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Reviewed in Canada on March 4, 2021
I bought the 1 gallon jug for our 2 standard golden doodles' bathing needs. We were already buying the small bottles at pet stores, but were going through them too fast. One of the doodles has esp sensitive skin, and Tropiclean doesn't set her off. It feels good on human hands too, as some brands are esp harsh and drying. Besides this smelling amazing, I came back to leave a review because the other night one of them got sprayed by a skunk, point blank (he was curious and sniffing the skunk's behind to get to know them, and got a full blast in the face, ears flapping back from the force, eyes and nose watering, mouth foaming). Hubby didn't know what to do so he washed the confused pup several times over with this, and amazingly there was almost no smell the next day! My dogs are HAIRY, and at this point look like little bouncing sheep (yes, they need a grooming session). I'm not sure if it's the poodle/doodle hair that makes the skunk stink stick less, or if it's the product, but this wash definitely helped! I can't guarantee everyone will be able to rid their doggie skunk encounters with this much success, but I'm sure glad it worked for us!
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