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4.8 | 370 customer reviews
356 of the 370 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Incredibly fun game. I dont think I've played with anyone who hasn't absolutely loved it. It is definitely more fun if you have a good group of mildly athletic people. There is definitely a small learning curve, it seems really difficult at first but within the first 15 mins most people get the hang of it. I think the only con here is the price for what you're actually getting (some plastic, a net and some rubber balls) but you can easily put HOURS into this and not get bored of it.
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By Yvan Salloomi
I got married last summer and it was incredible, literally the best day of my life without question. Until I bought spikeball. Now my wedding barely makes my top ten, it's just a spikeball highlight reel. This game is life changing.
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By Jake Bainbridge
I am obsessed with this game. Once you get the hang of it, it's a blast & it's so easy to just carry and play anywhere. I've gotten multiple friends into it & we get round robin tournaments going. It's so much fun & really great exercise when you get used to it.

The actual setup of the net is really easy, and so far it's proven to be really durable. Even when people trip or step on it. I would highly recommend this game.
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By Morgan
4.7 | 235 customer reviews
223 of the 235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm really enjoying these bands. I have multiple herniated & compressed discs in my back so I'm not really doing anything overly rigorous just stretching & building strength. I do find them to be quite beneficial for me.

They do smell strongly of latex when grouped together so maybe separate them & air them out for a bit to lessen the smell. I don't notice it when using them individually but I do when they're altogether.

I really like how the weight is labelled on the bands but I do wish it was on both ends, not just one. I love the door anchor. Its secure and I don't worry about getting a slingshot to the head while using it. Overall its a great item and I'm very happy with it. I'm going to bring them to my physiotherapist to get more recommended exercises for my condition.

I'm looking forward to a better
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By Debbi
I do a lot of travelling so I was looking for a way to stay active while on the move. I chose this resistance bands set because it came with a whole bunch of straps, padded handles, and a door anchor. The set also included a carrying bag and a guide outlining various exercises. The clip system is extremely sturdy and I feel safe using it. The bands are also clearly labelled and the handles have a nice foam padding on it. I like that this product is versatile and more resistance can be added when I'm ready for more. So easy to use and it's lightweight and portable. I've been using it everyday since I got it and I love it!
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By Scooter
This set of bands comes with everything I need. There are bands of different tension that is perfect for me as well as my wife. It also comes with high quality adapters for different handles for different exercises. The best part is the case that it comes with that makes it easy to keep without getting all tangled and messy. Its perfect for those looking to do exercise around the house or office. Great customer service as well. I had some questions and they answered everything within an hour.

I have included a pic of what was received.
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By Terence Fong
4.6 | 264 customer reviews
241 of the 264 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am usually worried about fitting things back into their packaging or the meshbags once you take them out. Sometimes they fold it in such a precise way to get it in and it is impossible to do again, but this was so easy to put back after washing it. I haven't had much use for the smaller towel yet, but I forsee it coming in handy during camping. The bigger one is great for weekend trips or going to the gym. Pretty quick at drying as well.

The loop in the middle for hanging bothered me a few time as it scratched my back when I had it wrapped around me, but I was able to take it off via the button mechanism. The loop is still useful to hang the towel beside the shower stall at the gym etc so it would be nice if they made it out
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By Amazon Customer
I bought these being I travel relatively often, and one of my best friends and travel companions had something similar, so I saw how handy they can be. These towels are super soft (fleecy microfibre) and are, indeed, very absorbent and quick-drying. It completely dries me off without feeling like the towel's soaked, and it also speeds up drying my hair a bit when I use it as a head wrap. I use the smaller one as a face towel (great for throwing into my gym bag when I'm not traveling), so the fact that this comes in a two-pack was great. The large one also doubles nicely as an emergency blanket, if needed.
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By Shelley
I read sceptical as I'm a hairy bloke and microfiber towels have never left me feeling dry, especially in a humid climate... But this seriously works. The bigger of the two is a little too big for gym showers though very good for the beach or pool. The small is perfect for carrying around the gym. I HATE the strap which is the only reason I'm not giving this review a 5. The strap is itchy and the button scratches when you try to dry your back.
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4.7 | 134 customer reviews
126 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This quick dry towel is AWESOME! I have another quick dry towel which was purchased from MEC several years ago for DOUBLE the price, and much smaller.

This towel is taller than me and I am 5'4'. It's width is pretty wide too. It wraps around me twice and packs up so small.

Perfect purchase and I will likely buy as presents!
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By F
So impressed with this towel. Bought it because it was compact to carry for scuba diving trips. Used it for two weeks diving in mexico. It’s big, absorbs well, dries fast. I was impressed. I thought it would be less absorbant and that i wouldnt like it. I think i will buy another. I really liked it and was impressed.
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By blaineb
I used these towels for the beach the other day and man they are super super absorbent! Really love them and hopefully they will not fade in color or color comes off during wash!

So far the towel is everything I wanted in a towel and i highly recommend it
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By Christopher Choi
4.7 | 116 customer reviews
108 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a nice pack and holds a tonne of stuff. I used it on a hike and it easily stored my packable rain jacket, my water bottle, a snack, and my problem. However, for running, I would go with something smaller and lighter. With 5 compartments in total, there are several options for keeping things organized and I like how wide it opens to give easy access to the items inside. I fully extended the belt and this would fit up to a 44" waist and down to the smallest size you would ever need (fits my thigh actually ... not that I would use it there). To better show the size of the pack, I put a 750ml wine bottle in it ... happened to have it nearby ;) ... see pics below.

- large capacity
- internal, zippered compartment (in addition to
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By Paul
This fanny pack is awesome. Perfect size, spacious, good quality and great value. There’s one main compartment with zipper closure, with a pocket on the back side inside this main compartment. There’s also a small compartment with zipper closure in the front outside. I use it to store my dog’s stuff when I take my dog for a walk on a trail or to the park. I usually fit a small water bottle, a foldable rubber frisbee for dogs, a ball (dog toy, the size of tennis ball), collapsible water bowl for dogs, extra roll of poop bags, hand sanitizer, and a pack of wet tissues in the fanny pack. The strap/belt is easily adjustable. I actually wear it like a messenger bag and have it sit on my back because I usually wear a flipbelt on my waist for my stuff. It’s perfect for my need. If you’re looking
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By Heebie
I bought this for my dad who goes for walks with our puppy, and he is always struggling to carry his phone, a water bottle for him and the doggo, some snacks, poo bags, wallet, etc etc.

This is amazing because it allows you to carry a full size water bottle and still has room for other stuff. The material is a little stiff and the zipper is hard to zip, which is why I gave it four stars, but it's an inexpensive, totally useful and comfortable fanny pack. The sleekness of it being all black also makes it look nice when it's on and looks a lot smaller than you'd think with how much stuff you can fit in it.

Recommend for sure!
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By Steph
4.6 | 170 customer reviews
160 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My daughter was desperate for a trampoline for her 7th Birthday and we looked at a confusing number of options, varying greatly in price as well as size.

We ordered this from Amazon and have been extremely happy with it. Arrived in less than a week and we were very impressed with the size, safety and quality. The value for the money is fantastic.

Both her and her 12 year-old brother have had tremendous fun with it, bouncing on it for hours.

The trampoline does take some time to put together, but it is well worth the effort. I would highly recommend taking a few extra minutes to read the instructions (detailed and clear) closely, which will certainly save time overall.

We couldn't be happier with this product, and the fun and acitivity it has provided. One of the best on-line purchases we've ever made.
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By Amazon Customer
Set up is a bit tricky, but once you wrap your head around it, it goes well. Takes minimum 2 people but three would be best. As for the trampoline itself. It’s awesome. Looks great, durable and after an entire season of continual use it is still working perfectly. For the price and free shipping I don’t know why you would buy one in a box store for often 2x the price. Very happy with this purchase (and so are the kids)
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By Rico Suave
Wow ! The whole family enjoys this trampoline. Well done, easy to install and kids just love it. Everytime they step outside they need to take a few jumps before they leave. Really nice addition to our backyard. Only one downside, the manual should include a section called: "How to take the kids out of the trampoline" !
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By Maxime
4.6 | 144 customer reviews
135 of the 144 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This backpack is great. I bought it for all purpose,like travel out of country, camping and jogging. It's big enough and light weight. A lot of spaces for categorizing my stuff. The material is durable. The design is excellent. It's compact when it's folded and easy to fold and unfold. The most thing I like is that there is a inner packet which is covered by the out-layer bag. So it's safe for me to put anything valuable there, like wallet and passport etc.
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By Rachel
Bought this pack for taking with us as a day pack for an upcoming trip. We needed something compact and light as baggage space will be right.
I was surprised when it came, it arrived in a small box and I never imagined it was the pack arriving. Its very light and folds up very small considering the size of the pack.
I have used it several times now out hiking with the same sort of essentials and weight I expect to use for the trip.
It seems to be holding up quite well, not showing any wear or fatigue.
Should do very nicely for all of my intended purposes, I'm happy with this buy.
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By John
I was quite taken away by the size of the bag when I first received it - it looks so small! However after unpacking it prove to be able to hold quite alot.

As a light weight bag the fabric is understandably thin - don't expect to put 30 lbs of item in it as it might rip. However it's good as a hiking bag for water and emergency items.
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By Otis Cheung
4.5 | 287 customer reviews
267 of the 287 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This little wagon is a God-sent! We live on the 2nd floor of a large apartment and when buying groceries we have to go in an elevator and then walk down 2 very long hallways going through 2 very heavy fire doors to get to our suite. Usually we carry too much at once and hurt our arms and hands or else we have to make 2-3 trips back to parking lot to get everything up to the suite. With this wagon we simply unfold, put ALL groceries in at one time and easily walk up to our suite with no heavy lifting or wearing out arms and hands. We recently helped my mother move her home and we used the wagon for heavy boxes..........worked like a charm! I wish we would have gotten this item yrs ago it sure would have spared us a
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By Marlane
They tell you in very certain terms that this is NOT means to carry your children... but I bought it for my child and it's a wonderful product. Very sturdy and folds up (and unfolds) fast and easily.

Only downside is there are no brakes on the wheels so don't leave your kid in here unattended on a hill... and it makes it hard to stand up and store (once its folded) if its not leaning against something. But it DOES come with a cover, which is appreciated if you want to keep it stored and clean outside.
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By Norah Online
What they sent me is a cheap fake version of a MAC Sports Wagon. Its similar in appearance to the one shown on Amazon and in the Video but its junk.
1. No extendable handle
2. No interior padding
3. NO Black pull tab inside for easy folding
4. NO convenient carry case
5. Did not come assembled
6. When I put on the wheels (because it was not assembled) you cant tighten them because they wont spin. Uou have to keep them loose and wobbly.
7. Water bottle holders wont even hold a small water bottle they are sp small

The wagon sent to me is junk it's not a MAC wagon even the box was just plain brown with no pictures, name brand, or instructions. I needed it for s trip this long weekend and even paid for faster shipping only to be extremely disappointed and I feel like I was robbed which is a feeling
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By Kyle
4.7 | 85 customer reviews
80 of the 85 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great microfiber towel that does not take space, I keep this in car just in case it rains or I get wet and need a towel in hand to dryup.

I’ve used it couple of times in the gym, it does not provide the same amount of water absorption as a regular towel but it gives you the convenient of fast drying and portability.

The product has a good quality for the price and also trimmed professionally, Check my photos of the review. I did not use this to wipe a sweat as much but I have always washed it after using for gym, to avoid any odor on next use.

If you need fast drying portable towels that does the job then these ones are for you, comes with 2 sizes, large and small which you can use one for face one for body.

If this review was helpful please click the “helpful”
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By Mechakoush
I'm very happy with this microfiber towel set because it is so portable, especially with the mesh bag that it comes in with the attached (matching colour) carabiner, and I can easily bring it with me wherever I need it. I bought it in the purple colour, extra large, and it's a beautiful colour and very soft while still feeling like it'll hold up to a lot of regular use. The stitching around the edges makes it look nicely finished and high-quality. The smaller towel has a clip attached so you can hang it up to dry. I feel like the large towel will be so perfect for lake days, or laying on as a beach towel. It absorbs water really quickly and dries quickly too. My only complaint is that even when rolling it up very tightly, it's a bit of a struggle to get it back into its
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By Abby Bubiak
Bought this to use mainly in the gym, and it does the job well. The small towel is for use in the fitness center, and the large one to be used in the shower later on after my workout. The towel also dries really fast, making it really good for what I bought it for. It is also really soft, and the absorption is not that much. overall I am satisfied in my purchase.
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By abdulrahman jijawi
4.5 | 178 customer reviews
155 of the 178 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice bottle, does whats its intended to do which is to store water and give me the ability to transfer it into my mouth. Keeps the water cold but I haven't tested it in the desert to see if it will keep it cold for 12 hours but that's not a problem since I can walk a few meters and refill with cold water.
The black bottle also shows finger prints.
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By Hpnx
I'm using it as a water bottle and I'm making tea in it daily. It keeps my water cool and my tea remains boiling hot for more than 3 hours after making it. I bought the green one and it simply looks great. Even my kids are using it.
I'll update this review along the product lifespan.
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By Alexandre Giroux
I've had this bottle for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it. It's fairly light and is easy to carry around. It fits into my cars' cup holders the same as a 500ml bottle of water or pop.

I love that it came with a cleaning device, making it extremely easy to clean. The seal on the lid is good - I never worry about it leaking.

I've so far only used it for cold drinks, but it does insulate very well, keeping my water cold even when the bottle is kept in my hot car for a few hours.

It's a great water bottle and I recommend it highly.
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By cornfedpig
4.7 | 64 customer reviews
60 of the 64 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There is absolutely nothing bad to be said about spikeball. The game itself is insanely fun, we play atleast once a week. Its a great sport for athletes, as well as less-athletic people. I've gotten tons of my friends hooked on it, I play it with my younger cousins, with my older friends. Great fun.

I've fallen on the set and it's been fine, so I know it's very durable. Bring it everywhere with me. ONly thing is that the bag has ripped by this point, but that's to be expected when I carry it around with me everywhere.
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By Kiwi
This is our second Spikeball set we have purchased. (We have owned our first set for 3yrs and its still going strong) We loved
it so much that we wanted a set to stay at the cottage as well. The game sets up quickly and can easily be transported for a day at the beach. The game is easy enough to play as a beginner but once you start to add a bit of strategy to your game it goes to a whole new level. My daughters high school has several of these sets and there is always a game on the go. It is an initial investment but you will get years of fun and entertainment out of it.
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By Nicavan
I brought it at the beach and it was an instant hit !

Rules are easy to understand and the dynamics are simple enough that new players can quickly enjoy the game.

A fun way to practice reflexes and eye-movement coordination.
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By Carl Bisaillon
4.5 | 140 customer reviews
124 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are so useful I'm almost angry I didn't know about them before!
I got them cuz my husband does scaffolding/carpentry in weather that's regularly in the -30°C's, but they're so great I've been using them every day myself. For the cold weather and my hair.
The material feels nice and not cheap. I can breath through it when it's covering my face. Keeps my hair up without the discomfort of elastic hairbands. Keeps it off my face for washing/makeup, and is comfortable enough to sleep in.
Going to buy a few more packs. Don't know how I live without them!
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By Invisistill
Bought these for my boyfriend and he LOVES them. It was originally for his drumming as a sweatband, but because of how comfortable, soft, and attractive they are he's been wearing them on a daily basis. Definitely gives him that hippy look. You can wear them in such a wide variety of ways which you can see in the description of the product, but look great just as a simple headband. We recommend this product and these specific patterns.
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By SoulBoundX
Love these. I have a fairly large head for a female, and these fit perfectly. With my dark hair, the colors look great.
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By PoodleMomma
4.5 | 140 customer reviews
130 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Et bien je suis resté bouche bée lorsque je l'ai déballé pour la simple raison que j'adore cette ceinture de taille de par ses 2 poches qui contiennent mon cellulaire, mes clés, mon encore plus...Et même avec tous ces objets, cette très très mince ceinture de taille, camoufle très très bien tous mes objets.
Facile à mettre, lavable et surtout cache très très bien mes choses, font que je recommande fortement ce produit et ce, sans aucune hésitation de ma part. Merci beaucoup !!!
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By Marino
Use this all the time. Works great. Fits my iphone 8+ plus keys for running.
The only downside is that one of the zipper dongles fell off, making it hard to open and close one side - I just need to add a piece of string. Otherwise the quality is great
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By Canada
I have been using a SpiBelt for the past 5 years for running, but now with a larger phone, it doesn't work for me any longer. So while my phone fits easily in one of the pockets of this belt, there is no comparison. The belt rides up as soon as you start running, even loosening it does not help. The material that the pouch is made of is very slippery, so I believe that is what the problem is. Also the pouch material is not stretchy like a Spibelt, but it does have the nice feature of a port to put your headphone wire through, and seems like it would be fairly water resistant if you were to get caught in the rain. The zippers stayed closed no problem. Bulkier than my previous running belt also. Not sure if I'll be able to get my race number holders around
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By Lin
4.4 | 330 customer reviews
277 of the 330 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this backpack for a 2 week trip to Japan and it worked great! I was able to comfortably fit:

3 x pairs of pants
4 x t-shirts
2 x button up shirts
1 x sweater
1 x hoodie
1 x neck pillow
toiletry bag, socks and underwear
laptop and chargers
water bottle

We moved around quite a bit and there are no signs of wear at all, the bag has held up and is in great shape. It was also fairly comfortable when walking around for lengthy periods of time. I had no issues with bringing this as a carry-on on both international and domestic flights.

The only thing I wish is that it had some more internal pockets but all in all, for the price this was an incredible purchase.
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By Amazon Customer
First of all this is not a fake review. That being said, it is the best hiking backpack I've ever owned. I'm not the type of person who will buy a backpack for 100$ unless it has lasers integrated in it and makes espressos on demand while being connected to the internet. Super good product for the price I used it for a whole week in the rockies and was able to carry everything I needed (things like camera, tripod, water bottles, food, my North face jacket, which is pretty tough to shove into a backpack usually). Also it's comfortable and there's a ton of small features that let you hang basically anything.

I bough their 25L backpack and this 40L, both excellent products for the price.
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By Neil Rosenstech
This was an impulse buy so I am not complaining but I felt the need to give an honest review. I guess the product quality is what you get for the money I paid. Looks better in photo but the quality is not as expected. The front pocket could be deeper considering the large front patch. The inserts in the back padding feels like cardboard (better quality bags would have a hard plastic sheet), which makes me suspect the bag will lose its upright profile once I wash it. It has only two zippered pockets - one main and one in the front for smaller item. There is another smaller zippered pocket inside the front pocket for even smaller personal items. I feel like the bag surface is large enough that they could have easily added another pocket.
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By K Phun
4.6 | 84 customer reviews
78 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are nice socks. Very cushiony and thick. However, the band around the centre of the foot is quite constricting & somewhat uncomfortable. I have small feet (size 7-8) . My feet sweat a lot & I am thinking the cooling feeling is the wicking. It might take some getting used to. The socks stay up very nicely & do not slouch down when you walk. I imagine if I were wearing these in running shoes it would be very comfortable. My sons (13 & 9) absolutely love the sock and the arch support.
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By Pointella
Women's Outdoor Sports Athletic Socks YUEDGE 3 Pairs Wicking Cushion Crew Socks Multi Performance Hiking Trekking Running Walking Socks (2018 newest version)

These socks are very nice the material is soft & warm they fit very well and are comfortable to wear all day they are good quality and have held up well there thick enough for Winter wear as well as inside use.
The packaging is very good, would buy again from this vendor again.
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By Dan Cullen
My wife wears socks 24 hours a day, so she can never have enough socks.

What you may like
1. nice colors, variety
2. Good material, thick, soft and comfortable
3. I feel that at $22 (at the time of the review), it is a bit on the pricey side, especially for three pairs.

What you may not like
1. It is bit short, and I feel that the athletic socks should go up a little bit more on the calf
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By Dr. VJ V
4.6 | 82 customer reviews
77 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Stats 5'10", 240lbs, 38" waist, 27" thigh. Ordered 3xl. Based on sizing I should have got 2XL but I went up a size. I find them a bit loose but they are super comfortable. I should have gone with the 2XL as I find the elastic in the waist loose but that's my fault, draw string keeps them up. I wore them in -25C temp without a base layer and I was ok as long as I was moving (worse temp so far), I don't find them too warm but I would not wear them in mild weather (5C and up) as I think you would die from heat. They are stretchy enough that I never feel restricted and I appreciate the wind resistant front panels. The lower legs are tight so if you plan of going over large boots, you may not get them to fit but otherwise
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By Geo R.
Very pleased with this item. The pants are comfortable, and are reasonably priced. Was impressed enough with the first pair, that I purchased a second pair. Love the fleece lining, the elastic waist, and the way that the lower legs are tapered so that one does not have to be concerned about the material getting caught in the bicycle chain. Quite warm when I was biking when the temperatures were hovering around the freezing mark.
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By Marie Gavin
I am 6'0" & 160 lbs. I usually wear a 30wx32l or 34l pant and prefer a slim fit. I ordered a medium and the fit is good. When biking the front of the pant cuts the wind well while the back of the pant breathes. I can feel a bit of moisture build up on the front of my thighs but not on the back. I think they would function well in +5C to -5C before I would need to add a base layer. The zippered front pockets are very useful. They are high waisted which is good for a biker's stance while riding. The pants do ride up my legs slightly while biking, but I think most pants would do so to some degree. I felt confident enough in the pant that I bought another pair for my wife.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 54 customer reviews
52 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Microfibre (MF) towel, what can go wrong? Nothing... I landed on many MF towels and this one seemed very well package and I bought it. I do recommend it, since the colour is perfect. It’s not white (so it doesn’t look dirty quickly) and it’s not black! It’s like a perfect grey.

It comes with 3, however I only use the smallest one and the largest one for the gym. I use it for the sauna, and it absorbs great!

The only thing I noticed is that the package it comes in, you tend to avoid using it. So it’s not really important.
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By Mikeez
Being a active bunch, we have in each of our cars trunks a towel (the traditional cotton type) of one size or another. They've always come in handy for the most random of uses - wiping something, impromptu beach or gym visit, spills, covering for protective, mat for the ground at the park, etc. They've more than served their purpose and they are now being replaced one by one. As we all know, for whatever reason after some time those cotton towels just can't be washed anymore - the collective smell just won't go away not to mention they all take forever to dry.

We saw this at our local MEC for quite a bit more and decided to order a set here and give it a go - they really are something of a future towel (without the gimmicky guy a la Sham Wow stands). Everything about them is a
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By SWat604
I had been browsing through these microfiber towels and this comes in a set of 3 has the most value buy. Don't think I need to go into details to explain the benefits and advantages of these microfiber towels. They are just simply a lightweight compact yet super absorbent and dry fast towels! These guys come out perfectly fine after the initial wash in the washing machine under cool water, I even put them in dryer at low heat (not sure if I should), no shrinking or distortion at all the seller even offers a lifetime warranty to them! Conclusion: great buy with confidence!
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By Ally
4.5 | 103 customer reviews
97 of the 103 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Been using these on 7 days of hiking so far.

Fits somewhat small around. I first ordered a 32W but changed to a 34W. I usually need a belt with 34W pants, but this one holds well without. I will use the provided belt while hiking to keep the pants on my waist.

If you got big thighs (from hiking), it's a bit snug. However, it slides up the leg smoothly so I'm not worried about mobility. The inseam is high so it's a close fit in the groin (it actually supports the package a bit). It also rides pretty tight between the buttocks and separates them clearly when you crouch. But the lightness of the material means it doesn't feel tight, and is very comfortable.

The pockets are well placed and secure which is a big plus for me. They don't feel bulky or affect the shape of the pants when empty.
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By Larry
It's practically impossible to find reasonably priced hiking pants in a 28 inch waist. I bought these in size 30x32. There's a bit of elastic in the waistband, plus there's a canvas belt included, so ultimately it fits right right and it doesn't bunch up badly.

I was able to snag these for $34 -- a steal for Columbia pants! I'm going to Colombia and I need the UPF protection and sweat-wicking properties of these pants. They seem well made and I expect these pants will last many many years.

I would have liked to get them in a dark colour, but only the light colour was available for $34. Not that I'm complaining!
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By Finlay James
Do not listen to any of the reviews for these Columbia hiking pants. These pants are VERY POOR quality. The fabric used is extremely cheap and thin and will tear the first time you sit on a log or rough rocks on a hike. The fabric is so thin it is almost see thru in the buttocks area.

The side pockets are extremely thin mesh that will not be able to hold anything because they will rip it. Forget about any keys or phones. Just forget using them for anything.

The cut and looseness due to the cheap fabrics on these convertable pants is so that if you use them as pants, the bottoms of the leg sections actually go under your ankles by a few inches, giving them an effective in seem length of closer to 34 inches than the 30 inches it states.

I don't leave reviews often but this is
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By Mr. E.
4.6 | 70 customer reviews
64 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife and I loved these shoes. Used them in Hawaii for the beach, and in my case for some inadvertent hiking. Stood up well to it. Best feature is how comfortable they are. Tossing my sandals in favor of these. Good protection for the sole of your feet. Short of jumping onto a sharp surface, couldn't really feel pebbles, etc. through the bottom. Like the protection against stubbing toes. Dried quickly. On my pair, the cloth liner on the insole did peel off a little at the edges where the toes were, but I did use them for a bit of hiking so there was more stress on them, and in any event, you could peel the cloth of the honeycomb insole and it would work just fine. Probably dry faster, too. Would buy again.
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By cdntinpusher
I bought these for my husband and he says they are really comfortable.. He does not like to touch anything in the water with his feet so these are perfect.
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By Kim P.
Proud of this buy.
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By Sam Harvey
4.4 | 170 customer reviews
144 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought these for my very active 11 year old son, who has very painful Osgood Schlatters in both his knees. After 1 year of pre-game warm packs and stretching exercises, post-game 2hour icepacks, daily strengthening exercises and anti-inflammatories, he is finally pain free. I would not have believed it if I had not seen the amazing improvement in his pain for myself.
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By Amazon Customer
I wanted to properly try out this product before I wrote a review for it. I use to exercise all the time then had to stop due to my knee pain. I purchased these and started doing walks to see how they hold up. This is a product that actually works not only do they work they stay in place :) not once did I have to stop and put them back into place like my old knee braces. I have used them now for 2 weeks and love them.
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By Bullish1
Been using this for about a week now and I will say it does indeed do a good job on what its supposed to do. During light workouts and some cycling I find that the middle of my knee and down into the patella does indeed have less pain while being more stable while in use. I also notice the pops and cracks that my knees give off are pretty much gone when i wear them. My only complaint with these specific items is that they do tend to itch and dig in a bit when i wear them for a long time (at work). Tho that may be an issue with me as I have pretty large knee/leg/calves. Its not perfect but they do the job pretty well, esp for the price. Quality seems good so far, will know more once i put them through more rigorous routines.
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By Steve