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Reviewed in Canada on June 6, 2020
That headline definitely grabbed your attention did it lol; well that is a quote from Spike Spiegel himself!

If you are trying or wanting to get into anime, there is not better starting point than Cowboy Bebop!
Truthfully, this is not an anime but art expressed at it greatest medium.
It is considered one of the greatest anime of all-time or maybe even the greatest!
Why? "It is a mix of Noir along with a touch of cyber punch, glazed over with a comedic touch."

More so, the characters are lovable and differentiate from one another in only 26 Episodes.
Spike Spiegel (voiced by Steve Blum) does a fantastic job of bring this character to life.
The Series is only 26 Episodes but it takes you on a ride from start to finish; as each episode has something you can take away from. Truth be told no matter, how many times I have seen this series; I am always learning something new!

- Packaging is generic with double dual layers to hold 4 discs.
- The menu contents of each episode is on the inner part of the cover.
Highly Recommend "Hadouken"
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4.7 out of 5
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