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Reviewed in Canada on May 11, 2021
First, I enjoyed the book very much. I will try to avoid spoilers because the book takes a lot of twists.
The book isn’t so much a novel as a series of vignettes, half of them going through the years prior to the opening scene. The second half, interleaved with the first, are the chronicles of the protagonist, going on from that first scene. For those familiar with The Martian, we again see the universe, and Murphy, working together to present endless challenges which our hero defeats (for the most part) with the diligent application of Science. The book is wrtten almost entirely in the first person. Each of the scenes are easy reads, and many I read multiple times, because they’re fun! (Court battle.)
While this format is distracting it is entertaining. It probably slowed my reading down, which could be good or bad.
The author uses foreshadowing ... alot. At least half the twists i saw coming. Between that, and Murphy, you knew when things were going well, it was going to crash.
But it was STILL an easy and very entertaining book.
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