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4.6 | 441 customer reviews
408 of the 441 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As I am somewhat a pessimist, (Murphy's Law) and often wind up with three issues when I thought I would only have to deal with one, I figured I would just go with an external drive "aimed for the Xbox". I decided to go for this early as I had purchased the 500 gigabyte unit offering the Gears of War collection, the Halo collection, and Gears of War and Halo Guardians. I had not realized just how much hard drive space the newer high definition games consumed. I was sitting at 86% used, so before I did anything else, I, like many others, chose to use the external option. I have to admit the system made it a snap. As I had read, it permitted me to store virtually all my files externally. I decided to do that; the system conveniently provides an option
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By Roger Pasichnyk
Extremely easy setup. Plug in and switch your settings so that all your games are installed on here rather than the Xbox One's internal drive and away you go. And just in case your Xbox One's internal drive craps the bed, it won't matter because all your stuff is on here. I only use the Xbox One's internal drive for system stuff only. All the games are on here.Despite what another reviewer said about not being able to save games on here, that's not the case. You can save games onto the drive.
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By Driver 8
Pretty pricey, but ultimately worth it. It adds a MASSIVE amount of storage, which is extremely useful for people like me who buy a lot of games digitally. I've had this for several months, downloading probably around 50 games at this point (and they ain't small), and I'm only at around 34% storage taken up. I got my Xbox One with 1 terabyte of storage initially. It's filled up now, so I am extremely glad I bought this to go along with. If you download a lot of digital games and you're gunning for an Xbox One (or already have one), you'll want to pick this up.
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By Amazonian Customer
4.5 | 573 customer reviews
508 of the 573 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using this headset with my Nintendo Switch (mostly playing Fortnite) for the past several weeks and have been very happy. For the price, the headset sounds impressive. The bass gets down fairly low and the midrange is very clear. The very high end frequencies roll off a bit early, but the headset sounds very good overall.

Teammates have reported that the microphone transmits loud and clear. The short mic boom is nice as it keeps things out of your face. The mute switch works consistently and the in-line remote is works well and adds convenience (despite feeling like the cheapest component on the headset.

You'll notice the headset has a USB plug as well as the standard audio plugs (and included adapters for different connectivity options). At first I wondered what the USB was for, but I can confidently report that it is only used as a power source for
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By Zach Redeker
We purchased this because it is designed for PS4 but has an add on cable that allows you to connect to any PC as well. Decent sound and my online gaming buddies hear me just fine. Mute and volume switch is on the cable where the plastic feels a bit cheap but everything works. Works fine with Windows 10 when I test it with Voice Recorder. Some adjustments can be made to it under Sound in Control Panel in Windows. Fits my abnormally big head.

I primarily use it the game Left 4 Dead 2, Game recognized it and works in voice activation mode inside the game. USB plug only powers the lights, I don’t usually plug in even.

Overall, for the price, I am happy with my purchase after using it for a few days, everyday, for hours.
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By Mr. Mercenary
Great quality headset. Solid construction and sound quality are very good. They are very much comparable to other brand-name headsets (which costs 5 times more) if not better. The LED blue light matches my keyboard and mouse. Very comfy wearing them. Definitely recommend this to people who needs a pair of gaming headsets.
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By Dee Won
4.5 | 555 customer reviews
484 of the 555 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently bought a second Xbox One controller and wanted a charging dock for space saving and charging purposes so I never have to worry about dead batteries again. It came within 2 days of ordering in perfect condition. It comes with the stand, AC wall plug, 2 batteries and 4 battery covers (two white, two black) which I didn't know when ordering but is actually great because I have one controller of each colour. LED lights up red when charging and green when completed. Top light is for top controller, bottom light is for bottom controller. Installing the battery and cover is very easy to do. Controller slides in and out of the dock with ease without it feeling loose. Very happy with this purchase!
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By Katie
Great looking product and quality build over competition. Of course Microsoft's own battery pack is slightly better build, but they don't quite have a charge station like this. The station looks great on display and is of good quality. My only complaint would be the slight bulge the battery pack cover has at the back of the cover vs the original cover, but it serves a purpose to hold the controller in place on the charge station and is not so noticeable after a while of use. Otherwise a great product and highly recommend over the cheaper alternatives which some I have tried and returned due to poor build quality.

Edit. Had to knock it down one star as the battery only seems to last about 10 hours at most. About 1/3 what they claim. I would expect it to at least last 20. 10 is pretty bad.
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By Mike
Looks good product at the beginning and it has brand name battery etc, etc. everything are no question ask. However I found the charging base are difficulty to hold the controller sometime and it turns out not charging the controller properly. The balance and the way you put the controller to the charging base will need to be exact and carefully positioned otherwise it will not start charging and it surrounding edges are nothing help the controller landed line up with the charge. So if you not doing it right the controller are not charging or flashing red light on and off. So I end up getting another different style base.
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By Patrick Chan
4.5 | 526 customer reviews
464 of the 526 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
im gonna point everything out so its easier to quickly read

- very good quality
- feels nice and snug on head
- DETACHABLE MIC (best feature ever)
- it only has one input like the ones on phone earbuds so you can leave the included computer splitter ( one to audio and mic) on your computer desk and take the headphones on and off whenever
- over ear design very comfortable on ears
- ONLY 50 bucks!!!! cheapest headphones and they compare to headphones double the price
- braided cable
- real leather ear cups
- great sound quality and deep bass

- the wire is attached to the headphone not removable, so if you break it you cant simply replace the wire
- the headphones are a little tight for long use, i just got these so the problem might go away
- the fabric ear cups arent included
- the size adjusting area seems a little cheap and not too
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By Amazon Customer
The box came a bit damaged but I was still impressed by the packaging. My first thought when I first touched it was how high quality and sturdy it felt in my hands. Then as soon as I put it on I became dead to the world because of how comfortably it fit and how rich the sound was. I debated a long time about whether to get this or the Cloud I or the Cloud II so for anyone who's having trouble deciding here's my reasoning:

Cloud I - Comes with the Cloud I headset which has a non-detachable split mic and audio plugs, velour earpads, a carry case, an airplane adapter, an adapter that turns the two separate plugs into one analog plug, two extension cables (one has volume control and mic mute switch), and a microphone

Cloud II - Comes with the Cloud II headset which differs from the
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By Cindy
Fantastic headset for the price. My husband wears these when he plays Xbox and he probably wouldn't hear me if I was being murdered in the next room.

Edit: had a fight and this headset got thrown at a wall twice. The earphone parts came off but snapped back into place with a little effort. Still works perfectly fine. 12/5 stars
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By May Bell
product price
4.5 | 212 customer reviews
191 of the 212 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I honestly can't believe they discontinued these things. I use my Xbox as a media centre and I couldn't live without this remote. No more having to re-connect my controller just to hit pause on a movie. No more monkey-ing around trying to rewind youtube videos. No more accidentally hitting the wrong buttons (that may just be me...). This thing automatically turns itself on when it feels you pick it up (or when you push a button), and the controls are simple and straightforward. No need to pair it with a specific system either, simply point it at any Xbox One and it'll control it. And because it automatically puts itself to sleep after a few seconds of no use, the battery life is fantastic. It's very small, about half the size of most TV remotes, and feels well constructed. Decent range, but does require line-of-sight to the system.
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By Kayla Stewart
Feels amazing. Been using for a wile now and it dosn't wear off like I expected it to. Functional and has very nice motion activated back light. I use it for anything other than gaming. Nice to be able to just grab it and not fuss with turning a controller on. Also doesn't put unnecessary wear on your controller. Only complaints I have is that iv found the underside of the remote sometimes slides off the expose the batterys without intending to. You also need to hold it at funny angles sometimes to get it to work. I know the sensors not just took some getting used to. Worth the buy if you use your Xbox as your media center.
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By Mitch Ontario
Pros :
- Works as expected for all controls related to the Xbox
- Don't need to "turn on" your remote when you need it
- Back lights turn on when you move the remote
- Nice design. Cool feeling.

Cons :
- Volume and mute control don't work when you are more than 2 feet away from your console.
- It's an IR remote. It meens you can't have any obstacle between your remote and your console. It's often difficult to send the signal to the Xbox. You have to try many angles, so it can be really frustrating.
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By Daniel Lacombe Barrios
4.4 | 1,076 customer reviews
916 of the 1,076 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The charging dock itself super lightweight doesn't take that much real estate in terms of space off of each body was supposed to get about 30 for 35 hours of playtime which is been pretty accurate for me

Only, con I would say about it is I wish the USB cord was a bit longer but other than that it's an amazing dock it does what it's supposed to do

The package itself is light weights not super heavy at all one quick thing to note it works with all Xbox controllers from the old Xbox one model to the current one when first putting in the battery pack into the controller it is a bit difficult at first but other than that that's common for most people
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By Jonh robinson
Was looking to save a few bucks over the Nyko one by going with this one. It is lighter, not that it matters since it would never move in theory. The battery packs fit very tight in the remotes, making it a challenge to put in. The fit and finish isn't perfect either, since the gaps don't really line up perfectly with the remote where it curves. It also isn't the same finish as the remote, it is a bit smoother. If you have an older remote, that would be fine. But the newer ones have more grip so this feels a bit off. Lastly, I couldn't help but laugh at the 1ft USB cable and lack of power adapter. If you plug into the console directly, I am sure this is fine, but for those like me it's just comical. Lastly, it looks like I was
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By Francis Pelland
The charger base station comes with a very short cord and the way the battery clips into the controller feels odd and forced. It refused to clip and when I took a look I realised the two little bits that clip the battery were bent. Cheap plastic and even when I managed to bend them the way they should be it still didn't really clip right. Never stays completely secure and closed. Overall a very cheap product from look to feel. Highly recommend looking for something else. there are comparable products for about the same money and also backed by Microsoft.
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By Mike
4.4 | 556 customer reviews
462 of the 556 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am basing this review on this being my first wheel, so nothing to compare it to.
This wheel feels really solid and well built.
The leather casing gives it a good grip
I agree with other reviewers that the wheel could be bigger but the size is not an issue over all.
I like how simple it is to clamp down or remove. Once clamped it really stays in place.

The peddles are made of steel and the base is plastic, overall feels really well built
Mine sits on the rug and does not move even when jamming on the brake.

So far after only 3 weeks of use I am very happy with this wheel.
I'd recommend this wheel.
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By Mark
Very sturdy, especially the pedals. I sit on my living room couch and my G29 is supported by a Wheel Stand Pro. The combination is great.

The Driving Force GT that I used with my PS3 is just a toy in comparison to the G29. This is a proper simulator tool. I played hours of Project Cars and F1 2016 on my PS4. I noticed how easy it is to catch those slight overseer moments. With the game pad (same PS4 games) or with my old Driving Force GT (PS3) I had to set up all cars to understeer a bit so I wouldn't lose the rear end on corner exits. With the G29 I get great feedback that allows me to set the cars up to be more neutral. In combination with the great throttle pedal modulation, my corner exit speeds are faster than ever.

The brake pedal has great feeling.
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By andren79
Having used Fanatec gear until they dropped support for the PS4/XBOX ONE, this was the closest thing at the time. While the G920 wheel is ok quality, the shifter leaves a lot to be desired.

1. Short throw. Short is ok, but this is almost toy-like.
2. Frictionless and minimal gating. You can drop it into other gears too easily.
3. Weightless shifter with complete plastic feel.

Fortunately for all except point 1, it’s resolvable weaknesses.

TOP TIP, replace the knob with a weighted version — even if it’s a generic aluminum knob. You can buy an adapter or 3D print one for free so you can use a “real” knob. This will change the feel immensely, though I suspect at the expense of the longevity since it might place more stress on the gate and internals. Finally, buy or print the friction/stiffener mod for the H-gate. These two mods will all but eliminate the
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By Jay
4.6 | 80 customer reviews
71 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My Xbox controllers kept either losing their connection, or they wouldn't turn on at all. After some research online, I found out it was either the back of my controllers, or the controllers themselves ... At $69+ a controller, I figured I'd better risk it and purchase the backs instead.

THANK GOD I RISKED IT! I replaced all 4 of my controllers with these backs ... Guess who's controllers work now?? :D. These backs are so snug. They're wonderful. I'm definitely gonna buy another as a backup, just in case :). Thank you!
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By Calypso
My original part was damaged by battery acid, so this part was a very reasonably priced way to restore my controller to working condition. Plus I have a spare now. Very good product!
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By David L. Dunn
So far they work on each of my 4 wireless X360 controllers. A great buy.
*careful when opening them to replace batteries, the slots do NOT grip the batteries so your AA's fall right out.
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By Jason U
product price
4.4 | 228 customer reviews
197 of the 228 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've made a purchase of Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One controller by PDP back in 2016 of September and now it's been showing its end of life and needed a new controller from Microsoft, not from third party made and I am so glad that I bought this one. I ordered this controller in matte blue which looks pretty in person. This updated version of controller is amazingly awesome. Thumbsticks are in place and very solid and they do not wobble, rumble motors are quieter and not too rough than third party ones, love the Xbox LED logo which stays in silver when it's off, blue buttons with colour dots in the centre and bluetooth is fantastic. I've always been a fan of Xbox One controller because it fits on hands perfectly and feels very comfortable compared to PlayStation 4's odd designed controller which I dislike very much. I love this
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By AkaliA
This controller is bright and vibrant. Everyone loves to use it. It has the nice matte feeling that the One X controllers have, but has a smoother front with a subtle design on it. The light is bright, the bumper colour accents exceptionally well. Works exactly as expected, but looked much better in person than expected.
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By CraigHoog
Bought this to replace the other 2 that I have with broken left thumbsticks and headphone jacks that stopped working. The headphone jack doesn't even work on the new one. 70$ and the controller doesn't even work, it's ridiculous. Never had issues with original Xbox controller or 360 controllers. Those are too cheaply made. Will return and probably sell my Xbox to get a PlayStation since I can't get a controller to work more than 3 months before breaking, or in this case broken on arrival.
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By Stéphane Léonard
4.6 | 60 customer reviews
57 of the 60 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LSD = Low Self Discharge

These have a relatively high (marketed) capacity because they are not low self discharge. This means it will give you a good couple hours more gaming but only if you use and charge regularly. In a month, you might expect these to be down to 60% capacity whereas LSD type may be down to 95%. Now this could be a moot point because LSD batteries marketed for XBOX controllers are generally half the capacity anyway. What I’m saying is if you only play your XBOX once every two months, you might find you’ll have to top off before a gaming session. For most, it’s not an issue.

These are basically 2xAA cells wrapped up with an included simple USB powered charger. I can appreciate the USB powered charger. Overall, not bad. I picked up the set and the extra 2 so now I have power for all
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By Jay
I have a crazy long commute, so I started bringing my Microsoft Surface tablet to work, and playing games on it using my Xbox controller. Because it's not on Xbox, I don't see my battery percentages and sometimes the controller dies on the way home, which is annoying at best.

What drew me to this charger was the portability of it. You can charge it via micro USB, USB C or a built in USB cable. So charging it at work with a USB battery makes this a huge win for me. I want to point out that the batteries are notched so you can't plug them in the wrong way, which could pose a huge risk. So this is another huge win. There seems to be a huge amount of safety features built into the charger and batteries.

The seller claims these can be charged from dead in 5 hours, and
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By Ronald J Cox
I'm a little worried about the material itself holding up as it feels a little flimsy. The battery itself has already been a super savings on my wallet as the battery usually lasts me a week to a week & a half before I have to charge the battery. I can play without worrying about the controller loosing the connection & interrupting my game, etc.
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By Peter Heffernan
4.4 | 184 customer reviews
162 of the 184 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At $35, this power supply is a steal. It runs cool + completely silent, even under high loads. I tested this out by playing some graphics + CPU heavy titles on my Xbox, and yet this power supply was as quiet as a sleeping baby and only went up to a lukewarm temperature. I would highly recommend this product.
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By Stephen Lim
This is a gift from a friend. My friend is very happy. This helped him solve the big problem, just like the original one.
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By Amazon Customer
This is a great alternative to an xbox power supply. It came really fast tested it for several hours its quiet and it stayed cool.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 1,074 customer reviews
870 of the 1,074 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So I upgraded from the Microsoft headphones to these. At only about $5 more than the Microsoft headphones, these are a huge upgrade. I just recently played a couple of hours on the Xbox One playing Diablo 3 and my ears were fine with these, plus I think I was definitely hearing some sounds that I didn't hear when I was just playing through the speakers. I also hooked these into my iPhone which was a good experience as well. I doubt that these are going to compete with really expensive headphones, but at this price, you really can't complain. Good purchase.
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By CruisnCanada
Exactly as the picture, sound quality was very good and clear. I liked the extended 6 month warranty provided by the company itself. The earphone part is very comfortable on the ears, not loose at all. These arrived in 2 days. I think it is super quality for the money. There are also several plugs for different devices. I used mine in my tablet with no problems. Also a handy volume adjuster and microphone on/off button on the headphone wire.
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By Cathy Peeling
The headset came in an undisturbed box, with the adapter for splitting audio in and out.

The 'vents' on the side light up, as well as on the microphone's 'spearhead'. Speaking of the microphone, it has pleasant detentes on the main swivel, and the arm is flexible. Perhaps a little too flexible, but I'll update on that down the road. The headset itself has physical *presence* when you pick it up: it's quite weighty! The cords are all braided, and feel quality. Like the main unit, they have physical presence. The plugs also have a pleasant 'snappiness' when inserted, leading to a feeling of mild satisfaction when inserted.

The headband has two sliders for adjustment, one on either side. The sliders are comprised of strips of what looks and feels like metal, glued to the plastic body. The sliders have detentes, and are actually unnervingly loud when pulled on. The inline volume
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By Cynthia
26 offers from product price
4.3 | 528 customer reviews
442 of the 528 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First things first. How to spot the old controller vs 2016 Controller:
-New controller retail box main color is white (old is green)
• -Newer Model: TF5-00001 (white), 6CL-00001 (black) (Number about S/N on tag) Old: EX6-00001 (black still sold today for same price)
• -Newer controller power button is all smooth clear plastic with X logo (old has silver accents and is bumpy)

Other New claimed features:

• Double range – I’ve tested this and the range is greater but not sure if double.
• Refined Bumpers (RT/LT) – Very well done, feels a lot smoother and no audible clicking sound like before.
• Textured Grips – Very fine dotted texture where your palms grip the controller. Best ergonomic addition. Makes grip so much better and comfortable holding the controller.
• Bluetooth – As both a console and PC gamer this controller is a must have. I have Windows 10 ver 1511 and had no
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By D.T
Disclaimer: This is a review for the Xbox Wireless Controller White Edition with Bluetooth functionality. I purchased the product at Best Buy and this is my opinion a few days after use. My thoughts mostly come from using this controller with a Windows 10 PC system.

The revised Xbox One Wireless controller is a really excellent device. It is a giant improvement for someone who would be using a 360 controller, but also stands out from the previous versions on the Xbox one. You don't have to buy this controller if you already own one, although it would be a great option if you're looking to get a second one. But, primarily, Windows 10 users greatly benefit from this controller, as it doesn't need an external dongle to run. Though provided it needs a Bluetooth stick or built-in feature on a motherboard to be used, the controller has certain limitations versus
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By Vlad
I got this to use on my PC for gaming (I connect through a USB cord). I don't actually own an Xbox, but I read that this controller works great on the PC. I had a cheaper, plastic-feeling controller and was not pleased with it. Wow, this controller really impresses. Feels solid, built well, and has some heft to it (unlike the cheaper plastic generic controllers). My son uses it as well, and it's a perfect fit for his smaller hands. Two thumbs up from me!

I got mine on sale. I suggest you wait and do the same, unless you are in a rush. It's an even better deal when you get it on sale.
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By Marc
4.6 | 49 customer reviews
46 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was extremely happy to find this controller here since it’s all sold out on the Microsoft website.
The price is great considering it’s a limited edition controller and it comes with in game downloadable content for sea of thieves as well as a game pass free trial so it really is a great value for such a beautiful controller it’s not much more expensive than a regular controller and is considerably cheaper than a custom controller and is still a bit cheaper than a design lab controller.
The design on this controller is beautiful and unique there are no controllers on market that look anything like this unless they are custom I think that’s what I love so much about it you get a custom look for a great price.
This is the only controller on market with multi coloured triggers and that gold trigger was a great addition. It is also
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By Tamieko
I have never desired my own controller, with 5 other people in the house having controllers I didn't see the point. I would have been tempted if there was Assassins Creed theme as that is my addiction,but never happened. I saw this one ordered it and I love it! Great color scheme, beautiful design. My kids are even jealous hehe
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By LittleCy
This has to be the most gorgeous looking Xbox controller ever. This controller looks good on pictures but in person its even better. This product also comes with a cosmetic DLC for your character in the upcoming game "Sea of Thieves." It also includes 14 day trial Xbox live and Xbox Game Pass.
Overall a good damn product.
FYI the skull on the controller glows in the dark.
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By Michael
4.9 | 26 customer reviews
26 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are perfect for opening my PS4 so that I can clean the dust inside.
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By Amazon4Life
They work well. I was worried they might be hard to turn but not really. I fixed an Xbox 360 controller shoulder trigger and cleaned out the dust from my Xbox 360 console. It still has a little buzz but that's just XBOX 360s actual fans.
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By Matthew
These screwdrivers do exactly what I needed them to do, the quality of the plastic can feel a bit cheap at times, but that’s to be expected with the price. Worth it if you just need them for occasional use, but I would recommend you get higher quality ones if you’re going to be heavily using them
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By Shane
4.4 | 110 customer reviews
94 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have never owned a console in my life since I'm a PCMR gamer so I have never played games with a controller before and have always preferred KB+Mice.

So I decided to give controllers a try and its definitely changed how I play games. Being able to sit back in a reclined position and playing Assassins creed Origins/Odyssey hours at a time is a joy when compared to killing my left wrist on a keyboard.

The controller is SUPER comfortable and easy to grip (it has a rubberized grip with a triangular texture/pattern). Joysticks are tight and dead zones don't seem to be a thing. Its relatively light and easy to balance. Triggers and bumpers are smooth and tactile respectively and super satisfying to press. Wireless pairing is incredibly quick from startup and latency is pretty much non existent.

Pairing this with the official rechargeable battery pack and mini windows 10 wireless
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By Joel L.
I've owned many xbox one controllers, I believe I'm approaching nine at this point. Sport tech, patrol tech, all the tech series. The camo one. An elite. The normal controllers.

Playing games like Rocket League or fast paced FPSs can be very hard on these and I've come to accept that I'll get a year out of one before something breaks. This Sport White however gave me less than months before I had to pull the back palm rest cover off and scrape the tape off the Right Triggers landing pad because it was sticky. The left stick already has a substantial amount of drift to it.

I think after this I'm switching to PS4 controllers for my PC gaming. Xbox Controllers are simply poor quality these days. Which is horrible considering their price is near on 100 bucks with tax.
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Je ne sais pas avec quoi ils fabriquent les nouvelles manettes mais elles sont "cheap". j'ai due effectuer 3 retours car les 3 manettes avaient des défauts. La première le joystick de gauche était casser après 2 jours. Ensuite j'ai effectuer un remplacement pour une manette qui ne vibrais pas. J'ai ensuite décider d'aller vers la sport white mais la prise pour écouteur a brisé en même pas 1 jour. J'ai donc retourner la manette et je suis avec une deuxième sport white depuis 2 semaines sans qu'elle brise mais juste au toucher tu vois que c'est une manette plus cheap que les bonnes veilles noirs qui venait avec le xbox. Bref, j'ai beaucoup de difficulté avec les nouvelles manettes.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 47 customer reviews
44 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I ordered these batteries there weren’t any reviews so I wasn’t sure the quality of them. I decided you got a risk it to get the biscuit. I ordered them and I’m glad I did. These batteries are great the longevity of life in them is superb. I would definitely recommend anyone to pick up these batteries as you get the casing the cables and the batteries for a great price without compromising on quality. And the charging cable has the LED indicator to show the charging status, you don't need worry over charging, it is great!
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By Wolfgang
Charge last me about 5-7 days at about 1-2 hours a day. The batteries a a pretty tight fit in the compartment and it takes some pressure to get the battery door back on. the cable is good quality and LED works and lets you know when it is charging vs. fully charged but the the Red light indicating it is charging flickers rapidly with the blue making it appear more like a purple.
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By Amazon Customer
Although I’ve never tried the Microsoft brand, had to get this instead. Price was what caught my attention. After using it for awhile, the battery holds a charge pretty good. Looks to be made with quality materials. I’m totally satisfied with my purchase! Thanks!
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By Corinth
4.3 | 206 customer reviews
168 of the 206 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I usually spend $300+ on a good headset. I use them a lot and want great quality. But they only ever seem to last a couple of years before they die on me.

I got sick of spending that much and decided to look for a more reasonably priced gaming set. I had tried some Senn's a while ago and wasn't overly impressed with them. They were uncomfortable and the sounds was just okay.

I took a chance on these HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro's as I had never owned a Kingston accessory before. I read nothing but positive reviews beforehand.

Oh. My. God. These things are very very good for a stereo headset. The bass is the best I've ever heard on a gaming headset. The aluminum frame is very aesthetic. There is no useless RGB crap inflating the price. It
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By Chris
If you do not have an amp or can't afford to buy one with these, get the Cloud IIs with the soundcard because these without an amplifier sound very muffled and BAD.

Now, if you do get an amp or are on a tight budget, I recommend the 60$ syba usb 2.0 DAC, it really brings these headphones to life and if you can afford a better amp go for it. With an amp I can literally located footsteps of invisible glitched enemies in fortnite playgrounds and shoot them, it makes that much of a difference. Music also sounds amazing through these, but like I said, you absolutely need the amplifier.

Also, wish it came in other colors... like silver black, but oh well, not a big deal.
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By Brandon
Only downfall is the mic, which is NOT bad. The mic just seems to pick up more omnidirectional sound than my previous mic (modmic 4.0). In voice calls the #1 comment I get is it sounds "cheap". With some tweaking it's fine but would be nice if it was better at being a unidirectional mic.

I really like that I no longer have 2 cables (1 for modmic, 1 for headphones), but it's very convenient that the extension offers a split. I have the extension with the split end going into the back of my pc and routed under the desk to right below where my mouse is. This allows me to quickly disconnect the headset from the extension while in my seat and plug it into my phone to answer calls if I prefer to keep my hands free and quickly reconnect it to the extension after.

Detachable mic is nice
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By Tekuzumodoto
product price
4.3 | 204 customer reviews
170 of the 204 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works great, even from 10-15 away. My main purpose for purchasing this was to be able to use more than one controller with my steam link. I have a lot of the older xbox one controllers (the ones WITHOUT bluetooth). fyi.. if you;re curious to know if you controllers is BT or not, just search it up and microsoft will show you an image where the new and old controllers have a slight difference in design.

See as i dont have any of the bt, i chose to use this to connect my controllers to my PC which then streamed over to the steam link.. and yes, it worked. I spent forever searching and no one could answer this. Just know that this has to be connected to the PC and your controllers sync.
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By Sean
I mainly use this dongle exclusively with my Turtle Beach Stealth 600s when I want to use them with a PC instead of my Xbox One X. Supports Windows Sonic and Dolby Vision for Headphones surround modes (the latter requires you to purchase the app, but it's inexpensive and can be used on up to 10 Windows 10/Xbox One devices, so it's worth the investment). I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 via Netflix and was blown away at how good it sounded.

My one complaint is that the dongle itself is physically too big and looks really stupid sticking out the side of a desktop or laptop, but MS was ingenious enough to include an extension cable so that you can more easily place the dongle near the PC where it will get the best reception and/or tuck it away from sight. In the case of a
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By Amazon Customer
This adapter is NOT as described in the listing and attached photos. I was sent the older and much larger model of the wireless adapter, and although this may seem like a small thing, I cannot fit the larger one into the spare USB port on the back of my rig without the extension cable due to the rather larger cased USB cables I have currently installed. This is on top of the fact that I was anticipating getting the newer model, and I feel a little defrauded. After plugging into the front USB port, I found the drivers did not automatically install as described (Win 10) and I cannot find the drivers in the list of drivers on the computer nor on the internet for the life of me. Time will tell if the seller can rectify without wasting too much of my time.
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By Joshua Leadbeater
4.7 | 33 customer reviews
32 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great fit! the batteries fit into the controller perfectly. As well, because of the charging position, I can leave the chat pad attached while charging. The batteries seem to last about 10 hours on a single charge, so far. Time will tell as to how long that lasts.
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By Rob B
Works awesome. Keeps a solid charge. Can easily play all day on one charge great price great product. No complaints would but again. Even bought a second one as a gift!
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By Kody
Charges okay. Sometimes difficult to get it to charge. I was offered a full refund from the shipper due to the fact that the rechargeable batteries wouldn't hold a charge. They stand behind their product
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By Rick