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4.8 | 138 customer reviews
134 of the 138 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This wallet is just amazing!! It fits everything I need and more!! I can fit my lip gloss, 2 lipsticks, my pill case, lozenges, and all of my cards!! It is so perfect and very high quality! I would absolutely recommend this item if you are looking for a spacious wallet to hold everything you need!!
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By Amyanne
I’ve been using this wallet for 2 months now and I can seriously say that I love it. You have enough card holders to put in as many as you want yet your wallet still doesn’t feel stuffed. I never write reviews on anything yet I rely on those to decide whether or not I buy a product and I can say this product is worth it
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By Amazon Customer
So far I love it, I’ve only had it a couple days. As a Mum of 4 kids I need a huge wallet and this basically holds everything I need. Just wish there was a opening behind the back of the card slots on the left to store more things.
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By sportsgirl81
product price
4.6 | 304 customer reviews
273 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased three of these, Black, Dark Brown, and Medium Brown. I bought them to recondition some old Allen Edmonds I found. The black and dark brown worked perfect and the cream was just that, a nice creamy consistency. Unfortunately, the medium brown came dried up and almost empty, not sure what happened here.
For now, I am giving 2 stars since there is some terrible QA going on but will update when the replacement one comes in.

I received the replacement Medium Brown Shoe Cream today, it is perfect and not dried up. Thank you Amazon for such a quick fix to the issue.
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By Fernando
If you are looking at this page and are having a hard time deciding between dark brown and medium brown, the actual creams are lighter in reality than on this product page. I ordered medium brown the first time around and, as with others leaving reviews, noticed that the medium brown is much lighter than expected and seems to have a definite red tint to it. I'll be ordering dark brown this time around to give the darker colour a shot.

Overall I like this product and found that it worked well and was easy to use even though the initial colour I ordered was not what I was expecting. I have attached a closer up image of the medium brown cream under brighter lighting to help others deciding on which brown to go with.
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By Kristopher Yee
Works as leather lotion should. Only rated four stars as the container was cracked upon arrival so jar needed to be discarded after first use. Otherwise would have been a 5. See photo attached for colour.
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By holly
4.6 | 178 customer reviews
161 of the 178 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks exactly how the photos show it. Large but not too over-sized for me and I'm not a huge person by any standards. The color is beautiful and there is tons of space and many pockets. It feels like butter in my hands and is super light weight which in a large bag that is going to be carrying a lot you don't need any extra weight from the purse its self. Greatly made, strong and sturdy. Just an over all great purchase, one I would definitely recommend to buy.
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By Amazon Customer
I love love love this purse, it’s nice and big, but not too big, lots of pockets, the leather is really soft, I got the floral black and pink one, and it is gorgeous, looks exactly as the pic....I’m posting some pics, 1 next to a coke can do you can get an idea of how big it is... mine is completely full, definitely a must buy!!!!!!
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By MrsPink
I definitely would have given this bag 5 Stars, however, I realllly wanted a pink purse and although the picture depicts pink the actual colour is more of a mauve shade.

I love Angelkiss bags as they are so spacious, made of luxuriously soft leather and I love all the pockets and two separate compartments inside the bag. Each bag I have received is extremely well constructed, durable and has fashion-forward hardware (and has front/back pockets...very important). The price for such a lovely, versatile, functional and well-made bag is definitely incomparable.

I am always with my 2 year old ShihPoo, Beajou and the Angekiss bags are perfect for all doggy essentials on one side and all my essentials on the other side. Fabulous and comfortable as a crossbody while completely filled so both my hands are free which is great while walking my dog and shopping simultaneously.

Next purchase is white and gray.

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4.7 | 72 customer reviews
68 of the 72 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is now my everyday crossbody purse. Especially now in the winter, your hands should be free at all times for other things such as holding on railings on the bus/train, while walking, or touching your phone. I mean, this is a good size (I got the bigger size) for me and my necessities. Some might find it huge, but I like it bigger because you can stick your gloves and toque on it when you are in the bus if it gets hot inside. Then you would not worry losing anything because everything is tucked away properly and neatly. I also like the many pockets outside and inside, its like a mini organized thingy for your belongings on the inside sides. It also has a big space in the middle. A very good buy indeed since it comes in solid neutral colors (I got black) so you can pair
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By Pink Vanilla
This is a great bag for everyday use. Exactly what I was looking for. It’s very lightweight and easy to access your things with all the different compartments. Definitely recommending this bag to all my friends. Only thing is the threading is already coming apart after 2 days of use so hopefully this bag doesn’t malfunction on me.
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By Cecilia
Review for the smaller bag (Black)

I’ve been using this cross-over bag for a few weeks now and love it. I’m a purse lover and organizing fanatic. I love having bags with spots for all of my things I carry around with me. This bag has loads of pockets and the main section is smartly divided up with two side pockets (great for iPhone 7), a zippered compartment in the middle to separate the main space into two sections and another zippered pocket on the side.

Outside on the front has one good-sized pocket (I keep two foldable shopping bags in it), a smaller pocket (great for my bulky keys and SUV fob) and a thin pocket right on the front.

The back has a pocket the perfect size for my Kindle Paperwhite which is always with me. The strap is very comfortable and easy to lengthen for crossover (even worked well over
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By Laurie ‘The Baking Bookworm’
4.6 | 116 customer reviews
107 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You WONT be Unsatisfied with this beauty. Arrived 3 days early and is amazingly soft. Feels good against the skin on your arm. More space than i originally thought and is just big enough for all your personals you carry. I would recommend this to EVERYONE!.
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By Catherine
I was lucky enough to find this when they were having a one day sale and I couldn't click on it fast enough. And the reality lives up to the promise. This bag is gorgeous with more than enough pockets and places to stash things than even a pack rat like me can find a use for. I have already moved all my stuff into it and can't wait to show it off.
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By Jaimie D.
Returned this. First two photos show what was advertised as ‘blue’, third photo is what I got. Advertised is a navy blue purse with black accents and all silver zippers, what I got was a bright blue purse with a couple of silver and blue zippers.

Honestly, I’m surprised because I have ordered from them before for my daughter and it was a nice purse that I bought her (matched the photo). This did not. Shame, I was really excited for this.
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By Ginny H
product price
4.6 | 90 customer reviews
84 of the 90 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This and the saddle soap have completely rejuvenated my husband’s old leather jacket. It looked HORRIBLE! Now, it looks brand new. I never thought of doing this until our dog got car sick and vomited all over his coat. I wiped off the vomit with a damp cloth and edited for this to arrive. Even though the stain had dried, using th saddle soap completely cleaned it. The coat had now absorbed three coats of the dubbin and it feels brand new. The coat was 30 years old and had never been cleaned or oiled.
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By Shelby
Used on my work boots in the poring rain and snow with deep puddles. I used lots! I rubbed in a bit around the entire boot first, then used another thick layer and just left it greasy and waxy. After a few days working in my boots it soaked into the leather and my feet were still dry and warm. Now, over two weeks, water still runs off. I also used it on my wife's Italian leather shoes to restore them and it worked great.
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This is a very thick and greasy compound for waterproofing and restoration of leathers. It will darken leathers significantly and will leave a somewhat sticky or grease residue. Its great for waterproofing however. I could not use this on blundstones, but other heavy leather boots were okay. Would not recommend for high quality leather goods.
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By Theo
4.5 | 195 customer reviews
176 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love it! It is somewhat on the large size, however that was a welcome surprise for me. I haven't had a purse this size in many years, and I forgot how much I missed having all the room. Lots of pockets to put items in, and really like the two top zipper ones. The leather is nice and soft. I ordered via Amazon Prime and it arrived a day earlier than expected. The only thing I need to be careful with is, not getting the inside lining caught in the zippers! Outside of that, I definitely recommend this purse!
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By Laura Lawton
The most beautiful purse I have ever owned. I am extremely pleased that it looks even better than the pic, Very good quality for the price. I love all the compartments, fits all my needs to a tee!
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By Karen Beaudoin
This bag is perfect! Arrived faster than I expected and is much better quality than expected. Just the right size; lots of pockets but not so many that you forget where you put things. Super soft; looks terrific; zippers keep everything secure and the two large inner compartments allow me to keep things separated.
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By Pat Mathews
4.5 | 166 customer reviews
140 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I absolutely love this wallet. It's gorgeous, it has enough room for everything I want to put in there, credit cards, identification cards, money, loose keys (?). I bought a purple one and the colour is stunning (and I can finally locate my wallet in my handbag...bonus). Lovely new leather wallet smell, as well - not that this would be important to most, but I loved it. Great, solid, perfect craftmanship. Well done!
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By Charlene
Bought this a year ago. Basically the perfect wallet for me, still, as per looks and functionality (if not too many card holding slots). My (case-less) phone fits in it easily. Lots of room for money! I like how the zipper pouch is accessible without touching the button. So far holding together well, I haven't been gentle! It is getting slightly scuffed up/wrinkled from my abuse but it's hardly noticeable.
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By Claire W
Beautiful. I have no issues with the card space. Mine fit perfectly. Don't want them falling out when you open your wallet !
Its classy and does not look cheap. Has a sturdy zipper for the change pocket and holds quite a few bills without being bulky.
Awesome !!! J'adore
Thank youYaluxe Women's Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Wallet With Zipper Pocket Black
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By Grace
4.5 | 95 customer reviews
87 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought this purse for our daughters Prom and it was the perfect match for her dress. It was exactly as the picture shows, right colour and just the right amount of bling to go with her shoes and accessories. Held her ticket fine and still closed, as well as a few make up items and her phone. The chain strap can be easily removed if you want it for a clutch purse too. Great price too :) Would definitely recommend and buy again :)
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By Amazon Customer
Just as expected, a lovely little bag, lots of bling, a great fit at weddings and other celebrations. It was a little stiff, but nothing unexpected. Doesn’t fit much, but I didn’t intend for it to.
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By Jade
Enough space for cellphone, hand sanitizer, coin purse and small credit card holder. It did have a strange smell when I received it and I had to air it out. The smell went away after airing it out . I have used the clutch bag at least three times and the glitter/sparkles do come off and stick to my dress and hands. The clutch bag clings to my dress ( lots of static). I hope the sparkles/glitter are not too poisonous as I might have ingested some during wedding dinners.
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By Catherine
4.8 | 31 customer reviews
29 of the 31 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great work bag. Material doesn't look obviously like fake leather to me (perhaps my eye is untrained). Interior pockets are fantastic, especially the padded laptop compartment and large-ish RFID pocket for passport and other docs. Love how it's structured so that it stands up on it's own, and fully zips in case of bad weather. Luggage handle slide design is brilliant. I wish it had an exterior pocket, but as I no longer frequently use public transit, and tend to have my phone in hand, it's not an absolute necessity. Especially since there's so many easily accessible interior pockets. There is also a key chain line which can be helpful. No problems with the handles stitching or cracking so far but it's only been a couple of days. Hoping it will last at least a year, but I tend to overload my purses. Zippers run smoothly. Would be a good
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By Amazon Customer
One of my most favourite bags I’ve ever gotten. This line of bags are all super high quality and this is our second one. We have their diaper bag and now this one!
It’s super stylish yet has so much room for all the daily things I need. I’m a soon to be mum of 2 and will need an overnight bag for my oldest and this will work perfectly for her. And then when I want to use it for just myself, it will work perfectly for me as well.
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By Kiera
I received this bag last week. The shipping was so quick!
It is a beautiful bag. Whether you need a work bag, day-to-day bag or a mom 'catch-all' bag I couldn't be more impressed. Currently, I am in full on diaper bag mode and was very impressed to find that I was able to fill it with my daily essentials and still be able to zip it shut!
This is a great option for those of us wanting to purchase vegan bags but still have them look beautiful. The navy colour is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
There are an abundance of pockets, both zip and non, for those of us that like to keep things organized.
If you are on the fence about ordering I would definitely jump on it. It is such a reasonably priced bag, but their is no sacrifice on design. Love it!
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By Michelle
4.5 | 80 customer reviews
76 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have gotten compliments on this bag. I really liked it at first. Size wise it’s a somewhat large purse which is what I wanted.
However; one of the main zippers broke soon after I got it, and I don’t like how the whole bag sort of “sinks” in the middle (you can sort of see it in the picture, but what you don’t see is that the middle compartment literally like sinks in and is hard to get at). It’s hard to explain but essentially it sort of folds in over itself and it makes it hard to not only zip up the middle compartment as well as the main zipper, but also makes it difficult to get things out of the bag. Maybe I have too much stuff, but I’ve had many large purses and many of my past ones were much more functional and easy to use.
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By Jess
Hi this is Alvin Donn Andal and I am on a dismay/ unhappy on the item that I have received because as you can see on the side is poorly stitch or I may say it has a loose stitch and one side is broken. I purchased this bag because I want it to give it as a present to my wife and I am very disappointed on what i have received.

Hope you can help me about the situation or my dissatisfaction.

Hoping Alvin Donn,
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By Alvin Donn
The quality seems to be better than I expected considering the awesome price. I can’t speak to how well it will hold up with regular use, but it looks quite nice appearance wise. I will note that it is quite heavy, so by the time you load it up with all your stuff, it’s going to hurt your shoulders in the long term. Mine attaches to my stroller nicely so since I am using it to double as a diaper bag, that helps with the weight aspect.
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By Amazon Customer
4.9 | 24 customer reviews
24 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great bag...terrific size that has multiple compartments to hold my sunglasses, IPad, make-up, IPhone, keys, wallet and more! Love the putty shade too. Super price for a good looking purse.
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By Leah S
Just received it and used once. Very functional, lots of pockets and compartments. Straps can be clicked on very easily. Colour almost as expected, a bit less saturated and more dusty, than the picture, but it's a plus side to me. The PU leather is quite soft and shows wrinkles, doesn't hold the shape as you would expect. The purse on my photos already has all my stuff inside, about 2 lb altogether. ZIppers seem to be working fine, but the seams are not the straightest. Not sure if it's quite worth the money. It does look quite cheap. But from what I looked (offline) it's hard to find a fashion backpack with so many pockets and compartments, so I'll give it 4 stars.
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By Amazon Customer
UPDATE (04/12): I contacted the seller directly to explain what happened and they sent me a brand new backpack right away, free of charge. They were extremely helpful and polite – I hope that this new backpack lasts longer but regardless, I would order from them again based on customer service.

I LOVED this backpack purse and bought it specifically for a week-long conference I was attending. Unfortunately, once I got home, the backpack strap broke off of one side (pic attached) which means I can no longer use the backpack feature. I'm so sad as I really did like this but if the straps are going to be breaking, I can't count on it for daily use.

During the conference, it was big enough to hold my notebook, wallet, business cards, water bottle, hand sanitizer, lip balm, pens, etc without being super heavy or looking ugly. I fit my jacket inside
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 27 customer reviews
26 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this for my wife, she used for about 1 month, and the inside lining tore apart already, she is a very gentle person and did not even put a lot of things in there. First time ever happened to her as she keeps all her other purses very well. Update: VONXURY must have read this review and contacted me right away to send a free replacement purse which really amazed us, great after sale customer service!
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By Timothy
The first week of owning this backpack, I've had a ton of compliments! I love the compartments inside but wish it was a bit bigger overall. I have little kids so I always carry wipes with me and a couple of diapers. It fits that and my big wallet and some granola bars. Definitely perfect for when it's just me or I don't need water bottles and snacks, etc. There are 2 outside, side pockets and my Samsung S9+ fits perfectly. Too small for a Contigo water bottle. Great bag - just wish it was bigger! :)
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By Amazon Customer
Quite satisfied with this backpack. The size is perfect to use it as a purse-backpack, and the same time a small lunch-box and my 26Oz Contigo mug perfectly fit inside. There are two side pockets, one on the front and two inside with the zipper. And faux leather feels almost like real, not rough but sturdy to carry heavy things.
One disadvantage tho, the straps are not leather, meaning no one can guarantee how long they will last.
Overall I am satisfied.
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By Elena
4.4 | 110 customer reviews
97 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A must-have for Canadian winters. If you have leather or suede boots that collect salt stains all winter long, BootRescue is a huge help in cleaning and moisturizing the leather. I'm not a huge fan of the way that their packed in the resealable 15-pack, I'd prefer a plastic container with 25-50 of them, but the quality of the product is without question. I have a couple pairs of Blundstones and I'm constantly using them in the winter.
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By Andrew Thompson
When I opened the package I was disappointed to find that they were already dried out. I decided to add a little water to the wipes to refresh them so I could still use them. They work okay but after using them I realized they had wiped off the protective coating I had put on my boots recently so I had to reapply that after using the wipes.

Edit: After my initial review I was contacted by the lovely founder of Boot Rescue. They offered to replace the wipes with a fresh package which I received quickly along with a few other samples. The new package was fresher then the first and worked much more as I had hoped.
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By M
These are very handy. I keep some in my handbag. I am just taking off a star because I find them very expensive. After all, its only water and vinegar. I feel like there could be at least 15 in the box for that price.
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By cmontreal
4.5 | 59 customer reviews
54 of the 59 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm absolutely delighted with every aspect of this sweet handbag!! The leather is soft and supple making it nice to touch! The black is a true ebony black and the silver flower pulls add a touch of femininity. It is not too big (I am 5 feet tall and look overpowered by large handbags) but it still has lots of room for a substantial amount of stuff with a lot of pockets to organize it. If you can remember which pockets or sides you put things in, this purse will save you hours of searching its contents for a pen, a lipstick or a nail file. The squared bottom keeps it from sagging under the weight of its contents and it retains its shape for a nicer look. I'm now cruising the colors to match up and will be buying more as my budget
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By Silkenfire
This is a nice soft leather purse. I do love all the pockets on the exterior. My only con: so far is the zipper pull flowers are not very secure, I've already had 2 fall off in the 1st week of use. Personally for myself also, I do need a bit bigger of a purse. As I seem to carry a lot of things. It does seem to handle the weight I have in my purse. I had to place in a backpack the extras I could not fit in the purse. Package arrived on time, perk of being Prime member. Overall good company, will most likely look for another purse they carry that's a bit bigger.
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By ivanna499
I had been looking for a burgundy colored purse with lots of outside pockets and I had thought I had found it with this Angelkiss one. The color was great but the purse was way too small for my needs. The outside pockets are very tight fitting, almost impossible put anything but the smallest of items in and very difficult to retrieve. I had expected to order more of this particular style in different colors but definitely due to sizing does not meet my expectations. For a young girl/teenager or petite woman this purse might work fine since the overall quality is Ok.
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By Shepherd Haven
4.5 | 49 customer reviews
46 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So happy with this cute little purse just what I needed for traveling ,something that is light,It’s just what I was wanting. Spent a day going through malls couldn’t quite find the right size and quality so I was happy when I seen this on Amazon .
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This attractive bag is the perfect size for carrying bare essentials for a brief outing. The leather has a substantial feel to it, yet remains soft and flexible. I also like the two straps that come with. Great little bag -- I may order one in another colour.
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By Amazon Customer
I was looking to downsize my purse and wanted something for cash, cards, phone, change and maybe room for my keys and kip gloss. I didn’t want a zipper but couldn’t find one I liked without so I’m trying this one.

So far it seems to hold up but I’m not a fan of the zipper. Evertime I put my hand in the zipper scrapes my hand which annoys me. Otherwise I would give it 5stars.
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By Tripletmom
4.3 | 151 customer reviews
125 of the 151 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So I'm an older lady, and I've never owned a backpack before. Last week while looking for a new wallet, which after 16 hard years had finally died (My late father gave it to my late Mom, so I kept using it till it was in tatters) I was thinking about purses too, but here's the thing. I listen to my ipad everywhere I go, but my purse couldn't carry it. AND--I re-use plastic water bottles because I drink a lot of water, and they wouldn't fit, either. So my brainy idea was to find a backpack type purse, and see if that would work. A normal purse won't work for my water bottles, and I generally like to have one with me everywhere I go.
This past weekend, this was $7.00 off, so I bought it--if I don't like it for a purse, we'll use it during excursions to
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By hdamoca
I bought this bag for work and it's been working great for me! I want a bag that can fit my relatively large lunch box flat so I don't have to carry two bags and this does it very well (my lunch box is 7in x 4.6in x 2.6in and I use a thick neoprene lunch bag). I'm also able to carry a variety of small items easily within reach and well organized.

I thought the little bag you can take out would be really useful if I wanted to go on a lunch run and I just need to carry wallet + phone, but I haven't actually had a chance to use it. It's plenty big enough for even a large phone, but it wouldn't fit one of those long wallets. The small bag also has a magnet on the back, so it sticks to the large bag both front
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By Xae
Very happy with this backpack/purse combination. Lots of pockets and zippers. Water bottle pockets are big enough to fit my Contigo coffee cup. Another reviewer mentioned that the shoulder strap to the back pack (the one to carry it like a purse) was too short. I'm 5'8" and I think it is a perfect length, to be honest. Quality seems to be very good. Love the hardware.
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By Debbie Perriccioli
4.8 | 21 customer reviews
21 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is for a wedding and goes beautifully with my outfit - very pretty lace and it came very quickly
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By Query
Arrived fast. Can be used with or without the chain. I wore this for my stagette and will also wear for my wedding. Thanks!
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By Erin
My daughter used it for prom. Good size, good quality
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By Theresa Young
4.3 | 128 customer reviews
106 of the 128 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This purse exceeded my expectations. The size is great, the colour is what I expected (a slightly brandy coloured brown) and the gold zippers and clasps add a nice touch. Good quality zippers. There was no smell whatsoever to my purse unlike other reviews stated. I am very happy with this purchase.
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By Bell
I absolutely love this bag!

It is very stylish, and looks great when I'm carrying it around. The bag is a good size and big enough to carry all the things that I like to cart around with me, including my book and my wallet and my day planner. There are lots of pockets inside and there is an included extra strap for if you prefer your purse straps longer (I don't, usually).

There are lots of compartments inside that are perfect for stashing keys or smaller items so that they don't get lost in the larger compartment. The zippers are gold-coloured and seem to be made with quality in mind.

The only thing that would make me like this product more is if the hardware and zippers were silver-coloured, but that's a personal preference and has nothing to do with the overall product. This is a beautiful purse that is a valued
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By TheBookChick
I've read some of the reviews on here about a smell and the quality of the bag so I was cautious when making this purchase, but I really wanted a slouchy bag that had a short shoulder strap and cross-body strap that was big enough to use for traveling with my twins. This bag was amazing because of all the compartments it had and it never felt overstuffed despite having a large passport wallet, a wristlet, my camera (larger than a point and shoot), some of my tech cables and external battery and my makeup bag. I was also able to carry two bottles and extra formula!

It was comfortable on my shoulder and cross-body. There was a smell when I opened the plastic but I didn't notice a smell after that. The material is soft and high quality considering the price. I loved the organized compartments, however the interior material
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By nseguin
4.4 | 61 customer reviews
50 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LOOOOOOVE LOVE THIS BAG!! I loved it the second it came out of the box. Pkg was packed perfect and it was only 2 days for shipping!!!
I loved it so much I immediately went back and bought 2 more. 👌😁 great quality, great colours, straps and zippers are heady duty and I'm betting this bag will last a very long time.
10 out of 10 stars!
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By Amazon Customer
This came in completely wrong colour from pic. It's a horrible vomit green. However, I absolutely love everything else about it. Its feel...its fit...its soft and probably the most incredible feeling purse I've ever had! So I'm keeping it. I love the way it sits on my shoulder...the way it feels when I'm looking into it for an item and I love the style of it. Great purse. Disappointing colour.
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By Deborah Marion
I brought this purse with me to go traveling and it was a life saver to convert it from a shoulder bag to a backpack in no time. I like that it's a very soft leather and quite spacious on the inside. The only complaints I have are that the decoration on the front zipper is too heavy and falls down on it's own so I never bothered to place anything in there for fear that it might fall out. The second issue I have is that there's too much fabric for the lining. While I do appreciate that the zippers have a smooth glide to them sometimes the lining gets caught in the zipper if I'm not careful. Other than that, I am glad I bought this purse.
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By Cindy