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4.6 | 445 customer reviews
424 of the 445 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The thermometer arrived promptly and as expected. It has a reasonably good quality feel to it and functions as advertised. It is good to be aware that the 'laser' is not what measures temperature, it's just to let you know what you're pointing at and for acting out Star Wars scenes. The thermometer is actually measuring the infrared light coming from the object you're pointing at. Since different objects absorb/emit/reflect different amounts of infrared light, the measurements can be more or less accurate depending on the material you're pointing at. This is called the "emissivity" of the object, fancier infrared thermometers can adjust for this, but, for most people this is a simple, quality, reasonably accurate thermometer for most things you'll have to do around the kitchen and home. Also note that an infrared thermometer will only ever measure surface temperature.
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By Jascha Werschler
I've been using infrared thermometers for over 15 years for my service business and this has to be the best one I've seen yet. Don't let the low price scare you off thinking it might not be good quality. I have used $200.00 meters and they are no better than this one. This unit looks and feels rugged and operates perfectly. I have tested it and compared it to a few other meters I have here and this is now my go to meter for checking surface temperatures. The temperature recorded is definitely accurate with the spec range of (2+/-) That's how all non-contact infrared meters operate. If you require a more precise reading, use a direct surface contact meter. The feature are amazing: Dual Laser, High Alarm, Low Alarm, Display Fahrenheit or Celsius, Differential, Average, Max and Low Temp, and even Emissivity. I had a fluke meter that didn't
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By Bard1313
Great piece of equipment. Very well made, comes with easily understandable instructions, a 9 volt battery & a holster - yes, similar to a gun holster that you can hook your belt through (not the smartest design on the holster, gotta say) - although I doubt I'll ever need to use it. Comes packaged in a very well constructed, sturdy box so no chance of damage through shipping, which I was concerned about.

Have tested this along side a digital stick thermometer, which I also purchased from Amazon, & used both to measure various oil temperatures. Never had a problem so far. It's very accurate. Instant readings with no chance of getting my hands burned or my oils overheating. Gotta like that. In addition, you can be quite a distance from whatever you need a temperature reading on & you will get exactly the same reading as if you were up
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By Satosi
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4.5 | 279 customer reviews
241 of the 279 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I cannot get over how good this cream is! With 10 being hideously dry and 1 being baby soft, I would rate my dry feet a 7.5 before I purchased this cream. Within the last 2 years I started to develop dry feet, and the feeling of my skin getting caught on my socks was just disgusting to me. No amount of extra hydrating cream would give me relief. My feet were cracked, sore, and at one point even split to the point of bleeding - sorry for the visual. I purchased a wet/dry electric foot scrubber, which worked amazing, however it did not take away the dryness, and within a week or so I’d be back to square one with dry cracked feet. After using my scrubber and applying O’Keeffe’s cream directly after, my feet were significantly better after just a week of use - heck, I noticed a
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By J & S
I suffer from dry and cracked heels so was looking for a product that would assist with the issue. My heels were so badly cracked that they literally shredded a huge hole in my bed sheets. I never noticed until my wife pointed it out one day...none too pleased, I might add. LOL

Anyways, I got this cream to assist with the issue. I cannot say how it would have worked used by itself, but in my case I used it in conjunction with a foot rasp and rubber heel socks. I was hell bent on getting a handle on the issue. Well, this combination of products worked great for me. They completely solved the problem. After a period of only about 2-3 weeks, the open cracks were gone, and my heels were completely healed, with only a few white lines remaining where the open
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By Colin’s Reviews
Guys, this stuff is amazing holy cow! I'm male, 35 and am always bare feet at home so my heels were getting super dry with the one cracking so bad it was sick looking. I tried this and after less than a week my feet are insanely smooth and feel amazing. You just exfoliate as normal then apply it. You only need a very small amount. There's no scent at all and it's not greasy or anything, it doesn't feel like lotion. Hard to describe, even when I rub the excess off on my hands it has a weird feeling, can't really describe it, but it's fantastic. I put it on twice a day usually just in the morning then at night, and found it works really well if you have a bath first and then use one of those grater things to
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By Lee
4.5 | 277 customer reviews
245 of the 277 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did not get paid or receive anything for my review. I personally purchased and paid for this item on line from ( Verified Purchase ).

The “ Armor All “ Dura Vac AA255 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet and Dry Vac is very light at 7 lbs. 7.3 oz with all the attachments and the hose inside it, and it has a flat bottom and will not tip over very easily. The hose is just plastic but long enough to reach any area inside any vehicle. The unit is the correct size and shape for both carrying or for placing it inside on the car floor to vacuum. The dimensions are 14 inches tall to the top of the handle and 14 inches wide - front hole to back hole - and 10 inches thick. The on and off switch is a solid
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By John Turcotte
I used shop vacs for years but I wanted a vacuum for clean up on my installs that I could carry and transport in a rubbermaid bin that had enough power to clean up drywall dust, wood shavings and the occasional water spill.

My Dad had the Stinger/Workshop 2.5 Gallon Vac but it was tool tall to fit inside a rubbermaid bin and only had 1.75hp.
WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS0250VA Compact, Portable Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 9.5 L (2.5 Gallon) Small Shop Vacuum Cleaner, 1.75 Peak HP Portable Vacuum

Likewise Shop Vac's 2.5 gallon Vacuum didn't fit in the rubbermaid bin and the design of the base made it tip over easy.
Shop-Vac 2036000 2.5-Gallon 2.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Vacuum, Small, Red/Black

I took a chance on the Dura Vac AA255 and it has exceeded my expectations.

1 - Compact Size: First off it's compact size fits neatly inside a large 77L Rubbermaid
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By The Tech Guy
Don't underestimate this vacuum by it's size because it is powerful! I was previously using a cordless handheld vacuum from Black and Decker to vacuum my car seats and floor. Although convenient, the vacuum's battery didn't last very long and suction power was unsatisfactory. Shopping around for shop vacs, I noticed that many vacuums were either too small or big and additional cleaner accessories were sold at a hefty price.

What I love about this vacuum because it met my needs; powerful, came with different vacuum mouth adaptors, and small enough to store in the car trunk without taking too much space. The adaptors that come with the vacuum allows you to vacuum the crevices beside your car seats which is often difficult to do with the vacuums found at car wash and gas stations. I have not yet tried the wet vacuum function as I have not found an opportunity
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By Karen
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4.5 | 189 customer reviews
161 of the 189 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I originally bought a roll to use as a laminate to go over decals I printed at home to put on RC cars.

Previously, I've been using just basic clear packing tape, but I wanted to see how the durability and waterproofing of this clear Gorilla tape would be.

This Gorilla clear tape is thicker than regular clear tape, but it sticks really well to just about all of the surfaces I've used it on, and it's been holding out very well in wet/muddy situations.

It's been working so well that I've been using it to also better manage lighting cables in my RC car.

Overall, this is going to be my go-to clear tape. It's not reinforced like Gorilla duct tape, but it's a great alternative to traditional clear tape.
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By SuperE
Crystal clear and sticks like nothing else I've used. I race off-road RC cars (big ones) and use this to re enforce the bodies and repair cracks in the lexan. These are BIG 40lb RC's powered by 2 stroke engines. I went an entire race season on the original bodies without issue. If the tape stands up to dirt, mud, dust and major impacts it's the stuff to get. I have three rolls of it on hand. IF you need repair tape THIS IS IT. Oh, and it's easy to tear off the amount you want, no scissors required.
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By Joanne Yong
Solid adhesive tape.
I used this on a bouncy castle. Seals any slight tears air tight.
The adhesive is not tacky but will stay put when you place it on the material.
If you are looking for strong repair tape, consider this one.
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By Andrew C
4.5 | 150 customer reviews
139 of the 150 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a professional carpenter and i bought this to have a 3rd battery for my cordless set (the makita combo packs typically come with 2 batteries)
For the average person, 2 batteries is probably more than enough but since i'm using my cordless tools all day long, every day, i've found that 2 isn't convenient.
I've been using this set of tools for many years and even after a couple years of almost daily use, these batteries keep their charge like they did when new.
I've also shopped around to find the best price and Amazon's price on this battery is very competitive.
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By Blitz
J'ai reçu la batterie rapidement. Mis sur la charge et voilà. Aucun problème. Batterie originale de Makita, Je l'ai testé et la batterie a de la puissance et réserve...comme devrait le faire une batterie neuve.
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By Yves Tardif
Bought this battery to replace one of the original batteries that came with my drill. The original lower capacity battery lasted five years before it wouldn't take a charge. This higher capacity battery lasted about 14 months and then it wouldn't take a charge. I have a proper Makita charger that prevents over charging and auto-selects the type and rate of charge. The battery was very lightly used (maybe five times for 15 minutes each) and properly stored between charges. Now the charger lights show fully charged, but there's only about 30 seconds of use before it quits
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By Jet Fumes
4.7 | 57 customer reviews
54 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
... to power my new work light. I work in construction.

No other manufacturer compares with Milwaukee IMO. For tool selections, batteries, or durability. . Not one of my 10 batteries or 7 tools, has failed or failed to perform, in the 2 years since I bought my initial Kit from amazon. .

Working in construction.
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By Nod
Amazing battery overall. A bit heavy but worth it for the insane run time. Takes almost a couple hours to charge. I highly recommend this battery if you have high-demand tools. This battery is way more expensive locally.
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By Rick G.
Just got and it won't charge. Put it in charger and its red for 1 second then immediatly goes green. Batery indicator on batery just flashes a bar red like 7 times. When put into tool the light on tool goes on but the tool does not even try to go on. After 2 hours on charger the ligh stay green and batery blinks red. Just spent 180+$ am very disapointed

Received full refund within a week. hopefully next 1 will work
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By Christopher Shea
4.8 | 41 customer reviews
40 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have only had this instrument for a few weeks, so I can not speak to its longevity. However, I have been impressed with it from the moment that I started using it. It is easy to use and very accurate. It makes every task from measuring for material to centering picture for hanging easier. And I love that you can easily change the form for the units of measure (ft to ft & IN to metric, etc.)..
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By Amazon Customer
This laser distance measurer is a MUST if you are framing / installing baseboard / trying to get accurate mid range measurements. (Its limit is 65 feet as advertised).

The 1/8” accuracy is for below measurements of 12”. I’ve found it spot on or a 1/16” more/ less. Which isn’t half bad across 20 feet. I use this everyday as a Carpenter and have made my workmate jealous as I’ve trimmed and recut 80% less.
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By M Jacobs
This laser level is easy to use indoors (have not used it outside yet) and seems to be very accurate. Very useful tool for many measuring jobs. A regular measuring tape can be frustrating for longer distances.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 256 customer reviews
218 of the 256 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this drill set so that I could drill some holes in our desks to hide the cables.

Pro: Cost, drill works fine for drilling the hole in wood, assembling IKEA firntitue, drilling pilot holes and drilling holes in drywalls for anchors decent power for the price

Cons: Cheap plastic feel to drill but what do you expect? Battery life (after drilling four holes in our desks it needed to re-charge the battery. Wish the carry bag had some compartments inside but again for the price what can you expect?

The best way to summarize this drill is that it’s a good drill to have around the house for small DYI things like assembling furniture, cabinets or drilling holes in drywall. Not intended for every day use. If you’re using this drill quite often or plan to build a tree house or fence then get a real one
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By Amazon Customer
These bits covers the need for most household screws. The price is really enticing and this appears as the recommendation when you are buying the Black/Decker drill, so most people just adds to their cart.

But i would recommend spending a bit more money and get a larger set. One option is the Dewalt 37-Piece set. Its around $15 and usually goes on sale around $9. It provides 3 times more options than this and you will need all those options because furniture nowadays is coming from all nook and corners of the world with different shapes and sizes of screws. And if you use the wrong bit with the drill, there is a chance it will destroy the screw head and you will be wasting hours trying to sort it out.
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Drill was weak and tools felt poor quality and cheap, returned this and went to my local hardware store and bought the Black & Decker BDC120VA100 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill Kit with 100 Accessories for 69.99 cdn and immediately noticed the difference. The drill was able to crank up to a power of 22 with a drill option (this one only goes up to 10) and the bits had a noticeably better quality. This one has a lot of (CHINA) stickers on everything making me feel like this kit is a cheap knock off of the actual Black + Decker cordless drill. I'd stay away from this one.

URL to kit I bought:
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By Isaac
4.7 | 50 customer reviews
48 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent tool. Its design provides a tremendous mechanical advantage -- pulling down on the collar transfers incredible force to the scissor-like blades at the top of the tool, which allows you to cut through branches with ease. I highly recommend this for any serious gardener who has tall trees that need to be trimmed. Its modest cost will soon pay for itself when one considers the cost of hiring a specialist to do the job!
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By Stuart Jones
Witnessing my clever-neighbour's use of this (Elegant!) unit, convinced me that I, too: HAD TO OWN ONE!...
The Unit's Simplicity-of-Operation will convince you, too!

Job Well Done, "Fiskars"!
With this Unit, the Fiskars-folks have made my annual "Tree-Pruning" escapade.....

Thanks, For Delivering my VERY-SIMPLE, online purchase..... RIGHT TO MY FRONT DOOR!!
AMAZON.CA: "You're a Thing of Beauty"!!
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By Amazon Customer
The best pruner - turns out it has a 25 yr warranty - I ordered then returned because I called Fiskars and they are sending me the replacement piece I need. The collar that holds saw blade and adjusts blade angle- a piece broke off after 10? yrs.
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By Phillyfilly
4.5 | 99 customer reviews
89 of the 99 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered this a few weeks ago and installed it the same day it arrived. I'm glad the item is longer than my door because it allowed me to test cut. Here are a few important tips I learned:

1. Test cut on one end. I didn't have a fine tooth blade on my mitre saw so I tried using a course blade and it chipped the one end off unevenly. Definitely use a fine tooth saw/blade. I ended up using a manual coping saw and it worked out great.
2. Sand down the corners so that once it's installed, the sharp plastic corners do not scratch anyone. It doesn't require a lot of effort for the sanding. I just picked up a small piece of sandpaper I had lying around and rounded the corners.
3. When applying it to the shower door, you
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By amazongeneral
This is a good quality replacement for a custom glass shower door. This looked the same as the originally supplied part, which had worn out due to use. Need to cut this to fit and carefully install it. My spouse seems happy with it, so it must be good.
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By Oakville Dad
Ultimately this product worked, and worked well, but it took a bit of effort to get the job done. There is no way that this product would snap into place and have any kind of reasonable seal. For one, it didn’t snap at all. There was a good few millimeters of space between the product and my shower door; the product fell off as soon as I let go. My shower door measures 3/8” thick, so I don’t know why it didn’t work.

But, really, you’re going to want to caulk it anyway. I just used some extra caulking (GE Silicone I Tile & Bath) as an adhesive, ensuring the inner bead was convex. After the caulking dried, the product worked like a charm.

In sum: You’ll need to use caulking to make it work properly, but you’d probably be doing that anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.
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4.4 | 179 customer reviews
157 of the 179 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my third tool that I have purchased from TACK LIFE and once again I am NOT disappointed.
I've recently taken up a new hobbie of model boat building and I needed a small rotary tool with a flexible shaft to do fine work from accurate tiny holes to some fine carving. I didn't want to spend too much on one but I did want a brand that I felt comfortable with for quality and that I trust.
I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this tool especially when I saw the "exact" same unit at a big box store (case and accessories) made with different coloured plastic and branded differently for over twice the price!
Pros of this unit I'd say would be the price, the comfort of the unit in the hand and the ease of the operation. The unit is quiet when operating as well. The first 90
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By John
This is a great tool, I use it for small projects where I don't want to break out the grinder, sander or manually use a file.

The tool has plenty of power, and can handle abuse. The accessories that come with the tool are okay, they'll work with light use but are as not as robust as those that come with a dremel or are sold individually.

I found the extension piece works, but it can't deliver the same amount of torque as the actual tool does with the bits/accessories attached directly and it can be less than favourable to setup. That said, given the price and what you get, this product works as advertised and is perfectly fine for any project you'd expect to use it on.
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By Vaughan Weather
Excellent quality for a device that costs a fraction of the name brand ones on the market. While the case enclosure pieces look like they're going to fall off after a bit of use if I'm not careful, the rest of everything is high quality.

The variable speed dial (1-6) is actually an unlimited setting dial, so if you hover between, example, 5 and 6, you'll get the speed between 5 and 6...not 5 'or' 6.

One thing that I wish this had was a longer power cord. The included one is 6 feet, but I would have liked an 8 or 10 foot cord.
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By Daniel C
4.4 | 146 customer reviews
123 of the 146 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought both this Weiser Powerbolt 2.0 and the Weiser Smartcode 10.
Aside from having 15625 possible combinations for a 6 digit code comparing to more than 999999 combinations for the Weiser SmartCode 2 (I am just too lazy to calculate the number for up to 8 digits code) , the Weiser Powerbolt 2.0 beats the Smartcode on everything else:
1) Mechanically, this is much easier to install. Everything is straight forward thanks to the clearer instruction. Better yet, the video that accompanies the listing of this one on Amazon is its installation instruction, instead of a commercial as for the Smartcode 10.
2) Setting the code on this one is a breeze, comparing to the Smartcode 10. The instruction for this lock also has a section for setting the Master Code, instead of having to go online in the case of the SmartCode 10.
3) It takes a
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By Darren's Dad
Half the price of the mainstream stores and identical product. Really like the auto lock feature after 30 seconds (this call be disabled or set to lock quicker) .. no more leaving the door unlocked overnight by mistake. At first my partner though it was a stupid. Now neither of us use keys anymore. Never worry again about being locked out by mistake. This is a no brainer really.
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By vanbcman
Some things to know about this powerbolt 2.0. I replaced an original powerbolt with this unit and it is smaller so it will leave one hole in the door on the inside and two on the outside. No trim piece included in the box so you will need to repair these holes or put some plugs in the holes. If you have older Weiser locks those keys will not fit in this new unit as the new key is slightly different. The new keys fit in the old locks but old keys will not fit the new 2.0 deadbolt. I had to go get all new keys so I could re key this unit to match all the other Weiser deadbolts I have which cost another $20 for 5 keys. New lock has a few features the old one did not have like backlit keypad etc. But not very happy
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By Kim Davis
4.3 | 582 customer reviews
491 of the 582 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Astheticly looks very nice. The fixture is easy to assemble (use teflon provided on all threads, and a cresent wrench and dont over tighten), has great pressure (people complaining its too hard, adjust pressure/temperature using your mixing valve) hose seems very durable, shower head and holding mount seem cheaply made, but as long as you are gentle, they will last. No leaks if o-rings are installed and tightned properly. Mist option is also very cool. Will see how durible it is over time, but overall one of the best fixtures ive purchased, and you cannot beat the price. Would highley recommend.
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By Andrew reilly
Had to replace a really old shower head and came across this unit and read some of the reviews. Package has a lot of extra rubber o rings and two small plumber tapes for install. The unit itself is fairly easy to put together, the actual unit itself is ridiculously good for the price. The flow of water Is fantastic but more so surprisingly is the one particular “mist” setting, It is relaxing to say the least. Honestly for the price and quality this is worth every penny. One comment, don’t overtighten the head as I was perfectly find just hand tightening.
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By Zook
My shower head broke and I was scrambling to find something. I live by myself and a young woman and I was able to install this so easily thanks to the video, came with all the parts and was extremely easy to install without any tools. The water pressure its great and it works fantastic!
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 33 customer reviews
32 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exact same battery as in the local Home Depot....only 60% of the cost!

I have a Milwaukee kit with an impact driver and a variable speed drill. Kit came with charger and two batteries. I found that having a third is useful and the online source was much cheaper for the exact same branded part.
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By Amazon Customer
Performs well
Lighter than the larger batteries included with the drill
Nice addition for us ladies because yes we use them too!
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By joanne chamberlain
item is new but already 1 years old dated, and does not keep charge that much, needed to exchange for a new one to an authorized milwaukee dealer, waranty is usually 2 years on these battery.
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By Client d'Amazon
4.6 | 52 customer reviews
47 of the 52 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My 1985 Trailer has lot of water damage issues since I bought it from the previous owner, I did a lot of research to solve the problem and I found Liquid Rubber on amazon then i give a try...the result was amazing my Trailer is now 100% percent waterproof. It's quite pricey but worth the investment. just hoping that it will last long for many years.
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By Amazon Customer
I used this on the roof of my camping trailer. Seems like it will work. I’m slightly concerned with how long it stays tacky... even after a week it still seems a bit tacky... it recommends applying When it’s going to be dry for a few days. But that’s really hard to do when the morning dew covers it each morning...we will see how it holds up
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Thought this product may solve a leak problem. Read all the reviews and instructions I could find. Bought 5 gallons and applied 4 coats as recommended. Let it cure for a week and them added water. Thought it odd that the "dry" rubber changed color when it got wet. Checked with the company and they said all was OK.
Filled the pond and all was good for 2 weeks and then the rubber started to blister all underwater. The fish actually started to pull the rubber off the concrete. Not great. Contacted the company again and after several go rounds with the sales person I was passed to a manager and then learned that a primer is required for concrete. The is no mention of a primer in any of the instructions I read.
Long story short it took me 2 days to
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By MarkG
4.4 | 73 customer reviews
64 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great toolbox for the price! I wasn't sure about the size for some bigger tools but this easily fits all I need it to and more, including a regular sized hand saw, crowbar, hammer, large set of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, staple gun, assorted screws, nails and fasteners etc. It will hold a lot more than you think it will. Especially when combined with the STANLEY STST14440 Click and Connect Organizer.

I have packed everything full and attached it together and while it is heavy, it feels solid and durable. It may not stand up on a job site, but it's perfect for around the house and in the back of the car.
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By Todd P.
ok product for $30 (on special). but way too overpriced at normal price tag of $55. the quality is medium... the upper lid doesn't always line up properly to close the box so you have to wiggle it around and tweak it so it lines up with the holes and then clip it, which gets annoying. appart from that the construction is average plastic, nothing above the 20$ range i've seen at canadian tire. good lower section with compartments... good uper pockets too for screws, nuts and small pieces... all in all an OK product but I say it should worth something around 25$. for 30$ it's ok, but 55$, are you kidding me? with 55$ you should get a steel made box or something, not a full plastic box. was it worth the $30? hmmm not sure... i guess so since amazon shipped for free.
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By Adam Vasconcellos
Nice tool box, my oder came with one of the latching handle broken, unable to lock. I sent it back for a replacement and a new one was shipped immediately. The new one came with almost all the plastic inches on the organizer broken, I was still able to lock it down, but when I open the lid on the organizer section, I have to take it completly off because there is no plastic inches to hold it in place. I was contemplating sending it back again, but I am still able to lock down the lid on the organizer and the tool box is still able to atached to it nicely. I decided to keep it, I only gave it three stars because of the poor quality plastic, otherwise it is a wonderful tool box and I was quite impresssed with the hassle free return at no cost to
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By Ron
4.8 | 23 customer reviews
23 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ingenious design, incredibly easy to install with the push connectors and related YouTube step by step videos. My well water was undrinkable, with additionally high levels of sulfur and iron. This system immediately took care of all of this, and has flawlessly produced delicious drinking water with no odour or after taste ever since. Performs better than other systems I have used, and has operated without issue for months. The reservoir, once initially filled, replenishes at a fast enough rate to keep up with household drinking water needs without having to wait for it to refill. A brilliant system, and incredibly compact.
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By D. Hicks
Our well water is very high in sodium & TDS. We got tired of lugging bottles of water and this system will pay for itself in just over a year (compared to buying bottled water). We did a taste test between the bottled water we buy and the water from this system and honestly could not tell the difference. It took us approx. 6 hours to install, but some of that was figuring out where it should go. The only thing that requires power is the UV sterilizer. We are impressed with the pressure of the flow, and are enjoying being able to water plants from our tap. We have only had it installed for a week, and I want to send the water for testing. Really like this system. Fits below my sink and still leaves a bit of room.
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By Lauri T.
It took my hubby about 4 hrs to install this system but we are very happy with it. Taste is very good....highly recommend! I researched water filtration systems for about a month and this system made a few best lists. Like that it is 1-1 ratio for water waste. Update: it has been year since we installed and we love it a lot. Water pressure is great and we just replaced the filters for the first time. Best investment ever and definitely would buy again. Don’t hesitate!
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By Heather L
4.3 | 83 customer reviews
72 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This must be a new improved version. The motor seems to be geared better than my old one (struggles less), this one you can store a bunch of codes.

This one uses normal screws instead of allen (maybe it's a US model?). That actually made it easier to install. Thank Bezos Amazon carries the chrome version. It's special order at the local box stores or slow online order. Yay amazon.

The passage levers on the other hand... I've had some issues, but weiser has excellent support in Canada. Call with any issues and they'll send parts quick.
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By Vincent Adultman
Just an FYI for users who use reviews for making purchases. There multiple models of the product, and the reviews listed here may not apply to the model you're looking at. I purchased 2 units of the following: "Weiser SmartCode 5 Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Polished Brass". The challenges I encountered are as follows:
1. Despite having Weiser locks in my home, the new keys used by Weiser are now Kwikset keys, and are thinner than the old Weiser keys. This means that you cannot re-key using Smartkey to match your existing keys. Unfortunately for me, I made the mistake of assuming that a Weiser SmartKey deadbolt could be re-keyed to an existing Weiser lock. I was not aware that when Weiser merged with Kwikset, Weiser chose to standardize on the Kwikset key, not Weiser.
2. Although the instructions supplied explicitly state that you should see a flashing "AMBER" led
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By Canuck
Not bad overall but could be better. Drawbacks include a lack of an override switch or toggle to temporarily stop the auto-lock feature which is set to 30 secs. This delay is insufficient for example when unloading groceries. Also desirable is a feature like a night latch to disable unlocking from outside when one desires privacy. For its price I would imagine such basic features would be provided.
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4.6 | 28 customer reviews
27 of the 28 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This coil nailer is excellent. Not just 'good for the money' but really good, regardless of cost. The only complaint I'd have is minor - the tool hanger on the handle is designed to hang over a joist, etc. It's not the best design. Won't clear a 2x10 joist, not so bad on trusses.
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By Some Strange Guy
Nice. I had previously bought a Propoint model, and couldn't get any consistency. I thought it was me. I bought this one and found out that 99% of my problems were the fault of the other nailer. Sometimes you get what you pay for (although if it wasn't on sale, the Propoint one isn't even that much less than this one).
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By Trevor Lambert
Light-weight, has never jammed even once (but I've gone through only a couple thousand nails so far), and comes with two trigger options, one for rapid fire pros, and the other a safer, single-shot per pull action (for the amateurs like I am, so I don't shoot myself in the foot or worse). No regrets.
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