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Reviewed in Canada on March 27, 2018
Sony has finally understood what they've been missing from their movies all this time and that's fun. More accurately they've realized that Marvel has a good formula for making money and why not use it? Of course it comes with certain things like Spider Man is able to be used in Marvel movies and we get the excellent Robert Downey Junior reprising his role as Iron Man.

Tom Holland is great. I was never a big fan of Tobey McGuire. Never felt he had the charm that Spider Man had. And Andrew Garfield showed promise but let's face it, the last movie wasn't all that good. Can't put all the blame on him though. But I can say that Tom Holland captures the spirit of Peter Parker. I think this young man is going places.

And yes, Micheal Keaton as the Vulture. When I heard this I was a little surprised as I was imagining the Vulture from the comic books and that wouldn't work here. Luckily they went for a completely different look for the man and like usual he knocks it out of the park. He is without a doubt one of the best actors out there today and he's brilliant in this movie.

Without spoiling it, there's a scene later on where the Vulture, out of costume confronts Peter Parker, also out of costume. The tension and the menace simmering under the surface is amazing. It was genuinely suspenseful.

Top marks all around.
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