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Reviewed in Canada on December 27, 2019
We bought this mesh system on Black Friday sale, had to wait until Xmas to put my hands on this item but I'm very pleased with this purchase. Finally we got rid of those dead spots in our house. The time to set up the whole wi-fi mesh system was a breeze with a very intuitive interface on the app. Current router-gateways available on the market with your ISPs are not keeping up with the smart home boom. Our home internet traffic turned to crowded and our current gateway (Hitron CODA-4582 Modem- Mediocre performance check with other Roger's users-weak 2.4Ghz signal all the time) was struggling keeping up with that demand.
Our house is plagued by choice with too many smart devices. Our current smart home configuration has from two IP Web cams, three smart TVs, one smart garage opener, two Android TV boxes, plenty Smart lights and switches all controlled by a Hub (Wink2), a google home, two IR Broadlink blasters, one xbox,one nintendo wiiu, two nintendo switch, niintendo 3ds and six Echo dots, plus the usual family devices smart phones and tablets connected constantly to your home network. Don't get fooled by your internet service providers with the bogus sales pitch that your internet needs to upgrade to get faster speeds to overcome and solve those issues. A good wifi mesh will do the trick. After do my online research comparing other mesh systems this Eero -3 pack system was our choice, affordable, reliable, easy to setup and constantly updated online for better performance. Some extra features like parental controls and device management had an extra cost but is worth to try it first. In a nutshell I strongly recommend this system as a budget wise solution for your home wifi coverage.
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