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4.8 | 320 customer reviews
303 of the 320 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
this game is absolutely astonishing. the graphics,gameplay,story and characters it is a very good anime. all the work they put in to make this must have been alot.
BTW not for kids younger than 13 at least.
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By dah boss 77
well if you haven't heard of GTA V, I'll invite you leave the rock you've been living under for the last 5 years! it is a massive game with a lots of content. would recommend getting xbox live to have accesse to the full experience! it is raw, goofy and destructive! lot'a of fun ahead with your friends!
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By D-Media
Came free with my xbox purchase as a deal, bringing the games it came with to 8. Great gameplay, takes the gta formula and adds some new things to make it a comfortably familiar, but still new, experience. Shipped fast and was packaged well.
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By M-Nugget
5.0 | 87 customer reviews
87 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have always wanted a gaming headset that has RGB elements on it. All the named brands have those features, but they are simply too expensive sometimes costing over 100 dollars! More than 100 for a nice headphones! I decided to take a look on amazon, this one seems to be the best on with RGB lightings and most importantly UNDER 30 Bucks! It works with all platforms including PS, Xbox, and PC. The sound quality on this thing was pretty amazing especially the bass and directional sound. Which could be important if you are playing FPS games like PUBG, the sound quality of the microphone was good as well, it did well in cancelation noises in the background. The earmuffs were also pretty comfortable, I felt pretty good after a 3 hour gaming session!
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By Jack Simon Hew
In appearance, it has LED logos on both sides. First, you can know that the headset is working. Second, it can change color. Very cool. The brushed metal texture of the fixture gives a sense of technology. The earmuffs are soft. There are a 3.5mm headphone and microphone integrated interface on the cable itself and a USB interface. A USB extension cable and a headset microphone separation cable are also included in the box. I think it can fit all kinds of possible interfaces. In terms of sound, it is rather honest. If you think that bass is important, then you can buy it. Its treble is not harsh. The midrange part is more rounded. Combined with the price factor, it is very worth buying.
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By Ivan Wei
Very surprise for the price I paid for my elder son. I will definitely buy another one for my second son.
1. The outer look, see the pictures I took within a minute or less, the lighting changed the colors within few second.
2. The sound quality is great, the speaker are powerful
3. My son playing games online, he said his friends can hear him very clear
4. The headset look great and very comfortable, fit nicely block all the background noise

This gaming headset with Mic would the the excellent Christmas present for teenager, especially the price are very reasonable, and the quality are awesome! ! You worth 5 stars !
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By Celyn
4.6 | 441 customer reviews
408 of the 441 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As I am somewhat a pessimist, (Murphy's Law) and often wind up with three issues when I thought I would only have to deal with one, I figured I would just go with an external drive "aimed for the Xbox". I decided to go for this early as I had purchased the 500 gigabyte unit offering the Gears of War collection, the Halo collection, and Gears of War and Halo Guardians. I had not realized just how much hard drive space the newer high definition games consumed. I was sitting at 86% used, so before I did anything else, I, like many others, chose to use the external option. I have to admit the system made it a snap. As I had read, it permitted me to store virtually all my files externally. I decided to do that; the system conveniently provides an option
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By Roger Pasichnyk
Extremely easy setup. Plug in and switch your settings so that all your games are installed on here rather than the Xbox One's internal drive and away you go. And just in case your Xbox One's internal drive craps the bed, it won't matter because all your stuff is on here. I only use the Xbox One's internal drive for system stuff only. All the games are on here.Despite what another reviewer said about not being able to save games on here, that's not the case. You can save games onto the drive.
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By Driver 8
Pretty pricey, but ultimately worth it. It adds a MASSIVE amount of storage, which is extremely useful for people like me who buy a lot of games digitally. I've had this for several months, downloading probably around 50 games at this point (and they ain't small), and I'm only at around 34% storage taken up. I got my Xbox One with 1 terabyte of storage initially. It's filled up now, so I am extremely glad I bought this to go along with. If you download a lot of digital games and you're gunning for an Xbox One (or already have one), you'll want to pick this up.
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By Amazonian Customer
4.5 | 573 customer reviews
508 of the 573 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using this headset with my Nintendo Switch (mostly playing Fortnite) for the past several weeks and have been very happy. For the price, the headset sounds impressive. The bass gets down fairly low and the midrange is very clear. The very high end frequencies roll off a bit early, but the headset sounds very good overall.

Teammates have reported that the microphone transmits loud and clear. The short mic boom is nice as it keeps things out of your face. The mute switch works consistently and the in-line remote is works well and adds convenience (despite feeling like the cheapest component on the headset.

You'll notice the headset has a USB plug as well as the standard audio plugs (and included adapters for different connectivity options). At first I wondered what the USB was for, but I can confidently report that it is only used as a power source for
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By Zach Redeker
We purchased this because it is designed for PS4 but has an add on cable that allows you to connect to any PC as well. Decent sound and my online gaming buddies hear me just fine. Mute and volume switch is on the cable where the plastic feels a bit cheap but everything works. Works fine with Windows 10 when I test it with Voice Recorder. Some adjustments can be made to it under Sound in Control Panel in Windows. Fits my abnormally big head.

I primarily use it the game Left 4 Dead 2, Game recognized it and works in voice activation mode inside the game. USB plug only powers the lights, I don’t usually plug in even.

Overall, for the price, I am happy with my purchase after using it for a few days, everyday, for hours.
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By Mr. Mercenary
Great quality headset. Solid construction and sound quality are very good. They are very much comparable to other brand-name headsets (which costs 5 times more) if not better. The LED blue light matches my keyboard and mouse. Very comfy wearing them. Definitely recommend this to people who needs a pair of gaming headsets.
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By Dee Won
4.5 | 555 customer reviews
484 of the 555 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently bought a second Xbox One controller and wanted a charging dock for space saving and charging purposes so I never have to worry about dead batteries again. It came within 2 days of ordering in perfect condition. It comes with the stand, AC wall plug, 2 batteries and 4 battery covers (two white, two black) which I didn't know when ordering but is actually great because I have one controller of each colour. LED lights up red when charging and green when completed. Top light is for top controller, bottom light is for bottom controller. Installing the battery and cover is very easy to do. Controller slides in and out of the dock with ease without it feeling loose. Very happy with this purchase!
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By Katie
Great looking product and quality build over competition. Of course Microsoft's own battery pack is slightly better build, but they don't quite have a charge station like this. The station looks great on display and is of good quality. My only complaint would be the slight bulge the battery pack cover has at the back of the cover vs the original cover, but it serves a purpose to hold the controller in place on the charge station and is not so noticeable after a while of use. Otherwise a great product and highly recommend over the cheaper alternatives which some I have tried and returned due to poor build quality.

Edit. Had to knock it down one star as the battery only seems to last about 10 hours at most. About 1/3 what they claim. I would expect it to at least last 20. 10 is pretty bad.
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By Mike
Looks good product at the beginning and it has brand name battery etc, etc. everything are no question ask. However I found the charging base are difficulty to hold the controller sometime and it turns out not charging the controller properly. The balance and the way you put the controller to the charging base will need to be exact and carefully positioned otherwise it will not start charging and it surrounding edges are nothing help the controller landed line up with the charge. So if you not doing it right the controller are not charging or flashing red light on and off. So I end up getting another different style base.
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By Patrick Chan
product price
4.6 | 139 customer reviews
116 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The fact that it includes this many games for a fairly good price is worth the 5 stars alone.

The fact that they actually gave each game a unique multiplayer is even better.

Not only that, but each game looks better than it used to due to remastering it.

Not much needs to be said about the individual games as you should know all about them, but it really is a great collection. Every Xbox One owner should own this collection. You always have something to do with it.
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By Bhole
This game is absolutely everything I could have asked for. I bought it even though I already own all of the originals, I basically just wanted it for halo 2 anniversary and it was so incredibly worth it.
It is definitely weird jumping from game to game with the different controls between them all but you get used to it quickly and if you stick with one game at a time it is no problem at all. I would absolutely recommend this game, especially if you’ve never played any of them! It has enough content to keep you busy for months and the mixed multiplayer is really cool too. There are also over 600 achievements to get! If you are at all worried about this game being worth the $40, don’t
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By Aaron
Having played all these games on older generation consoles, seeing them remastered on Xbox One is a nice change and still has that nostalgic feel from when i first played them. Still as fun as it was all those years ago.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.8 | 65 customer reviews
63 of the 65 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My husband spent some of his Amazon Christmas dollars on this and it looks like it was money well spent. It has been a really enjoyable game so far. We are both Brits, so it is nice to be back in the Motherland, albeit fictional. It is also nice to see some of the old-school-boy-racers of my youth. If you no longer enjoy chatting to your husband, this is the perfect game to buy, he will be too immersed to ever speak to you again.
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By Nicky
The latest Horizon game someone manages to be even more beautiful than the last one. Forza Horizon 4 is breathtakingly beautiful and so much fun to play. I recommend it for any fan of racing games, and for anyone who appreciates gorgeous graphics.
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By D. Noel
The Game works great, and the disk is in excellent condition with no scratches.
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By trevor corbett
4.4 | 1,076 customer reviews
916 of the 1,076 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The charging dock itself super lightweight doesn't take that much real estate in terms of space off of each body was supposed to get about 30 for 35 hours of playtime which is been pretty accurate for me

Only, con I would say about it is I wish the USB cord was a bit longer but other than that it's an amazing dock it does what it's supposed to do

The package itself is light weights not super heavy at all one quick thing to note it works with all Xbox controllers from the old Xbox one model to the current one when first putting in the battery pack into the controller it is a bit difficult at first but other than that that's common for most people
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By Jonh robinson
Was looking to save a few bucks over the Nyko one by going with this one. It is lighter, not that it matters since it would never move in theory. The battery packs fit very tight in the remotes, making it a challenge to put in. The fit and finish isn't perfect either, since the gaps don't really line up perfectly with the remote where it curves. It also isn't the same finish as the remote, it is a bit smoother. If you have an older remote, that would be fine. But the newer ones have more grip so this feels a bit off. Lastly, I couldn't help but laugh at the 1ft USB cable and lack of power adapter. If you plug into the console directly, I am sure this is fine, but for those like me it's just comical. Lastly, it looks like I was
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By Francis Pelland
The charger base station comes with a very short cord and the way the battery clips into the controller feels odd and forced. It refused to clip and when I took a look I realised the two little bits that clip the battery were bent. Cheap plastic and even when I managed to bend them the way they should be it still didn't really clip right. Never stays completely secure and closed. Overall a very cheap product from look to feel. Highly recommend looking for something else. there are comparable products for about the same money and also backed by Microsoft.
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By Mike
product price
4.6 | 106 customer reviews
100 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have gotten burnt out on multiplayer and first person shooters, but I keep coming back to this.

The game is very polished, fast paced and fluid. The balancing is wonderful there are weapons that you use to fight back players on Titans.

The campaign is great but the multiplayer is the best part of the game.
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By William
I recommend every gamer to buy this game. It's more than worth the price. The game overall is very cool and competitive to play. You can pull off some nasty moves if you are skillful enough. You can play campaign or multiplayer mode based on your taste and choice
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By Sakib Hossain
The campaign is a great scifi tale featuring a buddy cop style friendship with a giant robot. The multiplayer can be great fun but it's plagued with issues. I'm currently taking a good break until the multiplayer is balanced though. While the gameplay is more focused on mobility, the majority of multiplayer games I've played recently have bogged down to entire teams camping with either the hemlock or devotion while they wait for their Tone titans which kills the variety. The devs seem to be paying attention though so hopefully things will be balanced more properly in the near future. Also, all maps that are to be added to this game will be free which is a great bonus. Note that this game plays a slight bit slower than the original Titanfall.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 175 customer reviews
155 of the 175 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
5/5 for performance
I had a 1st Gen Xbox before so compared to Xbox one x... it feels like a new platform

5/5 speed and graphics
If you have a 4k TV this will blow you away like your a virgin 😥

5/5 cost
OK I monitored several places. One place on amazon the price floats daily. I ended up buying a unit for $120 under list price. Which works perfectly for me.

Tech tips must read
OK people's check on amazon for usb dual cpu fan . It pluggs into your Xbox , put one fan on each end. One blowing and one sucking. This Xbox gets super protect it.
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By jonathan
Powerful console with backwards compatibility to previous generation games. Not much more needs to be said.
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By Gregg
Shortly after the Amazon return window's closed, console stopped booting. Sent to Microsoft for repair, expecting a refurbished one back. It appears to be that:
1. Amazon won't accept it back after just one month from the purchase
2. Microsoft provides only 1 yr of manufacturer warranty in Canada
3. It's worth registering the device at right after the purchase and check warranty expiration dates, etc.
4. Google "xbox one x E105 E102 boot problem" before buying it. Had my warranty expiring in just 5 months from purchase, MS service reset it to correct dates.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.6 | 97 customer reviews
86 of the 97 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
-Whisper quiet when running a game.
-Smaller form factor and better performance than the Xbox One.
-Affordable game system for a new player, or someone looking to upgrade from the Xbox One or Xbox 360.

-None really, other than the color. Black or grey would have been nice. I guess I could always paint the case.

I got this on Black Friday for $230 before s/h and taxes. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.
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By Amazon Customer
I was waiting all year for this to go on sale since I missed the boxing day sale last year. I don't really know how to play and just dig a hole until I die in mindcraft.

The xbox one s gui/user interface kind of sucks though and isn't very intuitive. It's next to impossible to figure out how to find the spot that has all your games installed/downloaded. For some reason they hide all the actually important stuff you need and just want to fill the screen up with ads. It was also hard to figure out how to quit games once I was done playing and they would continue to run in the background buggering things up. One time another user actually played my saved game on their account. It also signs you out a lot. I had to hard reset it and
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By Denton
Xbox One S with Hisense 55” TV constantly rejects TV is equipped with its HDR10, HDR is so intermittent on One S that I do not watch HDR on it anymore and move to TV’s Roku app which works like charm and never had any any HDR recognition issue.

White controller from Day 1 jumps two levels and very difficult to use.

Unfortunately I bought the 3 years extended warranty from Microsoft and cannot return the system without going thru numerous hours of phone conversations.
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By Economist
product price
4.5 | 160 customer reviews
144 of the 160 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the game that redeems Gears for Judgement.

Campaign is enthrolling, compelling and keeps you wanting to come back to play more. Characters are well developed, old and new. Took me about 7 and 1/2 hours to beat campaign on hardcore, collecting all the collectibles.

Horde mode is redone and for the better. With the introduction of class systems, it motivates the players to play a particular role in the waves. Soldier, heavy, scout,sniper, or engineer. Each gets bonuses towards doing specific jobs. This mode is what kept me coming back to play more and more.

Overall I have to give Gears of War 4 a 9/10. Just a great addition to the whole game.

BONUS: You get DLC for Gears 1,2,3, and judgement included in this game. that's 5 games for price of one
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By Reviews by Eddy
This is a great game. My biggest gripe would be that it is a little too familiar from the other Gears and does not innovate much. But this was the first project by a new developer (The Coalition) who had a huge task as their first project. I don't think any Gears fan would be disappointed from this first effort and the developer brings out free updates and maps every month. Competitive multiplayer is a blast but it is difficult and punishing for new players to Gears. The key to success in this game is not the shooting, it is the movement system and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

If you want a free copy for PC, then you have to purchase the digital copy -- I made this mistake.
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By Chris
Gears is back! If Judgement left you unsatisfied, this is a refreshing return to the Gears franchise. The campaign mode while not as good as those seen in the 1st year Gears game still tells a very good story and it is very nice to see some old favorites return. The campaign is fairly lengthy, and more so, if you play it on Hardcore or Insane Difficulty---with ACT III probably the hardest.

While the campaign is awesome, most people come to Gears for the multi-player and this is where the game shines. While TDM is still mostly a Gnasher and Lancer fest, other muli-player modes strongly encourage, or force you to use other weapons.

Horde mode is back, and again you will have fun trying to survive to Wave 50---even on Casual and with a good squad of team-mates this is no easy feat---and becomes darn near impossible on the hardest difficulties.

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By Michael Rice
product price
4.6 | 76 customer reviews
70 of the 76 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I played through Horizon 2 on the 360 and it wasn't too bad. I am now playing through the One version and it feel like a completely different game. The surrounding are familiar, but the map is different, the roads aren't all fenced in, there is a better championship system, and the races are completely different. The graphics are very detailed and realistic and the vegetation makes it feel like your there. I'm playing Horizon 3 at the same time and I'm liking the cross country races better on Horizon 2. Now that it's the older game the price is fantastic for the quality of game your getting.
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By David Clermont
The best racing game I've every played. The game is open world, which allows you to explore and do whatever you want to do and whenever you want to do it. The graphics are amazing and the weather effects are stunning. The sound track is perfect. There are multiple preset in-game radio stations to choose from, so you're not always listening to the same repetitive songs.
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By Rob Rish
This is a great racing game. I have Forza 4 as well but this is a better value to me :) Love it.

The seller is amazing as well. Emily iPods. Would definitely buy again
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.4 | 228 customer reviews
197 of the 228 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've made a purchase of Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One controller by PDP back in 2016 of September and now it's been showing its end of life and needed a new controller from Microsoft, not from third party made and I am so glad that I bought this one. I ordered this controller in matte blue which looks pretty in person. This updated version of controller is amazingly awesome. Thumbsticks are in place and very solid and they do not wobble, rumble motors are quieter and not too rough than third party ones, love the Xbox LED logo which stays in silver when it's off, blue buttons with colour dots in the centre and bluetooth is fantastic. I've always been a fan of Xbox One controller because it fits on hands perfectly and feels very comfortable compared to PlayStation 4's odd designed controller which I dislike very much. I love this
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By AkaliA
This controller is bright and vibrant. Everyone loves to use it. It has the nice matte feeling that the One X controllers have, but has a smoother front with a subtle design on it. The light is bright, the bumper colour accents exceptionally well. Works exactly as expected, but looked much better in person than expected.
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By CraigHoog
Bought this to replace the other 2 that I have with broken left thumbsticks and headphone jacks that stopped working. The headphone jack doesn't even work on the new one. 70$ and the controller doesn't even work, it's ridiculous. Never had issues with original Xbox controller or 360 controllers. Those are too cheaply made. Will return and probably sell my Xbox to get a PlayStation since I can't get a controller to work more than 3 months before breaking, or in this case broken on arrival.
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By Stéphane Léonard
4.4 | 184 customer reviews
162 of the 184 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At $35, this power supply is a steal. It runs cool + completely silent, even under high loads. I tested this out by playing some graphics + CPU heavy titles on my Xbox, and yet this power supply was as quiet as a sleeping baby and only went up to a lukewarm temperature. I would highly recommend this product.
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By Stephen Lim
This is a gift from a friend. My friend is very happy. This helped him solve the big problem, just like the original one.
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By Amazon Customer
This is a great alternative to an xbox power supply. It came really fast tested it for several hours its quiet and it stayed cool.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 1,074 customer reviews
870 of the 1,074 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So I upgraded from the Microsoft headphones to these. At only about $5 more than the Microsoft headphones, these are a huge upgrade. I just recently played a couple of hours on the Xbox One playing Diablo 3 and my ears were fine with these, plus I think I was definitely hearing some sounds that I didn't hear when I was just playing through the speakers. I also hooked these into my iPhone which was a good experience as well. I doubt that these are going to compete with really expensive headphones, but at this price, you really can't complain. Good purchase.
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By CruisnCanada
Exactly as the picture, sound quality was very good and clear. I liked the extended 6 month warranty provided by the company itself. The earphone part is very comfortable on the ears, not loose at all. These arrived in 2 days. I think it is super quality for the money. There are also several plugs for different devices. I used mine in my tablet with no problems. Also a handy volume adjuster and microphone on/off button on the headphone wire.
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By Cathy Peeling
The headset came in an undisturbed box, with the adapter for splitting audio in and out.

The 'vents' on the side light up, as well as on the microphone's 'spearhead'. Speaking of the microphone, it has pleasant detentes on the main swivel, and the arm is flexible. Perhaps a little too flexible, but I'll update on that down the road. The headset itself has physical *presence* when you pick it up: it's quite weighty! The cords are all braided, and feel quality. Like the main unit, they have physical presence. The plugs also have a pleasant 'snappiness' when inserted, leading to a feeling of mild satisfaction when inserted.

The headband has two sliders for adjustment, one on either side. The sliders are comprised of strips of what looks and feels like metal, glued to the plastic body. The sliders have detentes, and are actually unnervingly loud when pulled on. The inline volume
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By Cynthia
4.5 | 95 customer reviews
85 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was worried that this was going to be a knock off after reading several reviews. It's the real deal - happy I bought it. Not a fan of the print but who cares?? It's a great controller at a great price!
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By JBird
Brand new, very fast shipping. Love the minecraft camo design. I got it almost half price, $42 CAD
Can't go wrong at that price. Replaced my OEM white wireless controller that my psycho ex broke :)
Highly recommended :D
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By Derek
If I could give 0 stars I would. I haven’t even had this remote for 1.5 months... it won’t work!!! My son plays xbox on weekends and all of a sudden it stopped working. Changed batteries 5 times and it still won’t work. When you pay a lot of money for something and it stops working after not that much use. Not impressed. Very unhappy.
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By Amber Kolton
22 offers from product price
4.3 | 703 customer reviews
577 of the 703 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You have a XB1 or a pc with windows 10??? You need this fantastic controller....for now i use it on my pc and it work correctly...i also tried it with my Xb1 and it s the same thing...but if you connect the controller via bluetooth on your pc , the 3.5 mm output doesn t work for a need the wireless adapter and it work correctly...i will buy another one for sure....a must have!!!
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By Denis Huot
I hate it! I thought this thing would make be a better gamer but I still get 360 no-scoped by god damn 12 year olds that talk about doing things they don't even understand to my mom.

(Come on. It's an Xbox controller... You can't really go wrong with a genuine part now can you...)
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By MrDenis
Hands down the best controller for controller supported PC games. Forget 360, forget Steam Controller, forget DualShock. Grab this bad boy.

With direct Windows 10 support, best support in a plethora of games (in comparison to Steam and PS4 controllers), and my favourite ergonomics to boot.

Been using the same controller for years now. Zero issues. I've even had it fall off my desk onto hard laminate floors countless times. Only issue was the clip on the battery door snapping, which was instantly fixed with some super glue. But considering the amount of wear and tear I put this tank through, it's still kicking flawlessly.

My 360 controller is seeing tons of deadzone on both thumbsticks. Granted, I've been using that for 5+ years. This Xbone controller sees no sign of deadzones, with the thumbsticks remaining as snappy as it was out of the box.

If the Elite controller wasn't so bloody expensive, I'd
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By Another Customer
4.6 | 60 customer reviews
57 of the 60 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LSD = Low Self Discharge

These have a relatively high (marketed) capacity because they are not low self discharge. This means it will give you a good couple hours more gaming but only if you use and charge regularly. In a month, you might expect these to be down to 60% capacity whereas LSD type may be down to 95%. Now this could be a moot point because LSD batteries marketed for XBOX controllers are generally half the capacity anyway. What I’m saying is if you only play your XBOX once every two months, you might find you’ll have to top off before a gaming session. For most, it’s not an issue.

These are basically 2xAA cells wrapped up with an included simple USB powered charger. I can appreciate the USB powered charger. Overall, not bad. I picked up the set and the extra 2 so now I have power for all
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By Jay
I have a crazy long commute, so I started bringing my Microsoft Surface tablet to work, and playing games on it using my Xbox controller. Because it's not on Xbox, I don't see my battery percentages and sometimes the controller dies on the way home, which is annoying at best.

What drew me to this charger was the portability of it. You can charge it via micro USB, USB C or a built in USB cable. So charging it at work with a USB battery makes this a huge win for me. I want to point out that the batteries are notched so you can't plug them in the wrong way, which could pose a huge risk. So this is another huge win. There seems to be a huge amount of safety features built into the charger and batteries.

The seller claims these can be charged from dead in 5 hours, and
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By Ronald J Cox
I'm a little worried about the material itself holding up as it feels a little flimsy. The battery itself has already been a super savings on my wallet as the battery usually lasts me a week to a week & a half before I have to charge the battery. I can play without worrying about the controller loosing the connection & interrupting my game, etc.
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By Peter Heffernan
4.4 | 110 customer reviews
94 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have never owned a console in my life since I'm a PCMR gamer so I have never played games with a controller before and have always preferred KB+Mice.

So I decided to give controllers a try and its definitely changed how I play games. Being able to sit back in a reclined position and playing Assassins creed Origins/Odyssey hours at a time is a joy when compared to killing my left wrist on a keyboard.

The controller is SUPER comfortable and easy to grip (it has a rubberized grip with a triangular texture/pattern). Joysticks are tight and dead zones don't seem to be a thing. Its relatively light and easy to balance. Triggers and bumpers are smooth and tactile respectively and super satisfying to press. Wireless pairing is incredibly quick from startup and latency is pretty much non existent.

Pairing this with the official rechargeable battery pack and mini windows 10 wireless
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By Joel L.
I've owned many xbox one controllers, I believe I'm approaching nine at this point. Sport tech, patrol tech, all the tech series. The camo one. An elite. The normal controllers.

Playing games like Rocket League or fast paced FPSs can be very hard on these and I've come to accept that I'll get a year out of one before something breaks. This Sport White however gave me less than months before I had to pull the back palm rest cover off and scrape the tape off the Right Triggers landing pad because it was sticky. The left stick already has a substantial amount of drift to it.

I think after this I'm switching to PS4 controllers for my PC gaming. Xbox Controllers are simply poor quality these days. Which is horrible considering their price is near on 100 bucks with tax.
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Je ne sais pas avec quoi ils fabriquent les nouvelles manettes mais elles sont "cheap". j'ai due effectuer 3 retours car les 3 manettes avaient des défauts. La première le joystick de gauche était casser après 2 jours. Ensuite j'ai effectuer un remplacement pour une manette qui ne vibrais pas. J'ai ensuite décider d'aller vers la sport white mais la prise pour écouteur a brisé en même pas 1 jour. J'ai donc retourner la manette et je suis avec une deuxième sport white depuis 2 semaines sans qu'elle brise mais juste au toucher tu vois que c'est une manette plus cheap que les bonnes veilles noirs qui venait avec le xbox. Bref, j'ai beaucoup de difficulté avec les nouvelles manettes.
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