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Reviewed in Canada on October 11, 2020
I know they're by far the most popular of the laundry pods out there, but it's probably for a good reason. Tide pods clean effectively, and are super easy and convenient to use.

Honestly, these are just not the best value for the money when it comes to laundry detergent. You're paying for convenience and ease of use, but I'm happy to do it in this case because the idea of lugging around and occasionally spilling a heavy jug of liquid detergent doesn't appeal to me.

You're also not paying for effectiveness, and liquid Tide is still better for extremely dirty clothes, but that said, these clean more than well enough for me. Tide recommends using more than one for larger loads, but I've never noticed a difference, so don't bother.

My only minor complaint is that for whatever reason, they tend to leave a very slight "film" over clothes that I don't normally get with liquid detergent. It isn't visible to the eye, but it's more a thing you can feel, though is more obvious on some items than others (like towels). It doesn't bother me, but it might be something you care about.
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