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Reviewed in Canada on November 21, 2019
UPDATE (kind of):
Some things you should keep in mind before getting this:
1. Although it says that it comes with 4gb of space, remember that as a device, it will use up some space first (for the software and what not), so you'll actually only have about 2.75gb of free space (but that's okay since you can still apparently hold maybe up to 2-3k books).
2. It says 6 weeks of battery life, but that it is if you only read for about 30 min with brightness set to 13 and airplane mode being on. I read for about 1-2 hours (on 12 brightness and airplane mode) of reading per day and see that I lose about 10% every day. So, if you're a heavy reader, maybe go for something that has a bigger battery (especially if you travel a lot and don't want to charge your kindle all the time).

I love reading off of the kindle, finally I have something that I can take everywhere that has my books inside of it. It was surprisingly lighter than I thought, but I found that to be a good thing. The cool thing about it is that it also has some kind of screen saver tech where locking it shows a screen saver but it doesn't use batteries, it's just a static image, kind of like an etch a sketch.

The only two gripes I have with it at the moment (hopefully battery doesn't get on this list eventually) are the touch response and the overall speed of the kindle. Don't get me wrong, with the price that you're paying the kindle is actually pretty mediocre in its processing speed, but I find myself at times wondering if it's even processing or if I just didn't press the screen hard enough. Which I guess, is mainly just the touch response speed.
The screen feels like it's those kind of screens that you have to press really hard to get a response. It's not like that at the moment, but I feel like it might be eventually. If you're someone that types really fast for passwords or for just searching something, it might not notice some of your key presses so you might have to retype. I had to reset my pw for something shorter because of all the numbers it wouldn't register.

Screen lighting and what not:
The screen can get very bright and dim enough when you're reading in the dark and don't want to hurt your eyes. In general though, the screen doesn't look like a normal screen, it is as if there is no blue light (but there is). The screen is very soft on your eyes.
One thing I wish they had (not sure if I missed it) is the ability to add a more yellow tint to make it even softer for the eyes. The kindle has more of a blue white tint than a yellow white tint, this might not bother some people but it kind of bothers me at times (at nights).

It's not a bad device, if you're looking for something to be your first book device, then this is a great device to get (i'd get it on sale). It's fairly small, so that might be a bummer for some people, but it's fine imo. It's a good entrance device to see if you're into getting kindles or just sticking with real physical books.
I will update my review if any of the screen gets weird or if the battery gets worse.
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