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Reviewed in Canada on May 17, 2021
This is a fun game to play, but there is one big problem: no save feature. I understand that the whole point of a roguelike is when you die you have to start all over again, but most roguelike games allow you to save so you can leave the game and come back to it later. Returnal says that you can't do that and should just put the console into rest mode. On top of that, many people's game crashed around the time when the game launched and sometimes an automatic update would end your session, however, this has been fixed. This is tedious when you consider the fact that most runs last a couple hours and you can't switch to another game to take a break. Furthermore, the graphics are not all that impressive. It runs natively at 1080p, is upscaled to 1440p and is rendered at a dynamic resolution targeting 4k. The graphical shortcomings are clear when you see that some of the textures look pretty low-res for a ps5. And while I found the story to be interesting and engaging, there's not much to write home about, though it is serviceable. With that out of the way, this game is a lot of fun and comes with intense experiences you only get with a roguelike game like Returnal. The thrill of fighting bosses, the tense battles and the risks the player takes in acquiring and choosing what loot to pick up all amount to a rollercoaster ride of a game. Let me explain the choices of choosing what loot to pick up. Some weapons might be better than others for most of the game, but come time for a boss fight, that weapon may be inadequate. There are parasites that add both a buff and a debuff. There are "malignant" containers, keys and even currency pickups that have a chance of being a debuff which could be either insignificant and easy to remove through objectives, or in my case, drastically increase the cooldown time to dodge (something you will constantly be doing to not get hit by the dozens of enemy blasts on screen). This is a game of RNG and decision-making, both of these factors perfectly complimenting each other in a way that could make or break one's run. This game is a truly unique experience that can't be found anywhere else. I could recommend this game on its novelty alone but it is also, in my opinion, the most fun singleplayer game on a ps5 to date. Again, it's not all sunshine and roses and it definitely is not for everyone. It goes without saying that this is a challenging game and those looking for a casual cover-shooter Gears of Duty game will not see the appeal of this title. But if you're a hardcore gamer willing to look past the negatives I mentioned, you will find something amazing here.
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