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4.9 | 28 customer reviews
28 of the 28 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
What a difference this filter made to our tub... Not only is the product amazing but the company stands by their product and was very helpful and easy to contact.
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By kris kelly
Good filter, good price. Fast delivery.
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By Rhonda
Exact same filters as in my local hot tub supply. Excellent, fast shipping
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By Yarko
product price
4.7 | 35 customer reviews
34 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this when I did a search for the c-4950 filter - except this was $20 less. I compared the stated length and hole opening and the length was identical and the opening width was 1/16th of a inch wider. I put it in my spa and it fit fine. I've purchased more expensive filters with and without "anti bacterial coatings" and haven't been able to tell a difference in the spa probably because I just swap in a new filter regularly and the spa chemicals are there to kill the bacteria/virus and the filter to clean out the "gunk".

The filter appears to be a well made filter with sturdy looking plastic ending rings and a plastic "holey" grid backing the filter medium which itself appears to be decent quality upon visual inspection. It was simply packaged in a very thin plastic wrap (within the amazon box of course)
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By Beebs
This is the first time I have purchased this product via Amazon. Cost was significantly cheaper via Amazon than it was compared to going to my local Hydropool dealer.

This is not the cheapest option, but this is a quality product at a fair price (in my humble opinion).
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By Anonymous
I recommend this product, great value, cheaper here at time of purchase than some wholesale membership stores.
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By Sharon
4.4 | 45 customer reviews
40 of the 45 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fun gadget to take with me while travelling and testing out water hardness in different cities in Europe. However, I'm not sure about the accuracy of the strips as I have no way of knowing just how hard the water is. Also, the colours were a bit hard to distinguish when matching the test strips against the colour scale - but I'm sure there is science behind the colour indication and why the colour scale's colours are so similar. These strips would probably yield better results in different circumstances (not testing drinking water). Product is simple to use and compact to carry around.
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By Amy Wu
The strips do not reflect the tested colour scale well. You have to be in daylight to read them. If you're in artificial light, they all look purple. I'm used to using the hardness test strips that were originally sold by Amway. They were excellent and could be used in any light and were quite accurate on the colour scale provided on each bottle. Unfortunately, Amway does not appear to be selling this product anymore. Since the strips looked similar I thought they might work similarly, but that is clearly not the case.
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By Doug
Since I had salt bridge in my water softner, I bought this to see if clearing the salt bridge fixes the hard water. So to my surprise, nothing changed after checking with these strips, even if water seemed not hard. So I decided to test with a Nestle bottled water, and it showed the same level of hardness (7 gpg) as my tap water. I believe that this is very inaccurate. You can see the video I posted.
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By Hilal Shakarchi
4.4 | 30 customer reviews
27 of the 30 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My old filters were over 2 years old. I do t even want to write a review but I ordered o e to see if it would fit and after 6 hours the water was noticeably clearer. Hoping this will attract the chicks so much that I ordered a second. Will update if successful.
Too bad it doesn't filter ugliness.
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By @bluntphysics
Oem quality, perfect fit at almost half the asking price of my local pool store. Great deal.
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By Nick
This product does what we expect it to do. The quality of the filter is there. We used it for one full season and no complaint so far.
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By Luc Jalbert
product price
4.3 | 35 customer reviews
31 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this today and used it in my inflatable spa and I'm pretty impressed with it. In about 15 minutes I was able to suck up 98% of the small bits of debris and tiny roof shingle pebbles that I could never remove with my net. No pumping or batteries required which is great. The only design improvement I would recommend would be to make it easy to remove the check valve so the filter basket can be completely removed. This is definitely a useful tool for a small spa.
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By Tim RW
We have a family size wading pool on our deck that gets pretty gross from roof shingle debris, leaves, bugs, etc. This year we had an Aspen Leaf Roller caterpillar problem and on a particularly windy few days, hundred of caterpillars were blown from the trees into the pool.

I bought this vacuum so we didn’t have to constantly dump out the gross water and refill (waste of water and always freezing!!) and to remove all the nasty, water-logged caterpillars.

It did the trick! It doesn’t remove everything but it took the pool from unusably disgusting to usable!

The pic of the filter was after already using it to remove almost all the caterpillars. I did another pass and you can see the kind of debris it picks up.
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By Jmsutton
The vacuum pulls up most small debris fairly well. It's good for small spa's .... our's is a 14x8 swim spa. The only thing that I didn't like is that they cheeped out on the screen and filter. For a few pennies more they could have used a stronger screen and better filter. They are so flimsy that they fall out of their slots .... which means you have to open it up and adjust. But, still a good way to vacuum without losing water.
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By MrXFro
5.0 | 9 customer reviews
9 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Same as the ones my hot tub dealer sells, half the price. Exactly the same. Delivery was longer, came from England I think, but I knew that and preordered to have when I ran out. Great value, just order early
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By Yuliana
We like this name of the product. You can check the most 5 things what is very important for your hot tub. Recommend it.
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By Amazon Customer
Except the hardness... color chart could be better.
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By Lisa YHZ
product price
4.0 | 57 customer reviews
45 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is just a short term rating so far. First the tub is a Canadian Spa Co. Swift Current portable spa that is inside a insulated spa house in the yard so is covered all the time. Second only my wife and I use it mainly me on the really cold days in Winter we are in Canada. The tub we have has a recirculating filter pump that runs 24/7 is very energy efficient and filters the water continually. I bought extra filters and change them every Sunday. I normally use the spa once a day for 30 minutes and sometimes twice. We use only bathing suits that have not been washed with any kind of detergent just hot water. I was using firstly Chlorine then switched to bromine sanitation but both times bad skin rashes showed up plus the ph and the alkalinity and hardness and sanitizer
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By michaelleslie
So far, we’re just a little over a month into switching to Spa Marvel, and it seems to be working as advertised. I’m very happy with how the water feels and it seems to be staying fresh. I add about 15 grams of chlorine once a week and use non-chlorine shock whenever the water begins to cloud over, which has been around once a week(ish). Once shocked, the water clears back up and it’s business as usual. There’s two of us and we use the hot tub daily. The tubs pH and alkalinity has been stable and has yet to require adjustments. Pretty impressed so far.
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By bre
I had such great hopes for this product !! We tried it for 6 months and now I can honestly say it does not work. I do not understand where all those positive reviews came from. Here's a 100% honest opinion : it does noting. I did exactly as I was told and I even renewed for another 3 months with water change in case I could have done something wrong the first time. First week : we all got sick with hot tub folliculitis, which covered our bodies with rashes + high fever that lasted about 10 days (the 3 of us caught it). So I had to increase the level of chlorine in the tub so we wouldn't get sick again. Now that we stopped using the product for weeks and changed the water again, I can confirm this : there is absolutely no difference in the amount
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By Francis Hehle
4.4 | 12 customer reviews
10 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The pump is functioning as required. It will take a complete summer of usage to determine if it was a good purchase. So far so good.
This was my first real purchase from Amazon and I was really impressed with their offerings and delivery service. Delivery was ahead of scheduled date. Thanks Amazon
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By Amazon Customer
Livraison rapide , installation facile , elle fait moins de bruit que mon ancienne de la même force et pourtant celle-ci est beaucoup moins dispendieuse. Je suis très satisfait pour l'instant .
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By Client d'Amazon
The pump works as expected, however it is a bit noisy. Definitely noisier than the Hayward pump I used to have before. I'd recommend it for users who have the equipment installed in a pool house or behind a corner, so the noise is not disturbing.
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By Tibor Bajzat
4.8 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I order this every 3 months. Makes it so easy to look after the spa.
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By sean malloy
item as described
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By Amazon Customer
Easy to use. Seems to work well. At $90 plus bromine not much more than traditional method without the hassle.
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By Steve
4.7 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fonctionne très bien. La piscine est propre et on peut maintenant en profiter pleinement.
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My hubby bought it for a customer and it’s working great. And customer is happy.
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By roselyn
Very good robot. Fast delivery, fair price
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By P. A. Rendak
4.6 | 6 customer reviews
5 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to use. Non-irritating to skin.
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By Lainey
Love this product for our hot tub. This is a better price than we can get at the local hot tub dealers.
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By Zwozie
One of the better products out there. Soft on skin. Naturally sourced.
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By Andrew S.
4.1 | 15 customer reviews
13 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this to try and avoid evaporation in my hot tub as my water seemed to go down fairly quickly even when not in use. When I received the product, I had to cut it down to the dimensions of my spa which was a little awkward but manageable. Once placed on the top of the water, I noticed that the evaporation decreased quite a lot. It also seems to protect my hot tub cover from getting water logged etc. Before using, I seemed to have lots of icicles hanging from the cover in the winter. Since using this product, I have not had any. Really happy with the product overall. Would definitrly recommend to others. If I had to come up with a negative I'd say it can be difficult to remove/store if not attached to the cover in some way.
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By Irishiz
While I think this was a little overpriced for plastic, it was large enough to be custom cut for our tub and fit perfectly. It was unknown whether the bubbles should have been face up or down and I think we picked the wrong way. Using it does mean that the skimmer filter on your tub will work a little less effectively. However, it has had a measurably effect on reducing the energy requirements. The tub circulates to heat much less with the blanket on - even though we have an excellent hot tub cover. For a cold winter, as we have in Toronto, this has likely paid for itself in this winter alone.
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By Airstreams and Diving
We ordered this cover 10 days less than one year ago and it's already seriously disintegrating and has put "blue contact lenses" into our spa that are hard on the filter. It definitely works to keep the heat in and helps to keep the cost down, but the last thermal blanket we used (the white thin flexible foam kind) lasted for 3 years - this one hasn't even made a year. Having to buy another one in less than a year has definitely eaten up more than the cost savings this bad boy provided.
We'll be going back to the white thermal blanket kind - these blue bubble ones can't take the heat.
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By Katy
4.0 | 20 customer reviews
15 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
...c'est celui qu'il vous faut ! Une très longue recherche qui a enfin abouti après de mauvais achats ! Enfin un thermomètre LISIBLE !...même pour les presbytes ! Envoyé beaucoup plus rapidement qu'annoncé, flotte bien, seul handicap : le cordons est trop court, le double de longueur serait parfait pour l'attacher au couvercle de l'écumoire.
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By Hervananda
Very well built, professional looking and quite accurate. I used it to monitor my koi pond temperature in the fall so I know when to stop feeding the koi (about 5-6 degrees Celcius). Highly recommended.
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I like the big numbers that are easy to read and the thermometer seems well constructed. The problem is that I've got algae getting inside making it much harder to read.
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By Busy Bookworm
3.9 | 23 customer reviews
18 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased to make cleaning of my Hayward solar cell easier. Had no issues with leaking as some others have reported. Does require you screw it on firmly to create good seal.
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By M.S.
Does the trick and way easier than trying to clean while balancing the cell in a bucket.

As usual with Hayward pool supplies and equipment it is way over priced for a small piece of plastic but the cost of improperly cleaning your cell is way more problematic.

Worth the purchase in the long run.
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By SpiffyCaper
I used it the day I received it and screwed in my Hayward t-cell to the base as instructed. I am a strong guy and tightened the base up nice but not too tight as I did not want to apply too much force. I added my water acid solution and the base leaked slowly. I tried a second time and tightened it a bit more and made sure o-ring was in place etc,, still leaked....

It leaked slow enough that I still got my t-cell cleaned. If I had the time I would have made a cap myself or looked for a good knock-off that was less expensive. For the money ( a molded piece of plastic ) you would expect that it would at least not leak.
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By Mr. Glade
product price
3.8 | 49 customer reviews
37 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely Amazing!
Hot tub was leaking 6-8” daily for 6 months. Hot tub repair guy has been blowing me off for way too long so thought I would try this.
Poured 1/2 bottle as directed and BAM no more leak within 6 hours. In fact water level did not drop one bit since adding the FIXALEAK!!!
For $40 I saved Hundreds in repair bill and so much frustration.
This product has been around for 30 years and K can see why!
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By Rob Chaput
I have a salt water hot tub that developed a leak. I had the service company come back no less than 5 times. We replaced all the fittings, hoses, clamps, etc on the bottom footwell and it was still leaking. I suspect that the acrylic/shell may have had a defect from the factory that eventually increased in size. Although we could not find the source of the leak, it was easy to see the drops forming below the tub.

About the give up and remove the tub, I tried this stuff. I was skeptical, given all the work we had done up to this point. Initially I had it in cold water, but after a few hours I could tell that it was working. After turning on the heater to warm up the water, the leak completely disappeared. Warm water is key, and
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The bottle was crack in the middle and slimy hell inside box bud box was not wet or damage. I lost 1/4 of the liquid.I used it anyway because I need it to stop the leaks in the pool. I hope it is going to work.4 days later seems to me it is working ..4 days later I still have leak the product stain the liner bottom and make maps.Finlay I found the leak on the bottom of the liner it was 1.5milimeter wide and closer to wall of the pool and I fixed with the hole patch and it work. This product is absolutely useless and I did follow the instruction and follow every detail of instruction.I do not believe this product work.I like to have money return.Just naw I have yellow spats on the bottom of the pool liner.Do not use this product it did reduce it
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By Amazon Customer
3.8 | 30 customer reviews
25 of the 30 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this in February 2016 and it was a great pump for several weeks of rainy, wet weather. As other reviews have noted, it does occassionally get clogged up with little needles which affect the automatic on/off switch. The video on the Youtube that has been posted by Wayne Pumps is easy to follow and works perfectly. Make sure you install the backflow valve so that the flap aligns properly to close downward. I made a small mark on the outside of the valve to make this easier. My pump stopped working after about 6 weeks. I contacted Wayne Pumps via their website and was worried when the only reply I got several days later was "call us" - however, when I called, they were helpful. Being in Canada, I did have to send the pump to them in the US which cost me ~$20. However, they replaced the
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By O. Taylor
I had Rule pool cover pumps in the past, and they were amazing. Tough as nails, even in horrible conditions (lots of leaves and other debris, being left outside in the winter, etc.). I only switched because I couldn't find a Rule pump. This one pumps well, but it is really REALLY finicky. There is a tiny air intake hole inside the mechanism that constantly gets clogged with small debris. So, you may think the pump is working but it's stopped because of this blockage. Then you have to use a screw driver to remove a bunch of screws to take the thing apart so you can clean the small hole. Horrible design, considering that pool cover pumps are going to pull up dirty water that collects on top of a cover so I can't imagine why they would put an air intake
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By lululemon
Purchased in Apr 2018. Stopped working all together May 2019, after a total of about 6 months occasional use.
There can't be this much drama just to put a pump in some water and expect it to work. Its amazing how its finickiness and unreliability, according to Wayne help inquiries, is always all my fault. I didn't put in into the water right. I didn't disassemble and carefully clean it before every single use right. I didn't gently tap on the housing right. Wayne seems to believe that water accumulating on a pool cover should be crystal clean or their dainty little pump just won't work... Whatever.
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3.7 | 19 customer reviews
16 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Took a chance with this item based on price. Delivery was quick probably just as quick as most of my prime orders. The pump works on both low and high speed with my salt water chlorinator - I was worried that it would not produce chlorine on low speed. I replaced my 3/4 hp Hayward super pump with this 1hp item. Not as much suction as the hayward but does the job. I like the attach fitting are threaded to use inside or outside depending on your existing line size. Recommended product.
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By Scoty
Quiet, efficient, functional. The fittings it came with didn't work for my system, so that was a bit of a problem. I wonder that the lower setting isn't strong enough.
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By B. Jansons
work fine for a couple of months. Then the motor blew. Took it in for repair and they told me it's not an inground pool pump it is designed as an above ground pool pump and will not have the power necessary for in-ground pools. Had to replace it with a new Hayward pump
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By Darrell M.
product price
3.7 | 17 customer reviews
13 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is perfect - exactly what I wanted. I don't have a lot of space on either side of my hot tub, so needed something to go underneath and this worked out great for that. It was easy to put together, and is sturdy and easy to use.
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Works well, with a ti y modification.... First of all it was delivered before the package tracking information was even available! We discovered that our spa had a ledge which would impead the installation. We ended up using a scrape of 2 x 4 at the BASE of the tub to bring the surface to mount the lifter out to the correct spacing. We also found that the cover would tilt too far away from the spa when it was off the spa. Fearing that the weight of our cover would place too much stress on the arms we found a very simple solution. We put pipe insulation aroun the base of the arms secured with electric zip tis and VOILA problem solved. This lifter is easy to use by one person, my hubby is almost 60 and has no difficulty sliding the cover off and sliding it back
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By Maggie Mae
Firstly , it doesn't stow as the picture suggests , it goes all the way past vertical and leans away from the tub. This means you have to make sure the top of the lifter is well secured to the tub so it doesn't bend or tear away . Don't bother using the holes supplied , drill your own near the top so that the screws go into the fiberglass , not the thin wood or plastic skirting . Don't use the screws supplied because the heads are too small . The screw driver will slip long before the screw is all the way in. Also , it isn't as easy to use as other reviews suggest. You have to be strong enough to flip 1/2 of the cover over and push it off the tub. It's not that hard but if you have a disability , keep that in
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By Bill in Vancouver
3.6 | 15 customer reviews
12 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Très satisfaite de mon achat. C'est vraiment la meilleure invention car aucun débris ne se rend à l'écumoir, ni dans la pompe, ni dans le filtreur. Je laisse l'aspirateur fonctionner seul durant la journée sans m'inquiéter. Le filet ramasse les débris fins et a une grande capacité. Je le suggère fortement même si c'est dispendieux.
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By Nathalie Le
Best thing since sliced bread. I have a really bad back and use our hayward vacuum "herbie" as much as possible, especially under the solar blanket. It will hopefully preserve our filter sand too. My only complaint is that it is a bit pricey.
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By KSavvyShopper
Does exactly what I wanted and works really well. I just wish it cam with a small hose to attach to my skimmer. I had to cut a larger hose that I had and rig up something to make it work but once I did that it worked perfectly.
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By T
3.6 | 6 customer reviews
4 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It works well for my purpose which was to pick up roof shingles particles. Very efficient. Comes with small bracket to hang it. I recommend it, but not for leaves or too large or heavy debris.
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Sand in hot-tub removed in seconds...
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By Stephen P.
Inside part comes loose now when trying to suction up dirt from hot tub. Worked great on the beginning didn’t last long.
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By stephanie