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Reviewed in Canada on October 18, 2019
The colour scheme looks great, I'm definitely loving the purple and orange combo which reminds me of Waluigi and Wario. You must know that the right-side Joy-Con is advertised as "neon orange" but looks more like a mango colour. The purple Joy-Con is ever so slightly darker than the colour shown on screen.

There are two things I don't like:
1. The price. Yes, I know it's a new colour scheme, but I ended up paying $113.00 after taxes for these controllers, which is crazy expensive, considering the Switch Lite is just $100 more.
2. The wrist bands. It would be nice if, instead of the standard black wrist band attachment, it came with matching coloured attachments (for example, purple and orange to match with the shell of the controllers)

I'm not sure when and if the price of Joy-Con will ever drop. The only reason I bought more was that I have a large family and it's fun playing together with more people. I hope that one day these can be priced a little lower.
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