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Reviewed in Canada on January 3, 2020
A nice nostalgic romp back into a GB classic for old and new players. Love the visuals, the chibi style fits it surprisingly well, especially if you understand the premise of Links Awakening. They've updated the controls, graphics, music and mechanics that fix all the shortcomings of the original title.

Only thing that baffles me is the dungeon maker. Nintendo didn't add online sharing, instead you export your custom dungeon into an Amiibo to share it. Having an online component would have made this feature much more useful and increased the replayability. I think it hurt their potential for this one becoming one of their Evergreen titles like MK, Breath of the Wild and Odyssey. The urge to play this title repeatedly is hurt by Nintendo's lack of understanding what their customers want and online functionality in their ecosystem. Once you're done playing this there's not much reason to boot it up and play again unless you have a bunch of friends, Amiibo and dungeon builders in that small group. I understand they wanna make money from their Amiibo sales but it feels like a no brainer that Nintendo intentionally omitted. It's a fantastic idea crippled because "Nintendo"

Framerates do suffer here and there, especially when transitioning screens. Being a first party title I would have expected a little better but it doesn't hurt the experience much. After the scene loads it smooths out and runs well. The game seems to run a little better in portable mode and is a perfect bite sized Zelda game on the go.

As long as you head into this game with reasonable expectations (This is not a 100+ hour epic like BOTW) and enjoy the old school top down Zelda games like LTTP and Link Between Worlds you're gonna get a fun and memorable look into one of the games that many consider to be one of the top Zelda games.

If you're looking to buy this for a Mario Maker-esque dungeon maker, skip it. Sadly it's a nice addition but it's hampered by not having a way to reasonably share\play dungeons with others, a real missed opportunity by Nintendo.
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