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Reviewed in Canada on April 19, 2019
I bought this 2019 basic Kindle reader to read textbooks as there is quit the savings to be had. My aging iPad Mini isn't able to install the Kindle reader app and so I decided to try the Kindle reader vs updating the iPad.

First thing when opening the package I noticed Amazon has taken a few notes from Apple with well thought out tactile packaging.

What I am really liking now after a few days with the Kindle reader is the simplicity of it all. No notification chimes. Readability at night and outside in the sun. The weight feels much lighter than my iPhone 5. I'm not carrying around a $500 device. When reading outdoors or in a well lit auditorium go ahead and turn off the back light. You won’t need it. Tell that to your iPad wielding friends. ;-) It responds reasonably fast. You wait a few seconds for it to wake up. A second to turn a page or get the drop down menu.

I read some reviews that bashed on the 167 ppi display. Now I don't have a 300 ppi kindle to compare with, but really guys, we are reading text on a page. It's fine. Maybe less so if images are important to the read but “hey” we are talking about a black and white screen. If you were reading image based magazines you'd probably want to go with a traditional colour tablet; even for Black and White images. Resolution and grey scale are two different things.

I tried to download a couple children books for my toddler aged grandson for when he sees the kindle and will want to check it out. Two of the children books I sampled were not compatible with this reader and so were not installed. I'm guessing that their format was not in the long list of supported file formats that this reader can support as they did show up in the app on my iPhone.

My first impressions were a little worry some as it does take a bit to get your mind wrapped around a different way of navigating and navigation is pretty dependant on how the book and links were coded.

When there are tons of links embedded into the page and you are trying to turn a page and you touch the link, it will go to the link and not turn the page. There is a back button in the drop down at the top of the page. Just don't hit another link while trying to activate the drop down. Ah ha ha technology.....

I think the raised frame is actually a benefit as you know you are not bumping the touch screen. If you unintentionally touch the screen, something is likely to happen.

I don’t profess to know all about this reader yet but I am liking it and find there is so much free or inexpensive books to read on the Kindle store. After trying it for a few days, I’m finding more and more it responds predictably.

PS. Use the bookmarks as a fail safe way to get back to where you were reading last. It’s a little insurance policy to quickly be reading again where you last left off.
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