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Reviewed in Canada on November 6, 2020
I received my Eero 6 + extender yesterday and installed it as soon as I was able to. It was as easy as downloading an app on my phone and turning my modem off and on again.

My wireless network was running in less than 10 minutes (well, half an hour because of the firmware update), and my devices were connected—all very fast and painless.

And this is where my source of sadness begins. The Eero app is awesome if you are not an advanced user. Everything works out of the box. Everything is automatic. No need to fiddle around setting network addresses and network masks. All your devices are connected to this one giant network.

I, however, like my devices to be segregated. I like my home devices to be in a subnet and my work devices in another subnet. I like to set my own routes. I like specific devices to go through a different route to monitor my own traffic statistics. And unfortunately, I am not able to do that with Eero. Or at least I haven't figured out how to do it without involving an additional managed router.

To be fair, I still haven't found a way to interact with my Eero 6 programmatically. The only way I can make changes to my network is by using the app. Is there any place where I can actually log in and have a meaningful interface?

Don't get me wrong, Eero is fantastic for your average home user. But it's not more than an excellent mesh toy router.
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