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Reviewed in Canada on August 24, 2018
So far this product has been great, here is a bit of the rundown. With the wyzecam tilt pan, I also ordered a SanDisk 128gb sd card.

Both arrived quick and setting up the camera with the wyzecam app is very straight forward and easy. I popped in the 128gb card which had been exfat formatted, and it only showed 48mb. (Note, wyze only recommends up to 32gb)
After removing and inserting and formatting around 2-3 times in the cam itself it finally recognized about 120gb worth of space! Perfect.

I will update this when I see how much I can download at full HD.

The camera picture quality is great and the audio coming through is very good. There is a bit of a lag, similar however to nest and other smart cameras like this so not a big deal. The auto night vision function works well. The IR LEDs are enough to light up a pretty large room, up to 15ft away. With 1080p and HD I haven't been wishing for more pic quality.

Reviewing notifications for noise or movement is super easy as well. I also wanted to test the delay in getting a notification...I opened the front door and within 3 seconds had the notification pop up on my phone. You can then review the clip, which is 12 seconds long. If you want you can then go directly to live view, or if you have an sd card installed it will record the whole thing.

Overall a great camera and I will update as I get more use out of this.

UPDATE: so I now have 2 pan cams and have been really happy with both for the last couple of months. In terms of recording time with the 128gb card while on continuous I get 2 weeks straight. I do wish that the interface to review the recorded video was a little snappier but it's honestly pretty good.
Note as well: there is a 5 minute delay before another 12 second clip will be sent (a cooldown). Not a big deal if you have a card installed.

I'm going to get some v2 to go outdoors so I will let you know how they stand up I. The Canadian winter
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