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Reviewed in Canada on October 18, 2019
I got these to start practice flossing with my toddler before his teeth start touching. I wasn't sure if there was a big difference between these and the adult kind (other than the price) so I bought these even though they were more expensive. I used one on myself to show my son what we were going to do and I really didn't like it. The floss held up better than the adult version but that's because it was too thick, it was not comfortable to use. The unit itself was too big and awkward to get my back molars or to really manipulate properly to get a good clean, but that's always the issue with using flossers over regular string floss. I couldn't detect any hint of grape flavour but I was actually dreading the fake grape taste so that was fine. I would just get the cheaper adults ones next time because the kid ones aren't smaller anyway.
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