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Reviewed in Canada on November 22, 2018
FireTV is NOT Android Box: Those who are thinking that they are buying a gateway to free content- dont even dream about it. FireTV is just a platform, which allows you to download apps which are mostly paid - neither Amazon OR any app gives you option , chance, to explore what exactly is FREE - i found almost everything is for money.
If you are looking for free content- buy android box.

FireTV v/s Netflix: I still give NETFLIX a upper hand. FireTV twists your arms, you have to buy Amazon Prime to watch most of the stuff, displayed on your home screen, all those movies, TV shoes, Games, Sports - everything need to be paid of. Netflix offers much better option but it depends on you, if you want to have both NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.
I would prefer to stay with NETFLIX !

FireTv and security risk: Many apps are collecting your data - they are getting you signed for legal purposes, that they can use your data in PROFILING, DATA MINING , ADVERTISING and THIRD PARTY usage. Amazon seems to be either unaware, tolerant on this - wanna see example ? Check out one app Zee5 , and you will be left dreaming...where and which companies will be buying your data from them !

FireTV Apps : Many ...many do not offer you freedom to quit without your information, email and phone numbers misused.
I do not know why such a huge blunder, scam goes un noticed. May be, I am the first guy raising this question.

I DO NOT SUGGEST ANY ONE, specially any CANADIAN to use FIRETV stick !
Its all money money money on every click plus your personal information is being sold out legally.

NOTE: Got a call from Amazon [ Good, that they care ] and talked in detail about what I saw, observed and I am sure they will take some good, positive steps to make a good customer experience. Also got a email from Zee5, suggesting to delete app and log out. But got no assurance or understanding that they already have your information , collected under agreement - what is proof that after deleting app, your personal information will be deleted for ever !
This is something which Amazon needs to look into urgently before they land up in some big scams or claims.
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