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Reviewed in Canada on April 30, 2021
I have very mixed feelings about this game. It's an absolute stunner on the PS5 and if you have a quality tv, you're going to be blown away. It's fun, wild and full of a LOT of action too.

But the first thing that really hit me about it was wow it is hard. Like really really hard. I don't like a game that's too easy, but this one is a real challenge. One other thing to note that currently when you go on a long run (up to 2 hours long), there is no way to save it until you're finished! That means that you either have to be prepared to put in a long session or gamble and leave your PS5 in rest mode.


- The most beautiful game I've seen on PS5! Graphics are amazingly crisp and colorful.
- Frame rate is smooooooth
- The action is intense and super fun


- Too hard!!!
- Can't save during long runs (hopefully this is fixed in the future with a patch)
- Repetitive at times. Combine this with the difficulty and it makes me want to put it down and take a break
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4.4 out of 5
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