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4.6 | 195 customer reviews
188 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was looking for a stand for my G27 but didn't feel like paying a TON of money. I was using a flimsy old card table that would fall over when the dog would walk buy it. After searching racing chairs I decided that was a total waste of money for me. I see guys with awesome setups, but I don't have the extra money or room for that.. I checked out a ton of stands and based on the reviews this thing looked pretty good.

First off. The instructions are garbage, but It comes almost pre assembled needing 2 screws and 4 Allen screws to mount the wheel and shiftier. It's super easy to do. There is a video link as well in the instructions. It comes with all the tools you need except a Phillips screw driver. (If you don't own one you should buy one anyways)

This thing
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By Tech Guy
I got this to pair with my racing wheel since I can't mount it on my tiny glass desk. I heard good things and was debating between this and the Fanatec CSR. This won for price and shipping fees.

My thoughts:
1) The packaged instructions border on useless. There's a link to a youtube video on the instruction sheet on how to set it up. Use it.
2) The video instructions are excellent
3) It was initially a bit wobbly because the wheel would shift under load. Turned out I didn't screw the wheel plate's adjustment screw enough. Then the wheel started to shake. Turned out I needed to tighten the screws holding the wheel in place.
4) It folds up pretty compactly and you don't have to detach any components to stow it away. I would have built my own if it wasn't for this critical feature.
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By eMadness
Cons :
1. I don't like the placement of the gear shifter. The g29 gear shifter I installed feels awkward and misplaced (see attached photos). Even when I tried placing the shift platform upside down like the instructions suggested to lower it a bit. I know it was put beside the wheel for quicker access. And I bought it knowing that and I gave it a try. And personally don't like it.

2. The price is kind of high.

3. The height adjustment isnt high as I would like.maximum goes about 28 inches. I roughly measured from the floor to the base of the wheel platform.

1. Sturdy and well built.
2. Puts away nicely and easily.
3. Easily adjustable well positioned wheel and pedals.
4. Doesn't move on carpet or hardwood. Even when I tried to force it to drag.

Even with all the cons, I still gave it a 4/5 i would have gave it a
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By PublicNameRequired
4.4 | 556 customer reviews
462 of the 556 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am basing this review on this being my first wheel, so nothing to compare it to.
This wheel feels really solid and well built.
The leather casing gives it a good grip
I agree with other reviewers that the wheel could be bigger but the size is not an issue over all.
I like how simple it is to clamp down or remove. Once clamped it really stays in place.

The peddles are made of steel and the base is plastic, overall feels really well built
Mine sits on the rug and does not move even when jamming on the brake.

So far after only 3 weeks of use I am very happy with this wheel.
I'd recommend this wheel.
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By Mark
Very sturdy, especially the pedals. I sit on my living room couch and my G29 is supported by a Wheel Stand Pro. The combination is great.

The Driving Force GT that I used with my PS3 is just a toy in comparison to the G29. This is a proper simulator tool. I played hours of Project Cars and F1 2016 on my PS4. I noticed how easy it is to catch those slight overseer moments. With the game pad (same PS4 games) or with my old Driving Force GT (PS3) I had to set up all cars to understeer a bit so I wouldn't lose the rear end on corner exits. With the G29 I get great feedback that allows me to set the cars up to be more neutral. In combination with the great throttle pedal modulation, my corner exit speeds are faster than ever.

The brake pedal has great feeling.
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By andren79
Having used Fanatec gear until they dropped support for the PS4/XBOX ONE, this was the closest thing at the time. While the G920 wheel is ok quality, the shifter leaves a lot to be desired.

1. Short throw. Short is ok, but this is almost toy-like.
2. Frictionless and minimal gating. You can drop it into other gears too easily.
3. Weightless shifter with complete plastic feel.

Fortunately for all except point 1, it’s resolvable weaknesses.

TOP TIP, replace the knob with a weighted version — even if it’s a generic aluminum knob. You can buy an adapter or 3D print one for free so you can use a “real” knob. This will change the feel immensely, though I suspect at the expense of the longevity since it might place more stress on the gate and internals. Finally, buy or print the friction/stiffener mod for the H-gate. These two mods will all but eliminate the
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By Jay
product price
4.4 | 228 customer reviews
197 of the 228 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've made a purchase of Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One controller by PDP back in 2016 of September and now it's been showing its end of life and needed a new controller from Microsoft, not from third party made and I am so glad that I bought this one. I ordered this controller in matte blue which looks pretty in person. This updated version of controller is amazingly awesome. Thumbsticks are in place and very solid and they do not wobble, rumble motors are quieter and not too rough than third party ones, love the Xbox LED logo which stays in silver when it's off, blue buttons with colour dots in the centre and bluetooth is fantastic. I've always been a fan of Xbox One controller because it fits on hands perfectly and feels very comfortable compared to PlayStation 4's odd designed controller which I dislike very much. I love this
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By AkaliA
This controller is bright and vibrant. Everyone loves to use it. It has the nice matte feeling that the One X controllers have, but has a smoother front with a subtle design on it. The light is bright, the bumper colour accents exceptionally well. Works exactly as expected, but looked much better in person than expected.
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By CraigHoog
Bought this to replace the other 2 that I have with broken left thumbsticks and headphone jacks that stopped working. The headphone jack doesn't even work on the new one. 70$ and the controller doesn't even work, it's ridiculous. Never had issues with original Xbox controller or 360 controllers. Those are too cheaply made. Will return and probably sell my Xbox to get a PlayStation since I can't get a controller to work more than 3 months before breaking, or in this case broken on arrival.
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By Stéphane Léonard
4.6 | 82 customer reviews
77 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this stand for my Thrustmaster T150 Pro.

When I bought this, it said it was not compatible with the T150 but actually it is. The wheel just clamps to the platform and thats it. I had more difficulty with the pedals as they were too wide for the stand and the attachment holes did not match up properly. As a result I had to drill a couple of holes in the supplied pedal mount holder but it worked fine once I did that and found some longer bolt nuts.

The stand is very sturdy and works great. I also utilized some cable ties to make it tidy looking. The wheel stand is also adjustable so you can have it higher/lower and change the angle which is handy.
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By Ifrit
I was somewhat hesitant to put out another large amount of money after purchasing my 458 Spider racing wheel for the Xbox One. But, after trying to make due with attaching it to a TV tray and various pieces of wood for the pedals, I took the chance. Boy, I'm glad I did. The unit is very high quality and provides more than adequate stability. Now I can adjust it to fit wherever I sit: in a beanbag chair, kitchen chair or couch. And, it folds up to put away easily which the wife loves.

This makes my wheel purchase worthwhile. Without it, I would likely not use the wheel very often.
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By Mike
Purchased for the F458 Spider steering wheel and pedal controller (Xbox One). Stand was quite easy to set up and better quality than I expected.

Two quick-release devices make adjusting the steering wheel height and angle very easy to quickly accommodate from an 4' tall boy to a +6' tall adult. The only drawback is the steering wheel mounting bracket could also benefit from a quick release or knob as its angle is generally locked into place during set-up by a couple bolts/lock washers. This extra quick release would also make it easier to fold the unit flat for storage.

During use the stand is very stable and exceeded our expectations. Four stars is based on the 'missing' third quick release - add that and it's an easy 5-stars
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By Brian
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4.3 | 703 customer reviews
577 of the 703 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You have a XB1 or a pc with windows 10??? You need this fantastic controller....for now i use it on my pc and it work correctly...i also tried it with my Xb1 and it s the same thing...but if you connect the controller via bluetooth on your pc , the 3.5 mm output doesn t work for a need the wireless adapter and it work correctly...i will buy another one for sure....a must have!!!
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By Denis Huot
I hate it! I thought this thing would make be a better gamer but I still get 360 no-scoped by god damn 12 year olds that talk about doing things they don't even understand to my mom.

(Come on. It's an Xbox controller... You can't really go wrong with a genuine part now can you...)
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By MrDenis
Hands down the best controller for controller supported PC games. Forget 360, forget Steam Controller, forget DualShock. Grab this bad boy.

With direct Windows 10 support, best support in a plethora of games (in comparison to Steam and PS4 controllers), and my favourite ergonomics to boot.

Been using the same controller for years now. Zero issues. I've even had it fall off my desk onto hard laminate floors countless times. Only issue was the clip on the battery door snapping, which was instantly fixed with some super glue. But considering the amount of wear and tear I put this tank through, it's still kicking flawlessly.

My 360 controller is seeing tons of deadzone on both thumbsticks. Granted, I've been using that for 5+ years. This Xbone controller sees no sign of deadzones, with the thumbsticks remaining as snappy as it was out of the box.

If the Elite controller wasn't so bloody expensive, I'd
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By Another Customer
4.5 | 95 customer reviews
85 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was worried that this was going to be a knock off after reading several reviews. It's the real deal - happy I bought it. Not a fan of the print but who cares?? It's a great controller at a great price!
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By JBird
Brand new, very fast shipping. Love the minecraft camo design. I got it almost half price, $42 CAD
Can't go wrong at that price. Replaced my OEM white wireless controller that my psycho ex broke :)
Highly recommended :D
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By Derek
If I could give 0 stars I would. I haven’t even had this remote for 1.5 months... it won’t work!!! My son plays xbox on weekends and all of a sudden it stopped working. Changed batteries 5 times and it still won’t work. When you pay a lot of money for something and it stops working after not that much use. Not impressed. Very unhappy.
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By Amber Kolton
product price
4.3 | 342 customer reviews
295 of the 342 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been playing 3-4 hours daily on PC since I've received this about a week ago (actually that's a lie, I play way more than that). This controller costs double what I paid for that last one, which was the one Amazon promotes as their pick (shame on them!). Anyway, so far the investment has been worth it. I previously purchased (and reviewed) cheaper versions and was really disappointed with them. This controller is really a step up performance wise; even compared to the Xbox 360 model. It has the manual dexterity and speed that you want and need to play with precise accurate quick reflexes. The knobs have been improved with a grip texture, so no fumbling with movements. The XBYA buttons are set more flush into the body which doesn't really matter (personally) but I'll have to use it longer to determine if there's any problems/benefits to that.
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By lexicova
I don't think I've ever had a noisier controller. The ABXY buttons are seriously noisy, especially if you're playing something with a lot of button mashing. The shoulder buttons seem to be weird and don't always function... perhaps that's just my particular controller though. It's super comfortable, easy enough to upgrade the firmware on Windows 10, I just wish the USB dongle wasn't so expensive.

It's a nice controller, just really damn noisy.
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By Avsky
I brought this controller because I study in video games at university. I needed to bring one on me at all time to be able to playtest the games we were making. The controller itself is amazing. It's way smoother and have a better feel than the one from the Xbox 360. My only downside is the cable. If you carry it with you, it will get beat up pretty fast, so you should invest in a hard plastic carrying case OR buy the version with an USB key instead
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By Mawiiee228
4.4 | 110 customer reviews
94 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have never owned a console in my life since I'm a PCMR gamer so I have never played games with a controller before and have always preferred KB+Mice.

So I decided to give controllers a try and its definitely changed how I play games. Being able to sit back in a reclined position and playing Assassins creed Origins/Odyssey hours at a time is a joy when compared to killing my left wrist on a keyboard.

The controller is SUPER comfortable and easy to grip (it has a rubberized grip with a triangular texture/pattern). Joysticks are tight and dead zones don't seem to be a thing. Its relatively light and easy to balance. Triggers and bumpers are smooth and tactile respectively and super satisfying to press. Wireless pairing is incredibly quick from startup and latency is pretty much non existent.

Pairing this with the official rechargeable battery pack and mini windows 10 wireless
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By Joel L.
I've owned many xbox one controllers, I believe I'm approaching nine at this point. Sport tech, patrol tech, all the tech series. The camo one. An elite. The normal controllers.

Playing games like Rocket League or fast paced FPSs can be very hard on these and I've come to accept that I'll get a year out of one before something breaks. This Sport White however gave me less than months before I had to pull the back palm rest cover off and scrape the tape off the Right Triggers landing pad because it was sticky. The left stick already has a substantial amount of drift to it.

I think after this I'm switching to PS4 controllers for my PC gaming. Xbox Controllers are simply poor quality these days. Which is horrible considering their price is near on 100 bucks with tax.
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Je ne sais pas avec quoi ils fabriquent les nouvelles manettes mais elles sont "cheap". j'ai due effectuer 3 retours car les 3 manettes avaient des défauts. La première le joystick de gauche était casser après 2 jours. Ensuite j'ai effectuer un remplacement pour une manette qui ne vibrais pas. J'ai ensuite décider d'aller vers la sport white mais la prise pour écouteur a brisé en même pas 1 jour. J'ai donc retourner la manette et je suis avec une deuxième sport white depuis 2 semaines sans qu'elle brise mais juste au toucher tu vois que c'est une manette plus cheap que les bonnes veilles noirs qui venait avec le xbox. Bref, j'ai beaucoup de difficulté avec les nouvelles manettes.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 173 customer reviews
145 of the 173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Same price as you'd pay in store for the controller alone, but this comes with the PC adapter, which is great if you like PC gaming but aren't a huge fan of WASD controls.

UPDATE - June 29, 2017:
This controller has given me nothing but problems, with trigger glitch and all sorts of weird in-game bugs. At first I thought they were software issues, but after swapping out it became evident this controller was the problem. Worked fine initially, but conveniently crapped out after the 3-month warranty period. Microsoft support was totally useless and unwilling to replace.
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By Guillaume Fogarty-Greenshaw
In my opinion its the best controller out there. It has a tight integration with windows which is a strong advantage. Very comfortable to hold for extended gaming session.

There however a few problem with this controller:

- No built-in battery. IMO, this should be included at this price range.
- The headphone/mic jack use a somewhat uncommon standard. With my Bose quiet comfort-15 I only get sound on the right hear. My iPhone headphone works but not mic.
- Its hard to tell if its failing to sync or you just ran out of battery.
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By Charles
Its a great design for a controller! Feels great in the hand and works seamless with a lot of games.

I'm giving it 3 stars because it has a not uncommon bug in the installation process for some windows 10 users. The installation should literally be just plug and play, however this was not the case. At first I thought something was wrong with the wireless adapter as its light wasn't turning on and so I couldn't pair it with the controller. A quick google search revealed that this is due the drivers for the wireless controller not installing automatically (which it should be especially on windows 10). Trying to get window's 10 to find and download the drivers itself didn't work so I had to spend about 1-2hrs manually finding, downloading, installing, uninstalling and then repeating the process for drivers until one eventually made it work. After that I was
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By Ywata
4.6 | 49 customer reviews
46 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was extremely happy to find this controller here since it’s all sold out on the Microsoft website.
The price is great considering it’s a limited edition controller and it comes with in game downloadable content for sea of thieves as well as a game pass free trial so it really is a great value for such a beautiful controller it’s not much more expensive than a regular controller and is considerably cheaper than a custom controller and is still a bit cheaper than a design lab controller.
The design on this controller is beautiful and unique there are no controllers on market that look anything like this unless they are custom I think that’s what I love so much about it you get a custom look for a great price.
This is the only controller on market with multi coloured triggers and that gold trigger was a great addition. It is also
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By Tamieko
I have never desired my own controller, with 5 other people in the house having controllers I didn't see the point. I would have been tempted if there was Assassins Creed theme as that is my addiction,but never happened. I saw this one ordered it and I love it! Great color scheme, beautiful design. My kids are even jealous hehe
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By LittleCy
This has to be the most gorgeous looking Xbox controller ever. This controller looks good on pictures but in person its even better. This product also comes with a cosmetic DLC for your character in the upcoming game "Sea of Thieves." It also includes 14 day trial Xbox live and Xbox Game Pass.
Overall a good damn product.
FYI the skull on the controller glows in the dark.
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By Michael
4.4 | 84 customer reviews
73 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Xbox One controller is the best controller for PC in my opinion. Games just work with it and many games have integrated their in-game tutorials to call out Xbox buttons rather than other game controllers like the PS4.

The controller is a great quality, battery lasts long, and the feel in the hand is amazing. I prefer the feel of the familiar PS4 controller a bit better, but based on compatibility with Windows this is the best controller I can get for my PC. Really love the look of this Phantom Black edition since it compliments my White/Black computer case nicely.
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By Captain Canuck
I’m truly satisfied with this product. It arrived earlier than it’s expected delivery date. Everything was intact upon opening the box.
It’s a unique special edition controller. The top portion’s transparent shell goes well with the gold-like solid colour of the handles/D-pad.
It also comes packaged with a 14 Day Xbox Game Pass subscription and a 14 Day Xbox Live Gold subscription, too!
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By Jett Monsen
I love, love, love this controller. I am a total sucker for limited editions, and the cream fade to black translucent is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of controllers from the orginal xbox era, and it's super cool to be able to see the inside of the controller, and all the components that allow it to function. I bought two of these, and am 100% sastified, I think they're the best first party controllers available (outside of the elite model) available.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 33 customer reviews
32 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great fit! the batteries fit into the controller perfectly. As well, because of the charging position, I can leave the chat pad attached while charging. The batteries seem to last about 10 hours on a single charge, so far. Time will tell as to how long that lasts.
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By Rob B
Works awesome. Keeps a solid charge. Can easily play all day on one charge great price great product. No complaints would but again. Even bought a second one as a gift!
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By Kody
Charges okay. Sometimes difficult to get it to charge. I was offered a full refund from the shipper due to the fact that the rechargeable batteries wouldn't hold a charge. They stand behind their product
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By Rick
4.7 | 33 customer reviews
32 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great fit! the batteries fit into the controller perfectly. As well, because of the charging position, I can leave the chat pad attached while charging. The batteries seem to last about 10 hours on a single charge, so far. Time will tell as to how long that lasts.
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By Rob B
Works awesome. Keeps a solid charge. Can easily play all day on one charge great price great product. No complaints would but again. Even bought a second one as a gift!
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By Kody
Charges okay. Sometimes difficult to get it to charge. I was offered a full refund from the shipper due to the fact that the rechargeable batteries wouldn't hold a charge. They stand behind their product
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By Rick
product price
4.2 | 182 customer reviews
145 of the 182 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for use on my gaming PC when it's attached to my TV. I'm using Bluetooth to connect it.

As far as a controller goes, I honestly prefer the PS4 controller but the Xbox One controller has better native support in Windows 10. They've fixed the bumpers since the original design of the controller, which is nice. It still doesn't feel super high quality considering the price. The plastic feels a little cheap If I'm honest. I do like the textures on the thumb sticks though, that's a nice touch.

My biggest issue is that the headphone jack doesn't work if the controller is plugged into your PC over Bluetooth. That seems like an obvious thing that would have been implemented. Perhaps it was too much data to handle over Bluetooth? Unsure, but it's unfortunate none-the-less. Apparently there is a separate adapter which you can purchase to enable this.

Overall it
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By Amazon Customer
It only works with Windows 7 wired.
It takes AAs, not an included battery pack, which could be a positive if you play for extended sessions, swapping could be cheaper.
It seems to work wireless (over bluetooth) with w10 and Linux (utility needed)

Other than being a little expensive, it's a pretty nice controller.
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By Luke
The new S controllers are beautifully designed and the grip on the back is great. But for some reason they have huge connectivity problems with my console, which is an original model. If you're buying it for the new Models I imagine it will be fine. But on mine they disconnect randomly, when the system has been turned off, they will fail to reconnect when started again and need to go through the sync. The sync can take forever and sometimes requires the console be restarted. The original controllers have never had any problems and continue function flawlessly.
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By Stephen Evans
product price
4.2 | 143 customer reviews
115 of the 143 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There's no substitute for the real thing! I originally purchased the third-part chatpad by ICON for $29 from a local retailer. The ICON model was poorly contructed, did not directly connect to the XBOX ONE controller, instead used a bluetooth doogle that used up one of your valuable USB inputs on your console, and at that the connection was dodgy at best. The ICON also used separate batteries and drained them quickly. Now enter the Microsoft XBOX ONE official connect and powered by the Xbox controller itself....the keypad is one of the most comfortable you'll ever use...looking at it you'd think it would be hard to hit the keys accurately, but each key is domed perfectly so you hit the exact ones you're aiming for every time. The function keys are logically assigned, and there is a mini-plug on the bottom so you can
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By SW_Rogue One
A lot better than using the stick to scroll through letters to type usernames and passwords and to set up accounts.
Works well and has held up a year and a half of moderate gaming use, but it just gets left in the controller, if I was in the habit of connecting and disconnecting regularly I could see how it could easily be broken.
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By Justin
The chatpad works great for quick typing, just like the xbox 360 chatpad, but it suffers from a defect with the 3.5mm TRRS connector.

I've returned the original and received another new Chatpad, which also suffers from the same problem. I've seen other reviewers have the same issue, which leads me to believe it's a defect.

The jack either sits wrong or is constructed poorly so that the slightest nudge of the headset wire sends static crackling through the earpiece and actually broadcasts over party chat.

Friends quickly get annoyed by this, as it's nearly impossible to hold the controller perfectly still while playing a game. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't broadcast the crackling & hissing through party chat.

I have mixed thoughts about the new 3.5mm TRRS (4 pole) connection. You can now use the same headset you use for your phone on the xbox chatpad, and vice versa, but it
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By Brad Mills
4.1 | 170 customer reviews
130 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The infrared remotes on the Android boxes is a piece of junk. Flimsy, cheap buttons feel, and works only when it wants to. This REDGO Air Mouse Remote is the perfect solution. Though I had a little difficulty with this remote at first, it wasn't the fault of the remote, it was my inability to understand that I had to turn off the air mouse feature to be able to use all the functions of this unit as a remote control. Once I discovered the single button press that had eluded me, it worked exactly as I had desired. As a bonus, the air mouse does work astonishingly well, and it is a feature I will be returning to again and again.

The keyboard on the flip side is just the right size. The only thing I can think to make it better would be for there to be an option
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By Joseph Kayne
I was able to program the 4 colour keys but according to the description all 42 keys on front should be programmable as well. Instructions could use some more details. Also, the voice button does not work although the voice query does pop up when I press the search button on the remote. Finally after a few uses the red power button on button does not work. I am able to turn off the unit using the power button but it will not turn on.

I will probably return for a new one. Hopefully that one works as it should. If, not I will give up.
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By Alfred Y Yim
I had the exact remote without the "microphone" feature and it was able to turn ON and OFF my device. By pressing the TV button the light on remote would turn Red and then Green. In red mode it would turn ON and off the device. In green mode it would work as remote to control and navigate. This however did not turn ON or OFF and not it did have the Red/Green features. Returned it.
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By Cloud Boy
product price
4.3 | 50 customer reviews
45 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have bought this about 2 months ago. to be honest, I think this is by far the best looking controller to date. And it's the newer blutooth version. Anyone who comes over to my place always comments how nice the controller is, even when we not playing xbox. its quite the looker. definitely a step up from the standard controller. it looks really premium, worth the purchase.
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By Sunny
Bought this for a Valentines day gift for my boyfriend and he adores it. It works perfectly and it was in a sealed box no tampering. Super pretty to look at and lighter than your average remote, or at least the previous gen. ones.
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By Amanda
Definitely recommend looking up a video or pictures of the Ocean Shadow colour before buying it, because if you want how it looks in the pictures, you may be disappointed, as it's a good bit darker than pictured. However, it looks very nice and feels great texture wise. Really impressed by the build quality of it as well.
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By Neil
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4.4 | 37 customer reviews
35 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've got a PC hooked up to my living room TV, and this controller pairs perfectly with Windows 10 so I can game from the couch. Supported by a bunch of games natively, and also works with Steam's system for games that don't directly support a controller. Have used it to play Borderlands 2, Shantae: The Pirate's Curse, Dead Cells, Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2, etc.

I have the basic black model of this controller, and bought the "Dawn Shadow" version for my girlfriend who has hers hooked up to her gaming laptop via bluetooth.
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By Ryan
This controller is beautiful, it functions as promised and came with two AA batteries. I also have the blue pairing to this one and together they make a gorgeous set.
It functions perfectly well, and I like the feel and weight of it in my hand while I'm playing as well as the vibration mechanism during game-ply.
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By Genevieve
Controller works awesome. Had zero issues with it . It's a year old now and working as well as the first day. No sticky buttons or sticks. The color isn't peeling or fading.
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By Jess
4.6 | 25 customer reviews
23 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son loves it and the grip on the back is nice.
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By Jerry
First of all, the look and the feel of the controller is great, and I appreciate the details that it has. It is very comfortable to hold and use.

Now, I would like to clarify that I bought this because of two reasons: 1.- I like GoW :P and 2.- I wanted to use it with my gaming laptop. It is easy to setup and pair with a laptop that has Windows 10 since it uses Blutooth. Please keep in mind that it does not come with any usb cable.

I deducted a star because it works great with Steam games, but with Windows Store games (like GoW4) you need a usb cable in order to plug it to the computer for the game to recognize it. This could be just due to GoW being a XBoX One and Windows game, but because of that I decided to deduct the star. Also,
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By Ricardo R.
Great unit looks amazing feels more durable then other controllers. Unfortunately I this unit replaced were some loose parts rattling inside the unit, got a replacement worked for a while then issues with the Vibration on the replacement unit tried getting a replacement for that second unit but unfortunately I had to chance my shipping address toy new p o box and never had an issue with other packages getting delivered then picked up later and due to that there not able to send one out as I am not home to receive packages. Great unit overall but my experience with the product and replacing the unit could have been better that's why 3 stars.
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By Gavin purdie
4.1 | 122 customer reviews
89 of the 122 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had the Xboxone Elite before . Had to replace the bumper twice in less than 6 month. When I saw this one I wasn't sure
but now that I have played with it . I'm never going back to anything else . Mechanical button are the best . Its comfy , elegant and performant. What else do you want ?
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By Guillaume Pelletier
I bought this controller because my previous Razer Wildcat was starting to mess up after 2000 hours+ of game time and I do not regret it at all. The grip is perfect, the joysticks are the perfect size and the additionnal bumpers are working just as well as on the Wildcat, it's the same.

With Razer Synapse for XBox, that you can get on Windows Store if you have Windows 10, you can easily reconfigure what the buttons do to whatever you want, and you can also desactivate them. The ABXY buttons are a bit different than the ones on the Wildcat, you have to put more pressure on them to activate them, unlike the Wildcat which needed only a slight touch. I feel those buttons on the Wolverine much more natural. They are still clicky and mechanical, but you have to press them half the way through to activate the
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By Max450
Controller is advertised as compatible with PC. Despite there existing razer app for PC peripherals this controller can not be connected to it. Absolutely nothing can be changed or modified without connecting the controller to the x-box rendering the relatively expensive device virtually useless for using with PC alone
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By Hilary