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4.7 | 437 customer reviews
418 of the 437 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The thermometer arrived promptly and as expected. It has a reasonably good quality feel to it and functions as advertised. It is good to be aware that the 'laser' is not what measures temperature, it's just to let you know what you're pointing at and for acting out Star Wars scenes. The thermometer is actually measuring the infrared light coming from the object you're pointing at. Since different objects absorb/emit/reflect different amounts of infrared light, the measurements can be more or less accurate depending on the material you're pointing at. This is called the "emissivity" of the object, fancier infrared thermometers can adjust for this, but, for most people this is a simple, quality, reasonably accurate thermometer for most things you'll have to do around the kitchen and home. Also note that an infrared thermometer will only ever measure surface temperature.
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By Jascha Werschler
I've been using infrared thermometers for over 15 years for my service business and this has to be the best one I've seen yet. Don't let the low price scare you off thinking it might not be good quality. I have used $200.00 meters and they are no better than this one. This unit looks and feels rugged and operates perfectly. I have tested it and compared it to a few other meters I have here and this is now my go to meter for checking surface temperatures. The temperature recorded is definitely accurate with the spec range of (2+/-) That's how all non-contact infrared meters operate. If you require a more precise reading, use a direct surface contact meter. The feature are amazing: Dual Laser, High Alarm, Low Alarm, Display Fahrenheit or Celsius, Differential, Average, Max and Low Temp, and even Emissivity. I had a fluke meter that didn't
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By Bard1313
Great piece of equipment. Very well made, comes with easily understandable instructions, a 9 volt battery & a holster - yes, similar to a gun holster that you can hook your belt through (not the smartest design on the holster, gotta say) - although I doubt I'll ever need to use it. Comes packaged in a very well constructed, sturdy box so no chance of damage through shipping, which I was concerned about.

Have tested this along side a digital stick thermometer, which I also purchased from Amazon, & used both to measure various oil temperatures. Never had a problem so far. It's very accurate. Instant readings with no chance of getting my hands burned or my oils overheating. Gotta like that. In addition, you can be quite a distance from whatever you need a temperature reading on & you will get exactly the same reading as if you were up
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By Satosi
product price
4.6 | 590 customer reviews
545 of the 590 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quick Review:
This stuff never ceases to amaze me.
I have used this stuff for so many different things I can't even keep track of it all.
Sticks to almost anything...smooth or rough surfaces, it could care less.
The backing (outer shell) is pretty tough and will take pretty much any weather.
Rips very easily without the need for any tools.
Like that this is a bit smaller roll at 1 inch by 30 feet still get plenty for your 3 bucks.
I keep one of these in my car, one at home, and one in our trailer as well.
Everyone should have a roll or two on hand.
Recommend for sure!
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By The Reviewer....
For the times you need a tape with great adhesion, "Gorilla" is the brand to choose. A better choice than standard "duct tape", but realistically, the products are designed for different purposes. Gorilla adhesion is so great, my suggestion is to use it for those times you need something to stay "stuck", like the Gorilla TV ads, show. This is not a "general purpose" tape, it's more specialized than that. Great product. *Highly recommended* with the understanding of the strength of the adhesion is taken into account.
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By PatriCanuck
It's so strongly bonded that I have trouble ripping it off from the roll in the first place. Went through the test of my cats gnawing at the parts I taped, and they've held so far. Recommend this product!

Update 7/18/2018: The bond is strong, but when used on a thin cord as opposed to a thick one, it seems to unravel after a while. I still like it, and do recommend it, but only for thicker cords.
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By Jen
product price
4.6 | 406 customer reviews
385 of the 406 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great unit at the right price. I do a lot of wiring and purchased this for heat shrink tubing. I’ve also used it for bending plastic tubing into required shapes and stripping paint from an old banister. It feels nice in your hand, not too heavy or bulky. Good constant heat, two settings and it even rests on it's back to avoid burning your work surface when you need to put it down. So far, no issue encountered after many projects.

- Lightweight
- Multiple temperature settings
- Built in stand to cool down unit or to secure it while working.
- Nice solid feeling in your hands.

Cons: None so far. Would have liked the attachments in the pictures but that was my fault for not reading the add fully.

I would easily recommend this unit. If this review has helped you make a decision, please click "yes" below. If you have any questions feel
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By Robert W
This thing heats up FAST! I've only had to use it on low, I purchased to remove the back panel from a Samsung device. Worked like a dream. I love the metal stand it has on the handle, so you can prop it up without the hot metal tip touching the desk or other objects. I plan to use this during warmer weather to take a dent out of a bumper. The construction of the Heat Gun feels professional, not cheap at all. I also did not have the same issues as other reviewers. This thing has had no flaws so far, and I've used it a few times now.
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By Curtis Corcoran, ON Canada
I used it for a couple of small projects, heats up very fast and delivers strong consistent heat. Excellent investment and feels very well made. Just be aware that it doesn't include the tips that are shown in the marketing photos, not sure why they're shown when they aren't included, nor is it mentioned that tips are extra. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, because usually when they show something that isn't included, it says "x not included".
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By Amazon Customer
4.9 | 61 customer reviews
61 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Previously I was using a sculpted wire mesh strainer. It was TERRIBLE. It kept getting clogged and was really hard to clean.

The Helect strainers work GREAT! I'm Chinese, so our family eats a lot of rice. This strainer keeps the rice from getting into the drain, is deep enough to hold quite a bit before it gets clogged, but shallow enough so that it can continue to drain out the sides.

Since I've gotten this, I've only been able to clog the strainer once, and that was from a very thick beef stew. If you clear it once every 1-2 days, you should be good.

The Helect is exactly the same as similar strainers but you get 3 for the same price. Only time will tell if the quality of the stainless steel lasts, but for a well priced product, it's super so far!
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By sweetPixiesmile
Very nice product, above average quality, the holes of the mesh are smaller than normal, but function superbly. Small enough to trap food and crap going down your drain pipes, but big enough to let the water flow through without backing up. Price is very reasonable. This is my second order, my family would come over, help with the dishes, and then ask if they can take one of the strainers, Superb product functional and top quality product Would buy again.
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By James
Very nice quality and stops a lot of crud from going down the drain. We recently had a very bad clog 40’ down the pipe! Would be 5 stars if the holes were a bit smaller though as our fine coffee grounds go through this one (the wire mesh we had prior caught them but was always gross and so hard to clean). Worth the trade off!
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By VanIsleGirl
4.6 | 200 customer reviews
182 of the 200 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use these very casually (I live in a Condo, so you can imagine there's only so much I can do)

That being said, I have use these to drill into soft sheet metal, plastic, cabinetry and glorified cardboard (Ikea-wood) without any troubles. I find the carrying case to be very good for a casual user - it fits easily into the carrying case that my drill came with and is incredibly sturdy. There's no way these drill bits are going to fall from their folder as they slide into the case and are very snuggly held.
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By GB Signature Box 2
This little set has become the most-used drill set in my shop. The bits are well-made and are very sharp. Also, the kit, while basic, has all of the standard bits that I normally use. I also like the storage case, which keeps the bits handy (especially if you are diligent in replacing each one after use.) The only complaint I have is that it can be a little difficult to snap the smaller bits into their holding slots. I keep expecting them to give under the pressure, but so far they have held. A great kit for a very reasonable price!
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By Samwise
I like these bits. For doing minor projects around the house (like hanging stuff on the wall), which is what I do, they work great. The box they come in is super helpful since it keeps the bits organized and tells you what the sizes are. Plus the box being bright yellow means it is never hard to find on the tool bench, even when it is mess.
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By Kel Varnsen
4.5 | 210 customer reviews
185 of the 210 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update: January 13th 2019:

I've used this remote outlet now for 2 whole winters; outside in the freezing, wind and snow and it's still working like it's brand new. I haven't even had to change the battery in the remote yet. I can't really say how it is with long rang because I use it through my balcony/patio glass door for xmas lights that are on my balcony; at most 5 feet away but as for durability and value; this was a fabulous buy for me.

Original review:

So far so good! I had originally been looking for an outside timer for my balcony Christmas lights but I saw this was on sale and ordered it over the weekend. It arrived today and I couldn't be happier. The remote is a little bit on the cheap side but for it's purpose it works fine. I was happy it came with a
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By GargaMel
Plugged my shop vacum into it. Works perfect. I built a shop vac system and placed the vacum outside my work space. No longer have to reach the switch, just leave it on and hit the remote to turn the power on and the vacum fires up. Well worth the money.
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By Rocket
So, we have this thing hooked up to a garbage disposal. The remote is never more than 3 feet from the receiver. Turning the device on, we never have a problem at all. Turning on, the switch will work through cabinetry from a good distance away. Turning off, however, is a totally different story. Once it's on, the switch needs to get right up next to the receiver to "hear" the signal. Ultimately, this will probably not be sustainable in this position, because once it turns on, it also needs to be turned off just as easily.

Additionally, the remote was pretty scuffed up when it arrived, and was already paired to the receiver, so we're pretty sure it arrived previously used, probably returned for the same problem. Thinking of this, the unit may actually be defective. I may contact the seller to
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By A. Levy
4.4 | 541 customer reviews
461 of the 541 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Astheticly looks very nice. The fixture is easy to assemble (use teflon provided on all threads, and a cresent wrench and dont over tighten), has great pressure (people complaining its too hard, adjust pressure/temperature using your mixing valve) hose seems very durable, shower head and holding mount seem cheaply made, but as long as you are gentle, they will last. No leaks if o-rings are installed and tightned properly. Mist option is also very cool. Will see how durible it is over time, but overall one of the best fixtures ive purchased, and you cannot beat the price. Would highley recommend.
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By Andrew reilly
I have been thinking about getting a handheld shower head for some time now, main reason being to rinse off my young sons hair when he is having a bath. Like all young kids he doesn't like water on his face or in his eyes and at times will refuse to allow me to rinse his hair and I'm forced to wipe shampoo off with a cloth. So I decided to get this inexpensive one and it gets mine and my sons approval, he will even rinse off his own hair now.

Was super easy to install, in fact the old shower head was harder to remove then this one was to install. Everything is chrome coated plastic which makes it very light I don't know how durable it will be with being dropped. The flexible hose is stainless steel which I suppose is a must. The mode select is easy
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By Shaun
Easy directions and installation. After an easy install and testing the water flow is perfect. You can definitely feel the difference. Well made product.
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By Ethan
4.5 | 135 customer reviews
125 of the 135 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a professional carpenter and i bought this to have a 3rd battery for my cordless set (the makita combo packs typically come with 2 batteries)
For the average person, 2 batteries is probably more than enough but since i'm using my cordless tools all day long, every day, i've found that 2 isn't convenient.
I've been using this set of tools for many years and even after a couple years of almost daily use, these batteries keep their charge like they did when new.
I've also shopped around to find the best price and Amazon's price on this battery is very competitive.
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By Blitz
J'ai reçu la batterie rapidement. Mis sur la charge et voilà. Aucun problème. Batterie originale de Makita, Je l'ai testé et la batterie a de la puissance et réserve...comme devrait le faire une batterie neuve.
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By Yves Tardif
Bought this battery to replace one of the original batteries that came with my drill. The original lower capacity battery lasted five years before it wouldn't take a charge. This higher capacity battery lasted about 14 months and then it wouldn't take a charge. I have a proper Makita charger that prevents over charging and auto-selects the type and rate of charge. The battery was very lightly used (maybe five times for 15 minutes each) and properly stored between charges. Now the charger lights show fully charged, but there's only about 30 seconds of use before it quits
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By Jet Fumes
4.5 | 130 customer reviews
115 of the 130 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Je suis technologue en électronique industrielle et ce sac est le plus utile que j'ai eu. Je travaille en usine et le fait qu'il soit fermé est super puisqu'il y a des endroits où il y a des substance le qui tombes du plafond et beaucoup de poussière dans d'autres département. Il y a beaucoup d'espace et de poches pour transporter plusieurs outils gros comme petits.
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By Alex
This is a replacement for my older Tradesman Pro 8in pouch # 55415-8 which was wearing out. This is a more compact pouch and significantly easier to carry. The shoulder strap is very well padded and placed. Although it lacks the compartments of my previous one, I find it more user friendly.
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By Philip A.
Very nice bag meant for light duty use. Not for heavy duty/ industrial use. Bag tore apart in under a month with 45lbs of tool in it. I work as an industrial electrician and carrying tools all over a large plant is a gruelling task and this bag is not ment for that application. It is very nice for organizing and keeping things handy lots of pockets. The hard rubber bottom is awesome for working outside in muddy wet conditions as the bottom of your bag stays dry. I am a little disappointed with the quality of the stitching as it's an expensive bag to buy and Klein hand tools are greatly quality so I just expected all there products to have that same high standard.
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By Shas and Clay
4.7 | 50 customer reviews
47 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
... to power my new work light. I work in construction.

No other manufacturer compares with Milwaukee IMO. For tool selections, batteries, or durability. . Not one of my 10 batteries or 7 tools, has failed or failed to perform, in the 2 years since I bought my initial Kit from amazon. .

Working in construction.
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By Nod
Great battery for higher demand tools like a larger hammer drill, impact gun, saw etc. Longer cycle time and more consistent power.
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By Dave Fagin
Just got and it won't charge. Put it in charger and its red for 1 second then immediatly goes green. Batery indicator on batery just flashes a bar red like 7 times. When put into tool the light on tool goes on but the tool does not even try to go on. After 2 hours on charger the ligh stay green and batery blinks red. Just spent 180+$ am very disapointed

Received full refund within a week. hopefully next 1 will work
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By Christopher Shea
4.5 | 105 customer reviews
95 of the 105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These were fantastic, light and easy to carry around while on a South Asia trip. I used them a few times and the water tasted fine and we didn't get sick (hence they may have saved my life). I'm looking forward to using them while camping soon!
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By robert gemmell
We bought these for a camping trip we did (5 days back country camping). The most annoying part was when I didn't have them (which made no sense because they're small and light and perfect for this type of thing). 100% will buy again - these are the best price to quantity I found and they didn't leave any odd tastes/colors or anything.
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By Kimberly Huynh
The Aquatabs website says these have a 5 year shelf life, meaning mine have been sitting in a warehouse for over 2 years. I know these tabs will last longer than the quoted 5, but they will lose efficiency. If these are for an emergency kit, look elsewhere to get some fresher ones.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 48 customer reviews
46 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent tool. Its design provides a tremendous mechanical advantage -- pulling down on the collar transfers incredible force to the scissor-like blades at the top of the tool, which allows you to cut through branches with ease. I highly recommend this for any serious gardener who has tall trees that need to be trimmed. Its modest cost will soon pay for itself when one considers the cost of hiring a specialist to do the job!
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By Stuart Jones
Witnessing my clever-neighbour's use of this (Elegant!) unit, convinced me that I, too: HAD TO OWN ONE!...
The Unit's Simplicity-of-Operation will convince you, too!

Job Well Done, "Fiskars"!
With this Unit, the Fiskars-folks have made my annual "Tree-Pruning" escapade.....

Thanks, For Delivering my VERY-SIMPLE, online purchase..... RIGHT TO MY FRONT DOOR!!
AMAZON.CA: "You're a Thing of Beauty"!!
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By Amazon Customer
The best pruner - turns out it has a 25 yr warranty - I ordered then returned because I called Fiskars and they are sending me the replacement piece I need. The collar that holds saw blade and adjusts blade angle- a piece broke off after 10? yrs.
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By Phillyfilly
4.4 | 250 customer reviews
212 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this drill set so that I could drill some holes in our desks to hide the cables.

Pro: Cost, drill works fine for drilling the hole in wood, assembling IKEA firntitue, drilling pilot holes and drilling holes in drywalls for anchors decent power for the price

Cons: Cheap plastic feel to drill but what do you expect? Battery life (after drilling four holes in our desks it needed to re-charge the battery. Wish the carry bag had some compartments inside but again for the price what can you expect?

The best way to summarize this drill is that it’s a good drill to have around the house for small DYI things like assembling furniture, cabinets or drilling holes in drywall. Not intended for every day use. If you’re using this drill quite often or plan to build a tree house or fence then get a real one
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By Amazon Customer
These bits covers the need for most household screws. The price is really enticing and this appears as the recommendation when you are buying the Black/Decker drill, so most people just adds to their cart.

But i would recommend spending a bit more money and get a larger set. One option is the Dewalt 37-Piece set. Its around $15 and usually goes on sale around $9. It provides 3 times more options than this and you will need all those options because furniture nowadays is coming from all nook and corners of the world with different shapes and sizes of screws. And if you use the wrong bit with the drill, there is a chance it will destroy the screw head and you will be wasting hours trying to sort it out.
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Drill was weak and tools felt poor quality and cheap, returned this and went to my local hardware store and bought the Black & Decker BDC120VA100 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill Kit with 100 Accessories for 69.99 cdn and immediately noticed the difference. The drill was able to crank up to a power of 22 with a drill option (this one only goes up to 10) and the bits had a noticeably better quality. This one has a lot of (CHINA) stickers on everything making me feel like this kit is a cheap knock off of the actual Black + Decker cordless drill. I'd stay away from this one.

URL to kit I bought:
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By Isaac
4.5 | 97 customer reviews
87 of the 97 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered this a few weeks ago and installed it the same day it arrived. I'm glad the item is longer than my door because it allowed me to test cut. Here are a few important tips I learned:

1. Test cut on one end. I didn't have a fine tooth blade on my mitre saw so I tried using a course blade and it chipped the one end off unevenly. Definitely use a fine tooth saw/blade. I ended up using a manual coping saw and it worked out great.
2. Sand down the corners so that once it's installed, the sharp plastic corners do not scratch anyone. It doesn't require a lot of effort for the sanding. I just picked up a small piece of sandpaper I had lying around and rounded the corners.
3. When applying it to the shower door, you
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By amazongeneral
This is a good quality replacement for a custom glass shower door. This looked the same as the originally supplied part, which had worn out due to use. Need to cut this to fit and carefully install it. My spouse seems happy with it, so it must be good.
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By Oakville Dad
Ultimately this product worked, and worked well, but it took a bit of effort to get the job done. There is no way that this product would snap into place and have any kind of reasonable seal. For one, it didn’t snap at all. There was a good few millimeters of space between the product and my shower door; the product fell off as soon as I let go. My shower door measures 3/8” thick, so I don’t know why it didn’t work.

But, really, you’re going to want to caulk it anyway. I just used some extra caulking (GE Silicone I Tile & Bath) as an adhesive, ensuring the inner bead was convex. After the caulking dried, the product worked like a charm.

In sum: You’ll need to use caulking to make it work properly, but you’d probably be doing that anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.
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4.6 | 61 customer reviews
56 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this to upgrade the temperature control for an existing Nuheat in-floor tile heating installation done 20 years ago. If you are wanting to use this control with an old installation like I did, you need to first check and see if the thin wires from the existing in-floor temperature sensor are colored red and yellow. If so, this is a thermo-couple type of sensor and WILL NOT work with this and most other modern controls.

This and most other modern controls use a thermistor type of temperature probe, wires are both black and there is no polarity. If you measure the resistance of the thermistor, using an ohm-meter, it should read about 10K ohms. A thermocouple will measure much less, maybe 50 ohms. If you have a thermistor already, or this is for a new install, then you are good to go.

In my case I was able to carefully
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By Savvy buyer
I am sure it is very good when it works well. I had bought this once and the touch screen was defective as only the upper part.of the screen would erratically respond to pressure. So I am returning it. A bit glad I had a problem because I realized I had made a mistake and really wanted the SIGNATURE Wi-Fi version. Received the Wi-Fi model and it work perfectly. Comparing the two model instructions, I see the touch interface is pretty similar. So I expect the HOME is as easy to program.
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By Jerome P.
I'm not sure what the lifespan of this thermostat is. We had older models - the double gang thermostats. We had 8 in hour house. After being in 3 years, the first one died. Then another. Then another. Soon, after 4 years, we had 6 die, even one replaced less than a year died. Now - they do not sell double gang models. So - what to do when you have a double gang hole and only these sized thermostat to put in? NuHeat said, just drywall over it. Ha! First, against code to do that. In order to do that properly, you would need to cut out the drywall. Remove the box, install a smaller box, then re-drywall and mud and paint. Sure. Or - I found out, you can add a thermostat back plate - a cover that goes over the double gang hole. Does NuHeat make one?
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 84 customer reviews
76 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I always like the stanley 25 foot tapes with the blade armor and the 11 foot standout, this is the first 35 foot tape I bought. I found this tape to be a little more useful than the 25 foot tape especially when measuring roofs and wall sections. The tape reels out smooth and actually out to the 35 foot mark, unlike some others that short you a foot or two. I found that it retracts just as smooth. However I did find that the tape I got fetches up at around the 6 to 4 foot mark when it retracts by jambing up in the side of the casing. This I understand is not the usual case from talking to others with this tape.
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By Carpenter Tom
Does what is suppose to do, it’s sturdy has strong blade and I like extra wide blade as well.

It’s somewhat bulky and heavy not comfortable for my hand.
I’d recommend this for heavy construction work. If you work in the shop find something less intrusive.
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By Djukha
My review based on visual constations .i gave it only 3 stars because of the yellow cheap plastic ,and the black rubber imitation,wish is a kind of slim silicone coating .
Beside that it seems working well ,and the blade stay strait not bending up to 8 feet in the air .
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By Georges Mougharbel
4.4 | 164 customer reviews
144 of the 164 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my third tool that I have purchased from TACK LIFE and once again I am NOT disappointed.
I've recently taken up a new hobbie of model boat building and I needed a small rotary tool with a flexible shaft to do fine work from accurate tiny holes to some fine carving. I didn't want to spend too much on one but I did want a brand that I felt comfortable with for quality and that I trust.
I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this tool especially when I saw the "exact" same unit at a big box store (case and accessories) made with different coloured plastic and branded differently for over twice the price!
Pros of this unit I'd say would be the price, the comfort of the unit in the hand and the ease of the operation. The unit is quiet when operating as well. The first 90
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By John
This is a great tool, I use it for small projects where I don't want to break out the grinder, sander or manually use a file.

The tool has plenty of power, and can handle abuse. The accessories that come with the tool are okay, they'll work with light use but are as not as robust as those that come with a dremel or are sold individually.

I found the extension piece works, but it can't deliver the same amount of torque as the actual tool does with the bits/accessories attached directly and it can be less than favourable to setup. That said, given the price and what you get, this product works as advertised and is perfectly fine for any project you'd expect to use it on.
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By Vaughan Weather
Excellent quality for a device that costs a fraction of the name brand ones on the market. While the case enclosure pieces look like they're going to fall off after a bit of use if I'm not careful, the rest of everything is high quality.

The variable speed dial (1-6) is actually an unlimited setting dial, so if you hover between, example, 5 and 6, you'll get the speed between 5 and 6...not 5 'or' 6.

One thing that I wish this had was a longer power cord. The included one is 6 feet, but I would have liked an 8 or 10 foot cord.
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By Daniel C
4.8 | 33 customer reviews
32 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exact same battery as in the local Home Depot....only 60% of the cost!

I have a Milwaukee kit with an impact driver and a variable speed drill. Kit came with charger and two batteries. I found that having a third is useful and the online source was much cheaper for the exact same branded part.
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By Amazon Customer
Great batteries. Work just as expected. Lasts longer than it takes to charge so 2 plus the one with the tool. Good to go. Thanks
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By Drew Elliott
item is new but already 1 years old dated, and does not keep charge that much, needed to exchange for a new one to an authorized milwaukee dealer, waranty is usually 2 years on these battery.
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By Client d'Amazon
4.9 | 27 customer reviews
27 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This coil nailer is excellent. Not just 'good for the money' but really good, regardless of cost. The only complaint I'd have is minor - the tool hanger on the handle is designed to hang over a joist, etc. It's not the best design. Won't clear a 2x10 joist, not so bad on trusses.
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By Some Strange Guy
Nice. I had previously bought a Propoint model, and couldn't get any consistency. I thought it was me. I bought this one and found out that 99% of my problems were the fault of the other nailer. Sometimes you get what you pay for (although if it wasn't on sale, the Propoint one isn't even that much less than this one).
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By Trevor Lambert
Light-weight, has never jammed even once (but I've gone through only a couple thousand nails so far), and comes with two trigger options, one for rapid fire pros, and the other a safer, single-shot per pull action (for the amateurs like I am, so I don't shoot myself in the foot or worse). No regrets.
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4.5 | 74 customer reviews
69 of the 74 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm new to carpentry and at work all the boys use a DeWalt laser level. Originall that's what I shopped around for but didn't want to spend $300+. After reading reviews on this laser I decided to take a chance on it. It's fantastic so far! Great ceiling range. Love the pendulum lock which is very handy when you're not using it. Green laser is also WAY better than red for visibility. All the big brand companies are now going green and charging an arm and a leg for them. The magnet attachment is also great for hanging off corner beads. Also I read that it only shows cross lines but this is not true.
You can alternate between horizontal only, vertical only, or cross line. Overall 10/10. Also literally came the next day even though it said a week to
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By suzannec
Works well. I recall reading one of the reviews saying that the unit could not be turned off without removing the batteries. I found that to turn the device off, you have to lock it first with the slider at the front and then long-press the button on top.

One thing can be improved is the magnetic base. It only work one way: positioned in 7-shape with the device sit on top and magnets below. Would be perfect if it can be positioned in L-shape with the device sit on the arm and magnets behind the device.
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By marco c.
Works great — only issue is it doesn’t quite reach the vertical line straight above the unit, which they show in the product images... and you can’t get away with this by angling it (as the image shows) as then it doesn’t self level. So I’ll be returning it for a slightly more expensive one with the full vertical line.

Great unit, super well built — nice and bright sharp green line easily visible inside during the day.
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