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Reviewed in Canada on March 11, 2021
I haven't used the products enough to judge its effectiveness, but I just want to reassure you guys that this bundle is in fact sold by an authorized retailer and is authentic, and here's how I'm sure. Firstly, when you check the "Where to Buy" tab in, it links you to this exact product. The official Cerave website won't link you to a fake product, for sure. Secondly, this purchase was an impulsive buy for me because I couldn't find it ANYWHERE, only here, but after receiving the order, the negative reviews started to worry me. What if it was actually fake? What kind of chemicals is in these bottles? So i took it upon myself to email Cerave themselves with the link of the bundle to confirm if it's authentic, and this is their response:
"Based on your inquiry on the Hydrating Cleanser and Moisturizing Lotion you purchased from, we always recommend our Consumers to purchase products that states ships from and sold by
Based on the link you provided, this product is sold by an authorized retailer."
So rest assured, this is an authentic product.

Some reviews have said that the lotion is runnier and others have responded that you just need to shake the bottle well. It makes sense because the solution may have separated due to it maybe resting for a long period of time, so the heavier particles settled at the bottom.
Other reviewers said the bottle is not like the original bottle they have; it's bigger, and I believe it's because Cerave offers 2 sizes: 355 ml (the original) and 473 ml (the one sold here).
these are my thoughts on some of the reviews, But I'm not sure, I might be wrong about that. Aside from that, Cerave has confirmed that the bundle is authentic :)
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