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Reviewed in Canada on January 18, 2019
I made the mistake of buying this game cause i bought and enjoyed and was able to finish Mario Odyssey.

This game might have 2 new characters Nabbit who is almost invincible and goes through all monsters, and Toadette who transform in the princess and floats trough the air.

But that does not make the game any easier, instead of enjoying myself ( i got half way trough) i found myself being frustrated and mad, for a 90$ purchase with tax and shipping not very well worth it.

Nabbit will die if he falls, touches lava etc, and some part of this game are very tricky for the all so dreaded casual gamer. I started playing it with Mario but i soon switch to toadette and after nabbit.....

All in all Nintendo failed like they did with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze to please the casual gamer even with the addition of funky kong... this one nabbit and toadette.

If you are a casual gamer and like to play games to have fun stick with Kirby which is 100000 times better.
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4.8 out of 5
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