to regular plastic. I'm sure a lot of people have seen the news lately about the more recent studies on how sketchy some of these "biodegradable" claims on plastic bags are. Well, the EPI additives specifically are so bad that they cannot legally call themselves biodegradable, which I suppose why these ones are labelled "earth rated" instead (which means nothing
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By euphoria
4.7 | 419 customer reviews
395 of the 419 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am very pleased with the quality of this dog bed, the memory foam is top quality! Most dog beds just have cheap stuffing, but not this bed. The cover fits really well and is removable for washing. I also like how the mattress is encased by its own plastic cover, to help keep it dry and clean. I have had this dog bed for about a month now and my almost 8 year old Golden Retriever just loves it! In fact, so does our 18 year old cat, who also has discovered the bed. As our dog is getting older, I thought he might need a more comfortable bed as he is at the age where he may be getting arthritis and joint pain. I got the Jumbo size, which is actually a bit large for a Golden Retriever, but that's okay
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By Debbie
This outstanding bed (I purchased size Large, in dark brown) perfectly accommodates my arthritic 90-pound black Lab. He instantly loved it and there was no need to transition from his old, familiar bed to this one. He climbed in and never looked back. For my part, I am absolutely ECSTATIC about this product. I just took it apart to wash it and discovered that all the inside seams are finished with a locked stitch. For those who don't sew, that's an extra added detail that ensures that the bed won't fall apart at the seams over time. To my mind, this indicates that the manufacturers were intent on creating a quality product and weren't willing to cut corners. The fabric itself is a sturdy cotton twill that washes brilliantly. I even used hot water and there was no shrinkage - an amazing feat. The zipper glides smoothly, and is the
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By Jupiterann
Original Review 05/17 - The foam is super thick and provides lots of support for my old doggo's achy bones. She love the sturdy bolsters for proping up a head or foot or furry-butt on. Doggo seems to like it and find it comfortable when sleeping, she wakes up and moves less with this bed which I can only assume means she is comfortable.
The packaging comes with good instructions on how to put the bed together. I really like the inside foam comes with its own fabric case which can be washed.
The fabric is thick and the zippers are made well with a bigger latch to hold on when zipping it up. I think the bed and the zipper will hold up well to washing.

Update May 2018 - The dog has used this bed almost everyday for a year. I have washed the bedding multiple
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By Samantha Goheen
4.6 | 786 customer reviews
715 of the 786 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Such an essential purchase for a dog owner, especially a new one. I live in an open-concept condo and couldn't contain my puppy to a certain room once I had to go back to work, so this exercise pen was such a godsend. Even when I was home with her, I was so, so grateful for this product when I needed a break from constant puppy energy and wanted her to relax on her own for a bit, and she loved this much more than going into her crate all the time, except at night. You can customize the size and shape depending on your space and the size of the dog as they grow, and for me I liked to put her dog bed, food, and pee pad in there so she had access to everything, especially during the day when I had to go to work and could
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By Nancy-Anne Davies
Excellent! We have a boxer/mastiff pup and taught her right away to not jump. The expense of an extra extra large cage is like 400 dollars! This not only gave her the comfort of her own crate allowed the room for her to grow with a fraction of the cost of a big crate. We can leave the house knowing she can roam and play. We picked a crazy shape for oyr set up. Picture attached. The stableizers are no good for a jumping big dog. I would not use this product in this case... they'd probaby knock cage over. Small dogs and non jumpers....excellent!!!
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By Vanessa
We have two small lionhead rabbits, the 24 inch w/door is absolutely perfect, just tall enough that they can't jump out and more than enough space for them to roam around so that they're not cooped up in a small cage. Mainly used indoors when they need to be contained (like when we're sleeping and they're unsupervised) but also great if you want to take them outdoors without having them run for the hills. Anywho I can't recommend this play pen enough.
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By Vaineguardio
4.8 | 255 customer reviews
240 of the 255 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife and I recently got our first puppy, which means we were going through dollar store poop bags really quickly. After doing some research on offerings from the dollar store, Walmart, PetSmart and Amazon, I settled on these AmazonBasics bags due to their good reviews and fantastic price.

I've been very pleased with them over the last week that I've been using them. I find the bags to be suitably sized for most dogs, and the bags themselves are quite durable (nothing like those ultra thin dollar store ones). The tulcum powder smell is light and smells fresh (I was worried the lavender smell might be too strong). One thing I noted in other reviews was some people complaining that the bags are a little tougher to tear apart than other bags, which is something I've also noticed, though it isn't a big deal. The included bag dispenser feels quite
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I’m very pleased with the bags, I’ve been using the black AmazonBasics bags and wanted something with EPI tech, so I was excited to see these new bags available. I got the mango ones and they smell nice and are just as big as the black ones which are the biggest on the market. About 13 inches, which makes them longer than most other brands of bags by about 3-4 inches. This makes picking up bigger poops much easier!
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By Tatiana
Love these bags, strong enough for the job and don’t rip or tear when using. So far i dont have any issues with length either. The price is great. Two things: one being a few have been difficult to open so I now open at home and put a few of these in my pocket; the 2nd is that they are not environment friendly or biodegradable. The last is why I’ve marked them 4 stars.
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By B.dina
product price
4.6 | 590 customer reviews
537 of the 590 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I decided to go for the LARGE size for my 1 year old ragdoll and it's perfect for him! He has room to move around and make himself comfortable. I would definitely recommend purchasing this affordable, good quality carrier for your small pet.
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By Erin
My cat loves this thing so much- she even chooses to sleep in it, each night as it is on our bed where she usually sleeps each night. The black netting gives an open visibility and great air passage. Mature cat really likes the matt pad comfy surface. It’s one of the best pet transport cases I have seen- sturdy, solid stitching, a good handle and overall shape. We have a medium size cat and she barely fits in the Large size. I read the Answered Questions and the medium size recommendations are way off. A cat needs about 2 inches to move around. Plus they need to stretch. Plus they have tails. The Large is NOT that large. Pet comfort is cool. Claustrophobia is not.

Overall this is an amazing product and it will serve you well. The netting fabric at the door may get torn over time, but it
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By Michael Sherrer
It is super lightweight but really durable. It is a great size for my ~30lb French Bulldog cross. I've used it on 2 flights and it is still in great condition despite being over the weight recommendation for this product.
The mesh and seams are very durable, even in the face of a very determined bulldog.
The dual entry points are helpful and the shoulder strap plus handles help in the security line.

The fleece mat is weirdly too small (maybe after washing it shrunk? I don't remember.) but you'll definitely want to put your own towel or blanket in the bottom.
If your dog is heavy and you are weak, it can be awkward to move around. I would love small side grips to help carry it with two hands.

Note: It was a little tall for WestJet flights but was allowed on both times.
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By S.W.
4.6 | 432 customer reviews
400 of the 432 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just clipped my 3-month old demon's cat's nails for the first time (someone else was holding him), and it went so well! No bleeding, no stiffness in the clippers, honestly I couldn't have asked for a better pair. Years ago when I had two big dogs, I used to have clippers, and while they had to be bigger, they were pretty clunky. These are light, and demon kitty didn't mind at all (other than having to stay marginally still for about two minutes lol). My advice is, if you're a beginner like I am, just cut the tiny tips off first to ensure your kitten doesn't associate the clipping with pain. Good luck!
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By Amazon Customer
Great! I succeeded it surprising kitty and cutting one nail real if only she would let me continue. Very good quality. Ihave had nail cutters before but never as great as next cat, I will just let it know early that it is a normal routine. It does not pull on the nail at all. Does a great job!
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By Tournesol
Positive aspects: I like it as it cuts without making my cats nails stratified. It makes a clean cut. My previous cutters always left my cats nails strafied, between which stuff get stuck in, for ex. feathers from toys and litter crumbles. So I am glad that this pair of cutters improve my cat’s hygiene.
Negative side: I felt quite stiff when I try to open and close the cutters in the beginning. But after a few uses, it became smoother. Somewhat small for my boyfriend’s hand so nail clipping for our cat became my job. See the photo attached to get an idea of the size.
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By VicMandu
4.5 | 835 customer reviews
742 of the 835 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are so many seat covers at different prices to choose from it was difficult to decide. I must say, we are very happy with the quality of this material and the fit in a Jeep Wrangler, as well as a Chev Silverado crew cab. It came with a bonus water dish and tether that clips into the seat buckle. This cover is a great quality and value. The seller had great communication through emails.Dog Car Covers for Backseat by Starling's Hammock Style|Latest Model, Heavy Duty, Waterproof, Non-Slip & Vents for All 3 Seat Belts|Fits All Vehicles, SUV! W/ Dog Bowl & Pet Seat-belt
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By Amazon Customer
We've tried a couple of these seat covers and found this one has been the winner in so far as quality and functionality. I'd highly recommend this product and I'm sure your dog will as well. Our dog likes to move around and the best feature of this is that it doesn't slip and slip on the seats. I haven't had to wash it yet, but it seems like it would be a simple enough task. The snaps all seem sturdy enough (our prior one bought from CT broke after a 4 hour car ride). This has been proven to be durable with our 60 lb dog. The collapsible dish and additional belts were an added bonus to the purchase.
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By Melissa A Ferguson
This thing fit perfectly in my car. As if it was made for it. And I drive a 2014 Ford Explorer. It has a little pocket for whatever, extra poop bags maybe who knows.
Now the only reason I didn't give it that extra star, is because of the zippers. They are kind of cheap zippers. I haven't tested with my dog yet, but I have a Feeling it wouldn't be long before they split where they shouldn't be unzipping. You know when zippers do that annoying thing. Now I also could be wrong. I will post an update next week and let you know how they hold up. So this could potentially be a 5 star. I really thing this will truly save my car from a dog beating haha. Only wish the same brand made a front seat cover.
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By Verno
4.6 | 370 customer reviews
344 of the 370 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These work exactly as advertised. They were presicely what I was looking for and needed.
I have a White German Shepard with extremely hard thick nails and have been having a really difficult time attemting to cut them. These nail clippers cut through his nails like butter. They were easy for me to use which made the experience of cutting my dogs nails fast and less traumatizing for him.
These can also be taken apart and sharpened if need be which is a huge advantage when talking about dog nail clippers.
There is nothing I don't like about this product. Would definitely recommend this product to others. When you combine the price and quality of these there is no down side to this purchase.
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By tammy graham
I absolutely love these. I ordered them after our last pair of a different style of clippers broke. My dog did not like having his nails trimmed so it was usually a two person job; one to clip and one to comfort/hold, or it was done at the vet's. My dog is a medium 50 lb dog and I purchased the larger size. With these clippers I was able to trim all of my dog's claws in one sitting, by myself and he was well-behaved throughout. Great product, sturdily made, great price, shipping was quick and I would definitely recommend these to anyone.
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By Melanie
This nail trimmer works very well and is great for my Rough Collies. It is well made and the grips give you a good feel for what you are doing as they won't slip in your hand. The blade is sharp and cuts clean. Before you use them put some clipper oil on them and they will shay sharp and be sure to clean the blades when done, I have found that using Barbacide works well for cleaning and then putting the oil on after you dry them. Be sure to start with small cuts so that you don't cut the nail quick on dark nails. There are instructions on the back of the pack for proper use if you have never cut nails before.
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By Russ C.
4.7 | 249 customer reviews
233 of the 249 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a Shizpoo and his fur gets really matted. I used a regular brush but that did not help much. I brush him now regularly with the De-Matting comb and what a difference. Not only does his fur look much nicer but also all the tangles are easily removed and gone. I use it a couple of times a week as a prevention and I have no more matting problem.
This tool is worth the money, it really works. Just use it gently and slowly on your pup as the edges are a bit sharp.
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By Henriette
I love this de-matting comb. It breaks through all matts and tangles on my King Charles Cavalier. I recently started grooming my dog at home rather than bringing her to the groomer and this tool is the only reason I was able to do this. Otherwise I would have to bring her to the groomer just to get the knots behind her ears out. I use this all over her body just like a brush. She used to have when I would brush out knots and I refused to simply cut them out. With this tool, the knots are technically cut through so it's not a blunt patch missing. Love it.
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Can't believe I let it get so long before reviewing this comb. Perhaps because I was having such a good time using it. My Newfoundland/collie girl has been downsized in HALF with what I have been able to remove from her poor body (and she was brushed and combed with a plethora of devices weekly!) it was like using a dyson after your regular vac. The comb gets UNDER the matting and simply cuts it out, accumulating in the tines of the comb. The top edges of the wavy tines are the cutting edge, so you don't want to run it over skin upside down. But there is a nice thumb rest that aligns the comb and your hand perfectly (it reverses for southpaws) No tugging, snagging or pulling. And it easy to 'feel' when all the under-matting is gone, the comb just slips through the fur. I spent an
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By Good dog Molly
4.6 | 363 customer reviews
331 of the 363 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great puppy playpen fit nicely with the crate
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By Ms. M
Like it very much , the only thing I don’t like is that you can’t remove any panels to make it smaller or make two little ones instead of one large one
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By Guard
Rewriting this review since my first one seemed to have disappeared. Hopefully this one stays.

Liked the product that I was going to buy another on black friday so I can fence the christmas tree from the cats (otherwise they start chewing on it).

However, just days before black friday, the prices shot up to to around $65 (bought my first one at $38) and their black friday discount brought it back down to $45. Really hate this type of fake sale shady pricing hence the -1 star.

A week after black friday was over, the price dropped back down to $40 and I ended up buying my 2nd one then.
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By Hock
product price
4.5 | 558 customer reviews
495 of the 558 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have an 80lb dog that requires sedation to have his nails done. If he sees a set of regular clippers come out he turns into a Tasmanian Devil. I bought this to see if he would tolerate grinding instead and am very pleased to say that with lots of treats and praise I was able to do his nails with this. It works great and now I am not paying $180 at the vet every time his nails need trimming!
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By Tenobia
I have dogs that are "flinchy" when getting their nails trimmed making it difficult to safely trim with clippers. This dremel tool allows me to get nice and close to their nail quick safely! Yes it has some vibration but I hold not just their paw but also their toe right against the nail to help minimize the vibration. I always have a tonne of treats with me to make the experience as good as possible.
I just bought a new one and the battery easily lasts long enough to do 3 dogs complete nails (2 border collies & 1 german shepherd). My last one was 5+ years old (used every 2-3 weeks) and it wasn't holding the charge as well anymore (could only do 2 dogs).
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By Tamara H.
This is the best tool for cutting your dog's nails, especially if their nails are a dark colour. It easily does all 10 nails in one charge (probably more, but we only have one dog). Leaves nails dull with no sharp edges and works quickly. Our dog loves to have her nails done with this. As soon as you ask her if she wants her nails done, she lays on her back and holds her paws up to have them done! We have tried cheaper ones that are terrible. This is the only one we use. Replacement ends are easy to find and inexpensive to replace.
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By Frequent Shopper
4.5 | 507 customer reviews
454 of the 507 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The glove seems to work fine. I have a golden retriever/lab and it brought up the fur ok. My hand is tiny, so the glove is a bit too big. The glove did come with one side not sewn properly, but it doesn’t effect the functionality. UPDATE: customer service is awesome! They reached out to me within a few hours to try to make sure I was happy.
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By Kelly S.
Review to be update tonight with a review on the brush, but straight out of the box the glove was obviously defective. I think QC didn’t notice that a large part of the glove was not sewn together. The brush looks promising, very similar to the furminator for a fraction of the price.

*pet brush review*

The brush works just like the furminator brushes that sell for 80$ so I am pleased with the functionality. Would advise that you keep the vacuum cleaner handy as the fur start flying everywhere.

Customer service refunded me the glove portion of the purchase as it was defective. Excellent response time.
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Je viens tout juste de recevoir mon colis et en l’ouvrant je remarque que le sac est plein de poils noirs, que la brosse est déjà utilisée et une dent est croche. Je suis franchement déçue. Ils auraient pu au moins prendre le temps de la nettoyer avant de me l’envoyer.
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By Vicky