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4.8 | 93 customer reviews
92 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Direct replacement for my snowblower, which wasn’t a listed brand (P3 Power) so if you have a similar snowblower it should probably work well too. I took a measurement of the one that didn’t break in the old machine and it as identical to the new one. The finish on the new ones is very nice. Shiny and high quality looking. Much cheaper to buy them here then to track Down a small engine shop. Thanks amazon!
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By Ryan T
Important to get the correct length shear pins for you snowblower. My old replacements were too long. If you get pins that are too long then the shear section (the small narrow part on the pin) may not be subject to load hence may not shear as required.
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By snowblower
It doesn't take much to break one of these! But then, I suppose that's what they are supposed to do!
In January, I ran across a small 1-inch branch hidden in snow, the engine on my large 33" snowblower shuddered but then kept on running. I then noticed one of the six shear pins (one of these) had broken. Well, it's Better than stripping some stuff in the auger I guess.
I'm gonna order another 4 of these to be ready for next winter!
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By Johnny Pistachio
4.4 | 166 customer reviews
151 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just tried it after a moderate snowfall. I suffer from chronic back pain and my old shovel was torture to use, even for a minute. Used this for over 10 minuites with virtually no pain at all in my back. I used it as a push shovel and it works wonderfully. It has a long handle (I'm 5'11 and can use it without needing to bend any significant amount) and the curved handle made it much easier to lift snow (less bending and felt far less stress lifting). Could not be happier with my purchase, has drastically reduced the pain I feel when shoveling.
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By Leslie Linder
bought it on an impulse buy as it was on sale
finally got around to using it during this last weeks snow storm

very easy to assembly, comes in two pieces.
It took me longer to take it out of its industrial strength bubble wrap than it did for me to assemble it

the shovel is metal tipped, which helps remove those stubborn caked on ice on the drive way
typically i would have to use a metal scrapper to remove it, but this just breaks it up with one push
it allows me to shovel the drive way in less time
i can do a single line of the drive way in one push
it makes it alot easier on the body

with a traditional shovel, one side of my body usually gets sore and i only shovel from my right hand side
with this, i am pushing straight forward with both hands

highly recommended, great purchase!

Design: 4.5/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Packaging: 4/5
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By kraziexx
No handle came in the box. All I got was the blade only. Wrong description on the roduct page. I can buy a whole shovle with this price. Returned it right-a-way.
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By Richardctchan
5.0 | 24 customer reviews
24 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Driveway was pure ice from freezing rain the night before and this tool broke through the ice with no difficulty. The ice was around half an inch thick. At the end of the driveway it was an inch - 2 inches thick from the snow plow and I still had no problem breaking it up. No regrets, definetely worth the money.
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By Phil J.
Meilleur brise glace sur le marché. Il n'y a pas de brise glace aussi solide dans les magasins au Quebec. Un peu plus cher qu'en magasin mais ca vaut la peine, cet outil va probablement etre bon a vie. Indispensable si vous habitez au Canada. Merci Amazon pour cette qualitée.
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By Phil Montreal
This is an amazing tool and has a wide handle which is great comfort for doing alot of ice chipping. Heavy weight and is well made all metal with nice smooth powder coating. It is not sharp but uses the weight to smash the ice. You actually don't want sharp as it will damage the concrete or patio stones. Well made will last a lifetime I would imagine.
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By Nicholas Lee
4.6 | 50 customer reviews
48 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a nearly identical replacement for the original part. In my case the four bolt holes on the starter did not exactly align with the locations on the engine block. This made it really hard to install the bolts without stripping the threads. After much fussing I did manage to get it installed and it works great. I'm not sure if this is simply an age issue, new starter versus many years old block, or if it is because it is designed to replace so many different models. It works great once installed.
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By Paul
A little awkward to put in as it didn’t quite fit the same as the previous one and the screws included didnt all make sense. But it works well! Cheaper option than going to a mechanic.
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By Cathie
Great price ... but . After inspecting the starter before installing it . Two of the three screws were not tightened . And the rubber gasket wasn’t in its proper place . It was sticking outside of the housing . Clearly because of the loose screws .
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 47 customer reviews
43 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great cables and gets the job done. It will heat up little channels in the gutter so water can flow and drain. I just installed 3000 liner feet of this cable and the only issue is you have to unwind it properly (unwind it all and lay out flat before install) or you get one big tangled ball.
Note: Roofing contractor advice, heat lines do not correct the initial issue of ice damming,it helps relieve minimal amounts of ice. Ice damming is caused by improper air flow in the attic.
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By Al C
So far the cord is doing it's thing just fine. It is a 100 watt cord; that's hard to find in the details.
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By Leo V.
The previous 2 winters the gutter over the front entrance froze up and a huge ice dam formed which dripped water onto the path and then froze making it slippery to walk on.

This De-icing cable really did a great job of melting the snow before it turned to ice and I'm really glad I purchased it.
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By Chris B
4.3 | 250 customer reviews
200 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This cover fits my snowblower perfectly. I have to store my blower outside during the winter and this keeps it free of snow but at the ready. It is easy to put on once you get the hang of which way it goes. I do recommend using a bungee cord to around handles to keep it from blowing away in a strong wind. It is elasticized all around but in a winter storm it would become loose. Easy to fix with a tie down....
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By Debra Crowell
This fits my 29" 11.5HP Murray but it has to be installed a certain way, otherwise people will think it won't fit. It does. Not an extremely quality cover but it will do to cover it in the off season.
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By Dguy
From some customer reviews the product can fit snow blowers up to 33''. That is not correct for some. I have a Sears craftsman 33'' unit. I followed the directions from the manufacturer starting at the handles with the cover tagged "FRONT" you stretch and place it over the unit. I tried to place the cover over my snow blower,and it would not fit.I tried fitting the cover even from the opposite end. I sent it back and decided to find something locally through a small engine repair shop. I was able to find a cover.
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By Rob
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4.3 | 228 customer reviews
193 of the 228 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
***Update, we received a brand new snow joe because the power cord broke in half last winter. Very nice customer service, we are ready for this season, one winter storm at a time!***
So we just received our snow Joe. Right on time cause we got 5cm of snow last night. Let me tell you, we live in Quebec, and not in Quebec, as in Montreal. NO NO NO my friend!! In the damn northy woods of Quebec city's. So We built a 1000 square feet patio, on 2 levels, because why not. But The only thing is that we usually have 300cm of snow each winter...and only that if we're lucky! So with the miraculous Snow Joe = No more shovel dint in the wood, half of time doing the job with no efforts. Joe is our new BFF.
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By Amazon Customer
I live in New Brunswick. We get real snow in a real winter. This thing has exceeded my expectations. Handled everything thrown at it so far (winter 2015-16). It's not as powerful as a gas powered machine. Also not as heavy, not as slow, not as noisy, not as big, not as cumbersome, needs no maintenance, you get the point.
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By maritimer
Arrived under estimated time, assembly is simple unfold handle and tighten the handle screws, insert chute crank through the guide and install the attachment screw. Finally got some snow to try it, about 3-4" not a lot, I do have to clear the porch and stairs down making a deeper pile, just go slow and let it work without forcing it and it worked superbly. Requires 12ga electrical cord so motor doesn't bog on load with 100ft cord, no bogging incurred. 14ga will work for 50ft or shorter and 16ga won't handle it, and will end up damaging the motor or burning the cord as it can't supply enough current. The unit is light enough that I can move it up to the deck and up the stairs to the back walk easily. Know that it is not a gas powered unit and not
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By Harry B
4.4 | 94 customer reviews
82 of the 94 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Definitely buying more of this!!!
Minutes after the bag was delivered I went out side and sprinkled the Snow Joe Melt on the thick patches of ice that I hadn't been able to break down before.
I have limited mobility and there is nothing more terrifying that slipping on ice.
I could hear the crackling sound within seconds. The de-icer started to work that quickly and pretty much destroyed the 2" and 3 " thick patches of hard ice.
The broken down and crumbled ice was very easy to shovel away.
The bag that holds the de-icer is re sealable and made of a good quality plastic so it's strong enough not to tear with the weight of the product.
Blue-green, large semi-granule pieces is what the product looks like.
100% recommend this product.
It works quickly, has little environmental impact, safe for outside critters and is a reasonable price ( current price $17.00 for 25 lbs)
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By justnanastuff
After a freezing rain storm that resulted in 1-2 inches of ice, that was flash frozen within 12 hrs, I ran out of salt.

I've been using regular rock salt for years but have been interested in something stronger. I wanted calcium chloride though I believed that it would damage my driveway. This products seemed less harsh on concrete.

Upon immediate application you see and hear the chemical reaction to the ice. Within 30 minutes, in -7 degree temperature I had slush. I tested it on a small portion of a cement tile in the backyard and it mildly damaged the finish

This product is awesome for melting ice/ice management as long as it's used on the correct surfaces.
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By Dwayne
Sealed my flagstone porch with a high quality sealant in the summer. Bought this product as it says it is the safest ice melter for flagstone etc. Used the product conservatively approximately 4 times over the winter and it completely ruined the sealant. I can only hope it didn't ruin the stone as well. The green dye they put in it has also stained the stone in some areas. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I've used regular rock salt in years passed once in a while and had no issues.
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By Robert John
4.5 | 57 customer reviews
53 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I installed the carburator on my snowblower, 10 minutes later i strarted the engine without problem.
Carburator works well on full throttle and low idle too.
i'm happy.
I recommend to buy it.
Delivery time very good.
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By Ronald
Great Price-Perfect fit-Fast shipping. I have been repairing Tecumseh engines for over 35 yrs and it costs more to rebuild your old carb than replacing it with this unit,at first i thought this was too good to be true,i was wrong these carbs work really well
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By John
It's adjustable which makes the snowblower idle much better. High speed mixture is adjustable as well. The housing isn't exactly as the original Tecumseh. One of the nuts used to hold to the carb can not be reused because the housing is thicker. I used a nylon lock washer instead. You have to tap screw holes to put the carb box back on the carburetor.

It's ok.
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By David
4.5 | 43 customer reviews
38 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was leery of buying this item. It sounded too good to be true. It is everything that it claims. This week we had very wintery weather. 5 hours of freezing rain followed by 10 centimetres of snow blown by high winds. The next morning the temperature was -40 with the windchill factor. That is the same temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The brush was in the car overnight and still, the foam was flexible, the buttons to change the length and pivot worked flawlessly. The ice scraper made quick work of the ice in the windshield well.
Buy it it's worth the price.
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By Larry D Adams
Je possede une toyota sienna donc le toit est très haut. J'arrive à le nettoyer avec mon nouveau grattoir Garant.
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By Amazon Customer
This foam brush works faster and is easier to use than my bristled snow brush. It peformed like a champ clearing 2.5 inches of wet, heavy snow (the true test of a snow brush) off my car. One thing I'm concerned with is the apparent lack of durability. I noticed the foam was noticeably worn after I cleared snow from my car that was covered with patches of sharp, bumpy ice (left by freezing rain a couple of days prior). At this rate, I don't expect the foam to last more than a couple of seasons. I wish replacement heads (or at least replacement foam) were available.
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By Moe Gazebo
4.7 | 25 customer reviews
23 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product was received very fast. This was a perfect fit and has been performing perfectly. Very good quality. Installed on lawn mover and started right away.
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By Client d'Amazon
Had to make some fitting on my Honda ATC 110 81. Had to fit the bolts and nuts and to keep the old throttle cable cap so it fits because it has no throttle cable adjustment. Other than that it works really well.
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By Amazon Customer
Slightly different then the original 88 motor 250 carb. Fuel inlet was smaller hose, throttle connection slightly different. All was easy to modify. Rund much better then with old carb that had bad float needle and seat
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By Amazon Customer
4.9 | 18 customer reviews
18 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
O.E.M PartNo#.. Called Poulan's...and priced similar too🤔!! Husqvarna owns Johnsered, & Poulan Pro...So
some parts may be interchangeable (??) Fit my Poulan Pro P 2400 Snowblower that I purchased last April 2018 off
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By Peter,S
Même si mes vis d'origine n'étaient pas identiques, celles-ci fonctionnent parfaitement sur ma souffleuse de modèle PR270, la longueur et le diamètre étant les mêmes. Elles devraient fonctionner sur toutes les souffleuses Poulan Pro.
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By P Nadeau
Exactly as stated, fits all poulan pro snowblowers! Really easy to install and get back to clearing snow :)
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By Adam slovinsky
4.3 | 59 customer reviews
53 of the 59 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow! Canadian made QUALITY!
1.) heavy thick steel construction. You'd have to see it for yourself - but I bet when you first handle it - you will be taken back.
2.) welded supports on the back of the shovel blade.
3.) no screws. Rivets!

This thing is built like a tank. Built like they used to be built.

I have gone into Canadian tire, homehardware and Home Depot - all in search of a Canadian made quality shovel (and rakes, various garden tools). Never had any luck. Yes the box stores carry some Canadian made products - and I usually buy them - but they haven't been quality like this shovel.

As you can tell I'm very excited by this shovel and it's nostalgic, tank like build quality.
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By ron
Quality steel shovel with sturdy handle and weight. I grew up in the Prairies where you could not survive winter without at least a couple of quality shovels. I have grown up using heavy duty steel shovels and find that they were much more effective than their plastic counterparts.

Pros include long lasting quality (steel shovels in our family have lasted over 15 years), and the weight helps you scrape every last bit of snow off the ground (I find plastic shovels sometimes ride up on top of the snow like a sleigh which doesn't really get the job done). You won't have to go over the same spots over and over again with a good steel shovel.

Cons are that it is a bit heavy, so be warned if you are not ready to do some proper lifting and build up a bit of a sweat. Stick to the 24-in width.
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By Amazon Customer
As many have stated before me, I too was having a difficult time finding a steel snow shovel at box stores. So when I found this at a very fair price, I was more than happy to make a puchase. This replaces a plastic shovel that would just skip over any snow that wasn't fresh powder and had difficulty with even just slightly packed down sections. I'm incredibly happy with this shovel and does everything right. I can finally fully clear any snow off my driveway and sidewalk.
The only negative thing I can say about this item is that because it's steel, it has some decent weight to it. Nothing obscene, especially if you purchase the smaller width size like I decided to do.
Wonderful, high quality product and very pleased with purchase.
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By Troy B
product price
4.5 | 29 customer reviews
26 of the 29 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Lifeline Shovel is a great winter addition to your car. As soon as the package arrived, I put the shovel together and put it in my car's trunk. It was a bit of luck, that it arrived when it did, because my car got stuck in the snow a few days later. With the help of this shovel, I was quickly un-stuck and on the road again.

The shovel is compact and light weight, making it easy to use and store. The aluminum edge cuts through any type of snow quickly.

The only thing to keep in mind, is the shovel's size. Since it's compact, it would not be great at shoveling out an entire driveway, since it would take so long. But, for shoveling your step or around your tires, it's great!
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By MediumCoffee
J’ai eu besoin de cette pelle à plusieurs reprises et j’ai été très heureux de l’avoir à bord du véhicule. Très légère et prend peu de place. Elle se glisse facilement en dessous du siège arrière de ma caravane. Excellente pelle de dépannage pour la voiture.
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By Patrick Bond
Bought this as a replacement for the first one that broke. Advantages are that it's very light weight and comes apart to fit in a small back pack, but would not recommend using it in extreme cold or for hard packed snow - that's what might have caused the first one to break
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product price
4.8 | 14 customer reviews
14 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This cover has done the job part way through a grueling winter. The best I've had so far. It's heavy duty but very easy to put on and remove. No signs of weathering or cracking. Should be worth the money.
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By Alfred Aquilina
The cover arrived very quickly and it fits and looks great, a must for anyone who stores their blower outside
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By Steve Wrathall
This cover is strong for sitting outside all winter for those with no garage. For the most part, the elastic bottom stays in place, but I recommend a bungee cord to go around the middle of your snowblower in strong winds.
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By Tim S.
4.2 | 50 customer reviews
40 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Snow-peeler is well made and quite sturdy. Even if one pole as broke, I've contact the seller for a replacement on Sunday about 16:00 with a picture as proofs and the same day on SUNDAY at 20:00 they answer me saying that they where sorry for the inconvenient and that they will send me another pole witch they did and I've received it 2 days later. If that is not good services than WOW !
So I am highly recommending it as it works very well, sturdy enough to withstand hardened snow. yes be advise that when using all poles (30 feet long) it is heavy but at least you are safe on the ground wile that thing is doing the job.
Thanks to SNOWPEELER and keep going :):):)
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By Stephane Jean
The snowpeeler is an excellent shovel for clearing your roof. It’s sturdy and the addition of the weight on the slider is an excellent idea. I basically have two issues with this shovel.
1- the main square peeler is held to the handle by 2 cheap screws. On my very first sorti the screws got loose, and they were very tightly screwed in during assembly, and one of the two got mangled to a point that I was forced to stop in order to go buy new screws. For a close to $300 shovel it would be nice to include extra screws and perhaps e-engineer the assembly point of the peeler to the handle.
2- The position of the handle is dangerous. The peeler cuts out square blocks of snow which then slide down the carpet following the handle. The handle acts as a path for the
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By Mec357
Bon produit mais pourrait grandement profiter de quelques améliorations. Entre autre, prévoir le tendeur aussi pour la toile longue pour les toits qui ont une longue pente et qui sont déneigés du sol et serait grandement apprécié, un mécanisme à déclenchement rapide pour convertir la tête de déneigement du sol à déneigement à partir du toit car je dois déneiger les deux et je dois inverser la fixation de la tête chaque fois.
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By FineSniper
4.3 | 29 customer reviews
25 of the 29 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this Snow Joe. Thrilled it arrived in just 2 days because I had already pulled a muscle shoveling heavy wet snow. It is light weight, and the battery lasts long enough to do the porch, 2 large decks, and probably more. Is well designed and easy to use. It does a great job. it struggles if there is more than a foot of snow, and you may have to do the same place twice, but it is not designed to clear snow more than 12 inches. The only thing I would change is to have the snow blow out the side instead of the front. Shovel with the wind on your back or you will be covered in snow. I would buy it again, and highly recommend it.
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By Orbiter
Works well for fluffy snow, but gamely powers through slightly heavier snow as well. I bought the Snow Joe the week before a record-setting dump of snow and used it to clear my driveway and several times afterwards because the snow blew back in. It's by no means a replacement for the old shovel but it did enough of the work that my back was grateful.

Although the Joe is pretty heavy (I had to carry it and swing it like a scythe in order to clear the driveway in several passes because the initial snow dump was too deep) it's still better than the twisting and throwing one has to do when shovelling. After the dump, the banks on either side of the driveway were taller than me but the Joe managed to toss the snow up and over.
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By quinbot
have used this item maybe 8 times so far this winter mostly for clearing the deck. blows snow well lite and fluffy or heavy and wet. It takes some getting used to and you will want to move the D handle a bit. It is for snow not ice or the mess the snow plow leaves you and it is not the answer to all your snow removal needs. But it will move snow. the 40 volt battery lasts plenty long for what I need it to do. with proper care and use I imagine it will last me may years. update 2nd winter still working great happy with this purchase so far :)
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By Ron Pitre
4.0 | 209 customer reviews
164 of the 209 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I live in Ontario, Canada. I paid $145 for this (on sale) and I've used it about five times now in sub-zero weather with snow as deep as 1 ft. Even at 20 degrees below freezing (Celcius) its electric starter was good. It's easy to lift (I'm a 57 yr old woman) and it easily plows through light dry snow. I even assembled it myself in about 45 minutes. Where the snow gets plowed off the road blocking the driveway entrance, it is heavy, packed and hard. Here too, however, I was able to clear the snow in layers, which took a little more effort but still less effort than a shovel! I have a gravel driveway and so wasn't sure how it would do on that. Turns out it was no problem because you can control how close to the ground
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By scooterstats
Bought this for deck to shoot snow over railing. This is not how much snow I expected, First tryout on this much snow was impressive. This is the little snow blower that could👌👍
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By Amazon Customer
Great for Ottawa winter snow!

Used it this morning for the first time on approx. 8-10cm of light fluffy stuff. Snowblower handled it like a champ and even clears right down to the asphalt. Only thing to note is that it doesn't throw it the 20ft it states it can, maybe throws it 10 feet. Which is good for me living in a townhouse as I have to make sure the snow blows between neighbour driveways and not blowing it on top of them.

EDIT: update Jan 11 2018 - do not let the snow build up too high 10cm+ or else its a pain to use this having to tilt it up while pushing to blow off the top half first then pushing it normally to get the remaining bottom half. Also if the snow hardens you cant do much beyond a 5cm pile of it. Reducing to 4
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By chriscabob
4.5 | 17 customer reviews
16 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Delivery was fast the product is just great
Charge it and simply insert it on my snow Blower,Works like a charm the 40 Volt 4 ah works we’ll for my requirements,small jobs, clean and having two batteries is great I never have to stop completely
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The battery works well and gives about 40 to 45 minutes use with the Snow Joe 40V Cordless Blower. This is a backup battery. Keep battery in a warm environment when charging.
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By Gold Oxide
Battery charges up OK. Fit perfectly into my newly acquired Snow Joe Blower. Machine turned on, but there is no snow to try. As far as the battery is concerned. It seemed to be working fine.
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By Vincent_ng
4.5 | 17 customer reviews
16 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Shipping to Canada was pretty fast at 5 days. Canada Post gets 0 stars for taking 13 more days to deliver. Product gets 5 stars but the primer bulb was (1) not as depicted (2) not the correct bulb and (3) it was broken and unusable anyway. Everything else seems fine. We’ll see how the carb works. It’s got non adjustable jets which I like. No guess work. I like the fuel filter too. Clamps seem of good quality and galvanized. Fuel shut off valve seems very cheap but will replace a rusted out non-functioning metal valve. All in all great value for $30.48 with free shipping.
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By TackMan
J'ai utilisé cet ensemble pour réparer mas vielle souffleuse à neige.
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By Alexandre Thibodeau Lord
I put this carb on in minutes and on the 2nd pull it ran perfectly!
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By Ron Pouliot