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Reviewed in Canada on December 4, 2017
While the Joy-Con grip does the job for most of the currently available titles on the Switch, I've never been especially used to nubby analog joysticks of the kind you'll find on both the 3DS and the Switch proper. I always found they lacked travel and anything resembling a comfortable weight, which makes handling anything close to precision aiming a difficult prospect for me. Splatoon 2 and Breath of the Wild are, notably, two of the titles I own that I almost never play in handheld mode. Most of everything else works fine on the go, but these two games always brought up issues of comfort or adaptability.

That said, while this controller works perfectly and can even sync with a PC providing you have a Bluetooth receiver on hand - an extra five bucks essentially nets you a perfectly worthwhile wireless controller for PC gaming - I have to admit that it's fairly pricey. It works flawlessly and could maybe stand to have less clicky shoulder buttons if I had to be nitpicky; but the Pro Controller's biggest drawback is its price tag. As a Canadian, paying a hundred bucks after taxes for something I can pick up in wired form or out of a third party for a fraction of the price hurts more than a little. You do pay for a sense of quality and for what has to be the best battery life in a wireless controller in the industry - this puppy essentially packs a 3DS' battery pack on its own, netting you a spectacular forty consecutive hours on a single charge - but it still does sting quite a bit.

I do highly recommend it, but I'd also advise that you look for the Horipad or for any other similar offerings on the market. They might be wired, but you'll essentially get the same form factor and ease of use for a fraction of the Pro Controller's cost. That said, if wireless capability and its consequent compatibility as a PC gamepad is a game-changer for you, then odds are you'll be amply satisfied.
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