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Reviewed in Canada on March 18, 2021
I think the subscription price to my doorbell is a bit excessive. Let's compare to a subscription to Netflix. For $10 I get a subscription to video of my front and rear door - or I can get Netflix! Netflix spends about $10 billion dollars on creating content every year, while Ring spends - nothing! Point goes to Netflix for better value. But how about the value of keeping thieves away? Well, you don't need a subscription for that - thieves don't know if you're subscribed or not so if the doorbell deters them, then the subscription has no additional value. Similarly, you can own a remote control with a Netflix button on it to impress your friends, but you don't actually need to subscribe to Netflix. Tie. Well how about the value of seeing the person steal your package? Good luck with that. What are you going to do? Do you know where the thieves live? And even if you did, are you going to knock on their door and accuse them? What are you going to do when they say, "No, I didn't." Are you going to fight them? And if you think the police are going to help, well, see what happens when you try. I have a friend that tried and the Police refused to even look at the video. Your milage may vary.

As for the non-subscription aspects, I had some issues early on with the video not showing up on my 4 Echo show devices. It would announce that there was someone at the door, but not show any video. That lasted a few days and cleared up after I sent a report to Amazon about it. It also would creepily say that "there are several people already viewing your doorbell" when asked to manually show video of the doorbell on my echo shows. That also cleared up at the same time.

So, for now, it works fine. I get an announcement on my echo devices with video when someone rings the door bell. Not sure what will happen if Ring ever shut down their servers, but for now it works. I'm not going to take down my old doorbell chime yet though, because you never know. They offer no guarantees the the doorbell will continue to work without pinging the mothership.
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