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Reviewed in Canada on January 27, 2021
Unfortunately, Prime Video refused to serve us the actual quality we paid for, that we could utilise, but that's not the movies fault, I worked around it.

I'm a bit of a history nut, so seeing the first movie, and her reaction to the world and the good, was astounding. the fact that they found a way of doing this again in a new generation, without it feeling forced, was beyond awesome. having that chemistry back, made Chris Pine feel like a stand in for all those we lost in the great wars experience the world that they fought for but never could see, despite all the new evils. The movie was very emotional for me.

I know not everyone can afford to rent the movie with the pandemic, but as soon as its over, I hope that everyone can have a chance to enjoy this movie, as it brought me hope for our future, and genuine happiness that such beauty existed in 2020. It was "wonderful" to travel back to 1984 and to see the immersion breaking things, but they did an amazing job recreating the world and the feel.

Highest recommended film to date.
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3.7 out of 5
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