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Reviewed in Canada on April 8, 2020
There are a few tips and tricks to using this stuff as sunscreen. I found i was getting a rash from the sun and I needed something that would protect me and heal the welts the sun left. This and the Aveeno Sensitive are nearly identical formulas and they really helped.
I’m using this for adult use, for babies, I think it would be great, so long as you remember to re-apply it. It’s important not to be touching it all the time or it will rub in like lotion or scraps off.
I found during this award of touching our faces time, it’s made me much more aware of when I touch my face, a useful thing these days!
Some suggestions on making this product user friendly:
Using my fingers makes it hard to blend. I suggest you invest the $5-10 in a set of the silicon or plastic hypoallergenic teardrop shaped, super soft cosmetics blenders. Man or woman, if you don’t want to look like a smeary ghost, you’ll thank me.
If you’re dark skinned, this stuff is always going to show up on you big time, if you’re fair skinned, you can get away with wearing it and no one even looking twice at you if you
A) buy a makeup blender (they even come in manly earth tones 😉)
B) don’t put it on too thick, instead of heavy, put it on regularly
C) get the blending tool damp before using for best results, put some dots of the cream on your cheeks, forward, nose, chin etc use a separate blending tool for your body (keep it clean!)
Wring it out, it will expand, it’s like a super soft sponge, it spreads the zinc cream out and you’ll look amazing!
If you’re a fair skinned girl like me, you just found the best primer EVER! It’s got so many natural herbs, zinc (of course), oatmeal etc, it’s a natural sunblock that works as a base for your normal Beauty routine and people will compliment your gorgeous skin.
Guys, you don’t get to wear primer, but you’ll get to cover your pores, any little flaws will look flawless and of course, no sun burn.

The downside: it is a little bit oily compared to most primers. A little dab of powder will take care of this so all your product doesn’t slide around on top of your new primer.

It has to be frequently re-applied ruining your amazing contouring job. I haven’t found an answer for this except that if you’re going out in a lot of uv, don’t do a lot of contouring. Keep it simple.
A bit of mineral blush will hide some of this. You can also use it as part of your highlights and just re-apply often (I mean, high maintenance, but you’ll always look amazing and your skin will age awesome if you’re using high end product).

I choose a middle ground, but man, winter or summer, I use this stuff all year round. My skin seems to love it and it’s an amazing dark circle hack for the middle of winter ☺️
Just don’t overdue it and blend or you’ll look silly! Use a daytime light mirror or you could be in for a surprise and look like a vampire 🧛‍♀️ when you go into daylight lol 😂
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