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4.8 | 612 customer reviews
589 of the 612 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Firstly, this item arrived promptly and in perfect condition; so if you already know about Jenga, that's probably all you need to know about my shopping experience. Okay, so if you don't know about Jenga, let me start by saying this game is a HUGE amount of fun. The game has very simple rules, that are easy to understand, and it's challenging to the players. Plus, it's at least somewhat arbitrary, so you don't necessarily feel that the Jenga 'ringer' at your table is dominating the game. Lastly, the game is VERY customizable, in that you can modify a plain Jenga set (like this one) with your own custom rules, chiefly by drawing/writing on the tiles. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look it up! Trust me.
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By Sidney W Gould
No wonder this one is the number one stacking games for years. For so tiny cost of $15 you can't beat the fun this game delivers. Our kids age 3 and 10 both love it and we adults have also played it numerous times including our friends. This is probably the game which is being played for generations and will continue to do through generations. This game can be enjoyed by family, friends, kids, adults and people of all ages. Games like this may keep children in backyards rather than being stuck against tablets and TVs. We play it inside home, backyard, picnics as well as parties. It is great for development of hand eye coordination for toddlers and absolutely safe for them. While this is quite small and not big like Giant Jenga games, it is equal fun considering very light weight, portability and safety with very small kids.
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Quality of these Jengas have really gone downhill. I remember back in the day 15+ years ago, the blocks were all the same colour, no cracks, all smooth and looked really well made.

The latest package that I receieved a few days ago is not that great quality wise. Blocks are different colours, some feel smooth and a few feel rough. Some have zero cracks, a few have a bunch.

This interferes with playing the game. If one block isn't smooth, then you can't pull it out like one that is smooth.
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By Rez
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4.8 | 548 customer reviews
530 of the 548 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've had this game set long ago but I moved out and couldn't bring everything to my new place. There's not much you can say about a game that already has its fame and can bring more than 2 people together for fun, especially during winter. I love the Wild Customizable cards where you can write (and erase) your own rules, which my old deck didn't have. Great price, easy to learn, small and with my prime account arrived less than 24 hours after placing the order. Last time we played it we were 10 people from 7 different countries and we all had fun.
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By Sam
Purchased this game for my in-laws. I took advantage of the “add on item” price. It is exactly what you would expect. The traditional uno game we all loved to play when in our youth, but in a more convenient, easily stored, small package. Purchased this for my in-laws, so they would have games to play with my kids when visiting, while not taking up to much space. It is also a great game for in the RV etc.
My kids and whole family enjoy a good quick game or sitting down to a few (best out of...) games a uno!
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Uno is the best secret weapon that an ESL teacher can wield. It's a classic card game that's easy to explain and learn, and the way the game itself transcends language barriers is its best selling point. I have kids from early elementary age to high school age loving this game. And getting it for $5 on Amazon is the cheapest I've seen anywhere. I was dumb enough buy it for ten bucks at Chapters at first, and even saw it go for $14 at an independent store that sold tabletop games. It's a nice and quality deck of cards, but $5 - 7 is a fair price for it, and I wouldn't spend $10 on a deck again.
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By Jamie
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4.8 | 506 customer reviews
493 of the 506 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This turned out to be a fantastic gift – our 7-year-old nephew opened this gift on Christmas Eve and absolutely loved the snap circuit projects. He’d finish one, get excited about the results (lights, fans, music, siren, etc.) and want to move on to the next project immediately. It’s a wonderful contraption for cultivating reading and comprehension skills (following detailed instructions), dexterity, patience, and even for building self-confidence. If he missed any components during assembly, the resulting structure wouldn’t respond as expected – so ‘back to the drawing board’ until he achieved the expected effect.

We were surprised at how our nephew was immediately drawn into the circuit board tasks – he was so enthusiastic and genuinely excited to build something that lit up, powered a fan or light, or triggered a siren. He said it was “awesome!” but more importantly he showed it was awesome by
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By S. Whittaker
Awesome toy. So, lets get this out of the way. I know (and knew) the box says for 8 to 108 year olds. But many reviewers of the toy suggested it is suitable for younger children so I took a gamble on getting it for our 6 year old's 6th birthday. He is an inquisitive boy and he DID find it fascinating, but also frustrating. So long as we adults guide him through it he enjoyed it, but its too much for even a smart 6 year old to do on his/her own. Or at least our 6 year old who is very clever. I still don't regret getting it because I think its something he will grow into over time, but I do think the age range of 8 to 108 is accurate. But, otherwise, as an adult I see this as one of the best toys ever.
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By Dale Dietrich
Great product. My 6 year old loves it even today as he turned 8. Taught him great concepts and it provides some bonding time.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased and use this product.
If you find my review helpful please rate it as helpful. I enjoy writing reviews and sharing my thoughts about a product with others because I always read the reviews myself before I buy most items.
If you do not find my review helpful please leave a comment say why and perhaps I can relieve your concern and give you a better understanding of the product.
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By Real Reviews from the North, Vancouver
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4.8 | 291 customer reviews
277 of the 291 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you can count to 12, you can play Skip-Bo. This is a great game that is simple to understand and provides enough fun for all ages. It manages to hold my 5 year olds attention for 30 or more minutes at a time, which is quite a feat in itself. She was able to grasp the concept of building incremental piles in the middle quickly. One nice aspect of this game is that there is not a lot of opportunity for sabotaging the other player, so feelings don't get hurt too easily. Each player does their thing on their turn and only occasionally will it adversely affect the next players moves. More often, it actually helps the next player keep advancing as well.

Another great aspect of this game is its portability. It is the size of 3 decks of cards, so easy to throw in your suitcase and have
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By C. Messer
Got this for my 7 year old granddaughter as she is just learning how to play (and has beaten me 3 times at her aunt's house) Her Mom told her I had bought her an UNO game, so when this arrived at the house she screamed in delight. It is an awesome game with a need for strategy . I don't want to play any other card game now. This arrived in great shape and will enter into many many battles
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By Mama C
My granddaughter and I love to play board games together. This is a simple game, easy to learn but requires a little bit of strategy so it makes it interesting. We really enjoyed playing it together. Between this and Uno, I prefer this one but my granddaughter prefers Uno.
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By Chattycatmolly
4.7 | 800 customer reviews
751 of the 800 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my son's 2nd birthday and he absolutely loves it. He has more fun putting it on the fridge at this stage but I can see hm playing with this more and more as he grows older. I got the 102 piece pack and the package contains mainly squares and triangles. There are some pentagons and longer triangles, but I was hoping there would be more. This particular package does not come with the wheels to build cars or the Ferris wheel. For the cost of the product I would have liked to see those extras added, However the product is still great and we have lots of fun building. My husband and I also have lots of fun building things. The instructional manual helps give us ideas if things to build as well. We also looked up some videos on YouTube to give us ideas for
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I got this for my 5 yr old son. A couple of months ago, I got very similar 50 magnetic blocks from a different company. My son loved the old ones. He asked me to buy him more because he wanted to bulid other stuff which requires different shapes. So I got new ones. But this one, compared to the old one, is a bit weak. My son gets frustrated when the new one doesn't work well, but stil plays with them a lot. I wish the magnetic grips were stronger.....
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By Esther Lee
Horrible product. Came in broken like this for little kids. Not acceptable
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By Neha and Alex Kovach
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4.7 | 630 customer reviews
597 of the 630 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you can get 4 or more people together, buy this game.

Codenames is all about giving one word clues to try and determine the "identities" of 8-9 agents in a field of 25 code name cards. I can literally think of no downside to this game. Easier to pick up and play than other quickie games like Coup, Love Letter, Resistance - if you have a gaming group or just a few friends that like board games and enjoy logic based games, pick this one up. Even if it sounds simple the challenge of trying to come up with a one word clue to uncover multiple codenames will provide a challenge for most players. The randomness of the arrangement of the code name cards and code keys ensures you're not playing the same game over and over.

-Easy to learn
-Easy to set up (takes less than a
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By Andrew Varga
This is one of the best board games I've ever played- and I've played a few! Not only is it the perfect balance of challenging and funny but if someone like my Dad, who claims not to be "good with words" can pick up the game in 10 minutes, than they're doing something right!
I bought this as a Christmas gift for a few people and they've already reported back saying how fun it is. A few tips: It's absolutley essential that the Cluemaster does not give the clues with any inflection or possibe hints in their vocal delivery. Also, don't stare at the cards too long, that's a dead giveaway. And this was the #1 thing that drove people crazy when we played and was a hard habit to break: Before you give the clues, you can't say anything like "This is a stretch, but..." becuase THAT'S a clue!! When
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By Cito Gaston Fan
This one is a family favourite. A lot of the other board games I own see very little use because they are either too complicated and/or take too long to play. Codenames is simple enough to explain and games last about 15-30min. I'd recommend playing this one with 4, 6, or 8 players. I've only played with adults, but this game would also be suitable for teenagers as well.

Basically, the game is played in two teams and on each team there are "clue-givers" and "guessers" (at least 1 each, which is why you need at least 4 players to play properly). Cards with nouns are placed on the table with certain cards belonging to each team. Only the clue-givers know which cards belong to each team. The objective is to have your teams cards picked first before the other team. The clue-giver has to think of a 1 word clue
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By Marc
4.8 | 197 customer reviews
191 of the 197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these eggs! I got them for my 17 months old. They are super cute, smooth to touch, and a great size for toddler hands. I think it will be great for learning colors and later on the numbers. The number signs on the inside of the eggs could be more visible though or maybe better of a contrast color. But I think a sharpie can fix that. The black color egg is very hard to take apart but others are easy to open for my little one. I’m very pleased with this product. My toddler likes playing with it too. Would order again as a gift!
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By Amazon Customer
I had one like this as a kid in our family actually passed down to me from the 80s90s . The egg cart is really strong and sturdy ,the egs are like the ones I had to with colours , the number , and matching holes ,however the eg itself is really slippery I find , it’s difficult for my 3yr old to hold it it kept slipping from his hand maybe cause it’s new hopefully with ware it won’t be so slippery. It will take some time for my son to match them he’s just now trying to open which takes twist and pulling and closing same time , but he loves egs so he likes this concept . I would say this is more for an older child to do on their own like 4+ or a parent directed game at first until their used to it ..but
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By angie
Bought for my 20 month old at Christmas. She loves them. Still plays with it daily 2+ months later and one of the first toys she usually grabs. "Eggs!" Loves to "open" them and say "surprise!" (her older brother watches youtube surprise eggs) or says the name of the colour, closes them and puts them back "in" to the carton/case and "shut" and lock it. Lots of learning opportunities with simple toy like this. The number dots inside are hard to see being that they are the same colour as the egg inside so I imagine most young kids pay more attention to the colours and can't really see or understand those dots. Still a great toy. I came back to order another for a friend but they've been out of stock for weeks ... Great toy.
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By Mama knows best
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4.8 | 174 customer reviews
166 of the 174 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Game play:
I purchased this game after falling in love with the game of Rummy-O after playing with my children at their grandparents. It is a game that brings the family together as it is enjoyed by children, including my youngest at 6, as well as adults of varying age. It can be played is a very leisurely manner or competitively utilizing strategy. It is very easy to learn and play and I love watching the kids wheels turn as they contemplate moves and then they light up as they carry through laying down and reiranging their melds. We do not use any time restraint rules, as well as follow the rummy-o version, where you must make 50 to start instead of the included rules outlining melds totalling 30 to lay down.
Good quality and size of tiles. The number colours could had been improved with some players having to work a
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Last year I ordered 2 of the large edition of Rummikub board game, I went to visit my grandsons last month and I brought the game with me and I lost tthem. They enjoyed playing so much that they kept my game. So when I came home i had to order two more. Thank you Amazon
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What a blast from the past, I played this game all the time as a child and when i saw this game come up as a suggested game I was super excited to buy it. Its pretty simple to learn and can be quite fun. I usually only play this with my son and we both enjoy it thoroughly, sometimes the games go quick and others it goes quite long but either way its fun.
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By sensfan4eva
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4.8 | 160 customer reviews
154 of the 160 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kids love this game Uno in general is really great for kids development to learn their colors and numbers the fact is Mario is even cooler cuz my kids are obsessed with anything Mario and it's hard to find nevermind expensive I found these cards to be reasonably priced and came quickly they were great for a stocking stuffer
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By lbenson
This is a great game for kids or people who don't play a lot of board games. Easy to learn and good for travel. Adults do get bored of it within a couple of rounds, but its a quick one to play in between other games. Very similar to the original Uno, but I like that it changes up the graphics and makes them a bit more appealing. Playing with those characters feels very nostalgic!
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By Kate
Cute card faces. The box is kind of terrible for storing the game (it requires you to put two decks side by side, that just slide into each other. I ended up using another hard-case container that I had lying around. There's some cards to write your own rules, but we haven't used them.
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By Benjamin K
4.7 | 283 customer reviews
270 of the 283 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This block set is just amazing and is my second purchase since my baby the set so much and wanted more blocks. My wife and I enjoy playing with these with our kid too LOL.

The blocks come in a box and there is an included carrying pouch for storage. There is also a small booklet showing you how to make some of the many possible shapes and structures with these blocks. The package contains 24 squares and 40 triangles. (I wish there were more squares than triangles because kids seem to like them better as they are easier to build things with).

Each square has 4 magnets (one on each side) and triangles have - you guessed it, 3 magnets. Also, since they are magnetic, they can easily be used on the fridge, and that is awesome! All the pieces are very well built with smooth edges and vivid colours!

Our baby
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By Soph Fly
The 64 piece set is comprised of 40 triangles and 24 squares as well as a draw string pouch and an instruction manual that provides a number of ideas on things that can be built.

My two toddlers (both under 5) actually prefer these over the real Magformers because the magnets are easier for them to pull apart, yet they're still strong enough to build reasonably sturdy creations.

For older kids and adults (hey don't judge!), the stronger magnets in the Magformers are going to be better especially once they start building more complex things, but for the price, the value of this set is undeniable.
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By Jackson
My son is 4 years old now and I have been looking into these magnetic building blocks for a while now so I fell upon these and I bought them. They arrived on time after some inquiring from Amazon but that's all settled now. Came in a nice, well organized box where I can easily put them back after my son is done playing with them. It's a great price for 64 pieces plus a nifty bag! He loves to play with them often and hopefully for a while since I can't keep on getting him new toys all the time. The magnets are strong as well and they hold without any issues. Well worth the price that you pay for.
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By Palmer
product price
4.6 | 1,286 customer reviews
1,133 of the 1,286 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought this game for our 14 year old son as a Christmas gift. It does not kids--it IS an adult game, but we went through the cards and removed all cards with overt sexual overtones (our 14 y.o. is not quite old enough for such themes--and most 14 y.o.'s don't want to joke about that with their parents anyways ;)

We also filtered through and removed all f-bombs that were otherwise harmless (and put these in a Ziploc bag inside the game, so they can be used at other times)

After doing this multi-level censorship, there was still about 85-90% of the game still accessible to play, which we did, with our 8 year old as well! It was hilarious and fun for the whole family, and quite easy to customize if you want to play with your young kids or with your adult friends!
We are quite thrilled with
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By Amanda Lynn Martin
Pretty fun game to play with some friends. It's basically, for all intents and purposes, Cards Against Humanity, except with memes. One thing I learned by just playing a couple hands of this game though is that you probably want to ditch the rule of letting the "judge" choose their meme photo card... there's so many and they're (almost) all great so it can take FOREVER. After 2 hands my friends and I decided we would just shuffle the cards, turn them face down and each turn we just pick the top card as that rounds meme. One night we were playing and there were only 3 of us and we found it was a little boring with just two "action" cards to choose from so we decided we'd play 2 cards each instead of one so the judge had 4 results to pick from. It worked out much funner
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By cardiffgiant02
Was really excited for this game, but It’s not very fun. I love memes, but this game has barely any of the iconic memes. Not sure if it’s a copyright issue or something? It looked more like random stock footage images. Save yourself the money, hand out scrap pieces of papers to your friends, and take turns showing memes on your phone instead.
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By Kristine
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4.7 | 249 customer reviews
235 of the 249 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a fantastic game, especially for kids but not limited too as my 75 year old dad enjoys it just as much as my 11 year old son. The games can be as short or as long as you want, and everyone has an equally fair chance of winning. It's not always the same game even though the cards never change you can play the cards about 5 different ways. It's very simple to learn and play and extremely portable as the tin is about the size of your palm. We love this game, I would highly recommend it!
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By Kat
This game is so easy to use and kids and adults really get into it. I personally enjoyed the fact that there are different ways to play with the Spot It cards and the instructions provided clearly explain the varieties. When we had family over and brought this game out, everyone got very competitive. It's surprising to see how frustrated you can get at your hand/eye coordination! Regardless, it makes for some fun game nights and guests often ask to play this whenever they come over.
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By K. Shaw
So simple and so fun; just a little pricey for what it is. That being said, I do not regret the purchase. It has been a real hit with the family over the holiday. I continue to be amazed with how this game was designed. Great for kids and adults. I can also see it being very useful for seniors suffering from memory issues or dementia. I would imagine that it can help maintain mental acuity.
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By Natalie
4.8 | 120 customer reviews
116 of the 120 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I run a home daycare, so am always on the hunt for good toys that will keep the children engaged and will not be a 5 minute wonder. This has been in my playroom for 2 weeks now and is still as popular as the day it arrived (in fact parents are talking about buying it for Christmas) it is fun for all ages and educational at the same time! One of my best purchases, along with the leaped cash register which is also a hit 6 months later.
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By christina Chapman
Super cute kit. The scoop is magnetic so they can actually pick up the pieces and release them using the scoop, which is just adorable. It also tells you what's been picked up.

There's a little tray on the side you can use to store the pieces, or keep play money.

The only thing I don't like is that the ice cream doesn't sit snugly on the cone so it often falls over during the transition walk to mom or dad. Otherwise, everything looks and feels sturdy and well-built.
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By Eric Niquette
The play set is very cute. My 3 year old loves it at first sight. He pushes it around and sells us ice cream almost every day.

My only gripe is that there are only 3 cones included. There are 4 ice cream flavors and each flavor has 2 scoops. Can we at least get one more cone to make 4 double scoop ice cream?
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By Suxiaoma
4.6 | 352 customer reviews
325 of the 352 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazaing stuff! My kid loves it! She creates various things as she imagines. And she is sharing it with her friends
I believe it helps to develop kids' intelligence and imagination.
Definitely I would like to retroduce it to my friends.
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By Amazon Customer
These are so fun. My oldest son has these in his class and loves them so i thought we would buy a pack and they are a huge hit. My kids literally fight over them. This is a great starter set. It comes with enough pieces to make quite a few cool things in the ideas book that's included. My kids love making things with the wheels. Different cars and buildings. It brings out thier creativity and got my kids off the electronics. The storage bag is great for keeping the pieces all together and great for traveling. I will definitely be buying more, probably a bigger set this time.
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By becca
I ordered 4 sets of these for Christmas presents 1.for myself . 3.sets were good but the one.set I opened for my home daycare . The set I.opened had one piece that had.come.apart and the 3 little magnets were loose in the box. I certainly won't use.this item for my daycare knowing that they come.apart leaving chocking pieces an issue.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 158 customer reviews
147 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fun for the whole family. My three little boys love this family game, as well as my husband and I.
You can play individuals or teams, so number of players could really be unlimited. You can really even play all alone!
Very simple setup and instructions, making it easy for your child to go ahead and play without needing an adult when setting up (as long as it’s not their first time playing and they cannot read).
Travel friendly. Easy to pack on the go. It will add a little weight to your luggage.
We loved that we can play this anywhere you have a flat surface, we can even bring to beach and play at picnic table!

It’s a bit of a science getting all the pieces to fit back into the container.
....and the container is put going to last forever either, would have loved a keepsake case for this game. (A child or
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By Jamie S
A definate must have addition to anyone's board game collection. Great for children ages 8+ and adults alike---my husband and I always have a great laugh playing this after the kids have gone to bed :)
You can either link the pieces together with a slightly easier strategy (ie. Joining 2 U-joints), or take it up a notch and try one of the trickier suspension moves (see attached photo for examples).
No two gmes are ever the same, and will test your fine motor skills and ability to balance objects on an ever changing playing platform!
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By Lady K
I'm a little mixed on this game. It's great as a family game if you have some young players to mix it up, but I wouldn't really recommend it for groups of people 14 or older. It's just a little too simple. We had a lot of fun playing with our 6 and 4 year old (4 is a bit too young), because the kids would put the sticks in funny places, making for a seriously challenging game, but adults can get through the game fairly easily.

It can be a lot of fun, especially if sabotage is your intention, but it can also be fairly easy if you're just trying to get through it. Jenga is better.
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By Jay
4.7 | 145 customer reviews
135 of the 145 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I took this float on vacation with me, and it was so compact when deflated it took up no room in my suitcase or beach bag. It works great too; I was a little worried about how to get on it the first time I used it, but it's actually very easy. I used it as both a hammock and to sit in the water and it was very comfortable. The material is also very durable - in the past when I've ordered floats to take on vacation they often rip or pop before the trip is over, but this one is still in perfect shape so I'll be taking it along on my next trip.
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By Heather
Fricking LOVE this Floatie! I tried To buy more later in the summer, but they weren’t in stock and for good reason. They’re AWESOME! I love That I can easily deflate it when I’m done and it fits in my beach bag. I’m a plus size girl and it held me up perfectly well.
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Was the envy at the resort we vaycationed at ! These are so comfy to lounge in but you can also sit up in them comfortably too. Keeps your body cool as your partially submerged in water. Small for travel , easily deflatable for the return home .
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By Becci
product price
4.9 | 72 customer reviews
69 of the 72 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The cards do feel abit thinner (doesn't bother me at all) compared to how I remembered it back when I use to play this game. I think the original one is the one in the green box when you search on amazon. I bought this one because it was cheaper compared to the green boxed version. The game is exactly the same and I've been playing it ever since I bought it. Really happy about this purchase.
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By Amazon Customer
It is Monopoly, but it isn't. It has much of the love of Monopoly, but in cards, and designed for short, 15 minute games. It is a great game to play when you do not want to get out a full-fledged version of Monopoly. Short and sweet. We keep at our dining room table for those random time-to-kill moments before, during, and after dinner.
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By Amazon Customer
First off, this game is great. I understand many people dislike the amount of white space on these cards, and yes, there is not much colour compared to the older version - but I actually don't mind this because it prevents eye-wanderers from seeing your hand! The game is the same. Cards feel a little thinner but the quality is still there. It's good for a second deck.
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By Craig
product price
4.7 | 118 customer reviews
112 of the 118 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought 3 games for my Grade 5 (10 year old) students to play during indoor recesses. It’s the most popular game and they’ve created Connect 4 tournaments ! I would recommend this for 5 years old and up. Adults can play too! Great quality and hours of fun. Perfect for home, school or the cottage. You need a flat surface to play on.
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By jen6470
I bought this more because I remember having one as a kid. Turns out my kids love it. It's easy to understand, they love to drop the chips in the top... and most important... they love to slide the release at the bottom dropping all the chips onto the table.

Worth the money. Quality build.
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By Amazon Customer
It looks like they went on a cost cutting spree with this. The quality is fine. It's definitely playable and robust enough. The release at the bottom is a bit strange and sometimes the pieces stick. I do not like the way the legs attach. They are fine once they are on and it's easy enough (if you're an adult, like me), but due to the method of how they slide on they are not kid friendly. I had to take over from my 6 year-old nephew that was struggling. You have to place the legs part way up the side to slide them in, you can't slide them all the way from the bottom (something like that, it's not right beside me).

It seems they could have made the legs easier for kids to assemble, but they were obviously minimizing materials etc. Strong once together, but totally possible to destroy
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By Vincent Adultman
4.8 | 81 customer reviews
77 of the 81 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a sturdy toy that also teaches sorting and colors and numbers. Got it for my 1 year old but my 3 year old enjoying it too! We obviously lost one piece right away but that's a given in my household and I doubt I'll ever find it until they're moving out to college.
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By Joe
Our daughter is still too young at 12 months to use it properly, but she loves it all the same (purchased for $7.99 in end 2017). The colours have good contrast, so there are a few different games to be played. The paint and wood finish have lasted through lots of chewing and throwing, and the pegs are still as strong as the day we bought it.
Daughter picks up the pieces and can sort, and maybe soon will be able to stack on the pegs.
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Item took a while to get here, but I wasn't in much of a rush.

Things I like:
High quality wood materials.

Things I don't like:
The pieces are quite small, I thought they would be larger (they can get lost really easily).
The blue and purple are very close in colour, close enough I think that my daughter can't really tell the difference easily.

That's about it. If the colours were more contrasted, I would give it 4 stars. If the pieces were bigger, I would give it 5. Also, for those who might be worried about paint chipping, I have had this now for at least a couple of months and everything looks pretty much exactly the same as when I purchased it.
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By icemanbob
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4.7 | 114 customer reviews
105 of the 114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ok we love this game!! It’s easy and fun for my 7 and 3 year old!! The kids love anything poop related and that’s great!! Why is everyone so embarrassed by poop? I’m hoping my kids will help change the poop embarrassment within their peer groups and this is a fun game to keep the poop talk going strong!!
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By Fit-Fam
When I first saw this game I shook my head and refused to buy it. A game catching poop?! Seriously?!
Yet several months later, here I am. I must admit it is a super fun game for the kids to play, they always have a blast when it comes out. And more times than not I’m right there with them playing and laughing. Great for all ages.
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By Amazon Customer
it is what it is ... kids got it an now they are running around the house with "" mr hanky " as they call him , little embarassing tho when we went for supper my 8 year old pulled it out like its her new best friend
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By Lust