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4.8 | 57 customer reviews
55 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Good
1. Humongous and incredibly strong
2. Pre drill you pilot holes and twist easily into wooden studs or use the included anchors
3. Heavily and durable
4. Good price
5. Still hanging 2 bikes in the garage for 2 months strong and counting

The Bad
1. Loose packaged
2. Minimal instructions

The Bottom Line
Best on amazon, definitely buying more for additional garage hanging storage!
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By Certified Reviews
I use these for my bikes. Have purchased them before from a hardware store but thought I would try Amazon this time. This is a good price for 6 and I would recommend if you need them to buy here. Installed 2 of them already with another two ready to be installed. Just make sure you use the correct drill bit to drill your pilot hole. I believe I am using a 5/16 bit. If you are unsure try smaller bits first. They come with some drywall inserts but I would highly not recommend using them unless it is for very light weight applications.

I have only used these mounted vertically from the ceiling so I am unsure if they are any good when mounted horizontally, such as into a wall.
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By Franke
As expected. Very strong hook. I suspended my bikes on them last fall and they stayed strong and true. Bare in mind I have a downhill bike so it's pretty heavy.

I screwed then directly in the beams as I wouldn't really trust the plastic anchor shipped with. It's though a nice touch to offer a complete set for the buyer.

If ever I need more I'll surely come back to theses.
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By Marianne
4.7 | 68 customer reviews
66 of the 68 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Working really well so far. I have a tiny room in a Vancouver Apartment. There is no closet and I only have bins to keep my clothes in. All my dresses and nice shirts were always wrinkled so I put these hooks on my door and now I have a space to hang my nice stuff. Feels very sturdy. Was a very easy application. So far Command products have not let me down.
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By Ruby M.
Love these things - they can hold a surprising amount of weight, depending on the type of wall you've stuck them to. They work really well in my bathroom for things, but I've also used them to hang clothing from the back of a door before, as well as hanging things from the inside of cupboard doors.

Perfect for renters who don't want to raise the ire of their landlords by using permanent hooks.
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By Miros
Solid adhesive hooks. They use 3M adhesive on the back of each one and it's a fairly long strip, almost the full length itself, there is even a slight 'pull' tab that will help remove it if you need to. They give you two sets of adhesives so you get 6 adhesive tapes for 3 hooks. I haven't tested the 5 lbs. limit but I don't feel like I need to test it right now. I've only had it about 3 weeks but I use it everyday to great effectiveness.
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By David P.
4.8 | 39 customer reviews
38 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's convenient for hooking up stuff that you can't or find inconvenient wrapping around the bar.

Very solid and holds up my leather jacket and even some bags with stuff fine.

Only thing that could be a problem is that they are very thin so they might make holes through fabric, so be careful how you hook things on them.
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By DraygonZero
We are currently using these hooks to hold up frying pans and they work very well. The hooks have a quality appearance, and have shown no signs of strain in holding up the pans. They are strong hooks and the opening is wide enough to hang on a rod, and the hook ends slide easily into the pans.
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By Bob
I received these very quickly, and they work perfectly for me. I use them to hang my jeans and shorts in my closet. They fit on the closet rods perfectly and have helped keep things more organized. The quality is great, looks like the photo. Highly useful.
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By S
4.6 | 54 customer reviews
48 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I waited way too long to get one of these! Now that I have one, I will never be without!
I dithered over the different versions, I couldn’t decide which one to get, I was worried that this one would be durable enough and versatile enough to hold things from mops to dusters?
This is the only one I’ve ever owned, so maybe I got lucky, but this thing grabs anything I put into it and holds it right. I don’t have a lot of space, this is a serious space saver. I hung it up high, it was very easy to install.
I am short and yet I can swing the brooms, mops, dusters off and on with a single movement. It holds them tight but it lets them go like magic when I want them.
The hook are great, I use a lambs wool duster and it is easy to take down
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By Virginia
received this SHINON Mop and Broom Holder in good condition and excellent quality product as we installed in Laundry room.
great look and easy to handle Broom & Mop in same place on holder.
good and strong product.
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By Amazon Customer
Amazing design . BUT the aluminum handles brooms are slowly sliding dropping down ! This is the reason I got the cam lock design . The angle of the cam locks is not afressice enough . The wooden hold mint . The rubber is slipperyba little bit so 30 mins later the handles sneak down. So I will try to put some crushed chalk to make the rubber a little less fresh and abrasive , like talcom powder for my aluminum tubes brooms . And shiny china plastic ones . So ... the design is amazing how the ball cams are reliable . Super solid and will never break . I used 3 of the 6 screws used my own drywall pointy screws instead because the stupid plastic inserts are for drywall and obviously I mounted mine like most people I’m a wood kitchen cabinet inner side .
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By Roman Sura
4.5 | 79 customer reviews
71 of the 79 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good. Might buy again.

I added the pictures my pegboard and peg.
I hope it's helps someone who considering to purchases this item.
My pegboard has 1/4" hole.
It's working fantastic and I still love them!!
Thank you.
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By Mika
These are as pictured. Compared to others I have, they are true 90 degrees from the peg board (others tend to be sloped). They also feature the round stopper on the end, to help keep things on the hanger. Photo attached compared these galvanized ones with others.
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By NorthernDad
Poor quality because they do not work well on pegboard with 1/4" hole, fall out very easily. Ordered 4", and was sent 2". While info was not provided as to the size of the wire in this hook, the picture made them look like 1/4". They are not 1/4" but only 1/8" and very light duty. Would not order from this company again, and may consider sending these back, even though it is a hassle.
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4.5 | 54 customer reviews
50 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
very strong magnetic hanger , easy to use, just grab and put in the desiniated area as preferred. I tested a few diffenet pots, able to hang heavy iron pot. For daily use, I put a few under the range hood. I use it to hang the pot lid, big soup spoon and cooking spatula while cooking, which is very convenient and easy to grab. Also a good space saver.
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By Ray Zhang
Bought a few Wukong magnetic products before and I am satisfied.

These are swivel hooks which allows you the flexibility to hook vertically or horizontally from above. And the important thing is, these magnets are strong! That's why they put a plastic ring in between in the package so you can separate them easier. I use it to hang my Oculus Go on the metal board and it stays put. It says it can hold up to 40lbs but of course don't hang fragile/breakable/expensive items just in case. Those you should hang with nails properly.

Overall I recommend these hooks. You can always find use for them!
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These magnetic hooks just match my satisfaction. I put two on the refrigerator door to hook up towels and put rest of them in the garage to hook up some heavy stuff. they all work great and sturdiness. very strong magnet .
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By Yolanda
4.6 | 38 customer reviews
35 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought these for our nursery (for our girl). They have been up for about 6 months now and have never fallen. We hang baby towels, hats and other small items on them. Very easy to install. They are pretty as well and match our decor perfectly.
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By candice
I purchased six of these to use for displaying my movie license plates - worked beautifully and looks great (see picture). I'm sure these work great for keys too! Extremely easy to mount, only took a few minutes. Highly recommended.
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By TVGuy
couldnt fine this anywhere local -- love this particular 3m commandstrip product. its matches my black door hardware/knobs and perfect little hanger to use right beside the garage door to hang shed keys, mailbox keys, lawntractor keys etc... the product is VERY plasticy but light weight and good enough for light key hanging. i'd give it full 5 stars is the plastics were a bit less cheap-feeling).
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By 4a494e
4.5 | 53 customer reviews
49 of the 53 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a classy looking coat hook. It fit very well with the upscale "spa" look I was going for in my bathroom. They are sturdy and appear to be a quality product. The hooks don't come with anchors, so if you're planning on hanging them in a place on the wall that has no stud, then anchors will have to be purchased. I had several spare anchors, so that was not an issue for me. One of my hooks was mounted in a stud and the other two were mounted in the drywall using the anchors, and so far everything is sturdy and holding well. I also had no issues with the screws provided. I'm using my hooks for towels and a shower cap, nothing too heavy, but I feel like the hooks could withstand more than what I put on them. Two thumbs up on this product.
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By Jennifer Constant
Thank you for this product
I am using the hooks over my archway
to hang my Christmas garland---it is 20 ft
This saves me purchasing a garland hanger
which is both expensive and troublesome
I love online shopping and I love you Amazon
All the best
Ja'Nell M Brenner
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By janell brenner
Good product, beautiful hooks, very strong. The screws that come with them though are very easily to screws.
Careful with the hooks too cause the finished surface can be easily scratched up too.
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By Jennifer Leblanc
product price
4.6 | 37 customer reviews
33 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had read the reviews about the screws, but I'll improvise. I bought these for towel hooks and they are so cute. Excellent value as well. if you like beach themes or nautical, these will suit the purpose. I think they could be screwed in at an angle to hold curtains as well.

Update: I ended up using brass screws, because other fixtures in the bathroom are brass. No big deal. I bought another one...These are not finely detailed, but they suit our decor.
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By Kate M.
Just lovely. This little guy is way stronger than I expected - I currently use it to hang my spice rack (a wire framed rack with about 15 glass & plastic bottles) and it doesn't budge! Very easy to install, too, and I appreciate that the seahorse's tail curves out so far - makes it easy should I decide to use it for towels or a rack with a wider diameter down the road.
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By Sasha Bauer
no flaws or damae,look great but it didn't come with screws so had to go out and buy some
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By kelley roberts
4.4 | 81 customer reviews
69 of the 81 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I opted for this kind of hook because I'm renting, and wanted something that wouldn't damage the walls in case I move. The set up is super easy, no tools required is always a bonus! 3M has a great reputation, and this hook is another one of their helpful products. While it doesn't feel like a metal towel holder, it certainly works like one. I waited an hour before using it, and it's doing the trick of holding a heavy bath sheet. The size is larger than I expected, which is a good thing. All in all a great purchase for the money..
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By Carole Ann
These are much cheaper than I found at the Bed Bath and Beyond, but the ones from that store had more weight to them and were actually metal, these are painted plastic...they serve their purpose, but I doubt they will stand the test of time, I expect the paint coating will eventually wear off. But they are less than half the price of the $15 ones I returned, so I can live with my choice.
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By Niki Parr
3M Hooks are a great solution to use if you don't want to put a hole in your doors or walls, but the ones I've purchased in the past have all been fully metal. I purchased those a few years ago in a hardware store so I was able to see what I was buying. When I ordered this item, the description read "Brushed Nickel", and, unfortunately, my assumption was that it was metal just like the others. I just opened the package and found a super light weight Plastic hook. I'm disappointed that there is nothing in the description that indicates what type of material it is.
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By Violet
4.5 | 47 customer reviews
43 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these hooks because I was getting annoyed with rummaging through my kitchen drawers to find the measuring cups and spoons. I stuck these hooks to the end of a kitchen cabinet, put short ball chains through the handles of all the measuring cups and spoons and can now keep them organized and easy to find.

I've had great success with other 3M Command products, and this one was no exception. All i had to do was give the area I planned on sticking the hooks to a quick cleaning, dry it off, apply the adhesive strips to the hooks and stick them to the wall. Removal is very easy, and leaves no residue on the walls. I do wish the adhesive strips were reusable, but I understand that every company needs to make a buck, and reusable adhesive strips would prevent you from having to buy more from 3M
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I have a ton of...well many Command Hooks In service around my home. My VERY small kitchen is almost completely devoid of storage so I use the hooks in various sizes to hang pots & pans, pot holders etc., within easy reach of the stove. I'm branching out to trying some of the other products for hanging brooms and spray bottles. I'll comment on those after I've used them.
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By Mrsgochay
I bought these to hold 4 speakers of my Home Theater System up on the walls, (I used a kitchen scale to get the exact weight of each speaker)
So I would know what one would work for my needs, And so far these are working good, I guess soon I'll see how they do when the hot humid weather hits
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By Roge. A.
4.5 | 44 customer reviews
39 of the 44 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i stuck those hooks in my shower to replace the suction cups that kept falling from a corner did a perfect job they really stick but hard to remove if you want to..i would never put these hooks on dry would damage the drywall for sure
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By robert lussier
We use three hooks to hold our shower caddy. They can hold a lot of stuff with great sturdiness. It can be removed from tile walls without residue but like other reviewers said, I would not use it on dry wall because its adhesiveness can rip off the paint.
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By Nancy
This product claims to be reusable and it claims to not leave a trace. It is not reusable. I applied a piece halfway onto my wall. I realized that the adhesive is almost permanent and I tried to remove it. It ripped paint and pieces of my drywall off. See photo.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 66 customer reviews
58 of the 66 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought two sets of these and they work great, as advertised. I hang light items like hoodies and hats on them. No surprises nor complaints here. I wouldn't hang anything heavy like a coat or bag though. It's plastic so I don't expect it to endure that kind of weight in the first place. .
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By R.S.
I am surprised at how rigid these are. They don't feel like the best of quality plastic, but I am using one to hold up my rain coat and coveralls (with a radio in the pocket) and another to hold up my shower caddy. Though they are designed for a standard house door there is a bit of movement and give to the hooks, and lifting things off of it can make the hooks fall off of whatever they are on. However, with all that being said these hooks have been abused and still keep working. I haven't had an issue yet, and I would definitely recommend them.
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By Ronald J Cox
They move around on the door and lift off & bag against the door when I remove a towel. We bought some at the dollar store with rubber on them, they work much better.
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By JPNelson
4.5 | 42 customer reviews
38 of the 42 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was skeptical that these hooks would:
1) remain stuck to the surface
2) actually support any kind of weight

I was really surprised that they adhered to the the surface (as the surface was not a great surface for sticking things to); and when i hung something on it (about 8-10lbs) it remained stuck.

Its been about 2 months and the hooks have remained stuck to a non-stick surface, and have no problem holding the weight (and are not showing any signs of letting go)
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By Ron R
These hooks are perfect for you if:
- You need a hook that will not fall down
- You need to hang/hold something that weighs quite a bit
- You need to hang something permanently, or close to it

These hooks are not for you if:
- You're using them to attach something to drywall (they will rip the drywall off if you try to remove them)
- You need to hang anything temporarily, for example, in a rented space where you don't want to leave damage

Other pros and cons:
+ Adhesive area is clear, so they are visually appealing and non-obstructive
+ The hooks are metal and very sturdy
- The adhesive smells very strong/bad when you first peel off the backing/stick these hooks up - luckily this smell does diminish over time

I'm using these hooks to DIY a solution to holding a mesh laundry bag inside a wooden hamper that didn't come with a liner, and these
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By Abby Bubiak
These are by far THE best stick on hooks I have EVER tried.
Wow. Unbelievable!! Sooooo sooooo
Strong. They peel and stick really well. I’ve tested them and are using them on drywall, painted wood, tile and plastic. They have all stayed in place. I’ve hung a backpack, a filled large purse, a small vacuum, a metal filer with 6 slots of paper. I’m not one to hang stuff on walls with nails because I’m not good at it. So these hooks replace nails for me.
You can remove and adjust them with the same adherence, no rips on walls etc.
Just read carefully how much weight these hooks hold when you order. Even the ones that don’t hold 22lbs are amazing for holding lots of weight.
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By Momma Bear
5.0 | 15 customer reviews
15 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought these for the RV to hang keys, oven mitts, pots holders and hand towels I needed something that wouldn't leave a sticky residue or damage the walls if they fell off. I wasn't hanging anything with much weight but where we travel with our RV I wanted something that could hold up to bumps, shifting, heat etc! I used two of these hooks in our outdoor kitchen for hand towel and oven mitts it gets very warm and humid when the kitchen door is closed and I thought for sure these would fall right off but they are still holding strong ( even after a very bumpy trip to the last campground, N.S roads are full of huge pot holes) I am very pleased at the durability and quality of these hooks and was thrilled I got 6 for the same price as a 2 pack of
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By Tara
I was interested in getting a hook for my keys and stumbled upon this. It would be a good idea to get a bunch of hooks as opposed to just one so I bought this.

It arrived quickly. The box was compact and came a bit squished but it was not a huge issue. I opened the box and found 6 hooks inside. I was happy to note that the hooks are actually a bit longer than they look in the picture. I was worrying that I made a mistake and the hook does not protrude out that much and stuff would fall off but that was not the case. The hook protrudes out about 1.75 inches which is good and I have taken a picture as well. The hooks themselves feel strong and I am pretty sure I may place some else where for kitchen utensils or coats. I am
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By Juggernaut
I love these plastic adhesive hooks! All the other hooks I own are much smaller and made of metal. The hooks on these are very long, like a little birdhouse perch. You can hang multiple items off one hook, like purses, belts, necklaces, bracelets, etc. They're very easy and quick to apply, with strong adhesive backing.
They recommend not to use these on regular painted walls, but it's not a big issue if you're using it to hang really lightweight items. These hooks are ideal on clean, slick, non-porous surfaces like glass, ceramic, plastic and polished/glossed wood. The hooks can hold a decent amount of weight, but they're not meant for holding very heavy or valuable items like large framed paintings. These white hooks are perfect in my bathroom, and on my wood doors. In the photos, you can see that I used a hook to hang a paper butterfly garland
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By Preethi Chandran
product price
4.7 | 23 customer reviews
22 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality steel...nice and firm
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By Richard C Davidson
Excellent product, delivered as promised. Great quality, solid cast iron. Matching screws will make it better but those are easy to find.
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By Millwright
Satisfied with the product
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By Amazon Customer
4.9 | 16 customer reviews
16 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Parfait pour accrocher des objets dans ma cuisine sans avoir à faire des trous partout.
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By Samuel
Those hooks are very sticky and hold light things very well. I put some in my shower for shave mirror and other towel and it hold very well. I put on too in my entrance to hold a Christmas wreath and that work well too.
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By Erickos
My computer table and phone table as starting to get messy and I wanted to remove some of the items and hang them if possible, but I have a tile backsplash or nice back wall and I didn't want to drill holes. These transparent wall hooks looked like a good choice so got them.

They stick really well and are strong enough to hold a fair amount of weight. I like that they are transparent so unless you look closely you don't notice that there is something stuck on the wall. The hook is on a hinge so it can be tilted up and down which makes it easy to hang things. I also like the little flower design in the middle.
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By LanaV
4.6 | 25 customer reviews
24 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are a great buy for anyone looking to be creative with their storage...especially if you have a smaller space. So far, I've used a couple of them inside my condo storage locker. They are strong enough to hold up my front and rear motorcycle stands along the wall\cage. I would definitely buy these again and recommend them to anyone looking for a storage solution in small spaces.

(Edit: I included a picture of biggest hook holding up a rear motorcycle stand in my condo locker. The hooks also hold up my blocker, catcher, knee pads, goalie shorts, and skates. As well as, my front motorcycle stand. These S hooks really are very useful for storage.)
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By Ron S.
Good quality and sturdy. I bought these for a wall mounted coated rack/shelf to add more hooks to it. Didn't know what size I needed, so I bought the mixed pack. The small and medium work nicely for the various bars of the shelf. The large is big enough for my wrist so I will use them to hang extension cords in the garage. Only minor downside is that some of the balls on the end have a rough edge. Nothing that will cut or rip a coat just not ground to a smooth finish in production.
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By Local guy
There was an inconsistency across the 3 levels of hooks. I wanted to use them to hang my various BBQ accessories to the side of my new BBQ. Even trying multiple holes on the BBQ, I could only get one of the small ones to go through. Of course I can use a drill to make the holes a little bigger in the BBQ but then i'd be worried about rust and so I just use the one hook.
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By Mike M.
4.5 | 32 customer reviews
31 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks good and did the job. Rattled a little on our door but imagine difficult to get a snug fit for all door sizes to prevent this. We put furniture pads on the underneath and that stopped the rattle.
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By Amy Loukes
Fits my doors perfectly. I use it in the bathroom for bath sheets, bath robes and other items that I want out of the way. It looks exactly as depicted online.
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By Laurie
Material is really good quality strong metal. I always needed something to hang my jacket as I walked into my apartment. Only concern is that , I am unable to close my door completely .But I am okay with that because I found another place where I can put this .
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By Techfox
4.7 | 20 customer reviews
18 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use these hooks in my closet to reinforce my plastic multi-hangers -otherwise the plastic hooks stretch and eventually fail. These metal hooks are very strong, inexpensive and attractive, I just slip them into the top hole of the hangers and hang. They are very strong and useful to me. The order came very quickly. I am perfectly happy with them.
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By Lakesandrocks
The hooks are great, they do what they're supposed to do!! I bought them to hang pots and pans and they are holding fine. The case busted open in the box so they were kind of everywhere, but not a big deal.
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By Korin S
Seem great so far. I mostly hang my norwex on them to dry but they are holding my broom too. Seem sturdy.
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By Tor